BTL - Volume II - Teaching 33

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 33:
1. Once again the Master opens the book of his teaching to explain to you his doctrine of love syllable by syllable. If you want to listen to me as Father, I say to you, Behold the table, prepared so
that you might sit to relish the banquet which I have reserved for you with so much love.
2. I come in spirit to manifest myself among my disciples. You call this the time of light, for every spirit and all material things have felt my spiritual presence.
3. I am the light and the way. Not all of you are aware of the purpose of my manifestation among you. Instead of rejoicing in my divine teaching and in my revelations, you believe that I have only
come to remedy your needs and material afflictions and thus limit yourselves to asking for bread, work, money, or health. You remain deaf to my inspirations not understanding that I grant you every material benefit as an added blessing.
4. Some of you come with your hearts filled with gratitude and joy for having received some benefit which you were requesting for your earthly life and I bless you. But, truly I say to you that the
spiritual gifts which exist in your beings are greater. Through my teaching, you are learning to develop and to use those gifts, although you still have not given me thanks for that.
5. Open your hearts so that you might feel within them all that I am granting to you. This is why I have told you many times that though I am within you, you still have not felt me.
6. Must I once again, as I did in the Second Era, perform the deeds which you called miracles in order to be believed? Must I give sight to the blind, movement to the paralytic, and life to Lazarus in order to awaken your faith? Truly I say to you that in this time many blind have seen the light, many lame have walked, and many dead have been raised to the life of grace.
7. Two roads appear again before your sight, the same ones that you have known from the beginning of your pilgrimage. One is wide and full of flowers, the other narrow and sown with thorns. You wish
to journey along the narrow one, which is the one of virtue, without abandoning the other, and that is not possible.
8. Truly I say to you that you do not know my path. And in spite of its numerous trials, that is where peace lies, unlike the wide road which awards pleasures that leave only pain and disgust in your hearts.
9. I want your spirits to live eternally in my peace. That is why I manifest myself before them in order to teach them in this form. Do not forget that in this time you have once again made a pact with your Father before the ark of the new covenant.
10. It is my will that you remain firm in the times of sorrow which are approaching and that you arise to give my teaching to your fellow men. Do not become discouraged before the doubt of your brothers when you extend my word among humanity. Did all of you believe when you heard me for the first time? Now that you have been given a physical body, take advantage of it to accomplish your mission among humanity. How many of those who dwell in the spiritual valley would like to have a physical body, something which they consider to be a jewel!
11. To your spirit I say, Allow yourself to be guided by your conscience; and to your physical body, Allow yourself to be led by the spirit. Then my peace will be with you. If you do that, your spirits will be watching like the virgins of the parable with their lamps lighted awaiting the arrival of the husband. Blessed are they who live attentively, for they will be ready to receive me. Then when it is time to depart from earth, and they call at the door of the spiritual valley, I will open it to them.
12. If you work diligently, tomorrow you will be with me. Prepare yourselves with these teachings in order to arise, imitating my disciples of the Second Era, and take the light to your brothers, offering comfort to the afflicted. Awaken from your sleep. For if you who have the law do not understand my word, nor give testimony of me, if you have not learned my teaching, what will your answer be when you are questioned and trials come? Then you will be judged and feel repentance and fear, remembering that the Master spoke to you lovingly and untiringly. If you study and meditate on my word, you will be prepared when you need to speak of this revelation. And those who understand you will say, Truly the Divine Master was with us. If in spite of your behavior, you are rejected by your
bothers, do not fear, for I will recognize your labor. And after you have gained victory in the great trials, I will give you the supreme joy of peace.
13. In the future you will truly devote yourselves to sharing this teaching among humanity. You will see your labor bear fruit and the divine seed multiply.
14. I am calling all travelers to listen to my voice which invites them to elevate spiritually and to possess eternal life. In this day in which the Divine Word makes itself heard, learn from this word and
enlighten yourselves with it, for through this knowledge you will attain enlightenment and salvation.
