BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 43

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 43:

1 Why do you feel fear in your heart when I come to you as Jehovah? If I am your Father, I am Love, I am He who gives you the daily bread, who guides your Spirit and helps it to rise again from its falls.

2 I give you strength in these moments of trial when the nature kingdoms of creation are shaken by the noise of war. Do not be afraid, strive to revive your upliftment and fervor and bring yourselves ever closer to the pain of your brethren - those who are oppressed by the fratricidal wars - so that you may share with them the cup of bitterness, and the prayer that you silently send up is like a call for peace, unity and good will among men.

3 Your sons will be called to take up arms; let them go, they will not perish. already today I am making them bearers of My Grace and they will spread the Light of My Teaching among their brothers

4 I want you, despite all the evils the war has caused, not to consider the inhabitants of those nations as enemies, so that tomorrow you may consider them as brothers

5 Today men have come together to unleash war. Nations have thrown themselves upon nations, obliterating borders and mixing languages. It is not love for one another that has brought about this union: it is hatred that has brought about the fratricidal war. But I, who am power, will prove to you that I can unite you by availing myself of your faults. For when this quarrel ends, hearts will be purified by pain, in thoughts there will be light, and men will be close to attaining peace.

6 Blessed are those who have fought and worked for peace. Blessed are those who believed my voice, set out and spread my light and my truth on the ways.

7 My Spirit is deeply moved in the face of mankind's pain, their weeping can be heard in the heavens; but truly, I tell you, My pain as Father shall turn into a dew of grace and descend on My children; I am telling you, My pain as Father shall turn into a dew of grace and descend on My children

8 Empty this cup of suffering with patience and gentleness, for your weeping will turn into rejoicing

9 If the Father were to ask you at this moment whether you have fulfilled your mission on earth, whether you carry in your hands the golden ear of your work, whether you have loved one another, and whether you have forgiven one another, you would have to answer Me that you have fulfilled none of these things Do you believe then that you have made yourselves worthy to hear My word through your own merits? - No, tell Me your Spirit.

10 My people, ages have passed and you are still spiritually asleep; wake up and realise that you have not made good use of the life you enjoyed on this earth

11 My Voice has awakened you with love, with kindness; but do not take this word as a lullaby to give yourselves even more to sleep, for in its essence the Judge is present, judging every one of your actions.

12 You shall not be among those who wait until my righteousness comes upon them to believe and awaken

13 Do not yet say that you love me in truth; wait, because when this happens, it shall not be your lips that publicly announce it: your works shall do this Do not boast of your sincerity and at the same time do not try to hide your stains, for you would imitate the hypocritical Pharisees.

14 Know that I am still coming as Master and as Father; for if I came only as Judge, there would be no place where you could hide, because wherever you went, My Justice would be present

15 When you come in My Presence, you will have to give an account of the Word you have heard and which you will see written in your conscience

16 Do you not feel how the tireless Spirit of Elijah illuminates your way, removing the obstacles on it and helping you with the rod of his mercy when you feel exhausted? Seek him, call upon him in your prayers, and you will feel his presence very close. For he is the Shepherd of Spirits in this Third Age, who will lead you directly to the gates of the Promised Land, which is the "Heavenly Enclosure.

17 Let your Spirit be filled with joy in the knowledge that in three epochs you have heard the voice of My Divinity; for once more you will be My witnesses. Therefore I prepare you and bless your lips so that tomorrow words of life may flow out of them for the multitudes of men who are yet to come.

18 Your faith has been inflamed and enlivened by the miracles which I have granted you and which you thought impossible For I am the way, the good path, which I have always shown you. When you walk it, you suffer dangers, temptations and treachery; but to help you, I have given you the light of conscience as a beacon that shows you the way and points the direction. - Besides, I have granted you a spirit being as a guide and protector for your whole life. Do you believe that you could get lost on the path of life if you use this grace properly? Is there one among My children who does not feel joy in his Spirit when he hears this word? Verily, I tell you, for Me it is a joy when I hear your spiritual voice in your elevation in prayer.

19 Awaken your spiritual sensibility so that you may rejoice in the splendour of My rallies, which pass unnoticed by your Spirit for lack of exaltation Refresh yourselves in the spiritual vision of the hereafter, just as you are at times amazed when you contemplate nature, when you admire its harmony, beauty and perfection, and discover that no being could live without the other, but that all live because the law of harmony unites them. - So is also the hereafter. - I have told you: As long as there are Spirits who are outside the spiritual path of development, there will be neither perfect peace nor perfect harmony, for it is as if some stars in the cosmos were to be thrown off their courses. What would happen to the rest? Would not the whole lose its balance?

