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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 32:

1 Prepare yourselves because I want you to clearly grasp the spiritual meaning of my word that I am offering you in this third time.

2 You are still little children; yet you should already be great disciples, because you have lived in several incarnations. Only in the first time you should be children, so that you may grow up to be young men in the second time and come to maturity in the third time.

3 I have always seen you as little children. In your spiritual childhood you lived innocently, insufficiently developed in your abilities and sensations, without knowledge of the beginning of your life. After that you received My first teachings and revelations.

In the Second Time you should already be youths who should live in a high form in full spiritual youth. But I found you oppressed, enslaved, bound by rites and traditions, and when I saw that you had not made use of My teachings, I came to show you with My examples of mercy and love the way that is to bring you to the Promised Land and prepare you for today's stage of new teachings that I have promised to give you.

I told you to be strong, that you should fight to avoid falling into new bondage. But what have you done with My teaching? - You still do not know My teaching. Why have you forgotten the promise made to you that I will come back to you spiritually? I am present in Spirit as I had offered you, but you do not recognize Me.

You ask why I call you Israel and demand proofs from Me to believe. - Why have you surrendered to idolatry and mysticism* and confused material rituals with the spiritual worship of God? I find you confused by the false teachings with which your brothers have led you astray from the path to your higher development.

* This refers to the belief that the mere reception of a sacrament or participation in a pilgrimage triggers a miraculous power.

You complain because you lack freedom. I see what you have suffered through the so bitter cup which you have emptied to the point of exhaustion. But do not think that I have chastised you: No, I always wanted to direct your steps so that you love me as Father and feel my divine protection.

4 Many centuries have passed since the day I gave you My Word and My last admonitions through Jesus; but today I appear with you as the Holy Spirit to fulfil My promise to you I have not become man, I come in Spirit and only those who are equipped will see Me. While you believe in My Word and follow Me, others do not accept My rallies and deny them. I had to give them great proofs, and thanks to them I gradually defeated their unbelief.

The love and patience I have always shown you make you understand that only your Father can love and teach you in this way. I watch over you and make your cross light so that you may not stumble. I let you feel My peace so that you go your way full of trust in Me.

5 You have always suffered because you have not heeded My example of humility. You have not considered how deeply I have come down to make Me audible and understandable to you. But I forgive you because you belong to the first people, the first-born.

Live according to my example and see to it that mankind loves me, that it approaches me. For men no longer know how to seek me, they do not feel my presence, they do not recognize my good deeds and attribute my miracles to chance. They do not trust in me and live carefree in their great confusion.

I have told you that no leaf of the tree moves without my will. You know that I rule the universe with My laws of love, that all beings are obedient to Me. Only man tries to cheat these laws without making good use of his free will.

6 Rest from the vicissitudes of your life. Today you are bowed down by the burden of your sufferings, there is pain in your Spirit, and from your eyes well up tears of remorse for your transgressions. - You have been misjudged because you followed my cause. But I have told you that if you prepare yourselves, you will be able to overcome and bear the judgments of your brothers with the strength that the practice of charity will give you.

7 Not for nothing have I chosen you as instruments to spread My Word In you I place My trust. I am entrusting you with a difficult mission, which is to bring salvation to your brothers by your example. The seed is in you, it is the same through which I gave you life from the beginning. As a result of your work and care I expect good fruits from your seed. Make the cross you bear light by fulfilling with love the mission I have commanded you. Finish your work, do not fear the death of the body, remember that your Spirit will never die. It will only get rid of the body matter, which was granted to it as a tool to live on earth, and which, once its task is finished, will pay its tribute to the earth. But your Spirit will become free to set out for unlimited horizons, with which a new life begins for you, in which you will find the reward for your work in this world.

8 Reject erroneous customs and traditions. Make use of the light in my teaching so that your doubts are dispelled and the secrets are cleared up as it is my will.

9 I show you the true life of the Spirit so that you do not live under unjustified threats and do not fulfill My Law only for fear of punishment, of which those have spoken to you who did not know how to interpret My Word. Understand My law, it is not complicated or difficult to understand. No one who knows it and follows it will be disgraced, nor will he give room to false words or predictions, misconceptions or bad interpretations. My law is simple; it always shows the way, which you must follow. Trust Me, I am the way that will lead you to the White City, to the Promised Land, which keeps its gates open in anticipation of your arrival.

