BTL - Volume III - Teaching 72

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume III - Teaching 56 - 82 
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Teaching 72:
1. Blessed are those who with respect and humility penetrate in
the Divine revelations with the eyes of the spirit, because their
testimony of My manifestation as the Holy Spirit will be true. Sally
forth to Humanity and even to the arid fields to sow the seed of My
Doctrine and sprinkle it with the water of My love.
2. There are many who during this period contemplate the
spiritual, but because of that do not believe that all of them love Me;
I have already told you that not everyone who says "Father, Father"
loves Me, but rather the one who silently performs charity with his
brethren and humbly enters into a communion with Me.
3. The gift of spiritual vision is a gift of the Holy Spirit, but
while some are humble and are able to tremble with joy and fear
before the visions I grant to them, others, in their vanity, make a
display of the gift which they possess.
4. Why are there disciples who seek the first places, when I do
not distinguish anyone at My table? I, who am your Master and who
should occupy the center of the table surrounded by the love of My
children, on penetrating the heart of each one of them, I have found
in some a tribunal where My words and My Works are judged; in
others a gloomy prison where they mock and ridicule Me, and in
others I have found a cross, ready for a new sacrifice.
5. Some of My children suffer on seeing the incomprehension of
the people always disobedient toward My mandates and teachings.
6. Nevertheless, and in spite of much egotism, there are some
who are able to visit the prisoner in his cell, the sick at his bedside,
and there are some who visit the hospitals to convey a ray of light to
those who suffer and are forgotten. Those who work in that manner
love Me in their fellowmen and honor Me with their deeds.
7. Calm your mind, think that already the moments are short in
which you will have Me present in this manifestation; the year of
1950 draws near and I find you still sleeping a profound lethargy.
The fact is that you are listening to My words through a sinful flesh
like your own and that is why you do not give them the credit they
deserve; but the day will come when My prophetic word is fulfilled
and you will remain repentant for your incomprehension.
8. This has been the designated time set by Me to speak to
Mankind; yours will come later; but if you close your lips and not
make My Doctrine to be known, the stones would cry out and the
elements will awaken you.
9. O My people: I come to free you from suffering that
overwhelms you, help Me in this Work. Do you have the will to do
it? Then learn from Me, hear My lesson, take advantage of this
period that will pass rapidly by for you.
10. If the Cenacle remains empty and the table unoccupied, it
will only be because the disciples have spread out along the
pathways carrying on their lips the good news and not because they
turned their back to Me and did not heed My calling.
11. After My departure, but before you spread throughout the
world, I promise to come to you in Spirit to give you the light that
shall make you understand all that I inspired in you with My lessons
and to give you the necessary strength to fulfill your mission. During
those moments it will be the light of the Holy Spirit in each mind,
some will see Me, others will hear Me, and everyone will feel My
presence spiritually.
12. Make yourselves worthy of this grace, that none of My
words are erased from your heart because you would fall into
prohibited pathways.
13. Learn now, fill your spirit with My light, because the
moment will come when you will feel the impulse of arising to
fulfill your mission; however, what can anyone teach who has not
learned nothing? Can the blind lead the blind?
14. With true faith you feel that My presence is among you, but
you feel incapable of performing great deeds in favor of your
brethren; but verily I say to you that in spite of your coldness, during
this period from among you will emerge disciples who will leave
everything to follow My footsteps, as well as sinful women who will
arise because of My Word, in order not to sin again and be an
example among their brethren.
15. Behold that the light of the Sixth Seal is illuminating your
spirit. The book is opened, because from the first to the sixth the
Seals have been broken. I am reuniting those who are to have My
mark, to entrust to them a very delicate mission. At the end of this
phase I shall receive those who have complied with it and to those
who have disobeyed or altered My mandates, I shall make them very
serious charges and My Word will appear severe to them.
16. My people, understand that you should no longer lose time
in vanities, in acquiring superfluous wealth or in new mundane
experiences. Know that each moment that I grant you signifies light
and progress for your spirit.