20 If men would obey the commandments of My Law and bring their material nature into harmony with the spiritual, their existence would be more pleasant; the way of life would be without difficulties and the work would be easy No diseases would scourge them, nor would they age prematurely.

21 Spirits existed before the creation of matter. Innocently they came forth from me. But that they might know by whom they were born, what their destiny was, and who they themselves were, I made them hear My voice and said to them, "Behold, here is your God; I am your Father, I am the Spirit of Love. But although you have come forth from Me, you must develop and comprehend this spirit of love. Live, walk, recognize and abide constantly in good, so that this voice you have heard may forever be the light above your Spirit; it is your conscience that will lead you to return to Me - no longer as newly born children, but as beings developed in virtue, in experience and in all the abilities I have given you. Then you will love Me, will truly recognize Me and be in harmony with all that exists".

22 There are beings who have never lived on earth; but if those who have sinned and have endured great pain in this world think that it is unjust that some inhabit the "valley of tears" while others, close to the Father, have never known pain, I tell you: although some have not come to earth, in the Hereafter they have helped their brothers in their atonement with their love.

23 Today the beings who inhabit the different "valleys" live spiritually separated. But I have put no (separating) distance between the love of the brothers. If you knew how close you are to each other! It was man who, with his materialism, tore apart the bonds that united him with all his brothers, and the more mankind sank, the greater was its division and lack of harmony. Not only has it distanced itself from the spiritual, but even in its own world it has split up into empires, into peoples and nations, and in so doing it has shut itself off more and more in egoism. * This expression refers both to the "valley of tears," i.e. the earthly "vale of tears," and to the "spiritual valley," the hereafter with its various spheres.

24 Therefore the light of your faith has gone out, and the inner knowledge of eternal life has been confused.

25 Today, when a member of your family says "Goodbye" to you to go to a far-off land, you say goodbye to him with tears, knowing that if he goes away as a child, he may return as an adolescent, and if he is a young man, he will return as an old man. But you always hope to see him come back to embrace him anew, because you know that he is still in this world, even if he is far away. But when this loved one leaves for the hereafter, and you see that the body remains rigid and cold under the earth, then your heart feels as if pierced by a sword, because you have lost the hope of seeing him again, and you forget that the Spirit survives the body, and that you will again be closely connected with him, when both find each other again on their ascent on the path of development.

26 It was necessary that God became man in Jesus and lived among men, so that you may remember forgotten teachings. He taught you new lessons and announced to you that He would give you new revelations when the time came.

27 Christ, the Divine Master, had to come to teach you the truth, for mankind was already about to lose His seed of spiritualization, since in this life they were seeking their bliss, eternity and happiness, forgetting that existence which was relentlessly awaiting them.

28 Those who in this life did not enjoy pleasures and riches, who only shed tears, cursed it and called it unjust; in their confused reflections they called their fate adverse and wrong. But Christ brought you the light anew. He gave the Spirit back to the dead man, when he was already living in another world, He set the possessed free, and with all these manifest signs He gave the world proofs that the spiritual life exists and that it is the true life. Even after His crucifixion, He showed Himself in Spirit before believers and unbelievers, as a proof of the truth that His Word proclaimed.

29 Why do you forget and consider dead those who left your world, since they feel, fight and live? This is the reason why I tell you that they are the living and you are the dead. Soon you will mourn your lack of faith as you did in the Second Age when, after Jesus died, you said, "It was Christ whom we killed, He was the messenger of Jehovah who came to deliver us from our sins. He was the true life, who raised the dead and who ascended into heaven on the third day.

30 Now that I have returned to you in Spirit, you see Me shrouded in mystery, though I show Myself to you in the greatest simplicity; and in order to find faith, I had to materialize My rallies and grant you all that you ask Then the people believed because men have seen me - some with the spiritual face, others through faith, still others in the light of their conscience.

31 My light enlightens you in this time so that you may hear the voice calling you from eternity.

32 The bonds that bind you to your Father and to the spiritual world, which you had torn, I am re-connecting anew so that you may feel that you all live in harmony, that there are no distances. But when will men link their lives with bonds of love? - When they have returned to the way of my law, on which justice dwells. When they fulfill My commandment, which tells you: "Love one another.

