The Lamb Rules the World !

Jesus said last night:
"Midnight, take a look."
This is what he meant.
Prophecy Unfolds: "Omen Of The Super Blood Moon" Harbinger For America
And he said:

"Know, you were the one who instructed them through the teachings, now they will be cleansed, the Antichrist holds the number of death, the lunar eclipse on the Bloodmoon is Satan to summon the seismic event and trigger the tsunami for cleansing. An asteroid will soon invade and lead to military action and the soldiers will escort the people and lead them into captivity.The princess also goes - intellectual prophecy - she wanted to be famous - dismantled. There will be mass evacuations and even sophisticated spiritual beings will be affected. "
(He said more, but since Anna Maria had night shift yesterday, she could not record better.)

Anna Maria wakes up early in the morning on a dream, but can not remember exactly the dream.
There were a lot of people and they were looking at a newspaper article that said there is a winner and it is this one who is raised to the service of a king, and it's out of true love.
And Jesus says:

Anna Maria is slightly shaken inside. It is that it is the earth shaken. Then he says, 
"Excuse me that I did not tell you that. Germany is spared."
Anna Maria thinks: I accept your judgment because I have sinned. But I feel like you want to tell me something. I accept your judgment. I have sinned.

 See: Jeremiah 50
"The Bridegroom is coming and governing from Germany. It is love."
It is love.

"7 years, from now on, the lamb will direct a seven-year period, where they will be cleansed.
I will bind Satan and the Antichrist will rule the world. "

Anna Maria thinks:
When I'm afraid of people because they are jealous, I let the doubts come up in me.
Please, help me to walk in faith, out of genuine love for you.
The lamb rules the world.

Beloved Father and Savior, who lead and conduct all of us, if you lead me, your plans will succeed. You already knew me before I was in the womb, and you already knew everything that will happen when you will rule wisely and kindly from Germany and we are working together, you on the spiritual level and me here on earth.
In the 7-year period of purification (70 years of the state of Israel - feest time - time of purification = natural spectacle).
"Trump is coming back."

He will be elected as president in a second term, while at the same time the Antichrist, who has no kingdom, will rule from the background of the world and the purification rituals and the harvest of souls go to his account.
Then comes the 7-year tribulation period and the Holy Spirit will be taken away from earth. Then it will be very difficult to find God, but God will have mercy on all who earnestly seek Him. He will lead these and take them.

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