10 It has given Me joy to give you an inheritance that belongs not only to you but to all mankind You have received so much that you have the duty to let everyone who asks share in this fullness. Carry the light to your brothers who are atoning for their crimes in prison, comfort the sick, "anoint "* them with your love, as I did in the Second Time, and you will see the balm of My mercy overflowing on them. Encourage the afflicted, teach them surrender and give them new strength. In this way you will use your gifts and feel strengthened.

* See note 1 in the book appendix

11 You have around you the world of virtuous spirits coming to your aid. Ask faithfully and reverently, and you will receive their benefits. Call on them without any preferential treatment because they have all been prepared by me in the same way; they have all made themselves worthy to come to the aid of mankind in this time. Follow their example and be united with them in the high goal of spiritual progress.

I have allowed this "spiritual world "* to teach you, and in the battle that is approaching, they will be invincible soldiers and your defenders.

* See note 2 in the appendix

12 My law is not limited, it is infinite, and you can fulfil it in many ways. I do not require you to do perfect works, but you must study it and delve into it so that you can apply it practically.

13 I do not want you to consider these "moments" here lost or badly applied after having heard My Word for so long. If you persevere, you will succeed in spiritualization and then you will be like an open book with your brothers. - After 1950 you will reach a higher degree of elevation. I will continue to communicate with you through inspiration, and the people will receive your words as messages that I send them. At that time you will realize how wise and deep My teaching was.

14 After 1950, the year in which My rallies will end in this form, mankind will undergo great trials Nature will suffer upheavals, everything will be shaken, signs of dissolution will appear in all areas. Prepare yourselves and stand by the weak in that time, because many will be defeated in those trials.

15 The year 1950, feared by some and longed for by others, will soon come. many sects and religions think of this date and await the events that will appear around this time to judge My Work Others will ask about the cause of the earthly chaos, and you will speak to them in my name and announce to them that after this chaos mankind will attain the longed-for peace.

16 For I am not insensitive to your sufferings; they come to me and cause me pain. Why do you consider yourselves as strangers, although you live in the same home which is this world, and separate yourselves into races, classes and creeds? I promise you that I will remove the boundaries and bring all closer together. The crowns and sceptres will fall, the power will disappear and the wealth as well, because it is time that those differences cease to exist. The day will come when you will all possess the earth equally. You will go from one pole to the other without anyone hindering you.

17 Hypocrisy, ill will and vanity will disappear to make way for love and harmony. And that lamentation that rises to Me from the widows, the orphans, because of lack of bread, from lack of peace and joy, will turn into a song of praise of love and gratitude that will break out from all My children.

18 You do not feel troubled in your nation because you enjoy peace and prosperity. But I tell you, do not put too much trust in it. You must not sleep, but watch and earn merit if you want to keep this peace.

19 Workers, I am haunting you in the trials, as I did at another time with patient Job. But think not that I do it with the desire to make you suffer. No, it is done with the intention that your Spirit should become strong in this crucible of suffering.

20 Do not try to show yourselves clean before Me when your conscience accuses you of your transgressions and sins. It is better that you make a confession before your Father and allow His Word to cleanse you from every stain like a purifying stream. Then you will feel worthy to come before your brethren to teach them the truth which contains my teaching.

21 My peace is in your nation. Watch and pray, lest you lose this grace through your evil works. Maintain my peace, accumulate my wisdom like a treasure. - Have you not realized how war is lying in wait for you, knocking at your doors and making snares to bring you down? But if you know how to watch, do not fear, for I will stand by you so that you may be victorious in your struggle.

22 I am Jehovah, who has delivered you from death at all times. I am the one God who has spoken to you at all times. Christ was My word that spoke to you through Jesus. He told you, "He who knows the Son knows the Father. And the Holy Spirit who speaks to you today is likewise I, for there is only one Holy Spirit, only one Word, and this is Mine.

