King of Kings

Vision and Word of the Lord:
Received on 12/14/2018
Released on 01/23/2019
I received this vision and word from the Lord a month ago and had been waiting for when to release it. He told me that I am to release it now. 
After prayer and worship time with the Lord, I was sitting quietly for a few minutes in His presence and was about to open my Bible to begin reading. Suddenly, I heard the Lord say to me, "My son, tell My Remnant what I have allowed you to see in the Spirit."
Immediately, I was in the Spirit and found myself standing right beside the most massive horse I have ever seen! I was standing approximately two feet from the front leg of the horse, just to the side of it. It was such an enormous, beautiful, white stallion, so majestic and powerful! I was awestruck at the beauty and felt so small standing beside this magnificent animal. As I began to look upon the horse, I could see that every muscle was well defined and pulsating with power. There are no words to adequately describe the grandeur of what I was observing. He was so tall that I seemed like a midget in comparison, the top of my head barely coming up to the shoulder of the horse. I watched as he was snorting and moving his head side to side. He appeared to be anxious and agitated, like he was raring to go. It seemed like a race horse at the gate, anxious for it to open so he could take off and run. But then my eyes were then drawn up to the hands that were holding the reigns, and I saw that the reigns were being held tightly, and the horse was under complete control. 
My attention was next drawn to look upon the horse's armor. I saw it upon his head, covering his upper face and sides of his head. It extended down the front, covering his chest. The armor was gold and silver metal. Chains connected the head armor to the cloth that was covering his back and hung down the sides to about the belly. The cloth was beautiful and seemed to be mostly red and purple, but also contained many other colors, and they all appeared to be moving making it look like it was alive. There were little gold and silver tassels hanging all around the edges of the cloth. 
I was next looking upon the horse's head. His mane was so beautiful, long, flowing, white hair that appeared to look like liquid silver flowing from side to side with every movement of his head. The horse's eyes were so awesome and amazing. They were so unbelievably bright, like bright white embers of fire that gave off streaks of light like comet tails in the air whenever his head moved side to side. 
My eyes were then drawn up for the first time to the one upon the horse. Like the horse, He also appeared to be massive and fearfully awesome. The moment I looked upon Him, however, I fell immediately onto the ground on my face and was unable to get up. I understand what the Apostle John meant when he said, "And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead."(Rev 1:17) Lying there, I began worshipping Him in the Spirit. I have no idea how long I lay there worshipping, as I had no concept of time, and it did not matter. 
At some point, I turned my head towards the horse and noticed that his hooves were bright, shining silver, which spoke to me of repentance. After some time, I do not know how long, I was able to begin to rise up, to get up on my hands and knees and then onto my feet. At this point, I felt pure love radiating from Him towards me and all around me, like nothing I have ever felt before. Even with all this indescribable love enveloping me, I still had a sense of awesome fear. 
My eyes were then drawn up to the crown upon His head. It was pure gold with dazzling jewels embedded all over it. It was one crown, but at the same time looked like many crowns all in one. The jewels were of every color and even more. They shone so brightly that it appeared to be like laser beams of color shooting out in every direction from the crown for as far as I could see. These jewels were pulsating on their own and looked like they were alive. It was so bright, it was very hard to see, but under the crown, I saw flowing white hair that shimmered like silver. It was shoulder length and flowed like liquid white fire. 
As I was drawn to look upon His face, I had to turn my head for it was so bright like the sun, it seemed that it would blind me. I looked back again, and this time He allowed me to look at His face, but only to see His eyes. I could see nothing else but His eyes. They were indescribable beyond words. His eyes were as flames of fire, like red hot embers. I cannot even begin to describe what it was like to have Him look at me with those eyes of fire. When He looked at me, His eyes were able to pierce and penetrate right through me. In that moment, I knew He knew everything about me, every thought, every word, every action, every motive. It all came to light in that instant.
Immediately, I began to weep uncontrollably as I felt like a filthy rag before Him. But that quickly changed, and I felt His overwhelming love once again encircle me. I no longer felt at all like that dirty rag, but rather sparkling, radiantly clean! Overcome with joy, I began praising and worshiping Him with all that was within me! 
I then saw His strong shoulders and mighty arms. The armor that covered Him looked so strong like nothing would be able to penetrate it. It was golden in color and shining brightly. There was a circular seal in the middle of the breastplate that was written in what appeared to be Hebrew letters. I could not understand the writing, but sensed that it was a name. His thighs were covered with armor that looked like leather, studded with many jewels all around the edges, bursting forth in bright shining colors. These jewels were also vibrating and looked alive. I was so overwhelmed looking at his beauty! It was indescribable, so awesome and bright like a thousand suns! He was so majestic sitting upon His horse! 
Lastly, my eyes fell upon the words written upon his thighs. I saw written on one thigh, "King of kings" and on the other thigh, "Lord of lords"! With that, I again suddenly fell prostrate on the ground before my Lord and my King! I lay there again, weeping uncontrollably. 
Then He spoke to me:
He said, Tell My Remnant I am coming soon and to have your house in order! Many who think they are My Remnant are not, they are My Bride. Many who think they are My Bride will be the guests. 
My son, I have allowed you to see Me to tell My people the END HAS COME! Seek Me on your knees and repent of sin and unforgiveness. If you do not forgive, I will not forgive you! Repent now and turn from your evil ways, and I will forgive you. Give Me your heart, and I will cleanse it. 
I love you all so very much, but I AM COMING SOON AS THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, AND ALL WILL PROSTRATE BEFORE ME!!! The way you see Me now is how I am coming!
Messiah Jesus
King of kings and Lord of lords

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