BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 41

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 41:

1 At all times I have spoken to you of eternal life, which exists beyond the material. I have promised you that you will all possess it; but I have also revealed to you that you must make amends for the evil you have caused so that your Spirit may develop.

2 To help you, I have told you: do good works on earth so that the seed you sow may bear good fruit and I receive the harvest, of which I am the Way and the Life

3 I have seen that mankind is unruly, that it has materialised, and so I had to give it My teaching to make it understand which is the way it must follow to reach true life and to kindle in it the hope of reaching Me

4 The way to reach perfection is long, and without my divine assistance you could not get there The spiritual life in the hereafter is a mystery to man; but study my teaching, carry out what you spiritual sense teaches you, and when you then cross the thresholds to true life, you will not be surprised or confused.

5 In the early times of mankind their spiritual development was so low that their (lack of) inner knowledge of the life of the soul after physical death and the (lack of) knowledge of its final destiny caused the soul, when leaving the flesh cover, to fall into a deep sleep from which it only slowly awoke. But when Christ became man in Jesus to give His teaching to all spirits, He sent His light, as soon as He had completed His task among men, to great multitudes of beings who had been waiting for His arrival since the beginning of the world to be freed from their confusion and to be able to rise to the Creator.

6 Only Christ could illuminate that darkness, only His Voice could awaken those souls that were sleeping to their development. When Christ died as a man, the Divine Spirit brought light to the spiritual worlds and even to the graves from which the souls came forth, those who slept close to their bodies. These beings roamed the world that night, making themselves visible to human eyes as a testimony that the Savior was life for all beings and that the soul is immortal.

7 Only Jesus could show them the way to reach the top of the mountain of true life. Whoever believes in Him, gives faith in His work and exercises His teaching will not remain in stagnation.

8 Disciples, do not feel superior to your brothers, because you are hearing these revelations which light up your way. The way you have to go is so far, and you must understand that you hardly take the first steps on it. When I reveal to you some secrets of the hereafter, it is so that you know the way already now and prepare yourselves not to get lost or stumble on it. Recognize that just as there are many paths in this world on which man can go astray, there are also paths in the wide spiritual valley, which can bring the soul into confusion if it has not woken and prayed.

9 Allow the "lifeblood" of My Love to give you life, remember that I have told you: "I am the vine and you are the branches You must bear fruit that glorifies the tree from which you come.

10 It is necessary that you patiently study My Word so that tomorrow you may be able to explain it to your brothers and that you may practise it according to the truth it contains When will man reach the perfection that My Law teaches him? - When he has fulfilled the First Commandment. For until now mankind has loved all the goods of the world more than its Creator. Yet all men, when they send up their prayer to Me, say that they love Me, and when they encounter pain because of their sin, they ask Me, "Lord, why do you punish me, though I love You so? But afterwards, when I have removed from their path the thorn that wounded them, they forget Him who loves them so much.

A parable:

11 Listen: In a synagogue there were two people praying. One of them wore splendid festive robes, the other went almost naked. The former thanked the Creator, because he believed that he possessed everything he owned through his own merits, and he believed that the one who was at his side was poor, naked and hungry, because in this way he received the harvest of what he had sown with his sin.

12 The poor felt unworthy to be in the presence of his Lord, and asked for forgiveness and strength to fulfill his atonement.

13 The mighty man gave thanks, thinking that if his body was adorned, his Spirit must be more so.

14 Time passed, and death overtook them both. The rich man was mourned by his own, his burial was solemn, and he had a splendid burial place. Spirit separated from the body, and when he entered the spiritual valley, he was disturbed, for his materialism prevented him from ascending. Wherever he directed his steps, he stumbled, and everything around him appeared to him shrouded in darkness.

The poor man, however, who was a wanderer, sat down under a tree, feeling tired, and with a sigh he left this life. No one mourned him, no one was with him in that hour, he had no grave, for his body became food for the birds of prey. His Spirit also went into the hereafter with the faith with which he had lived in the world, a faith directed into the future. He entered the "Valley of Spirits" without anyone denying him access. He moved toward a light, and when he reached it, he felt clothed and adorned, and those garments had a radiant glow. That Spirit wanted to rest from his long journey of life, when he saw before him his Father, who lovingly gave him the reward he had won with his works of faith and devotion.

