BTL - Volume II - Teaching 37

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 37:

1 At all times in mankind there have been men of great spiritual light, men who have illuminated the path of development of their neighbors.

2 From where did these beings come to earth? For example, from the nearest world*, where those who must return to this planet live? - No, My people, I tell you that you can draw conclusions from the knowledge and goodness of the beings to the world from which they came.

* By this are meant the spheres near the earth, the otherworldly spheres, the lower steps of the "ladder to heaven," where the spirit beings dwell who still have to purify themselves.

3 The degrees of spiritual elevation represent an infinite stepladder in eternity. But that path to completion consists of seven stages, of which you have a reflection in human life, which is also divided into seven stages of development.

4 All parts of man must unfold and develop in order to reach the light they must have and to attain true spiritualization.

5 His body, mind, morality, Spirit, and whole being must pass through these seven great courses, through these seven tests*, from which he will emerge purified, full of light, joy, strength, knowledge, and experience. Then he will be able to understand that in his Spirit the Kingdom of God is present.

* See the explanations of the Seven Seals in Volume 1 of the "Book of True Life".

6 Obedience to the divine will, sensitivity to interpret spiritual inspiration, dialogue with the Father and with the spiritual world through thought are the advances in your development that the new time holds in store for you.

7 Mankind has already had periods of time in which it lived for material pleasure; others in which it was after power, domination, and transient wealth; others in which it developed some senses in search of the beauty of all that surrounded it; still others in which it entered the path of religion in the desire for the peace of the Spirit, and still others in which it wanted to make of this earth its domain, of this life its eternity, and of matter its God.

8 Now is a decisive time for the life of man, and when you observe closely, you will discover a gigantic fight, a great battle, in all areas, in all forces of nature and powers.

9 It is the end of a stage, mankind. But you do not know at what time the new time will begin; this only I will tell you, I, the Lamb, who breaks the seals. You are still living in the time of the sixth revelation, in which the events occur one after another in fulfillment of the prophecies.

10 How many religions, how many sects and teachings will fall under the lightsabre of My Power, and how many sciences and theories will be buried in oblivion when the New Day dawns and silence and peace will enter into hearts, and there will be true prayer and true spiritualization among men

11 It will not be the religions that unite; for their differences do not permit them. It will be men who unite in the law of love, justice and truth, which emanates from God alone.

12 This humanity, indifferent to any divine inspiration, is unaware that it is on the threshold of the most meaningful time for its Spirit. But it will now awaken from its deep sleep when it thinks about the predictions that are still outstanding concerning my presence among men. Because you all will have to be awake when the seventh seal opens to bring its light to you.

13 For the time being I prepare this people with my word so that they may set out inspired by the truth and teach their brothers in the love teachings of my teaching

14 Feed yourselves only on truth and reject all that does not contain purity, then the children of light will come out of you

15 Let the children see spiritual upliftment with you so that they may have a sure path to follow in this life

16 Watch over all children to whom your heart can offer loving feelings, thoughts full of tenderness, then you have done good to them. Teach with your works the love for all people.

17 I will watch over all those whom you cannot guard, and will not allow the evil seed which men sow at this time to infect and confuse those Spirits.

18 It is I who send the Spirits to incarnate in accordance with the law of evolution, and truly, I tell you, the influences of this world will not change My plans For over all ambitious striving for power my will will be done.

19 Every human being brings a mission to earth, his destiny is laid down by the Father and his Spirit is anointed by My Father Love In vain men hold ceremonies and bless the little ones. Verily, I tell you, in no age of life will water cleanse the soul from its violations of My law. And if I send a Spirit pure from every sin - from what defilement do the clergy of the denominations cleanse him with baptism?

20 It is time that you understood that the origin of man is not sin, but that his birth is the result of the fulfilment of a natural law, a law that not only man fulfils, but all creatures that make up nature Understand that I have said "man," and not "his Spirit. Man has my authority to create beings similar to him; but the spirits come forth only from me.

21 Growing and multiplying is universal law. The stars also came forth from other, greater stars, as the seed multiplied, and never have I said that by this fact they have sinned or hurt the Creator. Then why should you be considered sinners in fulfillment of this divine commandment? Understand that fulfilling the law can never defile man.

22 What defiles man and removes the soul from the path of development are the lower passions: licentiousness, vice, fornication, for all these are against the law.

23 Study and search until you find the truth. Then you will no longer call the commandments of the Creator of life sin, and you will sanctify the existence of your children by the example of your good works.

