23. Inspirations and Revelations of God

The Third Testament 
V. Forms of Divine Revelations and the Works of God
Chapter 23 - Inspirations and Revelations of God
Divine Inspirations

1 Disciples: If my word comes to you and you do not understand it, you doubt it. But I tell you: If uncertainty torments you, withdraw into the solitude of the fields and there, in the midst of nature, where you have only the open fields, the mountains and the firmament as witnesses, question your Master once more. Deepen yourselves in his word, and quickly his loving answer will reach you. Then you will feel carried, inspired, filled with an unknown spiritual bliss.

2 In this way you will no longer be small-believers, because you know that every word of God contains truth, but that in order to open it up, you must penetrate it with devotion and sincerity, because it is a sanctuary.

3 Whenever you are prepared and want to know something, your desire for light will attract the divine light. How many times have I told you: Go to the mountain solitude and tell me there your worries, your sufferings and needs.

4 Jesus taught you these lessons in the "Second Age" with His example. Remember my example when I withdrew into the desert to pray before I began my ministry. Remember that in the last days of my existence among men, even before I went to the synagogue to pray, I went to the solitude of the Mount of Olives to speak with the Father.

5 Nature is a temple of the Creator, where everything rises to Him to worship Him. There you can receive directly and unadulterated the radiation of your Father. There, far from human selfishness and materialism, you will feel how wise inspirations penetrate your heart, inspiring you to do good in your way. (169, 28 - 31)

6 You must be awake, disciples, because I will not only speak to you through this mouthpiece, I will also make myself known to your Spirit in the moments when your body sleeps I will teach you to surrender yourselves preparedly to sleep and to detach your Spirit from the earthly, so that it may rise to the regions of light, where it will receive the prophecy with which it will illuminate its way, in order then to transmit its message to the mind. (100, 30)

7 I have never been far from you as you have sometimes believed, nor have I ever been indifferent to your sufferings, nor have I been deaf to your calls The following has happened: You did not strive to refine your higher senses and expected to perceive Me with the senses of the flesh. But I tell you that the time in which I granted this to men was already very far back.

8 If you had made a little effort to develop some of your spiritual abilities, such as inner upliftment through spiritual contemplation, prayer, presentiment, prophetic dream or spiritual face - I assure you, through each of these you would connect with Me and therefore receive answers to your questions and divine inspiration in your thoughts

9 I am always ready to speak with you, always awaiting your elevation and spiritual readiness to please you and to give you the happiness to manifest Me to your Spirit. For this it is only necessary to make you ready with the greatest sincerity to attain this grace. (324, 52 - 54)

10 Ask your scholars, and if they are honest, they will tell you that they have asked God for inspiration. I would give them more inspiration if they would ask Me for it with more love for their fellow men and with less vanity for themselves.

11 Verily I say to you All that you have accumulated in true knowledge comes from Me. Everything that men have in the pure and high, I will use in this time for your advantage, because for this I have granted it to you. (17, 59 - 60)

12 Now is a time when my Spirit continually speaks to the conscience, the spirit, the mind and the heart of men. My voice reaches people through thoughts and trials through which many of them awaken to the truth of their own accord, since those who guide or teach them are asleep and want the world never to awaken. (306, 63)

13 In the "Third Age" I realized with the clarity of my rallies what was impossible for men: To communicate myself through the human mind.

14 Understand me, disciple, for in the Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue that awaits you, you will feel my presence eternally. When you know how to prepare yourselves, you will no longer say to Me, "Lord, why do You not come? Why do you not see my pain?" You will no longer speak to Me in this way. Verily, disciples, I tell you, he who speaks to Me in this way will give a tangible proof of his ignorance and unpreparedness.

15 I do not want to see my disciples separated from Me, I want you to tell Me in your spirit: "Master, you are among us, our Spirit feels you, your wisdom is the source of my inspiration;" I want you to say to Me in your spirit This is the true confession that I want to hear from you. (316, 54)

The adaptation of Divine Revelations to the understanding of mankind

16 To reveal the divine, your languages are too limited; this is why I had to speak to you at all times in parables, in analogies; but now you see that - even if I spoke to you in this way - you understood me little, because you lacked the necessary will to fathom my revelations (14, 50)

17 In every age you have expected me, and yet - whenever I was with you, you did not recognize me because of your lack of armament and spirituality. I tell you: Whatever form my presence takes, it will always contain truth and divine life essence.

18 I have told you that I have used various forms to make myself known to the world. But these were not a mask to hide my Spirit from you, but they served to humanize me, to limit me, and thus to make me audible and palpable to men.

19 Now I tell you that before you make your judgement, you should first hear this voice until the moment of your conviction or enlightenment comes, when it becomes light in the Spirit. (97, 11 - 12)

20 As long as men remain in their blindness and ignorance, they will be the cause that God, who is above all Father, must humanize, limit and diminish himself in relation to his children in order to be understood. When will you allow me to show myself before you with the glory in which you are to see me?