15 He who had been mighty was still troubled in his confusion. For moments he forgot who he was; at times he wept and asked where he was, where his body was, and where he had left his treasures. Then he remembered his Lord and said to Him, "I am the one who came to the temple to show his feast garments and his power, and to tell You that he was satisfied that You had given him so much. Why do you not recognize me now and do not call me? - Then he heard a voice saying to him, "On earth you were only concerned with glory for your human vanities, you were arrogant, you humiliated the poor, and had disgust for the leper. Nothing of what you accumulated in the world could serve you to help you in this life here. So it is that you are now the neediest of the needy.

16 That Spirit, far from accepting and acknowledging divine righteousness and humbly beginning His atonement, blasphemed against His Lord by calling Him unjust, and departed from Him. Increasingly confused with anger, he met on his way a legion of beings who were moving towards the earth to harm mankind. He allied himself with them and sowed vanities, materialism, selfishness and arrogance on his path. But gradually he felt disgust and weariness at causing so much evil, and so he paused for a moment to reflect: centuries had passed, many had fallen victim to him, for he led all whom he influenced to ruin. He felt lonely, but in his loneliness he heard a voice speaking to him from within his being. It was his conscience that finally succeeded in being heard. He judged himself and realized that he was very small compared to creation. Then, humbly, after his pride was bowed, he sought his Lord, and in his prayer he spoke to Him and asked Him for forgiveness for his transgressions, and the Father's voice told him, "I forgive you, but go in search of that hungry man whom you condemned in the synagogue.

When he was ready to fulfill that mission, he lifted up his eyes and realized that the one he had seen miserable in the world was clothed in a blinding white robe and dedicated himself to the service of his Lord, illuminating the path of the lost souls. Then he, who had been haughty but now repented, said to his (spiritual) brother, "Help me to fulfill my spiritual atonement! The other, full of compassion and love, without feeling disgust at the impurities which this one carried in his soul, helped him in his purification. (End of the parable).

17 With the help of this parable, I make it easier to understand what you can find beyond your human life, so that you may have an idea of the trials that may befall all those who do not prepare their entrance into the Spiritual Valley with their works of love.

18 I will make you understand that out of the spirit of all those who live a spiritual, healthy, and righteous life without fanaticism, good examples will arise like shining lights which will illuminate both the way of an incarnated Spirit and the way of one who dwells in the invisible.

19 Before Christ no one was able to light the light in the spirit beings who lived in the darkness of sin.

20 I was the first to enter the worlds of confusion to bring the light there and in this way teach My disciples to do the same to their brethren. For "the Lamb" was the only one who broke the seals that kept the Great Book of True Life and True Wisdom.

21 The voice you hear is that of the sixth seal, and it was not heard in all nations only because men were not equipped; for they were arrogant towards the voice of My call and left it entirely to the hungry and exposed* to hear Me.

* These are symbolic terms for spiritual needs: poor - in spiritual knowledge; hungry - for justice and love; exposed - without the garment of good works.

22 Today I say to you: forgive and extend your hand when you are asked.

23 Follow the traces of Elijah's humility and patience; his mission is to cleanse souls and bring them to Me. He has worked tirelessly and offers me a pure, sensitive and prepared people, so that they may hear My word. He has brought you to the mountain of the New Zion so that you may hear My voice, and when you heard Me, you were deeply moved. Do not doubt because I am now giving you My teaching through human mediation. Always have I surprised you and put your faith to the test. You have entered a new period of time and must ascend another stage in the evolutionary path of the Spirit.

24 Blessed are those who sacrifice their body shell to perfect their soul; blessed are those who bear their cross with humility and patience. When I see you prepared, I will put you in front of a crowd of people to lead them; and if you persevere in virtue, pride will not enter your heart, you will feel yourselves not as masters but as servants, and these crowds will multiply. But woe to those who misinterpret my commandments and lead their brethren into the abyss instead of causing them to climb up the mountain of their development. How much will they have to fight to defend themselves against their enemies, and how often will their heart be broken in that struggle. You, however, in your obedience - remember that you are about to conquer the mountain top where all suffering will be compensated by My blessing.

25 In a short time the promised generations will come to earth, who will make great progress in spiritual development. They will interpret my word better than you and will spread it over all nations. These new human beings, whom I am equipping today, will hold dialogue with me from Spirit to Spirit and will give proofs of their authority among their neighbors.