23 Listen, My disciples: in the first time I gave you the Law, in the second I taught you Love with which you should interpret those commandments, and now in this third age I am sending you the Light to penetrate into the mind of all that has been revealed to you

24 Why then do you want to discover three Deities where only one Divine Spirit exists, who is Mine?

25 I gave the Law to the first men, and yet I announced to Moses that I would send the Messiah. Christ, in whom I gave you My Word, told you when His mission was already coming to an end: "I am returning to the Father from whom I came. He also told you: "The Father and I are one. But after that, He promised to send you the Spirit of Truth, who, according to My will and according to your development, would illuminate the mystery of My revelations.

26 But who can bring light into My mysteries and explain these mysteries? who can break the seals of the Book of My Wisdom but Me?

27 Truly I tell you, the Holy Spirit, whom you currently think is different from Jehovah and Christ, is nothing but the Wisdom I am manifesting to your Spirit to make you understand, see and feel the Truth.

28 Today I make you ready to receive My Word so that it may fall like dew on thirsty plants, like crystal clear water that quenches the thirst of your Spirit. I receive you in My Fatherly Love like tender children.

29 You begin to take the first steps on firm ground But if you stop and later on do not listen to My commandments, do not block the way for your brothers, those who long to serve Me will come after you, those who have prepared themselves and await Me. What then can you teach if you do not learn My lesson? Penetrate into my work and let yourselves be enlightened so that you can understand me. I am the Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end of every teaching.

30 In this time I announce to you the visitations that must be. Three-quarters of the earth will disappear, pain will knock on the door of all men, and the world will suffer great hardships. But if you arm yourselves, through one of you a region will be saved.

The science that man has achieved will not be sufficient to cure the alien diseases that will arise. Then you will understand that you must rise above the earthly to heal and prevent the evils. "Israel" will liberate mankind from great hardships. But how much you must prepare yourselves to fulfill your destiny. The apostles of this time will go from country to country bringing the Good News, and their gifts will be like an inexhaustible spring that will overflow its benefits to all people.

31 With every miracle I grant them, they will awaken the faith of new apostles, and their mission will be great. But woe to them if they become vain, for then they will lose their gifts.

32 Respect the gifts given to your brothers. Tend the tree which I have entrusted to you, for you are all labourers in one and the same field. My mercy follows you everywhere; I know your works and thoughts. Watch and pray, because men need your prayer for their spiritual development.

33 Many of you believe that your sufferings are contrary to the Father's law of love because you think: "If I am a child of God, if the omnipresent Father created me, why did He let me fall, why did He not create me obediently, good and perfect?

34 Verily I say to you, you have not thought about what you think. That which you regard as contradictory to My laws is precisely the confirmation of the law of love. But that you may better understand this, listen carefully:

On the Divine Ladder of Heaven there is an infinite number of beings whose spiritual perfection allows them to take different levels according to the degree of development they have reached. Your Spirit has been created with appropriate qualities to develop on this ladder of perfection and to reach the goals set forth in the high councils of the Creator.

35 You do not know the destiny of those Spirits, but I tell you that it is perfect like all that I have created

36 Still you do not understand the gifts which the Father has given you. But do not worry, for later you will become aware of them and experience their full manifestation.

37 The infinite number of Spirits, who - like yours - inhabit different levels of life, are united among themselves by a higher power, which is that of love. They were created for battle, for their higher development, not for stagnation. Those who have fulfilled my commandments became great in Divine Love. I remind you, however, that even when your Spirit has reached greatness, power and wisdom, it will not become omnipotent, since its qualities are not infinite as they are in God. Nevertheless, they will suffice to bring you to the summit of your perfection on the straight path that the love of your Creator has marked out for you from the first moment.

38 At your creation I gave you the gift of free will, so that you should glorify me on the basis of your own will through the love and mercy which you let overflow onto your brothers.

39 A Spirit without free will would not be a creation worthy of the Highest Being. It would be a sluggish being without striving for perfection.

40 Today you still live a materialistic life, due to the lack of brotherhood. For in the realms of the spiritual everything lives in perfect harmony.

41 The lack of understanding of Divine Love causes the Spirit to regress, which can only be avoided by returning to the right path, to unshakable repentance and obedience.

