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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 33:

1 Again the Master opens the book of His teaching to explain to you syllable by syllable His teaching of love. if you want to listen to Me as Father, I tell you: look, here is the table set for you to sit down to enjoy the food I have kept for you with so much love

2 I come in Spirit to make myself known among my disciples. You call this time the time of light because every Spirit and all matter has felt My spiritual presence.

3 I am the Light and the Way, but you are not all aware of the purpose of My rallies among you. Instead of enjoying My Divine teaching and My revelations, you remain insensitive to My inspirations* because you think that I have come only to help your material needs and cares, and you limit yourselves to asking for bread, work, money or health without realizing that I grant you every material benefit on top of it.

* See note 3 in the appendix

4 Some of you come with a heart full of gratitude and joy because they have received a benefit which they asked for their earthly life and I bless them But truly, I tell you, greater are the spiritual gifts that are present in your being, which are beginning to give you their first fruits under the stimulus of My teaching, and for this you have not yet thanked Me.

5 Open your heart so that you may feel in it all that I grant you see, this is why I have often told you that although I am among you, you have not felt Me

6 Must I again, as in the Second Times, do the works you call miracles to find faith? must I give sight to the blind, mobility to the paralysed and life to Lazarus to awaken your faith? Verily, I tell you, many "blind" have seen the light in this time, many "paralyzed" have walked again, and many "dead" have risen to a life of grace.

7 Two ways are offered anew to your eyes, the same ones that you have known from the beginning of your pilgrimage. Broad and flowery the one, narrow and sown with thorns the other. You want to walk the narrow way, which is the way of virtue, without giving up the other; but that is not possible.

8 Verily, I tell you, you do not know My Way and do not realise that in spite of its innumerable trials, peace is on it, in contrast to the very wide way which gives pleasure, leaving only pain and disgust in the heart

9 I want your Spirit to live forever in My peace. This is why I reveal myself to him to teach him in this way. Do not forget that in this time before the Ark of the New Covenant you have made a new covenant with your Father.

10 It is My Will that in the coming times of pain you stand firm and set out to give My teaching to your neighbour When you spread My Word and your witness among mankind, do not lose heart in the face of your brothers' doubt. Did you all believe when you first listened to Me? - Use this body or shell now that you possess it to fulfill your mission to mankind. How many of those who live in the spiritual realm want to possess a body matter that they consider a jewel!

11 To your Spirit I say: "let conscience guide you"; and to your matter: "let the Spirit guide you, then My Peace will be with you So when you do, your Spirit will watch like the virgins of the parable who awaited the bridegroom's arrival with a burning lamp. Blessed are those who live "awake," for they will be mindful to receive Me. And when the last hour comes for them and they knock at the door of the spiritual valley, I will open to them.

12 If you work with zeal, you will be with me tomorrow. Prepare yourselves with these teachings so that you may set out like My disciples of the Second Age, bringing light to your brothers and comfort to the afflicted. Awaken from your lazy indifference! For if you who have the law should not understand My word nor bear witness about Me, the visitations will come; you will be questioned, and if you have not received My teaching in you - what will you answer? Then you will be condemned, you will feel fear and remorse and remember what the Master lovingly and unceasingly spoke to you. But if you study My Word and reflect on it, you will be prepared when you have to speak about this revelation, and those who understand you will say, "The Divine Master has really been with us! - If, in spite of your fulfilment, you should be misunderstood by your brethren, do not worry, for I will acknowledge your work, and after you have triumphed in the great trials, I will give you the supreme bliss of peace.

13 In the future, many of you will be dedicated to spreading this teaching among mankind, and you will see that your work will bear fruit and the Divine Seed will multiply

14 I call all pilgrims on earth to hear My voice inviting them to spiritual ascent and to the possession of eternal life. On this day when The Divine Word is manifested - use His Word and let yourselves be enlightened by it, for in knowledge is the light and your salvation.

15 If My Law teaches you morality, righteousness and order in all the acts of your life, why do you seek opposite ways, creating pain for yourselves? And when you depart for the hereafter and leave your body on earth, you weep because you have loved this shell too much.

When you feel that the body no longer belongs to you and that you must continue on the way until you come to Me, I tell you, "My son, what do you have to show Me? Have you lived on earth in fulfilment of My commandments?" But you, ashamed and despondent because you have no gift of love for Him who loves you so much and has granted you so much, have forged chains that depress your Spirit and He appears lightless, weeping and wailing over Himself because He has lost grace. He hears only the voice of the Father calling him. But since he has not developed and does not feel himself worthy to come to him, he stops and waits.