26 Beloved people, when you prepare yourself, I will give you laws and works that will amaze men Your enlightened mind will discover in nature and in your Spirit all that is great and perfect. Then you will have the full knowledge of your abilities, and your works will be great in love and mercy for your brethren.

27 Be good workers in your master's garden; pull out the weeds, tending the plants, and when you see them blossoming, rejoice and offer Me your work. Remember that when I give you the commission to give life to the plants, you must not cause pain or hurt these creatures. I speak of your brothers, of their sensitive heart, so that you may always watch over them with love, as I have taught you.

28 Understand that it is not impossible to fulfil My laws; you only have to pray and be filled with firm will, with love for your Father, with helpfulness and love for your brothers, then I will put My power in you I do not want you to become a victim. Love, be virtuous, and My favor will rest upon you.

29 Do not blame Me for your errors I have given you conscience so that you may be guided by His light. It is an unbending judge who has always shown you the way of good and warned you so that you do not fall into temptation. I have also surrounded you with beings who help you to understand your relinquishments and to attain the virtue of humility and meekness.

30 You, who prepare yourselves with love to listen to My teaching, do not want to miss a single one of My lessons, and in your hearts you ask Me to allow you to listen until the last of My words at this time

You will continue to be the heirs of this grace; but you must understand that when I tell you: "Ask and it will be given you", you must rise in prayer to ask for what is beneficial to your Spirit, for some ask only for their earthly life. But I hear you according to my will and not according to yours. What would become of you if I always granted you your wishes? How many times have you asked with insistence for something which - although you believed it to be for your own good and expected it from morning till evening - you did not see come true. But after some time you realized that you were wrong, and that the Father was right.

Nevertheless, the stubborn, the dissatisfied, the demanding, was given what he demanded so that the painful and adverse consequences might force him to humbly acknowledge the truth. But to the one as to the other I have given trials for their own good: While some learn through love, others do it through pain.

31 It fills me with joy to see you coming to my teaching, and at your elevation I feel in my Spirit the caress of the child The Father who longs to be loved by those who are far from His Kingdom has approached you to receive your kiss. But as long as mankind does not let itself be saved, some will see me waiting for them day after day and century after century, and others will suspect that I am hanging on the cross because of their lack of love.

32 You belong to those; but in hearing My Word you have experienced that instead of condemning you, I have forgiven you I have seen your lips bitter and I have sweetened them with My Word; I have made them sweet I have seen you exhausted by the trials of life and have given you My strength.

33 The one who feels his body broken by pain wonders if he has not abused it and, crushed, he asks Me to know how to recover his vitality which enables him to continue fighting Then I say to him: penetrate into the innermost essence of My Word, which is the law, and in its commandments and principles everyone will find the teaching he needs.

34 Do not depart until you have eaten of all the fruits of this table, and if you do not feel satisfied afterward, you may go in search of other food But if you want to comprehend My truth, prepare yourselves and do not doubt My presence, only because you have not received what you have asked Me. Verily, I tell you, in the secrecy of My Spirit your goods rest and wait for the moment of your preparation to be in your spirit.

35 Some remain strong in this way, others waver every moment because they listen to the words of their brothers who lead them into temptation to abandon this teaching

36 The master tells you Remain for some more "dawnings" in which you receive my teaching, and pay attention to what you hear from me, so that you at least take light with you in your Spirit, for you are still blind. I know that you must return to Me and that you will be apostles of this work.

37 He who has once heard Me carries a love wound in his heart that will never close

38 For how many of those who found peace here, without realizing it, will need to lose it (again) to return to Me; for they will see that peace cannot be bought with material goods, since it is a treasure that comes down from God

39 Peace has fled from men, and to find it they will have to rise up to Me. Today the mighty have lost their power, the kings tremble before their rebellious subjects, the lords have become servants.

Those who thought themselves free are bound by My justice, and the scientists are perplexed.

40 Be aware that with all the treasures and powers of men not one atom of peace can be acquired, and that also the gift of healing has given way to the doctors who with all their science cannot buy a single drop of My Balm as long as their heart does not free itself from self-interest

41 Beloved disciples, do not doubt the grace I have entrusted to you, nor be shy because of the meanness of your clothing or because of the low position you occupy among your brothers Be not timid because you see that you are among the last in your jobs. Do not feel humiliated, be content and worthy, thinking that - when you are physically under the command of your brothers - your Spirit is above them. You could even become slaves in this world; but your spirit has been freed through my light so that it dwells in the Infinite and Eternal. The Spirit, who is in truth my servant, knows peace and true freedom.