15. If my law teaches you morality, righteousness, and order in all acts of your life, why do you seek hostile paths which bring you pain? Then when you depart to the hereafter, leaving your body on
the earth, you weep because you have loved that physical body so much. When you feel that the material body no longer belongs to you, and that you must follow the road until you reach me, I have asked you, My child, what gift do you bring me? Have you lived on the earth obeying my mandates? And you are embarrassed and dejected because you do not bear a gift of love for the one who loves you so much and has granted you so much. You have created chains which crush your spirit. And having lost grace, your spirit appears without light, weeps, and grieves. It hears the voice of the Father who calls, but since it has not evolved, nor feels worthy of coming to him, it hesitates and waits. Time passes, and the spirit once again hears the voice. Amid its grief it asks who speaks to it, and that voice says, Awaken! Do you not know from where you have come, nor where you go? Then the spirit raises its eyes and sees an immense light. Before this splendor it sees itself as very insignificant and recognizes that it already existed before having been sent to earth and was already loved by the Father, from whom came the voice, and who now, on seeing it in a painful trance,
suffers for it. He knows that his child has been sent to different worlds to journey over a difficult path and has to reach its reward through its merits. The child asks, If before being sent to earth I have been your beloved child, why have I not remained virtuous? Why have I had to descend to suffer and to work in order to return to you? The voice replies, All spirits have been submitted to the law of evolution. The Spirit of the Father always protects you on the path and is pleased in the good deeds of his child. Truly, I have sent you to earth in order that you might make of it a dwelling of struggle for
spiritual perfection, not a valley of war and pain. I have told you to multiply and not be sterile. And when you return to the spiritual valley and do not bring any harvest, you only weep, arriving without the grace with which I have covered you. That is why I send you one more time and tell you, Cleanse yourself, seek that which you have lost, and cultivate your elevation. The spirit returns to earth and seeks a small and tender human body in order to rest in it and begin the new journey. It finds the small child designated to it and unites with that body in order to make restitution for its failings within my law. Knowing what it must do and aware that it belongs to the Father, the spirit comes to the earth clearly aware of its mission.
16. In its first years it is innocent; it preserves its purity, and remains in contact with the spiritual life. Then it begins to know sin. It looks closely at pride, arrogance, and at the rebelliousness of men
before the just laws of the Father. The flesh, which is stubborn by nature, begins to contaminate itself with evil. Having fallen into temptation, it forgets the mission which it brought to earth and arises performing deeds which are contrary to the law. The spirit and material body eat the forbidden fruits, and when the spirit has fallen into the abyss, the last hour surprises it. Once again the spirit finds itself in the spiritual valley, weary and burdened by the weight of its faults. Then it remembers the voice that spoke to it in another time which still calls to it. And after much weeping, feeling lost, and not knowing who it is, it remembers that it has already been in that place. Then the Father, who has created it with so much love, appears on its path, asking it, Who are you? From where do you come and where do you go? The child recognizes in that voice the word of the one who has given it its existence, its intelligence, and its gifts. It is the voice of the Father who always forgives, who purifies, and removes the darkness and leads to the light. The child trembles because it knows it is before the Judge and speaks, saying, Father, my disobedience and my debts to you are very great, and I can not aspire to live in your home, for I have no merits. Today, when I have returned to the spiritual valley, I see that I have only accumulated faults for which I must make restitution. But the loving Father once more points out the way, and once again the spirit incarnates and forms a part of humanity. Now experienced and with greater strength, it then subdues the material body in order to control it and to obey the divine dictates. The battle begins. The spirit combats the sins which cause man to fall and wants to take advantage of the opportunity which has been granted for its salvation. It struggles from beginning to end. And when the white hairs shine on the temple, and the body which before was strong and healthy begins to slowly stoop under the weight of the years and lose energy, then the spirit feels strong, more developed, and experienced. How great and disgusting sin appears to that being. The spirit departs from that sin and reaches the end of its journey on earth. Now it only awaits the moment in which the Father will call it, for it has come to the conclusion that the Divine Law is just, that the will of God is perfect, and that the Father lives in order to give life and salvation to his children. When the last day comes, it feels death in its flesh and has no pain; it departs silently and respectfully. It contemplates itself in the spirit, and as if it had a mirror before it, sees itself as beautiful and radiant with light. Then the voice speaks to it and asks, Child, where are you going? And knowing who it is, it approaches the Father, allows his light to invade its being and speaks thus, O Creator, O Universal Love, I come to you to rest and to give to you the fulfillment of my mission. The account is settled; the spirit is healthy, cleansed and free of the chains of sin, and sees before it the reward which awaited it. Then it feels that it unites with the light of that Father, that its joy is greater, and it contemplates a mansion of peace, a holy land, and a profound silence; then it remains at rest in the bosom of Abraham.
