BTL - Volume I - Teaching 28

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 28:

1 Disciples, the time is approaching in which your brothers will come to you with the desire to question you and ask for the testimony of the Revelation which I am giving you in the Third Age to enlighten their minds When this happens, do not deny me by hiding yourselves! If I am teaching you with so much love in this stage of My rallies, it is precisely to teach you to pass on My teachings whenever you are asked.

2 I have allowed you to begin to practise My teaching with the aim of developing your spiritual gifts and abilities so that when the time has come for My Word to be proclaimed among mankind, your lips will not stammer and your mind will not be too clumsy to make My Truth known

3 Your task is to follow the example of your Divine Master on his earthly way Remember: Whenever I showed Myself in the homes, I left a message of peace in all of them, I healed the sick, I comforted the sad ones with the divine authority that love possesses.

4 Never did I refrain from entering a house because people would not believe Me in it. I knew that on leaving this place the hearts of its inhabitants would be full of overflowing joy; for without knowing it, their Spirit had looked into the Kingdom of Heaven through My teaching.

5 At times I sought out the hearts, another time they sought Me; but in all cases, My Love was the Bread of Eternal Life that I gave them in the essence of My Word

6 On some occasions, when I withdrew into the solitude of some valley, I remained alone only for moments, because the crowds - eager to hear Me - approached their Master in search of the infinite goodness of His gaze I received them and overflowed those men, women and children with the tenderness of My unlimited mercy, because I knew that in every creature there is a Spirit, whom I had come to the world to seek. Then I spoke to them of the kingdom of heaven, which is the true home of the Spirit, so that they would calm their inner restlessness with My word and strengthen themselves in the hope of attaining eternal life.

There were occasions when there was someone hidden among the crowd who had the intention of denying My truth screaming and assuring that I was a false prophet; but My Word surprised him before he had had time to open his lips. On other occasions I allowed some blasphemer to revile Me to prove to the crowd that the Master did not become unwilling in the face of the insults, thus giving them an example of humility and love.

7 There were some who - ashamed of my gentleness - immediately departed and repented, with their doubts, of having hurt him who proclaimed the truth with his works. But as soon as the opportunity arose, they came to me, they followed me on the paths, weeping, moved by my words, without even daring to speak to me, to ask me for forgiveness for the insults they had inflicted on me before. I summoned them, caressed them with My word and granted them some kind of grace.

8 You will now go quite the same way, O beloved people, these are paths prepared by My examples of love and which are now waiting for you, disciples of the Holy Spirit, so that with My Word and your example you may bring salvation to mankind

9 Do not forget that the poisonous plant and the weeds are destroyed only with the works of love and mercy which I taught you through Jesus

10 You will find the ways full of stones and the fields covered with nettles. But your Spirit, led by Elijah and strengthened in faith, in the desire to bring the balm of love to the suffering, will shine with the light of truth on the way of those who live in darkness. He will feel neither the thorns of the way nor the pain that doubt and lack of understanding might cause him.

11 Go on this way, and the greater the number of hearts you give to them with overflowing love, the greater will be your intuition, and the deeper and more constant will be your faith in the works which I will reveal through your mediation

12 If before the beginning of your mission its fulfillment seemed impossible or difficult to you, later on it will appear to you ever easier, by which you can determine your spiritual progress

13 This is the time when I will let all Spirits incarnate on earth, with whom I will form My beloved people, so that through their works of love and mercy they may give mankind the testimony of the true knowledge of the spiritual life

14 You who have been marked to accomplish this mission and who have the knowledge and the certainty to belong to My people - rejoice at this revelation but do not despair in the face of the approaching battle; for truly I tell you, the soldiers who are to fight for the Truth must not feel fear of the enemies mankind opposes them

15 All you who feel in your Spirit the longing for spiritualization, for freedom, and long to rise to Me in the way of love, mercy and justice, I declare you to be part of My people and you will be the soldiers of truth But to achieve this, you must watch and pray and fight against your weaknesses so that the testimony you give of My teaching is true.

16 I also tell you that everyone who has the desire to belong to My people should be welcomed and loved by them if they testify through their thoughts and works that the ideal of love is the light that illuminates their way of life

17 That you may better understand My teaching, hear My


18 Two wanderers were walking slowly through a vast desert, their feet aching from the hot sand. They walked towards a distant city, and only the hope of reaching their destination enlivened them on their difficult journey, for the bread and water gradually ran out. The younger of the two began to tire and asked his companion to continue the journey alone, because his strength was failing him.

19 The elderly wanderer tried to instill new courage in the young man, telling him that perhaps they would soon find an oasis where they could regain their lost strength; but he did not take new courage. The older one did not intend to leave him in that loneliness, and although he was also tired, he loaded the weary companion onto his back and continued the hike laboriously.

20 After the young man had rested and considered the trouble he was causing to him who carried him on his shoulders, he detached himself from his neck, took him by the hand, and so they continued their journey.

21 Immense faith inspired the heart of the aged wanderer, giving him strength to overcome his weariness. - As he had guessed, the oasis appeared on the horizon, under whose shadow the coolness of a spring awaited them. Finally, they reached it and drank of that fortifying water until they had drunk their fill. They fell into a restful sleep, and when they awoke, they felt that the tiredness had disappeared, nor were they hungry or thirsty; they felt peace in their hearts and the strength to reach the city they were looking for. They did not really want to leave that place, but the journey had to continue. They filled their vessels with that crystal clear and pure water and resumed their journey.

