Make the right choice

Anna Maria remembers her fall a year ago and thinks a long time about what Jesus says in this letter from Clare about it until she finally weeps bitterly. And when she has calmed down, she realizes that everything happened out of love.
She says Jesus:
When I said to you in the garden, 'Get Away', in reality, I desperately searched for a way to win your love for me, despite the complications. But I saw no way and thought it would be better for us to part and everyone stay in their present circumstances, but that did not feel right. Therefore, I also immediately regretted that I said to you, Get Away ', because I felt that I was still desperately looking for a way to win your love, despite my doubts, whether I would ever succeed. I thought I could not keep up with her because she's as close to you as I might never be. I only felt like a slaughtered cow over America and wondered why I should be the mother of your children without the consent of my husband. That made me resign myself and say, Go Away to you, to stay in the circumstances as they had been before. Still, something inside of me wanted to be with you forever, just as I initially felt with you during our drive together from my place of work home, where you fled so precipitately on our doorstep because of my husband.
"Then we could start all over again. The beasts will tear it to pieces, and the righteous will live by it.
Stay. "
You never wanted to tell me what you had to tell Clare about me at that time. She was your confidant, who could tell her everything, and I was the one who interfered, the newbe. You were just harsh, because you were also looking for a way not to lose me again as in my youth and to show me a way that could still enable me to reach you, because there was something in you, too. that wanted to be with me forever, despite the circumstances. You have also been looking for a way to win my love, like me.
"If I would not have been faithful .."
Then I would have been flying away from you forever.
"One does not call me if ..."
One is already married.
Not even if you are the eternal home of all, including my ...
'Daughter, come home,' so you spoke to me in my youth. I am also your daughter and you have called me yes.
And when I asked you
'Is there anyone for me down here? at the age of 27 when you told me:
'There is one, when he comes, you do not have to worry about anything, he will do everything ... you still have a long way to go'
When I asked Gio to tell you to visit me once and then suddenly you were with me in the living room, I just wanted to ask you how far the way is still.
You see, I've had a reason to call you to ask if I can go home soon or if I still have a long way to go home. There was nothing unfair about that, right? I mean, I did not have any malicious intentions and did not know your plans.
"Thats  enough."
Now you almost cried too.
"B .."
Everything went so wrong for me in this life. You could not use me anymore.
"Queen. Mother."
On winding paths.

Anna Maria had two dreams last night. She can not remember the second one.
At first, she asked Jesus to remember, so that she heard:
"That the witch makes the choice and knows what choice she must make when I come in the next few days ..."
.. because everyone has to make that choice for themselves.
The first dream:
There were two parties in two different camps. There was an apartment of two rooms and these were first on the same level and then they were separated by a staircase. I was with some in the lower room. The upper room had nested in itself other spaces in which the enemy could hide, so he would not be discovered immediately when he goes to attack to conquer the apartment. Someone of us had the idea to occupy these rooms to forestall the enemy. Then we learned that the enemy was already occupying these rooms, and when we stood at the bottom of the stairs, the enemies stood up and held out the rifle barrels. We saw that we had been conquered, and I simply surrendered to the enemy so as not to be shot.
It's about the Y-in the way or about  the right choice. It is better to surrender to the hand of God than to try to fight the enemy before being killed by him. It is better to confess to him now his love for him and thus to make the right choice and to unconditionally decide for him for ever and not to forget the enemies that have made you to make that choice wholeheartedly to forgive and pray for them so that they too can make the right choice and choose God. It is better to be willing voluntarily to die by surrendering and surrendering and thereby entering into the union of the Spirit with the Spirit of God. Dying in the sense that one becomes aware of one's true motive of resisting the love and care of God, the Heavenly Father, and telling him that out of love for him, one has acted in such a way. In most cases the motive is love, but most of the time people do not recognize it and only see it when tears have washed away the salt of bitterness.

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