BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 23

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 23:

1 Blessed are those who seek to be at peace with their conscience. Blessed are those who sow the seed of My peace on the way of their fellow men.

2 Come to me whenever you are depressed by suffering or by lack of faith, for I am the light and the power that will give you back spiritual peace.

3 Where will you hear me when I no longer make myself known in this form? - In your conscience, because through it I show you the way of love.

4 When the world goes through a period of spiritual confusion, when man does not understand the secrets that the spiritual life holds, nor his task to fathom and reflect on them, although he is qualified for it, then the clarity of My Word comes to enlighten him. Humanity is witness to the fact that in these moments scientists use all their time and power of reason to discover in nature the answer to many questions and doubts which life asks them. And nature responds to the call of mankind, bearing witness to its Creator, who is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and love, but also of justice. Nevertheless the free will with which man has been endowed has not made him awaken to the light of my love, and the Spirit continues to drag the chains of materialism after him, from which he has not been able to free himself. It is as if people are afraid to take a step forward in development, accustomed to remaining in the traditions that their ancestors left them. Man is afraid to think and believe independently; he prefers to submit to the traditions of others, thus depriving himself of his freedom to know me. For this reason he has lived backward; but now the time of light has come for mankind, and with it man gains his own knowledge, awakens, makes progress and is surprised in view of the truth of my teaching.

5 If mankind has witnessed the development of science and has seen discoveries which it would not have believed before, why then is it reluctant to believe in the development of the Spirit? Why is it sticking to something that stops it and makes it sluggish?

6 My teaching and My revelations in this time are in accordance with your development. The scientist does not delude himself about his material work and science because in it My revelation and the help of the spiritual beings who inspire you from the hereafter has always been present. Man is part of creation; he has a task to perform, as all creatures of the Creator have; but he has been endowed with a spiritual nature, an intelligence and a will of his own, so that he may, by his own efforts, attain the development and perfection of the Spirit, which is the highest thing he possesses. By means of the Spirit, man can comprehend his Creator, understand His benefits, and admire His wisdom.

7 If, instead of becoming vain about your earthly knowledge, you made all My work your own, there would be no secrets for you, you would recognize yourselves as brothers and love one another as I love you: goodness, helpfulness and love would be in you, and therefore unity with the Father

8 How small you are, if you think yourselves to be omnipotent and great, and therefore are reluctant to confess that beyond the limit of your power and your science is He who in truth knows all things and is able to do all things! Then you are content to be matter and only matter, and appear insignificant, because you remain subject only to the natural law that governs the mortal and fugitive beings, who are born, grow and die without leaving a trace of their way. When will you rise from this state you are in? You must make an effort to look beyond the heaven you have conceived so that you may come to the realization that you come to the Father only by spiritual merit.

9 Do not wait for others to begin the way to Me; come, send up your prayer, and in this way you will understand what you must do and will experience the task you have to accomplish I invite you to come nearer to Me; but for this purpose it is not necessary to give up the tasks, duties and refreshments of human life.

10 You have come to earth in a time when men live under the rule of human science, and yet in this time you will unfold your spiritual gifts: you will heal the sick, you will prophesy and will reach a greater height in your spiritual development.

11 The light that illuminates your inner being helps you to foretell what must come; but you must prepare yourselves so that this gift may blossom. Nothing must stop, everything must move in harmony with creation.

12 I do not give you My teachings only as a moral rein for your material nature; rather, with it you may ascend the greater heights of your spiritual attainment.

13 I am not founding a new religion among you; this teaching does not deny the existing religions when they are based on My truth. This is a message of Divine Love for all, a call to all social institutions. Whoever understands the divine purpose and fulfills My commandments will feel led to progress and to the higher development of his Spirit.

As long as man does not understand the spiritualization that he must have in his life, peace will not become a reality in the world. On the other hand, he who fulfills my law of love will fear neither death nor the judgment that awaits his Spirit. You should know that it is not only when death comes to you that your Father judges you, but that this judgment begins as soon as you become aware of your works and feel the call of your conscience. My judgment is always upon you. At every step, be it in human life or in your spiritual life, you are subject to My judgment; but here in the world, in the body shell, the Spirit becomes insensitive and deaf to the calls of conscience.