33 Know, disciples, that those who have left this world are not dead. Blessed are those who say farewell to the body they lay in the earth and no longer seek it to tell it of their needs; for it has already ceased to exist and does not hear (them).

34 When the body dies, it is like a flower which is cut off and which withers afterwards; but its fragrance is like the Spirit which is loosed and floods the surroundings with its essence.

35 In those days I told you, "Let the dead bury their dead. Today I say to you: Raise the one to new life like the other.

36 Tell them that while the body decays in the earth, the soul purifies itself in the hereafter. Death is rest for the flesh and liberation for the Spirit; but no one should try to free himself of his own will, that is, outside the hour appointed by me.

Do not believe that you are saved because in the last hour you have a confessor at your camp, who will give you spiritual assistance, and do not believe either that through your repentance you will reach me in that hour, in the opinion that you have reached the end of your development. Learn to love, forgive and bless in your life, and bring about the purification of your soul through your works of love and mercy for your brothers.

37 Fulfill My law on earth as men of good will, and peace will come into your heart. When your Spirit separates from this world and enters the spiritual world, it will open its eyes and will go into raptures in the contemplation of that life which awaits the return of all spirits to redeem them and embrace them with its love and light.

38 But in order to obtain salvation, you must set out with the intention of carrying out your mission. I bring you spiritual riches of inestimable value because you are the heirs of My grace. If you take up your cross with love and walk patiently on your way, you will be with Me on the last day and enter into true life where you will find the comfort and peace you have sought so much.

39 I have taken simple men (with little education) as servants during this time to give you the proof that this word you hear does not come from a Theosophist or a scientist, since you are unbelievers by nature. That is why I have chosen before your eyes your brothers and sisters, parents or children to make them My voice bearers who are gifted with My spiritual inspiration. But I tell you that you have to study my word in its spiritual sense because the day will come when men and women will stand up who will speak to you using my name words of apparent light, and then you must not let yourselves be taken by surprise by them.

40 Watch and pray. I am the gaze that searches and knows the sufferings that are in every heart.

41 You are oppressed and fearful because the denominations point to you and rebuke your actions. Fear not, dry your tears and receive comfort:

42 Blessed are those who in their tribulation seek in silence the union with Me, for I will strengthen them. They are not forsaken by me, but I have sought them to grant them a divine grace. Elijah leads you in the Third Time, and to the extent that you make progress on the (developing) path, you will feel closer to me.

43 Listen to My parable of this day:

44 In one of the ways there was an old man of plain and venerable appearance, carrying neither staff nor sackcloth. On the way he met three young wayfarers whose hearts were in a happy mood and from whose throats sweet songs sounded. The old man turned to the first of them and said to him, "Wanderer, I am hungry, I am thirsty, and I am scantily clothed; give me something of what you are carrying in your travel sack, and give me a piece of your clothes. The young man searched in his pulpit and found neither bread nor water, and he would not part with his clothes. "Go to my brother," he said to him, "he will be able to give you what you need; I have nothing to offer you.

45 The old man turned to the second and asked him in the same way. He searches in his travel bag, but there is neither food nor water in it to quench his thirst. "Turn to the third," he said to him, "he will give you what I could not give you. The third seeks for the same request, and his answer is the same: "I have nothing to give you. Then the old man feels anxiety, thirst and hunger have worn him down; but seeing that the young men's sacks are empty, he says to them, "How will you continue along this road I have taken without knowing what awaits you? The way is long and littered with thistles and thorns. The fields are barren, there are no trees to find shade; there are no fruits, the sun is scorching hot, and there are neither rivers nor springs to cool the wanderer".

46 The wanderers listened to the old man and said, "It doesn't matter, we will move on, we are young and strong, we feel full of energy and able to accept the vicissitudes of life. With a mocking smile they wanted to leave the old man, but he said to them: "Wait, I advise you to look for something to support yourselves first. Gather into your panniers what is necessary for the journey, so that you can travel this way without perishing.

After listening to the old man, they replied: "If you are exhausted, bare and hungry, it is because you are old, the effort has made you tired. You have seen many dawn appear, and your head hair has become white as snow; therefore you are discouraged. We are young and do not fear life.

47 Then the old man answered them, "I too was (once) young and strong, I too sang in the ways, I too had energy in my body; but time taught me and gave me experience. I will show you what you have to go through. And by leading them to the top of a mountain, he showed them the world.