22 The elderly wanderer, who had been the young man's support, said: "We want to take only in moderation the water we carry with us; it is possible that we will meet some pilgrims along the way who, overcome by exhaustion, are dying of thirst or sick, and it will be necessary to offer them what we carry with us. The young man objected, saying that it would not be prudent to give of what might not even be enough for them; that in such a case they could sell it at the price they wanted, since it had cost them so much effort to obtain that precious element.

23 The old man was not satisfied with this answer, and replied that if they wanted peace in their Spirit, they would have to share the water with those in need.

24 Disgruntled, the young man said that he preferred to consume the water of his vessel alone before sharing it with someone you would meet along the way. —

25 Again, the old man's presentiment came true, because they saw before them a caravan of men, women, and children, lost in the wilderness, near to destruction. The good old man hurriedly approached those people to whom he was giving drink. - The exhausted felt immediately strengthened, the sick opened their eyes to thank that traveler, and the children stopped crying from thirst. The caravan rose and continued its journey.

26 Peace was in the heart of the noble wayfarer, while the other, seeing his vessel empty, said anxiously to his companion that they should turn back and go to the spring to replace the water they had used.

27 "We must not go back," said the good wanderer, "if we have faith, we will find new oases further ahead. But the young man doubted, was afraid, and preferred to say goodbye to his companion on the spot, to go back in search of the spring. They, who had been companions in battle, separated. While the one continued on the path, filled with faith in his goal, the other, thinking he could die in the desert, ran towards the source with the obsession of death in his heart. Finally, he reached the spring, panting and exhausted. But satisfied, he drank his fill, forgot his companion, whom he let go alone, and also the city he had renounced, and decided to live in the desert from then on.

28 It was not long before a caravan of weary and thirsty men and women passed by nearby. They came eagerly nearer to drink from the waters of that spring. But suddenly they saw a man appear who forbade them to drink and rest if they did not pay him for those benefits. It was the young wanderer who had seized the oasis and made himself lord of the desert.

29 Those men heard him sadly, because they were poor and could not buy that precious treasure which would quench their thirst. Finally they separated themselves from the little they carried, bought a little water to quench their desperate thirst, and continued on their way.

30 Soon that man changed from the Lord to the king, for it was not always the poor who went through there; there were also mighty men who could give a fortune for a glass of water.

31 This man no longer remembered the city on the other side of the desert, and still less the brotherly companion who had carried him on his shoulders and kept him from perishing in that wilderness.

32 One day he saw a caravan coming, which was surely heading for the great city; but he was astonished to see those men, women, and children walking out with strength and joy, singing a song of praise. The man did not understand what he saw, and his surprise was even greater when he saw that at the head of the caravan was marching the one who had been his traveling companion.

33 The caravan stopped in front of the oasis, while the two men were facing each other, looking at each other in astonishment. Finally, the one who lived in the oasis asked the one who had been his companion: "Tell me, how is it possible that there are people who cross this desert without feeling thirsty or tired? He did this because he thought in his heart of what would become of him from the day when no one would come to ask him for water or shelter.

34 The good wayfarer said to his companion: "I reached the great city, but not alone; on the way I met the sick, the thirsty, the straying, the exhausted, and I gave them all new courage with the faith that animates me, and so we reached from oasis to oasis one day at the gates of the great city. There I was called before the Lord of that Kingdom, who, seeing that I knew the desert and had compassion for the travelers, gave me the order to return to be the guide and advisor of the travelers in the sorrowful crossing (of the desert); and here you see me leading another caravan that I have to take to the Great City. - And you? What are you doing here?" he asked the one who had stayed in the oasis. - This one was ashamed to remain silent. Then the good traveler said to him: "I know that you have acquired this oasis, that you sell its water and demand money for the shade. These goods do not belong to you; they were placed in the desert by a divine power, so that he who would need them might make use of them. Do you see these multitudes of people? They need no oasis, because they neither feel thirst nor grow weary. It is enough that I pass on to them the message that the Lord of the Great City sends them through my mediation, and they already set out and find new strength at every step thanks to the high goal they have: to reach that Kingdom.

35 Leave the spring to the thirsty, that they may find rest in it, and quench their thirst to those who suffer the hardships of the desert. Your pride and selfishness have blinded you; but what good has it done you to be master of this small oasis, when you live in this wasteland and you have robbed yourself of the opportunity to get to know the great city that we sought together? Have you already forgotten that high goal we had together?

When that man had listened in silence to the one who had been a faithful and selfless companion, he burst into tears, feeling remorse for his aberrations. He tore off his false festive clothes and sought the starting point, which was where the desert began, to follow the path that would lead him to the Great City. But now he walked his way illuminated by a new light, that of faith and love for his fellow men.

(End of the parable)


36 I am the Lord of the great city, and Elijah the old man of my parable. He is "the voice of him who cries out in the wilderness", he is the one who makes himself known among you anew in fulfilment of the revelation I gave you in the transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

37 He it is who in the Third Age leads you to the Great City where I await you to give you the eternal reward of My love.

38 Follow Elijah, O beloved people, and all things will change in your lives, in your worship of God and your ideals; all things will be changed.

39 Have you believed that your imperfect practice of religion would last forever? - No, My disciples; tomorrow, when your Spirit sees the Great City on the horizon, he will say, like his Lord, "My kingdom is not of this world.

My peace be with you!

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