Times pass, and the Spirit hears the voice again, and completely filled with his suffering, he asks who is speaking to him, and this voice tells him, "Awake! Do you not know where you have come from and where you are going?" Then he lifts up his eyes, sees an immeasurable light, by the brightness of which he feels poor. He realizes that before he was sent to earth he already existed, already loved by the Father from whom the voice emanated, and who now, seeing him in the deplorable state he is in, is suffering for him. He recognizes that he was sent to various dwellings in order to go through the path of battle and to receive his reward through his merits. And the Son asks: "If I was your much beloved creature before I was sent to earth, why did I not stand firm in virtue and fall, suffer and toil to return to you? The Voice answered him: "All Spirits have been subjected to the Law of Evolution, and in this way My Father Spirit guards them forever, and He is pleased with the good works of the Son. However, I have sent you to earth so that you may make of it a place of struggle for spiritual perfection, not a valley of war and pain. I have told you that you should multiply, that you should not be barren. But when you return to the spiritual valley, you do not bring a harvest, you only weep and come without the grace with which I have endowed you. That is why I send you once more and tell you: Purify yourselves, seek that which you have lost and work for your spiritual ascent.

Spirit returns to earth, seeks a small and delicate human body to rest in it and begin the new life journey. It finds the small child body that is assigned to it and uses it to make up for its violations of my law. With knowledge of the cause, the Spirit comes to earth; he knows that he is the breath of the Father, and knows the commission that he brings from Him.

16 In the first years he is innocent and keeps his purity; he remains in connection with the spiritual life. After that he begins to know sin, sees up close the pride, arrogance, and recalcitrance of men against the righteous laws of the Father, and the inherently recalcitrant flesh begins to be defiled with evil. Tempted, he forgets the commission he brought to earth and sets out to do works that are against the law. Spirit and matter taste the forbidden fruits, and when they have fallen into the abyss, the last hour surprises them.

Spirit is again in the (spiritual) habitat, tired and bowed down by the burden of his guilt. There he remembers the voice that once spoke to him and still calls him, and after he has shed many tears, feeling lost without knowing who he is, he remembers that he has been to that place before. And the Father, who created him with so much love, appears on his way and says to him, "Who are you, where do you come from and where are you going? - The Son recognizes in that voice the word of Him who gave him being, intelligence and abilities, the Father, who forgives him again and again, purifies him, takes him away from darkness and leads him to the light. He trembles, for he knows that he stands before the judge, and says, "Father, my disobedience and my guilt with Thee is very great, and I cannot expect to live in Thy kingdom, for I have no merit. Today, as I have returned to the spiritual valley, I see that I have only accumulated guilt that I must atone for. But the loving Father shows him the way once more, he returns to the flesh and belongs to humanity again. But now the Spirit, already experienced, makes the bodily shell compliant with greater power to gain the upper hand and obey the divine commands. The battle begins. He fights the sins that bring man down and wants to use the opportunity that has been granted to him for his redemption. He fights from beginning to end, and when the white hairs on his temples begin to gleam and his formerly resistant and strong body begins to bend under the weight of the years and loses its strength, the Spirit feels strong, more mature and experienced. How great and repulsive sin seems to him! He turns away from it and reaches his goal. Now he waits only for the moment when the Father calls him, for he has come to the conclusion that the Divine Law is just and the will of God perfect, that this Father lives to give life and salvation to His children.

When the last day came, he felt death in his flesh and felt no pain. He departed silently and reverently. He saw himself in Spirit, and as if he had a mirror before him, he saw himself beautiful and radiant with light. Then the voice spoke to him and told him, "Son, where are you going?" And he, knowing who he was, went toward the Father, and let His light flow into his being, and said thus: "O Creator, O all-encompassing love, I come to you to rest and give you fulfillment. - The account was settled, and the Spirit was healthy, pure and without chains of sin, and saw before him the high reward that awaited him.

Then he felt that he was merging with the light of that Father, that his bliss was increasing, and he saw a place of peace, a holy land, felt a deep silence and rested in the bosom of Abraham. —

17 I speak to you of the wonders that the spiritual life contains and offer you My teaching. Will you fulfil your task on earth to come to Me, O people of Israel, O mankind, My daughter? By merits you will enter the Heavenly Kingdom, and by the practice of the virtues you will attain peace on earth.