21 You must be great to be able to imagine my greatness, and for its sake I come again and again to give you spiritual greatness so that you can experience the infinite bliss of getting to know your Father, feeling his love, hearing the divine concert that resounds over you. (99, 26 - 27)

22 The outward part of that revelation of the Father at Sinai was the stone that served as a means to imprint the Divine Law in him.

23 The outward part in God's rallies to men through Jesus was the body shell, the human form of Christ.

24 In the present time, the outward part of my rallies has been the voice bearer, so this form of revelation, like that of the past, must come to an end.

25 Understand that you are the children of the spiritualist people, who are not to feed on forms but on essence. If you understand my word correctly, you will never again fall into idolatry, nor will you cling to external rituals, to rites, to the transitory, for you will always crave for the essential, the eternal. (224, 69 – 71)

Different types of revelations of God

26 Mankind would like the visit of a new Messiah to save them from the abyss, or at least to hear the voice of God like a human voice resounding in the air. But I tell you, it would be enough to observe a little or to gather your Spirit in meditation to give it sensitivity, and you would already hear how everything speaks to you. If it seems impossible to you that the stones speak, I tell you that not only the stones, but everything that surrounds you speaks to you of your Creator, so that you may awaken from your dreams of greatness, pride and materialism. (61, 49)

27 The enlightened of old always saw a shining light, they always heard my word. The prophets, the inspired, the forerunners, the founders of teachings of high spirituality bore witness that they heard voices that seemed to come from the clouds, the mountains, from the wind, or from some place they could not pinpoint; that they heard the voice of God as if it came from tongues of fire and mysterious echoes. Many heard, saw and felt by means of their senses, others by their spiritual qualities; the same thing is happening at this time.

28 Verily I say to you, those who received my messages with their physical senses interpreted the divine inspiration spiritually, and they did so according to their physical and spiritual armament, according to the time they were in the world, as it is now happening with the human instruments which you call "voice bearers" or "gift bearers. But I must tell you that in past times as well as in the present, they have added to the purity of the divine revelations their own ideas or those that prevailed in their environment, and have knowingly or unknowingly changed the purity and unlimited nature of truth, which is in truth love in their highest revelations.

29 The spiritual vibrations and inspirations were within them, and both the "first" and the "last" have given and will give witness to this inspiration that has come to their Spirit, almost always without knowing how, in the same way that it is happening to many today and will happen to others tomorrow.

30 The words, the interpretations and the manner of acting are due to men and the times in which they live, but above all there is the supreme truth. (16, 11 - 14)

31 From time to time it is necessary that my Spirit manifests itself in some way accessible and understandable to your comprehension. This necessity to speak to you is based on your disobedience to my law, your deviation from the true way.

32 Man is the most rebellious being in creation because of the freedom of will he enjoys. To this day he has not wanted to submit to the instructions of his conscience.

33 My word wants to hold back some, give direction to others, strengthen all in truth, and save you from the abysses.

34 Take no offence at the manner in which I now reveal myself, which is so different from that of the "Second Time. Know that I have never used the same form twice, for it would mean to let you remain with one and the same teaching, and I always come to teach you new lessons and to help you take new steps. (283, 39 - 42)

35 My word communicates itself in many ways: through conscience, through trials that speak of Me, through the forces of nature, or through my spiritual children My word is universal. Everyone who prepares himself will hear my voice. (264, 48 u.)

The necessity of Divine Revelations

36 My divine teaching is not only for the Spirit - no, it must also reach the human heart, so that both the spiritual and the physical part of the being become harmonious.

37 The Divine Word is destined to enlighten the mind and make the heart of man sensitive, and the life essence contained in this Word is destined to nourish and uplift the Spirit.

38 For man's life to be complete, he needs spiritual bread as much as he works and toils for material food.

39 "Man does not live on bread alone," I told you in the "Second Time"; my word is still valid, because men will never be able to do without spiritual food without being afflicted on earth by sickness, pain, darkness, misfortunes, misery and death.

40 The materialists could counter that men already live from what the earth and nature give them alone, without needing to strive for something spiritual to nourish them, to strengthen them during their life journey. But I have to tell you that this is not a perfect and fulfilled life, but an existence that lacks the essential, as spirituality is. (326, 58 - 62)

41 At all times I have revealed myself to man in a simple way so that he could understand me; I have always done it in the comprehension of your mind and your heart. I have come down to you to give you an example of humility when I stooped down to your miserable life to lift you up to a better life. (226, 54)

42 Here is fulfilled the word I gave you when Jesus thanked His Father in the "Second Days" because He hid His wisdom from the learned and the educated, but gave and revealed it to the humble.