17. My presence surprises this unprepared Humanity to receive
Me. My manifestation in Spirit during this Third Era, coincides with
the greatest materialism of science, which has reached its utmost
heights. I behold the weapons with which men prepare themselves
to combat My Doctrine, which are: their science, their philosophy,
their materialistic theories, their egotism, their ambition and their
arrogance. However, I possess a sword which is the truth, whose
brilliance no one can resist; its light will illuminate Mankind during
this period and will bring out into the open all that may be false and
will destroy the darkness. When My light glows in all the pathways
and the truth is within all spirits, who can be able to shelter the
imposture? Who will be able to deceive his brother?
18. The human heart has been hardened until it has become
insensitive toward the spiritual, which is its essence and its origin. I
say to you that while My charity calls upon your heart without
receiving an answer, the inferior creatures to man and everything
created, feel the presence of the Creator. I call the mountains and
they respond to Me; I call the birds and they answer Me with their
melodies; I bless the valleys and they blanket themselves with
flowers; on the other hand I speak to man and in order to be heard I
have to die as a Man before them; however if I have come again it is
because I know that their spirit will arise to the light of My lessons
to return to the true pathway.
19. O beloved people: I give you the name of Israel, for once
again I have come to deliver My Law to you and teach you a perfect
worship. You were a long way from worshiping the elements and the
stars, as the ancient people did; nevertheless, I found you during this
era, devoted to a new idolatry. My Word has had to struggle against
your errors, and yet in many hearts there remain roots of past
customs, beliefs and traditions.
20. Where are those gods of gold and silver that men forged in
past eras and where are the deities that the imagination of Mankind
created? Stone upon stone has been falling from those altars
imperfectly erected.
21. Today I come to you with a teaching that might seem
impossible for the world to practice; once it is understood it is the
easiest to fulfill. I come to teach the worship of the love of God
through your life, your deeds and the spiritual prayer, which is not
pronounced by the lips at a predetermined place, nor is it in need of
forms or images to be so inspired.
22. It is not My will for you to continue living in darkness; that
is why I have sent you My light inviting you to communicate from
spirit to Spirit with your God.
23. My Doctrine teaches you to behold Me near as a loving
Father and not as a distant God, as the major part of Mankind feels
Me; it also points out to you the cleaner pathway, easier and safer to
reach My presence.
24. O My people, here you have a perfect teaching; try to
elevate yourselves, struggle to ascend the mountain; purify
yourselves so that your spirit frees himself from the mundane
passions and be able to experience the happiness of dwelling in the
infinite. Understand that your spirit has a hunger and thirst for
sustaining himself with My love in the regions where My strength,
My essence and My universal effluvium vibrates.
25. When you have managed to attain some steps of progression
do not leave room for vanity believing yourselves the first people on
Earth possessors of the truth. Do not forget that without humility all
your deeds shall be false.
26. I want you to distinguish yourselves through charity, through
spirituality, through virtue, so that with your life you may give the
best testimony to Mankind that you are Israel, the People of God, in
whose bosom My Word is inviting every spirit to enter.
27. Today you want to explain why you are Israel, and you do
not have any arguments; you want to explain why you are
spiritualists and you lack words; you try to demonstrate what your
gifts are and you lack reasons and spiritual development to manifest
them; but when your elevation becomes truthful, the necessary
words will come to you, since with your deeds of love you shall
explain who you are, who has indoctrinated you and where you are
28. Times full of surprises and unexpected events draw near for
Mankind; I want these People to be able to give a just interpretation
of those happenings, since what is to take place has been revealed to
you through My Word.
29. You are now on trial and in preparation within the Divine
crucible of My Work; but do not weaken in the face of affliction,
because it is necessary that you be refined. Learn to endure with
patience that cup of bitterness so that you may have the right to
comfort those who suffer and do not curse pain, since by feeling it
yourselves you will be capable of better understanding that of your
30. I am preparing you so you will soon be doctors of the spirit
and of the flesh; but you must know that it is more important before
Me for him to heal the spirit, rather than the one who only cures the
pain of the flesh.
31. I say to men, women and children who listen to My Word:
safeguard it within your heart and recall by the light of your
conscience My maxims and precepts, because tomorrow they shall
be the weapons which will be useful for you to extend and propagate
the Doctrine that will be your cross of love and redemption so that I
can say: Blessed are you, because you are recognizing the true path
of the spirit from which many have departed because it is extensive
and they have said to Me: Father, we are unable to follow you.