42 You must fulfill your task among men. I will guide you so that you may bring light to your brethren, and you must not feel yourselves incapable of fulfilling your destiny, for to no one have I assigned a task that is not to be carried out. It is enough for me if you pray with sincerity and if you are always prepared.

43 Prayer is the way to obtain wisdom, it is the key that opens the divine secrets, and is the language in which the Spirit of the Son speaks to his Lord.

44 How many miracles and how much mercy will you be able to spread on your way, if you prepare yourselves as I have taught you You will not need books of science or philosophy to have knowledge or to teach. It will be enough for you to study and fathom the teachings that I have given you in the Three Times.

45 If you are poor, you will never be outlaws.

Fight like all for the bread of the earth, but do not toil more than necessary, do not sacrifice your body in the effort to acquire and accumulate earthly goods. Divide your time so that you can spare a few moments for the development of your Spirit.

46 If I disapprove of the unrestricted materialization in man, I do not advise you with this that you are to strive alone for the spiritual. As long as you are in the world and have a material body, you must reconcile the needs of the body with those of the Spirit as far as your development allows you to do so in your life. Give to God what is God, and to the world what is to the world.

47 Clothe your body and protect it from the rigors of the weather, but clothe your Spirit with light. Procure bread for your body, and as you strive for it to be of good taste and to contain the substances that sustain you, so provide for your Spirit a food of true life for it.

48 When "the flesh" prevails, the Spirit suffers; when the Spirit prevails, matter suffers. But verily, I tell you, it is because there is no harmony between the two components. This is present when both form a single "body" and a single will.

Do not be satisfied with the opinion that you have fulfilled your mission by praying. I ask of you only five minutes of prayer, so that you may spend the rest of your time fighting for material life and within it fulfill the duties of your Spirit, sowing with your good works the seed of love and mercy among your brothers. My word prepares you; I could not send you as weak to raise up the fallen, nor would I send you as sick to comfort the afflicted.

49 Disciples, what do you ask Me for those who put stones in your way to bring you down? - You ask that forgiveness be with them. I bless even those who cause you suffering for My sake.

50 Live in peace in your homes, make a sanctuary out of them, so that when the invisible beings enter, wandering confused in the spiritual valley, they may find in your being the light and peace they seek, and they may ascend in the hereafter.

51 What would become of these beings if they saw only strife in your home? What would become of these needy ones?

52 Take a torch, light it, and do not let its light go out, which is the love for your brothers and the faith in the mercy of your Father; then there will be my peace in your homes. Prepare your heart for this, purify your soul through repentance and renewal so that you may receive the meaning of My Word and be strengthened by it. I settle down among you and proclaim My teaching in My word so that you may feel My presence and bear witness to Me. I give you another opportunity to hear My teaching because I want you to fulfill My commandments, to walk on the right path until you find the promised land, a safe land where you can rest from your pilgrimage and earn the high reward offered by your Father.

53 It is necessary that you understand My word so that you do not throw it away, as a proud child does when he despises the bread that is offered to him This Word wants to save you, wants to turn you away from your false customs, from the fanaticism and confusion into which religions have plunged you. If you do not understand My word, or if you do not want to hear and study it, you reject Me and you will not recognize the final purpose of My rallies in the Third Age. The indicated date for its completion will come, and then you will feel a void in your hearts, and in the knowledge that it was a grace you did not appreciate, you will call upon Me. But my word will no longer be heard through the mediation of the human mind.

Then the burden of your incomprehension will fall upon you, and you will have no peace. Do you want to drink this so bitter cup? - I will look upon you with pain and await the day of your return. Let your Spirit free itself and come to me. Spiritualize so that you may walk the path of elevation and progress to true life.

54 Be righteous in all your actions, and when you rebuke your brothers, be neither judge nor executioner. Do not use the whip to chastise your neighbour.

55 In the Second Time, when Jesus had entered Jerusalem, He found that the Temple, the place consecrated for prayer and worship, had been turned into a market, and the Master eagerly threw out those who profaned it in this way, saying to them, "My Father's House is not a marketplace. These were less guilty than those charged with leading the Spirit of men in the fulfillment of the law of God. The priests had turned the temple into a place of honor and splendor, and this dominion was destroyed.