From here they saw storms rising on the right and on the left, whipping the nations and causing destruction in them. The waters of the sea flooded the lands, and men perished under the violence of the unleashed elements. The young men said to the old man, "What have we to do with these events? And the old man answered them, "What you see now and what affects you, you will have to experience while walking through these paths. - But those doubted.

Once more he said to them, "Look!" and pointed to the east. There they saw how the nations fought each other in a cruel war. They saw how the mothers and the sons cried and how the latter lost their lives on the battlefield and called for their relatives in the last hour. They saw mourning women mourning the loss of their husband or son, they saw starving and naked children.

Later, a light Spirit spread his mantle before their eyes like snow over the ravaged earth, and a heart-rending lament rose from it, and where this Spirit appeared, the lives of men were cut off like the crops in the fields when it was time to reap the harvest. And the young men asked, "What does all this mean? - "I will show you the times to come," replied the old man, "times that you will experience.

48 At last the old man held them back so that they might look, and they saw the forces of nature unleashed: the fire consumed forests and cities, the pestilence enveloped the people like mist, the volcanoes spewed fire and buried whole regions under their ashes. He showed them the sea on which great catastrophes took place: while some seas dried up, others changed their position. Finally, they saw four angels with trumpets appearing in the firmament, announcing the end of times.

49 The young men were horrified with terror. Then the old man said to them, "Behold, now I have shown you the events which must come and which you must go through.

50 With disfigured faces those young men called upon nature - but nature did not hear them. But at the moment when their hearts were crying with fear and without consolation, the voice of the old man, full of fatherly kindness, spoke to them: "Do not despair, kneel down and pray to the Almighty - He stretched out His hand in silence, and all was silence, rest and peace. The vision disappeared. They saw the light of a new day, and when they understood that the old man had foretold these events, they threw themselves to the ground and said: "Let us pray that the Father, who is almighty, may prepare our way and that we may walk in His light until the end of our lives. (End of the parable)

51 People, give careful thought to this and open your eyes to the light. You are the three wanderers whom I have called and taught through the ages so that you may be full of my wisdom and ignite your faith; so that you may prepare yourselves for the way of life, reach the goal and enter into spiritual life where you will find my peace.

52 In the past times you did not let yourselves be convinced by My words and when the Master departed from you, your Spirit found no peace I have told you: blessed are those who believe. Blessed are those who believe, for they will have eternal life.

53 I say to you, to those who are prepared for this time, I am hungry and thirsty for your love. My children, you have not been able to have dialogue with your God, for lack of spiritualization. You have spurned the virtues with which I have showered you and have lost your treasure.

54 Now I tell you: receive My teaching which I am giving you during the sixth time of revelation Do not seek the light for your Spirit in the books of the world, for you will not find it. Do not seek in them answers to your questions or the solution to your problems. Pray, connect with Me, I will answer your requests.

55 Even before you bring your heartache before Me, the Divine Mother intercedes for you and blesses you and asks you in turn for intercession and for your prayers for those who suffer. She asks mankind to abandon their striving for power and wars and no longer shed innocent blood. Her loving Spirit protects you and humbly waits for my will to be done.

56 You too bless and adore her because you know that she is your inseparable companion in the days of peace and in those of the visitation.

57 My blood was shed so that peace and justice might reign among men; but I was not properly understood. If you had used that lesson, you would have reached a higher level of development, and the light I have spread in the course of times would fully enlighten your Spirit.

58 You have not taken Me as an example: I have taught you humility, and you are arrogant. I gave you the secret of peace and health, and you live in war and become sick. I taught you to comfort the suffering, and you do not feel the pain of your brothers and are hard-hearted.

59 Mankind, how much you have denied my existence and your spiritual gifts! verily, I tell you, you do not walk on solid rock but on loose sand, and this path will not lead you to the goal for which you were created

60 Read and learn in the great "Book of True Life" which I have granted you, and if you follow its teaching, be sure that you will come to Me by this way But consider this: if you do not do so, you will depart from Me and your atonement will be very great.

61 Men and women, you who wander without comfort, why do you not strengthen yourselves in Me? Do not call me an unjust father when you weep and suffer in your banishment. Before you came to earth, I have announced to you that this world is a valley of tears, that it is not a valley of peace and reward. The earth is not your eternal home. "Blessed are those who weep, for they shall be comforted.

My peace be with you.

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