32. Many are those who have listened to Me but few who follow
Me and of these I avail Myself to encourage the ones who have
separated from the pathway so as to allow the blind to see, the deaf
to hear, the paralytic to walk and the dead to be resurrected.
Through My servants I have made and am performing miraculous
deeds among Mankind to awaken them from their profound
33. If during the Second Era you left Me alone upon the cross
enduring the bitter cup of gall and vinegar and it was only My blood
which was shed at Calvary, now you will accompany Me with your
cross having your Lord as your Cyrenian in the same way that I had
along the way to Calvary a man who helped Me with the cross. Your
life is the road of bitterness by which you will reach step by step,
falling and rising, up to the summit of the mount where you will be
able to say to your Lord: Father, into thy hands I commend My
34. Who will be those who without any boasting will follow Me
to the end? You do not know. Who will reach there? Everyone, the
Master says to you; some first, others later, some with lesser
suffering and others through great sacrifices according to the path
that everyone chooses and the manner in which he travels on it.
35. The narrow road is the shortest; it is laid out with love and
virtue: it is the path of the Law.
36. The twisted pathways will delay the journey more, but in the
end all of you will reach Me.
37. You do not know the mansion of peace that the spirits get to
when they reach the summit, but you have faith in the existence of
the Promised Land and that is why I say to you again: Blessed are
those who without seeing have believed.
38. Since remote times the prophecies announced to you that
during this era every eye, sinful or not would see Me; but not
everyone will see Jesus limited in a human form. My presence will
be beheld by the eyes of your faith, your love and elevation.
39. My voice shall vibrate within the profoundness of your
being, and you will feel Me living with you. But you must clean
your dwelling so that you will not feel any shame to receive Me
there if it is found blemished. Seek the help of your spiritual
brethren and they will assist you in your preparation.
40. You already started your march along the road of your
spiritual evolution continue it without fear. I have encouraged you in
the trials that I have given you. What human power could have
raised him who had been submerged in the abyss? Who could have
made possible that which was impossible in your life? Who could be
able to destroy the bonds of temptation that overwhelmed your
41. I am the only One who can perform these works among you
without asking any reward for them. It is not that I come before you
boasting of what I give you on enumerating My benefits; the fact is
that I do not want my lessons to pass unnoticed and that your spirit
analyzes and understands them. I want your heart to be softened so
that it will help your spirit to carry out good deeds and sow the path
of your brethren with love and charity.
42. You come to these humble houses of prayer to listen to My
Word as in a school where you come to learn what you must put into
practice along your way later. Understand that you have not
complied only by listening to the lesson, I offer you the world so
here you can sow in it the seed of My lessons; I entrust you with a
home, I point out to you the regions and the pathways, the prisons,
hospitals and orphanages; the places where vice and wickedness
reign, are propitious fields for your prayer and your charitable
43. Master your own selves and the journey will be easier for
you; then you will be able to overcome the beast that John beheld in
his revelation.
44. Many times you have wanted to promise to follow Me and I
have sealed your lips so that they will not pronounce that promise.
In others you have wanted to record the oath that you will always
love Me and I have stopped your pen because it is from your spirit
that I want that unbreakable purpose to follow Me.
45. If you would be able to behold your own spirit for a
moment, you would be amazed knowing who you are; you would
marvel at his light and you would feel respect for your own selves.
But if you are unable to see him with your physical eyes have faith
in him through his manifestations and thus the flesh will not
continue being a prison or an obstacle toward his elevation. Bear in
mind that your spirit as being similar to the Creator, is predestined
to carry out worthy deeds of the One who gave him life.
46. Now, more than ever you should gather your strength to
follow the progress of your spirit who in many of you has left behind
a trace of suffering, of mourning and tears. But now that you have
left the city of sin and approach, step by step, the virgin Earth that
lovingly awaits you, do not turn your face back, keep on to the end.
47. Behold this Humanity confused, because the great religions
which call themselves Christians, give more importance to what is
ritualistic and external than to My own Doctrine. That word of life
that I sealed with deeds of love and blood upon the cross, no longer
lives within the heart of men, it is locked and silent in aged books
covered with dust. And there you have a Christian humanity who
does not comprehend nor has the knowledge nor knows how to
imitate Christ.