24 When you remember that I have told you that I come from infinity, a sad sigh escapes your breast at the thought of the distance that separates you from your Father Then you exert your senses to lift them up to Me and through them your Spirit, until where, according to your conception, the abode of the Most High is located. Sometimes you are satisfied with your prayer, but it happens that you have not been able to reach the place where the Divine Spirit dwells.

25 Listen, disciples: That infinity of which I speak to you, you will never be able to measure with your mind. This Infinite speaks to you of tenderness, light, purity, wisdom, love, and perfection, for all these have neither beginning nor end, for they are attributes of God.

26 After these things have been clarified, understand that when I say in My Word of My love that she has become man, and of My tenderness that she has become woman

27 I have no definite or limited place where I dwell in the Infinite, for My Presence is in everything that exists, both divine and spiritual or material. You cannot tell from Me in which direction My Kingdom lies; and when you raise your gaze to the heights and it is directed toward heaven, do so only as something symbolic. For your planet rotates unceasingly and with every movement offers you new sections of heaven and new heights.

28 With all this I want to tell you that there is no distance between you and Me and that the only thing that separates you from Me are your illicit works which you place between My perfect Law and your Spirit

29 The greater your purity, the more superior your works and the more constant your faith, the closer, more intimate, more accessible to your prayer you will feel Me

30 Likewise also: The more you distance yourselves from the good, from the just, from what is permitted, and give yourselves over to the materialism of a dark and selfish life, the more you will have to feel me ever further from you. The more your heart distances itself from the fulfillment of My law, the more insensitive it will become to My Divine Presence.

31 Understand why I am manifesting My Word in this time in this form and preparing you for Spirit to Spirit dialogue

32 Since you believed Me infinitely distant, you did not understand to come to Me. I have sought you out to make My Divine Presence palpable to you and prove to you that there are no spaces or distances between the Father and His children that separate them.

33 Also understand that it was a grace granted to you by your Father when I manifested Myself through your mind, thereby shortening that spiritual distance which separated you from Me - another proof of His Mercy in view of your limitedness and your lack of spiritualization

34 For this reason this time of grace of My rallies through the minds of these voice-bearers will be short, for it is not a gift that you have obtained through your spiritualization and merits, so that it can form a part of your spiritual achievements. I tell you again that it has been a grace that I have granted you and that once the year 1950 is over, I will let this form of communication end, expecting that you will feel me even closer to you through your merits in the connection from Spirit to Spirit.

35 This new connection will be deeply spiritual, simple, natural, pure and perfect. It will indicate the beginning of the end of every imperfect, idolatrous, fanatical, dark cult and open the sanctuary of your being so that My Spirit may dwell in it for all eternity.

36 There will be no outward rapture, nor rapture, nor display of any kind, only purity, reverence, and truth, in a word: spiritualization.

37 Think of all the miracles which the fulfillment of this promise can entail for you and now begin to do meritorious works, so that you may finally achieve with them that grace which I have in store for you and which will be a part of your life itself That is why there will no longer be a certain point in time for its end as now, because since it is something essentially divine, it must remain with you forever. Then you will understand what the approach of the Kingdom of Heaven to mankind consists in.

38 Now I tell you: Work on earth, but do it with faith, with true love for your brothers, and you will not lack livelihood.

39 If the birds, who neither spin nor sow, never lack a protective garment or food - why then should you lack my care when you are the much-loved? For you to perish from hunger or cold, your wickedness and ingratitude would have to make you reject My benefits.

40 I am the Life, the Warmth and the Light I am the bread and the crystal-clear water and have come anew to raise the dead to life and to shake up to a life of light those who live in darkness.

41 Long ago it was prophesied that every eye will see Me, and I am present and ready to let mankind contemplate My Truth

42 What do men lack to see, feel and understand me? - spiritualization. Spiritualization makes man sensitive both in his Spirit and in his body. When he has purified himself and true prayer rises to Me from his heart, he will feel Me with him for the first time, perceive My tenderness, feel bathed in My infinite love, and exclaim: "I have seen the Lord, I have felt Him in my heart!

43 If I found a righteous man on earth, I would use him as an instrument to give you teachings and an example through him; but truly, I tell you, in all the earth I have not found a righteous man; I have not found a righteous man in all the earth

44 Where are the righteous of the First and Second Times, so that you might study their virtue, their faithfulness and their zeal in the fulfilment of My Law, their faith and their courage? - They live in the spiritual kingdom, and although they work for you, you do not see them nor feel them because your material nature is still the dense veil that does not let you see the spiritual.