18 You have come again and again in the flesh, and in every reincarnation you have increased your guilt and your duty of atonement Do not blame me for your sufferings, because I do not punish you, you yourselves make your own judgment.

19 Now you have the last chance to make amends for your transgressions.

20 I have returned to you because of the promise I have given you. From the first times I have made a covenant with you, and I will lead you to the end. For you are the people who have prepared to sit at my table. I am the food and the fruit, the bread and the wine.

21 Tirelessly you come here to listen to Me and to satisfy your hunger and thirst for righteousness, as in the Second Time, when men hungry for love also followed Me. I gave My word in the valleys and on the mountains, even on the sea and in the desert the multitudes of people followed Me. Their faith knew no fatigue, their certainty was indestructible. Then My mercy spread over those people and enveloped them with the innermost essence of My Word. The mothers carried their children in their arms, the men left their work to hear Me, the old men, leaning on their sticks, followed the crowd.

22 On one of these occasions the Master performed the miracle of the loaves and the fishes as a proof that every bread is sufficient when it is distributed with love and without regard for the person For unanimity and brotherhood will also be nourishment.

23 Even the disciples had doubted that such meager supplies would be enough to feed such a great multitude. But when they saw that the miracle had become reality, they said to themselves in shame: "Truly, this is the Messiah!

24 Now, in the third time, you have Me anew. I give you the bread of eternal life, on which mankind will eat.

25 I give you this word by means of the human mind. In order to make Myself known in this way, I had to wait for man's spiritual and intellectual development to serve him in this time. My will has been fulfilled, and this mystery will turn into clarity for all those who for the time being do not understand it properly.

26 Fear not the judgments and mockeries of sects and denominations. It is they who, although they have the books of prophecy in their hands, have not (correctly) interpreted them and therefore did not understand Me to expect. You, on the other hand, who did not know the prophecies that spoke of my return as Holy Spirit, expected Me. Now the Third Time is here, but mankind has not understood how to interpret the Gospel.

27 How many nations go away like sheep without a shepherd. But I am with you, and to make Myself known, I have revealed Myself in poverty and lowliness, as in the Second Age. If humanity wants to identify Me through those who follow Me, it can succeed: the sick, the afflicted, the humiliated, the exhausted, those hungry for justice and thirsty for justice, those who are dead by faith, they are the ones who follow Me.

28 No one is surprised that I did not appear in the bosom of any church during this time, any more than I came out of any religion during the Second Age.

29 I will not stay where vanity, materialism and idolatry reign. I will manifest Myself in the bosom of the greatest simplicity and humility, where there are no rites that make you forget the core of My Law. Therefore, it should not surprise you to see Me surrounded by the needy, the uneducated and sinners, for I have put My mercy in them, thus transforming them into useful beings, giving them gifts to convert many; and through them - which you are - I have given clear proofs of My power. But if you still have misgivings, do not worry, for "no one is a prophet in his own country. Tomorrow the foreigners will come, and they will believe you, or you will go to unknown lands, and they will receive you; for not all doubt you. There are also those who follow you and rely on your love and helpfulness, whereby they serve you as an incentive and stimulus on the arduous ascent of the way. - What is to become of those who follow you and find strength in you when you should be swayed? If you feel despondent, seek Me, and I will strengthen you. When you encounter pain, do not think that I have chastised you. Draw from that trial the benefit it contains for your development.

30 I need only to want it, and you would already be pure. - What merit would there be if it were I who purified you? Let everyone make amends for his offences against my law; this is merit. For then you will know how to avoid the falls and errors in the future, because the pain will remind you of it.

31 When a sincere repentance arises between the transgression committed and its natural consequences, the pain will not reach you, because then you will already be strong enough to bear the trial with submission.

The world drinks a very bitter cup; but I have never punished them. But after its pain it will come to me who call it. Then those who were ungrateful will know how to thank Him who poured out only benefits into their existence.

32 Until now it has not been human love that has prevailed in the world. It has been, as it had been from the beginning of mankind, the violence that rules and triumphs. He who has loved is inferior as a victim of wickedness.

33 Evil has extended its kingdom and has become strong on earth. But just in this time I come to oppose those powers with my weapons so that the kingdom of love and justice will be established among men. Before that I will fight. For to give you the peace of my Spirit, it is necessary that I wage war and destroy all evil.