48. That is why I have few disciples during this era; those who
love their brethren, those who suffer, the ones who alleviate other
people’s pain, those who live in virtue and practice it with their
examples; those are the disciples of Christ.
49. He who knowing My Doctrine hides it or makes it known
only with his lips and not with his heart is not My disciple.
50. I have not come during this period to seek temples made of
stone to appear in them; I come seeking spirits, hearts, and not
material elegance.
51. I behold with compassion those men who deny My
existence, because they have strayed along the roads of science;
those who try to destroy Me within the heart of Humanity, I do not
even regard them as enemies, I love them and forgive them, for they
are My very beloved children.
52. Penetrate into My word, but do it with respect and do not
wish to know more than what should only be the knowledge of your
Father; however feel the infinite joy of knowing that you have as
God a perfect, wise and just Being.
53. O beloved people: Behold this Humanity overwhelmed and
sick who are not aware of the time in which they live, nor of My
presence among men.
54. Wake up people, because I am delivering to you a message
of light, of faith and of health for this Humanity. Leave behind your
lethargy and meditate upon the mission that you are bringing to
Earth during this period.
55. I am not saying that that you are to be the saviors or
redeemers of this Humanity, no; but I do want you to know that by
having been witnesses of My Word you will have to convey the
good news to all provinces and nations; that mission will not be
limited to repeat My phrases, but to explain them, always
accompanying them with charitable deeds, sowing love among your
56. Do not put in doubt your power to perform deeds that will
surprise and convince your brethren; it is not an obstacle for you to
be humble and unpolished in order to comply with the mission I
have entrusted to you; within you there is a spirit of light who only
needs your faith to manifest himself.
57. From among these multitudes of destitute and disinherited, I
will illuminate those who will be advisers, doctors of the spirit,
commentators of My Work, messengers of peace and prophets.
58. Some will depart seeking other people; the others will await
the arrival of those whom you call foreigners, of travelers who seek
peace, light, brotherhood and hospitality.
59. I have said that this nation is being prepared so that in the
hour designated by My will it shall arise among the nations of the
Earth as the foremost of peace and spirituality. It will know how to
give shelter, to be a refuge and protect those who come to her
overwhelmed by suffering. The destiny of these people is great; that
is why I test them and touch them in My justice.
60. Would your heart not be joyful seeing the great caravans
reaching your doors seeking peace? Would you not be rejoiced in
sharing your bread with those who hunger?
61. Prepare your heart and elevate your sentiments, for you do
not know the hour or the day when My word will be fulfilled.
Develop your gift of healing with which I have spiritually enriched
you since many travelers will approach you in a sick condition, and
others will be overwhelmed with weariness. Known and unknown
illnesses will afflict them; however I shall give you only one balsam
for all those sicknesses, be it for the spirit or the body. In order for
that balsam to work miracles it will need true charity, whose basis is
the prayer.
62. 0! blessed nation where I have allowed My ray of light be
converted into the verb; where I have made My people emerge.
Destroy your religious fanaticism; free yourselves from
ignorance and you will never be slaves again!
63. I have bequeathed these lands so that when the time comes
the manna of mercy will descend upon them and the great
multitudes who seek the truth will eat of it.
64. Be watchful over your heredity, be vigilant over your gifts,
because you are destined to teach spirituality to Mankind, the
Doctrine that reveals the greater wisdom and assures the peace of
men and the elevation of the spirit.
65. The responsibilities and the missions which I entrust to you
are a long way from being a yoke or a burden for you; you have
supported the weight of your imperfections and you have dragged
the chains of humiliation and slavery, to offer you a new yoke.
These missions which I entrust to you are most certainly delicate
and of a great responsibility, but their fulfillment will assure you
peace, well-being and salvation.
66. By carrying out your mission well, instead of your cross
being heavy or your burden painful, it is an ineffable pleasure for the
spirit and an immense satisfaction for the heart.
67. This is the Era of Elijah, who has come to you in spirit
preparing all pathways, removing obstacles, making light within
darkness, tearing down chains of ignorance and showing the way to
all spirits.
68. In the same manner that Moses liberated Israel from slavery
in Egypt and led them toward the land of Canaan, Elijah during this
period, will free you from the darkness of the world to guide you
toward the light of the Spiritual Kingdom, the new Promised Land.
My Peace be with you!