14 I judge you to help you to open your eyes to the light, to free you from sin and deliver you from pain.

15 In My judgement I never count the insults you might have done to Me, for in My judgement there never appears resentment, revenge, not even punishment

16 When pain enters your heart and hits you in the most sensitive place, it is to point out to you any mistake you make, to make you understand My teaching and to give you a new and wise teaching At the bottom of each of these trials, My love is always present.

17 On some occasions I have allowed you to understand the cause of a trial, on others you cannot find the meaning of that warning of My Justice, because there are deep mysteries in the work of the Father and in the life of your Spirit that the human mind cannot unravel.

18 I am giving you these teachings so that you may not wait until death comes to begin the settlement of your debts, but that you may make use of the trials your life offers you, knowing that it will depend on the love, patience and exaltation with which you receive and endure them, whether your Spirit will reach the threshold of eternal life, freed from the burden of the sins and imperfections he carried during his sojourn in the world.

19 Far is the time when you were told, "With the cubit by which you measure, you shall be measured. How often has that law been used to take revenge here on earth and put aside every feeling of charity!

20 Now I tell you that I have seized this righteousness cell and will measure you with it, according to how you have measured, whether or not I must already explain by adding that in every one of My judgments there will be present the Father who loves you very much and the Redeemer who has come for your salvation

21 It is man who judges with his works, terrible judgments at times, and it is your Lord who gives you help to find the way in which you can bear your atonement.

22 Verily I tell you, if you want to avoid an all too painful atonement, repent in time and give your life a new direction with works of love and mercy towards your brothers through a sincere renewal

23 Understand that I am the saving gate, the gate that will never be closed to all who seek Me with true faith

24 If you want proofs of the truth of My teachings, I tell you that you have before your eyes the proofs you demand of Me to follow Me What are these proofs? - The renewal of these men and women who serve Me today as "workers in My fields.

25 Long and arduous is this "day labor" at times, but never impossible to accomplish. Delicate and difficult is the task of the spiritualist disciple, but it is not impossible to accomplish it, which is why I say to all of you who are indecisive that if you have doubts whether you can accomplish it, it is because you are of little faith.

26 My fields of love I offer to all who want to acquire merits by serving their brothers. Those who have understood it in this way have hastily approached Me to ask Me for an opportunity to work in My blessed fields, where the seed is love of neighbor.

27 Here the merits must be true, so that they may be recorded by Me for the benefit of him who performs them. Outward appearances to others have no value with me; that is why my workers learn to work in silence, to be humble and sincere, to abhor vanity and never make charity known.

28 The people do not know the history of each one of these workers who serve them day by day; they do not know the efforts, sacrifices and renunciations which My servants had to make to become worthy to call themselves My disciples

29 Many of these men and women, who bring you so much joy for your hearts through their spiritual gifts, who make you feel My balm and give you back peace with their words, carry in their heart a hidden suffering that only My gaze sees

30 How many of them have been misjudged and even rejected by their beloved relatives, because they have taken this way! And they hurt them, slander and threaten them; but they continue to fulfill their task with love, although they feel the scourge blows and the stone throws of the angry people, while they, like their Master, go their way under the burden of their cross.

31 I see that you want to know why some of them refrain from continuing in this task. Then I tell you that it is not because they did not bear the burden of their cross, but because the world tempted them and they succumbed to temptation, for whoever takes the cross of love on his shoulders does not actually bear it at all. Rather it is the cross that supports him, because every step of the "worker" is always accompanied by an inner feeling of infinite peace. But you are not to behave ungrateful to them, because you know that my peace is in those who follow me; for they are as human as you are. Because you see them smiling and calm, you do not want to know anything of what they suffer in order to be useful to you and serve you.

32 Who has been able to repay with love and charity those who often temporarily suspend their work to receive those in need of peace and health? When did you rush to the cradle of the little child who had to remain alone because his mother was a "worker" who had to fulfill her task among the suffering? - Verily, I tell you, just as I have called you so that you should learn to receive, so I also demand of you that you learn to reward with love the selfless help of your brothers.

33 How often do you show yourselves upset and condemn them as "bad workers" because they come late You show yourselves demanding when you notice a fault with them because you know that they have a duty to fulfill.