56 Today I have used no scourge to punish those who profane My law. I have (however) allowed the consequences of their own transgressions to be felt in men so that they may know how to interpret their meaning and understand that My Law is unbending and unchanging. I have shown man the way, the straight path, and when he departs from it, he exposes himself to the hardships of a just law, because in him my love is manifested.

57 Zealously show your children the way, teaching them to fulfill the laws of Spirit and matter; and if they violate them, rebuke them, because you as parents represent me on earth. Then remember Jesus who, full of holy wrath, taught a lesson for all time to the merchants of Jerusalem, defending the cause of God, the immutable laws.

58 Men ask Me for a quiet existence, because in him they have the gift of peace, which is obtained by the fulfillment of their duties. But I ask you: Is it absolutely necessary that, in order to have peace, you must first suffer war? See how the good seed has been destroyed by evil! One nation destroys another; those who are strong today are destroyed tomorrow. But the people of Israel at these moments intercede for mankind and tell Me: "Master, I have prayed and You have not granted me what I asked You for. Do you know, people, how many sufferings you have relieved, and how much hope your prayer has instilled in those creatures? It is not I who determine that there is peace in the world, but man when he has converted his heart to love and humility.

59 How great is the ignorance which mankind brings before my eyes! Neither the learned nor the ignorant have fulfilled My laws, and although I am among them as Master, they have not listened to My teachings. If your transgressions bring you death, take My word as the bread of eternal life. Live vigilantly, working in My teaching, and love your brethren.

60 This teaching is like a new day that illuminates the way of mankind. You have seen an age like a setting sun disappearing and a new day dawning, in which you will see mighty lights illuminating men in a great awakening. You have seen the passions unleashed, sin as it bears bitter and sorrowful fruits, evil as it attacks homes and nations, injustice as it seizes men. But I come to stop this effervescence: not to judge the world, but to set it on the right path. And do not ascribe to me the pain you bring before my eyes and which you have created for yourselves. I have created you so that you may live, gather experiences and ascend through your merits. - Nevertheless I love you, and that is why your pain has come to me and I have come as Comforter and Master to give you back what you have lost and to announce to you that the kingdom of peace is approaching you and that you have to prepare yourselves to get into it. Humanity will change, then the good will be in the hearts of men.

61 From the beginning of times, I have been speaking to you in many forms so that you may understand Me, and especially to you who have been My confidants, My voice bearers and heralds who have brought My Messages to the other peoples Today I tell you to continue patiently with your task, not to pause in the face of your brothers' disbelief and lack of understanding.

While you have believed and confirmed My rallies as the Divine Spirit that took place in this time, others are not yet prepared to receive this news; but do not therefore misunderstand or despair: what you cannot accomplish, I will do, and will present My work to the world and fulfill My promise.

62 I have chosen this nation, and I am pleased that My workers go out from it to sow the seed. I prepare you so that you may be masters, but not judges of your brothers. Remember that I left you among your brothers as servants and not as masters. When this word is known to your brethren and is sought by them, I will tell them

63 Come to Me, wanderer, I have the water that quenches the thirst that consumes your Spirit. I see you poor in Spirit and in matter, but I will give you more than what you ask Me for. I offer you a kingdom of peace, the same that I offered to the first creatures that I sent to this world. It is not the water of the springs or the perishable peace that lasts only a moment, but eternal grace and eternal peace, truth and light.

64 For all I bring forgiveness and relief, both for those who love Me and for the indifferent. I do not curse the one who has hurt Me, rather I bless him because I know that one day he will love Me.

65 You are not to strive for earthly pleasures; what is today will not exist tomorrow. Seek and work for everlasting life, that life from which no one turns back again because it is the highest truth. Reach it by the way of my teaching, come by fulfilling my commandment, which I have given you at all times: "Love one another.

66 How happy your Father is when he is in touch with His children! After this time in which I gave you My Word through the mediation of man, you will learn to seek Me in the Infinite and your communion (with Me) will be purer and more constant, it will be the dialogue from Spirit to Spirit.

67 what joy I see in My children because they have heard Me anew, and how do they recognize Me and follow Me! I repeat again, My children: "love one another", as I have always taught you.

68 I have called you to make you great in the Spirit, not masters of the world.

69 if you are humbled for My sake, I will praise you; if you endure suffering, I will comfort you

My peace be with you.

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