43 Yes, my people, for those whom you call learned men puff up and want to put down the common people, teaching them only what they take to be the crumbs of the bread which they have received from Me

44 The poor, on the other hand, the "little people," who quite know the hardships which life brings with it, and also the privations connected with them - when they can once call something their own, they feel that it is all too much for them, and so they share it with the others.

45 I now add: When the greedy man becomes a bountiful man and the haughty man a humble one, they will instantly share in all that I have in store for him who knows how to live virtuously. For my love is not partial; it is all-encompassing, is for all my children. (250, 17)

The Infinity of Divine Revelations

46 This teaching, which is to illuminate the Third Age, is not my last. The spiritual has no end. My law shines like a divine sun in all consciences. Standstill and decline are inherent only in human beings, and it is always the consequence of vices, weaknesses, or licentiousness of passions.

47 Once mankind bases its life on spiritual foundations and carries within itself the eternity ideal, which my teaching inspires you, it will have found the way of progress and perfection, and never again will it stray from the path of its upward development. (112, 18)

48 If you think that I have only now revealed to you something of the spiritual life, you are in a great error; for I tell you once more: the divine teaching began when the first man was born, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that my teaching began with the creation of the Spirits even before the world was. (289, 18)

49 When men still believed that only that which they could discover with their eyes existed, and they themselves did not know the shape of the world they inhabited, they imagined a God limited to that which their eyes knew.

50 But as their minds gradually unraveled one mystery after another, the universe expanded before their eyes, and the greatness and omnipotence of God increased more and more for the marvelling intelligence of man.

51 Therefore, I had to give you a teaching in this time, which is in accordance with your development

52 But I ask you: is it material knowledge that my revelation contains? No, the knowledge I am teaching you is about an existence beyond the nature you see and have been exploring for so long. My revelation shows the path that leads the Spirit up to a level of life from which he can discover, recognize and understand everything.

53 Does it seem impossible or at least strange to you that God makes Himself known to men spiritually - that the spiritual world makes itself known and manifests itself in your life - that unknown worlds and spheres communicate themselves to you? Do you, for example, want your knowledge to stand still and the Father never reveals to you more than what He has already revealed to you?

54 Be not accustomed to belief and do not set limits to your Spirit's knowledge.

55 Today you may deny, fight, and persecute the spiritual teaching; but I know that tomorrow you will bow to the truth.

56 Every divine revelation has been fought and rejected at its appearance; but in the end that light has prevailed.

57 In the discoveries of science, mankind has likewise shown itself to be unbelieving; but in the end it had to bow to reality. (275, 64 - 70)

58 When the Temple of the HolySpirit rises up from the heart of mankind to infinity, new revelations will appear in their midst, and the greater they will be as the spirit beings develop upward. (242, 62)

59 How can you suppose that, while I came down to you, I could neglect other nations when you are all my children? Do you think that anyone is far away or outside of Me, though my Spirit is universal and encompasses all created things?

60 Everything lives and feeds on Me That is why my universal ray has come down upon the whole globe and the Spirit has received my influence in this world and in other worlds, for I have come to save all my children. (176, 21)

61 My rallies by the voters shall, according to my will, be only temporary, a short stage of preparation to serve as a norm, law and basis for this people to witness and spread this truth and to announce to the world the presence of the "Third Age".

62 Just as my rallies were destined by the human mind to be as fleeting as lightning, so it was also intended that only some groups of people should be called to be present at this revelation and receive this message.

63 Spirit-to-Spirit dialogue, on the other hand, will reach the whole human race, without any time limit, because this form of seeking me, receiving me, praying, hearing me and feeling me is valid for all eternity. (284,41 - 43)

The manifestation of the presence of God in man

64 I will make you my disciples, that you may learn to know me as children who are of my Spirit. Why should you not feel my presence in you, since you are made of my own essence, are a part of me?

65 You do not feel Me because you are not aware of it, because you lack spirituality and armament, and however many signs and impressions of feeling you receive, you attribute them to material causes Therefore I tell you that although I am with you, you do not perceive my presence.

66 Now I tell you: is it not natural that you feel Me in your being, since you are a part of Me? In view of this, is it not right that your Spirit should finally merge with mine? I reveal to you the true greatness that is to be present in every man; for you have gone astray, and you have become spiritually smaller in the desire to be great on earth! (331, 25 - 26)

67 I no longer want you to say to me: Lord, why are you far from me, why do you not hear me, why do i feel alone on the path of life

68 Beloved people: I never distance myself from My children, it is you who distance yourselves from Me because you lacked faith and you yourselves rejected Me and closed the doors of your hearts to Me (336, 60)

69 I do not want you to feel Me far away, for I have told you that all of you will feel Me because of your spiritualization, will perceive Me directly Your Spirit will hear my voice, and spiritually you will see my presence. So I will see your Spirit united with mine forever; for this is my will. (342, 57)

My peace be with you !

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