34 O crowds of men, instead of receiving with humility the bread that is given to you, you devour it with the hand that is stretched out to offer you food!

35 What do you know of the struggles which My chosen ones are going through to keep themselves clean and serve you? What do you know of the trials they are going through to keep them alert? yet you still consider them weak and spread the word that temptation has overcome them, without realizing that it is the burden you yourselves have left in them, refusing to take upon yourselves that part of responsibility which in My work is given to each one of them

36 How soon you forget the many which you have received through them! but in your hearts you reassure yourselves on the grounds that they have given you nothing; but truly, I tell you, unless you love one another, it is a lie that you love Me

37 The legions of spiritual beings who invisibly attend your material eyes to the proclamation of My Word are those who give the true interpretation of My teachings. So that you may know what the commissions are that I gave to the respective Spirit and in what form he fulfills them, therefore I turn to them occasionally through the voice bearer, by means of which I give you my teaching. Do you think it is necessary for them that I speak to them through human intermediaries? - No, people, I have just told you that I do it only so that you may feel their presence and hear the instructions I give them.

* Meant is the protective spirit of every man. These are advanced spirits of light, who fulfill God's will by doing us - their still incarnated brethren - good deeds, inspiring us and encouraging us to spiritualization.

38 The legion of spirit beings that I have appointed to accompany and assist you on your life journey is very large, so large that you could not imagine it. There is absolute harmony in their midst. The light that shines in them is that of wisdom and love, because the ideal to which they are consecrated is to do good to humanity, their greatest desire being to lead their brothers to the summit of spiritualization.

39 How beautiful is the mission which they carry out, and how difficult you make their work difficult for them! You cannot say that your lack of co-operation with your spiritual brethren is due to ignorance, since you have heard the orders I give them through My voicebearers so that you may know their mission of love and charity and take care to help them in its fulfilment.

40 Yet you do not succeed in fully agreeing with that world of brothers of light, nor do you know how to harmonize with them Because of your lack of spiritualization, which does not allow your senses to perceive all the calls, warnings, and inspirations with which they want to guide your steps on earth.

41 Often you confuse spiritualization with material customs, which tend to move you away from them (the Spirit beings) rather than bring you closer to them. You believe that in their invocation it is more effective to call them by any name than to attract them with a prayer. You believe that you would be better prepared if you called them with a candle lit or prayed in a loud voice, and you are in error.

42 Though they hasten at your call, they interpret your wishes and give you their help, for their task is inspired by active charity; but you have not obtained that help through your spiritualization, for then you would have been in harmony with your guardian angels and would have formed with them the people of God, who know how to fulfill My commandment, which tells you: Love one another.

43 Verily, I tell you, the purer your thoughts are and the simpler and purer your actions, the more clearly you will perceive the presence and influence of the spiritual world in your life, and the greater will be the wonders you receive from them

44 Do not think that these your brethren can interfere in your unclean works, or join your evil purposes, or make themselves known through your mediation, if you are not properly prepared to receive them.

45 To obtain spiritualization, beloved people, you must pray and have faith.

46 Prayer and faith will work the miracle that day by day bread will come to your table, just as the faith of Israel was rewarded with manna in the first days.

47 If other nations deceive you about your bread, you are to forgive them, so that I may forgive you all.

48 If it should come to pass that you are cast out of your home, you will go into the mountain, which will receive you in its bosom, so that you may find shelter until the trial is over.

49 Just as in the first days the faith of the people was strengthened by the great trials they experienced in the wilderness, so in that time they will be tested many times, so that their Spirit will gain the strength necessary to be a soldier of this cause.

50 Which disciple of this work could still need a material meeting place, where he took refuge during the time of the trials? - None, for you all know that your Father does not seek temples of stone to dwell in, but sanctuaries and altars in the Spirit of men, and these temples go with you wherever you are.

51 Your ancestors lived in great ignorance, nurtured religious fanaticism, and therefore achieved little progress for their Spirit. It was not given to them to see here on earth the light of this age which enlightens you; but they too, when the hour has come, will receive the spiritual light in fullness.

52 My teaching instructs you to harmonize with your brethren, whether they dwell on earth or in the infinite spiritual valley.