34 The day of righteousness is already with you; the living and the dead hear the voice of conscience at this time.

35 This world is not the eternal home for your Spirit. If it were, you would not see your body, which you love so much, die, you would not see the lives of your parents, those who gave you existence, extinguished. Everything is transitory, nothing is permanent in this world. If all were happiness and pleasure here, you would never remember your Spirit, you would not think of others, nor remember Me.

36 Very long has been the way of pain your soul has travelled, and I do not want you to encounter even greater pain than those you have already experienced Return to Me in search of peace, strive for your perfection, then I will transform you into masters who teach and save those lost in the darkness of ignorance.

37 Men you have wept at My words of forgiveness - why has justice not yet come to you although your right hand has shown itself to Me stained by your brother's blood? - do not fear, for your true repentance will be like a cloak to protect you and My forgiveness like crystal clear water to strengthen you in your atonement But woe to him who has killed and has not paid his debt! Woe to him who has cheated, who has caused shame, or who has not done his duty to his parents! For then life and pain will judge them as a wise judge and teach as a master.

38 Today you have come to me by overcoming all oppositions, and because you are anxious to hear my word anew. For you have the desire to become My disciples and that is why you come to hear and study My divine teaching.

39 You know that there is nothing better to renew yourselves and find strength to overcome your passions than My Word which enlightens your Spirit and awakens in you true love for your spiritual purity

40 This is the time when My Word is presented in greater detail so that you may not be ignorant in what I reveal to you But when I sometimes speak to you in symbols, it is so that you may better memorize My teachings.

41 I am the lifeboat that appeared within reach of the shipwrecked man who was drowning. Those who have been safely put ashore, where peace dwells, later feel within themselves the obligation to do the same to their neighbors when they are in danger of perishing.

42 The ships have not been enough, and there are many shipwrecked men who cry out for help. See mankind perishing in vices, in depravity and in crime! See men devoted to a life of materialism and selfishness! Women have become accustomed to the sin that reigns everywhere, they lose their virtue and delicacy, the home that is man's temple is desecrated because the light, warmth and peace disappears from it.

43 I come to this planet and seek on it the soul of man, which is the temple of God, and kindle in it the faith, speaking to it of a new world, a world of peace, to which it can reach through moral renewal and brotherhood.

Some feel their heart beating with power and make the divine ideal theirs; others complain about obstacles and difficulties as pretexts for not following Me. These lack faith, and they have not understood that whoever turns away from his destiny must reach the same point again and again until he has gone all the way.

44 I do not tell you to turn away from your material duties or from the healthy pleasures of the heart and the senses. I only ask you to renounce that which poisons your soul and makes your body sick.

45 He who lives within the law does what his conscience prescribes. He who spurns the permitted pleasures in order to throw himself into the forbidden pleasures, even in the moments of greatest pleasure, wonders why he is not happy nor finds peace. For from pleasure to pleasure he sinks deeper and deeper until he perishes in the abyss without finding true satisfaction for his heart and Spirit.

46 Some must succumb and empty to the last drop the cup in which they sought pleasure without finding it, so that they may hear the voice of Him who always invites them to the banquet of eternal life.

47 I receive the offering of my disciples. Elijah has prepared you and made intercession with me so that you may be worthy to hear my word and make use of its spiritual meaning. My promise is that everyone who seeks me in his heart's suffering will be comforted.

48 It is the time of the Holy Spirit in which I come into contact with man. Of those who have heard Me, some are beginning to recognize Me, and others already love Me. When this time of My rallies is over, mankind will know who has come. They will recognize Elijah as a forerunner full of grace and power, and also the Master who came down out of love for the human race.

49 Beloved disciples, take Me as your model, so that you may soon reach the end of your reparation, where Elijah the shepherd, who has led you through all times, will introduce you to Me.

50 I do not want the Spirits, when they detach themselves from this earth, to feel lonely or lost in the immensity of the spiritual valley that awaits all. Therefore Elijah speaks to you and prepares you for this transition, and you are to acquaint your brethren with that Spirit which is shepherd and mediator between man and his Creator.