42 In your present world, your brothers who cultivate the sciences have not led you to the summit of your development. They have led you to pain, to the abyss and to arrogance. But in no moment have I left you; it is you who have only hesitantly answered My call of love.

43 Since you have abused the loving and righteous freedom your Father gave you, you must clean yourselves with pain and tears from the stains you have put on your soul Nevertheless, he who expiates his transgressions with surrender will reach his higher development, and his ascent will be faster than his fall.

44 Through many centuries I have given you examples and proofs of tenderness, of Divine Love, which sometimes touched your hearts and made you exclaim: "I love You, Lord, I admire You"; I have given you examples and proofs of tenderness, of Divine Love But I ask you: If you love Me, why do you not emulate Me and put My teachings into practice? Why have you distanced yourselves from the spiritual life and thereby delayed your development? How do you dare to blame God for your own downfalls, your pain and your imprudence?

45 Today, when I call you, you do not all listen to Me Yet, I promise you that still all will listen to Me and that none of My children will be lost in the eternity of the Spirit.

46 some will seek Me in return for My Love, others, bowed by pain, will plead pleadingly that My Mercy avert their cup of suffering

47 I am expanding the message I gave you through Jesus. But you do not yet want to leave the uncertain paths on which you have gone astray.

48 Do you want to accuse Me of all that does not come from Me and has been caused by you? - I have told you to sow love and instead you have sown hatred. Do you want to reap love there?

49 I have taught you to live a simple, pure, and generous life in peace, and you insist on living in a constant war of hatred, materialism, and insane ambition.

50 You almost always ask God without knowing what you are asking for; but you never give God what He asks of you for your own sake.

51 If you have become so vain and so lost your way in the divine teachings, how can you ask God to give you what you do not know how to ask for, or to rule the universe according to your ideas or your will? Verily, I tell you, the universe would not last a second if He let you rule it according to your human whims.

52 I have given you another drop of the Divine Wisdom. More I will give you in future lessons. But do not accept My teaching without thinking thoroughly about it. It only helps you to feel My radiation which will fill you with light so that you may better understand My revelations.

53 Grasp the meaning of the teaching and interpret it as your conscience and heart command you

54 Spiritualization is not found in the texts of religions or sciences. It rests (hidden) in your Spirit, which would be usefully taken up if it always fulfilled the commandment that tells you: "Love one another".

55 Do not form any new philosophies or theories derived from this teaching, do not build material temples, nor make allegories or symbols. I will give you all the revelations that are to come to you in these times.

56 Verily I say to you, you are not the only ones who will possess the truth. The clergymen of the various religions, the scientists, believers and unbelievers, they are all in their origin spiritual creatures of God, whom I will shower with graces during the course of their life.

57 Humbly invite your brothers to study My teaching of love, mercy and spiritual upliftment. Do not forget that none of your works will be perfect unless they are based on love for everything you see, and even for that which you suspect only in the moments of your immersion.

58 There are many lives in the invisible, suspecting them, blessing them and loving them.

59 Do not create idolatry, fanaticism, or earthly rankings. There is nothing greater than the light that adorns the Spirit, who by his virtue has attained perfection.

60 He who loves more is greater than he who, by virtue of his office or vanity, says of himself that he is.

61 Remember Jesus!

62 Your understanding is clearer in these times, and my word also becomes clearer.

63 My temple is your heart, its light is My love. The greatest sacrifice you can lay down in it is the peace of your Spirit when you do good in life, blessing and loving your brothers.

64 What good would songs, prayers and rites do you if you had only low passions in your inner being? I thirst for your love, not for incense. Less tears and more light is what I desire for your existence.

65 For all things you must answer for yourselves, and according to the nature of your evil works you will receive most emphatic judgments through yourselves. For I do not judge you, this is wrong. It is your own Spirit in his state of clarity who is your terrible accuser and terrible judge. I on the other hand defend you against the wild accusations, acquit you and redeem you, because I am love, which purifies and forgives.

66 New teachings I will give you so that you may understand this lesson, which is another leaf I am giving you to compile the "Book of True Life

67 Fulfil My Law, then through your example of humility, mercy and love these small multitudes will multiply and become as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the sea

My peace be with you!

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