Transformation (Rapture)

Anna Maria wonders if she has not been transformed yet, or if her transformation is yet to come. And she turns with her question to the father. He inspires her with some recent experiences she has and finds her answer.
 1) The father says:
 "Why do you think I sent you to the aura surgeon?" 
The aura surgeon has symbolically unscrewed her from the human yoke, which has always been with her since time immemorial, severed and removed her rope around her neck, and removed the envelope (usually a white linen cloth) around her body, in which she was once drowned in the river. 
2) The father says: 
"It is harmonious with you. You are at peace. If you could see how it goes elsewhere. Even at breakfast, they throw facts at each other's heads that they would never say otherwise. " 
3) The father says: 
"I sent Martin Zoller as confirmation for your predictions.
 (He means, 'Heads up God accelerates the new earth' and 'Jesus prognosis for the Eurasian space') 
4) The Scandinavian students.
Two Scandinavian students, who spent the night in Morocco in the mountains in their tent, were attacked and beheaded by three Muslim locals. The muslims made a video of it and sent it to all girls' contacts. Hikers have found the girls in the mountains. 
"It was too little. They were not prepared. So that you may see how it happens to those who are not in my will. " 
Transformation (Rapture) does not happen in a moment. It is a process. No one, not a human child, is transformed like Jesus in a single moment. Transformation means for man to grow in virtue and in justice. This was not necessary for Jesus, so he was transformed in a single moment (transfigured, transfixed) on Mount Tabor.We are only gradually transformed into immortality, while we are faithful, in the will of the Father, to go with his guidance in obedience and trust. Then he gradually transforms our mortal nature into virtue, justice and mercy and peace. 
Thus, we gradually become able to show God's ways to our brothers and sisters, after we ourselves have experienced deliverance and have found peace in our conscience.Do not wait for the transformation (Rapture).Watch. That's the work that has to be done for it.Observe your virtues and vices.Wherever you fall, you still have to purify yourself and turn the vices into virtues and consolidate them with the help of the Holy Spirit, i. with the word that is His law and shows us how to do it, how to go. 
Use the feelings, the intuition, to go further. Pay attention to what you experience in events and how you handle them. Observe your behavior, your feelings, your thoughts, and make wise decisions as Jesus did. This is the process of transformation for human beings or souls in the spiritual valley in heaven.

rape (not rapture) 

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