45 You are like shipwrecked men, whipped by the wild waves of passions, wrapped in the shadows of a very long night. in the midst of this storm I appeared, and My helping Love was like a lighthouse illuminating the way that leads you to the saving port

46 But do you think that I come to give your Spirit the gift to look beyond this material life? - No, people, I do not grant you a new gift, nor a new ability, all you carry within you from your birth. But you must understand that only that which you have developed and used is radiant in your being. That, on the other hand, which you have forgotten, neglected or not taken note of, has - although secret - persisted as a slumbering ability. For what I give, I never again take away from you.

47 Many hidden abilities have slumbered in your being, in the expectation that my voice will awaken them. But now the time of resurrection has come, in which you will all hear the same voice that Lazarus heard beyond this life when I told him: "Arise and walk!

48 Blessed is he who knew how to wait for My coming, for his awakening will be complete and his spiritualization will allow him to know all that the new message contains.

49 Work with love, in the material as in the spiritual, and you will have my peace. Learn to persevere until you finally reap the fruit of your sacrifices and your struggles.

50 Love so that you may be able to reach your spiritual higher development. For I ask you men: "What have you done with your Spirit? And you spirits: "What have you done with the body which I entrusted to you? Neither the one nor the other will be able to answer me, because you are very far from being aware of the gravity of your transgressions and weaknesses. I alone can judge your works, and that is why I send you this ray of light, so that you, enlightened by your conscience, see yourselves in the mirror of my truth.

51 Have you forgotten that your Spirit is subject to the law of development, from which you must not escape? what became of the original essence I put in your heart, which is the seed of love, life and upward development? You no longer understand these words; it seems as if I spoke to you in a language foreign to you.

52 "Love" was the purpose for which you were created. Love your Father and in Him all your brethren, that is the Law, and this is what you have forgotten and erased from your Spirit.

53 At every turn, life makes you feel and pay for your transgressions with intense pain; but instead of stopping to reflect and reconsider your deeds, you allow your heart to harden and poison yourselves even more.

54 You have not wanted to listen to the voices which have come near you to stop you in your mad running, and have come to the edge of the abyss where you are about to fall in and take your brothers with you.

55 Which of you can imagine the depth of that abyss which you have torn open with so much hatred and wickedness? - No one, no one can imagine the darkness or the suffering that has been accumulated over centuries, millennia, and eons in this immense cup of suffering.

56 I ask the people of this time, who consider themselves to be the most advanced in the whole history of this world: Have you not, with all your talents, found a way to create peace, gain power and prosperity without killing, destroying or enslaving your neighbors? Do you believe that your progress is true and genuine when you roll morally in the mud and wander spiritually in darkness? I do not fight science because I myself have given it to man; what I object to is the purpose for which you sometimes use it.

57 I want you to be great in understanding and wise in the teachings with which I have surrounded you, but always have your conscience as a beacon in all your steps in life Then you will not only see the abilities of your Spirit unfold, but you will also experience health and strength moving into your body.

58 Remember that I said to you, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word from God," by which I wanted to teach you that there is something in your being that you cannot merely satisfy with what you possess in this world, but that, in order to satisfy it, you must seek that which lies beyond the material, that is, that which resides only in the perfect sphere from which the Spirit springs: God.

59 My light has not been absent from you for a moment. But you are like the cold stone slabs that cover the tombs, which warm up a little for moments only to cool down again immediately.

60 My power and My patience are inexhaustible, and if you want Me to give you another proof of love at the edge of the abyss, I will grant it to you. But I must tell you that in this infinite love, which I now prove to you once more, my wise and unrelenting justice will be present.

61 To help you, you must have confidence in Me; but be vigilant and ready for battle be warriors, but not of those who destroy the life of their fellow men, but of those who build with love, with morality, with peace and good works

62 Do not let needs or oppression cause you to fall back into the materialistic way of life. On the contrary, rise up in spiritualization in the face of temptations and trials. Truly, I tell you, if you know how to take advantage of these trials and vicissitudes of life, you will be able to rise to a higher life through them and become courageous, noble, ardent disciples of your Father's love.

63 To the men and women who are present at My teaching as fathers and mothers of families, I tell them to arm themselves with courage, with light and peace, because great events are coming to earth and they must hold their post with composure

64 Always seek what gives your children a sense of honor and strength and keep away from their way the errors that could be an obstacle for them.