51 You are going through a period of harshness and righteousness, you are all now reaping the fruits of your labor. This time had to come, it was so written. I have warned you to pray and repent; but I have found you asleep, without remembrance of My words. But I watch over you and have come again to bring you My teaching which shows you very wide horizons. When you are able to comprehend them, you will be courageous and strong-willed, and when this light has penetrated your Spirit, go to others and help them to free themselves from their lethargy. Have mercy on those who sin out of ignorance, and show them the way that leads them to their salvation.

52 Those who were formerly "little children" I make disciples, and the disciples I draw still closer to me. I have placed you all on one heavenly ladder, and I have shared in your tribulations. The pain of mankind reaches Me, Elijah fights for the spiritual unity of men. The new tower of Babel has grown in pride and strife, but opposite it I am building the tower of Israel with foundations of humility and love. The battle will be great, but in the end virtue will crush sin and peace will be restored. Then those who have been weak will become strong, the blind will open their eyes, and the true awakening of the soul will take place so that it may enter into a life of development.

53 The gold and the power which man so much strives for will not give peace to his Spirit, nor comfort in his sick bed; they will only harden his heart. How often have I presented the rich with images of pain to test their feelings, and they have been indifferent to the orphans, the misery and pain of their fellow men, and have not understood that I have made them only custodians of material goods so that they distribute them with justice and love.

54 There are many beings who wait for a compassionate hand to heal them, for a word of comfort or an example to redeem them. The Spirit is hungry for love, for sincerity and for justice, and you, Israel, can give, for I have given you an excess of spiritual goods to distribute.

55 Not all times will be such of peace for you. Therefore, today, while you still have freedom of action, you should work with zeal and prepare your brothers from other nations through prayer. You already know that the Spirit does not know distances, and therefore on the day when My teaching is delivered through My messengers, they will not stumble but will find friends, brothers, who understand their mission and give them support and warmth.

56 To whom this message is entrusted and whoever lives in communion with Me, to him I will give perfect works, and I will reveal My Spirit in his words

57 Many of you have felt the contempt of men because they follow the Master. Others have been rejected in the home of their parents, and still others have been rejected by their wife or husband. But remember that I see all this, and that I will abundantly reward your sacrifice.

58 See not enemies, but brothers in all who surround you. Demand punishment for no one, be lenient that you may set an example of forgiveness and that no remorse may arise in your Spirit. Close your lips and let Me judge your cause.

59 Heal the sick, give reason back to the confused. Drive out the souls that cloud the mind, and see to it that both* regain the light that they have lost.

* See note 4 in the appendix

60 Pray for the nations, for I will watch over you. Bring My word to all hearts. Thank Me afterwards for the benefits you have received, for you will then have recognized that no leaf of the tree moves without My will.

61 Verily, I tell you: those who have moved away from me the most will realize that it is time for judgment, for they have suspicions and worries.

62 My voice calls and awakens the spirits like a trumpet. But if mankind had taken care to study and fathom the prophecies of the First and Second Times, nothing of what is happening now would surprise or confuse them, for everything was already foretold.

63 My word of yesterday is being fulfilled today, for the king's star would rather cease to shine than not be fulfilled.

64 Bear the bitterness which the war of the nations causes you, do not demand (divine) righteousness over them, for their cup of suffering is bitter enough already. Be merciful in your judgments, thoughts and prayers.

65 Those who are still enjoying some peace have the duty to pray to help those who are suffering the hardships and hardships of war.

66 If instead of compassion you feel anger or contempt for those who cause so much suffering to mankind - verily, I say to you, you deprive yourselves of all spiritual exaltation and understanding.

67 Let My Voice echo in your heart, put My Word into action: this will be the way through which My Teaching will gain power on earth It is the light that will oppose the ideas that have emerged from a sick and decaying humanity.

68 All righteousness, all greatness and all light that men can desire for the development of their Spirit they will be able to find in my teaching. But for man to pause to investigate my teaching and to be interested in its contents, he must first become aware of the first fruits of it in the renewal and virtues of my disciples.

69 I promise to reveal great secrets to you if you live in peace. For then my light will be able to shine in your being.

70 All of you would like to be among those who bear witness to My truth and be like a lighthouse to the navigator or like a star to the pilgrim in the way of mankind.

71 Today you have Me among you by means of these rallies. take advantage of My dwelling and become disciples from infants so that you may preach with My Word in a worthy manner when I have ceased speaking

72 Learn, watch and pray, sow love and mercy among your brothers, so that through your works I may say to men: love one another

My peace be with you.

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