53 These will be the characteristics of your future life, if you hold fast to the law. But your way of life will be quite different if you do not walk on the path which I have marked out for you with my word; for then the hunger, the epidemics and the wars which break out on earth will not spare you because these destructive powers find nothing in you that holds them back.

54 Beloved disciples, make use of all the trials, small and great, that show themselves daily in your life, so that when greater trials come, they will be broken like gusts of wind from a hurricane when striking against the unbreakable walls of power that the exercise of My Law gives you

55 Through your spiritual unity create a people whose defence against its enemies is prayer Then the forces of nature can rage, because this people will know how to master all vicissitudes through its spiritualization.

56 Rise, men and women, old men, young men and children; rise steadfastly to walk in the path which My Word has determined for you in these times, which is only the resumption of the path which I marked out in the past times with the trace of My sacrifice on the cross

57 Fulfil My Law so that your children, in the education of the new generation, may reach a higher development than the one you have attained, and your disobedience will not keep them away from this work and cause them to live even further away from spiritualization

58 In this Third Age I have come to give you the warmth you lack and to take away from you the coldness you have spread in your ways of life You have heard the bell that Elijah rang for you to come to receive the light of the Holy Spirit with My teaching.

59 Get ready to feel My presence and be like the apostles of the Second Age who, listening to Me, increased their faith every day and prepared themselves to fulfill their difficult mission

60 Israel, do not only fulfill your commitments made with the world. Fulfill also the law; for you have taken up a task before the Father, and its fulfillment must be severe, exalted, and spiritual.

61 I am teaching you that you may turn away from materialism and cease to be fanatics and idolaters; that you may neither worship nor worship man-made material objects. I do not want roots of idolatry, fanaticism and false cults to be present in your hearts. Offer me no offerings that do not come to me; I only desire your renewal and your fulfillment in spiritualization.

62 Renew yourselves in regard to your former habits, do not look back and do not look at what you have given up and what you are no longer to do. Understand that you have taken the path of your development and must not stop. The way is narrow, and you must know it well, for tomorrow you will have to lead your brothers on it, and I do not want you to get lost.

63 I am the patient Father, waiting for your repentance and good will to shower you with My grace and mercy.

64 Do not condemn the sometimes clumsy words of My voices; if they lacked preparation, leave this matter to Me. Understand - even if I communicate myself through the most clumsy mind, you will always find spiritual meaning, light, truth and teaching in the core of this word.

65 This age will reveal to men the lessons of the "Book of True Life" which were not yet known to mankind.

66 Verily, I tell you: just as Elijah, who opened the gates of the Third Age, did not need to incarnate his Spirit to speak to men, so I make myself known to you, and the same was done by many beings who currently dwell in the spiritual region

67 They will communicate with you through your qualified intermediaries until the year 1950, when the materially audible rallies of the spiritual world will end; but after that time - without men being aware of it - through their lips will often speak the spirits of light of past times, the liberators, the prophets, the patriarchs, the benefactors, the apostles of good, the sowers of righteousness and of the divine teaching of your Father, who will communicate from Spirit to Spirit at the climax of His love for His children.

68 Those who watch and pray, who have spiritualized and prepared themselves to perceive the moment when those messengers approach, speak, or perform some superhuman work, will become aware of the presence of the spiritual beings of light among mankind.

69 It will not be necessary for them to communicate through men who have knowledge of this teaching, in order to speak through its mediation. Their presence, their influence and their inspiration will be so subtle that only he who is prepared will be able to perceive their presence among mankind.

70 The peoples of the earth will feel the presence of Moses when, little by little, every one of them will be set free.

The various religions will experience the presence of Elijah when the light of God's ray, which comes forth from truth, ruptures the darkness of men's spiritual ignorance, thereby correcting before their eyes all that is false that they have worshiped.

71 The rulers of the world, who continue to be rulers over degraded peoples, will feel the spiritual presence of Daniel when the prophet approaches their camps to awaken them to pray, because destruction is drawing near.

72 The day will come when every eye will see the light of these works, as it is written, so that man may understand that for the Spirit there are no limits or material barriers, and that you all may gradually approach the goal where harmony and light reign.

My peace be with you!

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