65 I have not forgotten the promises you have made to me to turn away from material striving and return to the spiritual way, which is the law of love and mercy and which is always enlightened by the light of your conscience.

66 It is necessary that, when your steps on this path have become safe, you forget yourselves to pay attention to the needs of your brothers.

67 Then you will experience that in all those whom you let pass indifferently, there was a bitter cup of suffering, a wound or a heavy cross.

68 How many hearts are there who weep in silence over their sufferings without anyone noticing! How many bitternesses are hidden behind a smile that you do not know how to interpret! But I, who feel every fear and pain and read in the hearts, tell you Prepare yourselves so that you may develop intuition and read inside your brothers, for not always will hearts open to show you their pain.

69 Because of this secret lamentation, this inner weeping, this sadness that does not show itself in the face of those who suffer, it is necessary to penetrate the hearts, which can only be done through spiritualization that causes charity to blossom in you.

70 Ah, if you knew that you could give and do so many things in spite of all your poverty! But you are still so materially minded that many of you believe that you can do good works only with money. This is why I had to come to you to tell you that it is not right for you to weep with pain, hunger and misery without realizing that you are bowed down by the weight of a treasure which you carry with you without realizing it.

71 No, you men, it is not only the burden of your sins that oppresses you. The thing is that your body, which is weakened more and more in the passions and struggles of this life, is not able to resist the power, the power of its own Spirit, which is struggling to free its matter from its weaknesses.

72 Remember the night in which I was born as man: It was cold and dark, but not as much as the heart of mankind is at this time. while that night My Spirit was filled with joy because He had come to dwell among men, they were sleeping in deep sleep, insensitive to My Presence, not knowing that the Promised One had come Then began My way of suffering.

73 Straw, which served as a cradle for the newborn, and the warmth of the undemanding animals were the only things that were available to that family at the moment of My arrival.

74 You believe that nature is insensitive to divine manifestations; but this is a human error, for apart from you, everything created, from the greatest to the smallest, is subject to My Law from which it cannot deviate Only man who has been formed differently from all creatures, because he possesses Spirit, conscience, and freedom of will, is the one who remains insensitive to my divinity.

75 Why have you hardened your heart to such an extent that you do not feel your Father's presence nor hear His voice? - Because of your free will. now I did not come as man, and yet I have felt the coldness of the unloving heart with which mankind has received Me

76 Do not think that in this point of the earth, where this word is heard, the only place where I find myself with My children For truly, I tell you, My rallies in various forms are universal.

77 Elijah, who made himself known among you as the forerunner of My rallies through the human mind, did not only come to this land where you live. He went from one place on earth to another, announcing the New Era and proclaiming the approach of the Kingdom of Heaven.

78 Voices rose from all sides, announcing to you my coming: the shaken nature moved the earth, science marveled at new revelations, the spiritual world pounced on men, and yet mankind remained deaf to those voices, the harbingers of a new age.

79 A flood of divine light fell down to bring men out of their darkness. But these, selfish and materialized, far from striving for the perfection of the soul, for the moral improvement of their life on earth, used that light to create for themselves thrones and glories, comforts and pleasures for the body and, when they saw fit, also weapons to destroy the lives of their fellow men. Their eyes were blinded by the intensity of my light, and their vanity became their ruin. But I tell you that through exactly this light they will find the truth, discover the way and save themselves.

80 Those who were able to receive this Light in their minds and accepted it as a divine message, have caused their conscience to guide their steps and serve as a guide for their works For they had the foreboding that the Lord has come again and that He is with men.

81 The representatives of the various sects and denominations did not want to receive Me; their heart, dignity and false greatness prevents them from accepting Me in Spirit. That is why groups, fraternities and associations of those who feel the presence of the New Era, who seek solitude to pray and receive the Lord's inspirations, have formed all over the world.

82 You, My children, belong to these multitudes who have gradually formed under the light of a divine inspiration, although I must tell you that you have this inspiration, transformed into human word, by grace Therefore, you must watch, pray and meditate much so that you do not fall into error or miss the purpose of this spiritual teaching.

83 What could corrupt you in the way? - Vanity, My people.

84 Verily, I tell you, this inspiration will triumph among the humble, among the merciful and among those who long for truth, justice and peace

85 The peace and strength you obtain in prayer will make you diligent and tireless to sow good, raise up the fallen, inflame faith and be a blessing and consolation among all the peoples of the earth

My peace be with you!

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