17. I speak to you of the marvelous things contained in the spiritual life and present my teaching to you. Do you wish to fulfill your mission on earth in order to come to me, O people of Israel, O humanity, child of mine? Through merits you will enter into the celestial kingdom, and with the practice of virtues you will attain peace on earth.
18. You have incarnated time after time, and in each reincarnation you have increased your debt and restitution. Do not blame me for your suffering for I do not punish you. You are the ones who determine your sentences.
19. This is the last time that you have to mend your faults.
20. I have returned among you because of the promise I made to you. I have made a pact with you from the first times and shall guide you to the end. You are the people prepared to be seated at my table. I am the nourishment, the fruit, the bread, and the wine.
21. Untiringly you come to listen to me in order to calm your hunger and your thirst for justice, just as in the Second Era when men also followed me hungry for love. I delivered my word in the valleys, in the mountains, on the seas, and the multitudes followed me in the desert. Their faith did not allow them to become weary. Their determination was unbreakable. Then my mercy extended over all of humanity and embraced it in the essence of my word. Mothers carried their children in their arms, men abandoned their tasks in order to listen to me, and the old, leaning upon their staffs, followed the multitude.
22. It was on one of those occasions that the Master performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes. He did so as a demonstration of what any bread will accomplish when it is distributed with love and without discrimination, since acceptance and brotherhood also serve as nourishment.
23. My own disciples had doubted that such limited portion of food would succeed in feeding such a great multitude. But when they saw the miracle accomplished, ashamed they said to themselves, Truly, this is the Messiah.
24. Here you have me again in the Third Era, I come to deliver to you the bread of eternal life from which humanity will eat.
25. I come to give you this word through human spokesmen. In order to communicate in this form, I had to await the spiritual and mental evolution of man in order to make use of him in this time. My will has been fulfilled, and this mystery will be clarified for all of those who are not able to presently understand it.
26. Do not fear the judgement or ridicule of sects and religions. Having the books of the prophecies in their hands, they are the ones who have not interpreted them, and thus have not known how to wait for me. On the other hand, you who did not know the prophecies which spoke of my return as the Holy Spirit were awaiting me. The Third Era has come and humanity has not known how to interpret the gospel.
27. How many nations wander as sheep without a shepherd. But I am with you. In order to be recognized, I have manifested myself in poverty and humility as in the Second Time. If humanity wants to identify me through those who follow me, it can do it. The sick, the sad, those who have been humiliated, the weary, those who hunger and thirst for justice, the dead in faith are the ones who seek me.
28. Let no one find it strange that I have not appeared amidst some church in this time. I did not emerge from any religion in the Second Time either.
29. I will not be found where vanity, materialism, and idolatry exist. I want to manifest myself in the midst of the greatest simplicity and humility, where no rituals exist that will lead you to forget the essence of my law. For that reason do not think it so strange to find yourselves surrounded by the needy, the unintelligent, and the sinful, for I have placed my charity in them, transforming them into useful beings, endowing them so that they might convert many. I have given you proof of my power. But if in spite of that you doubt, do not fear, for no one is a prophet in his own land. Tomorrow, foreigners will come and they will believe you, or when you go to unknown lands, they will receive you, for not everyone doubts you. There are also those who follow you and who depend upon your love and charity, using you to inspire and motivate themselves along the uncertain parts of the road. What would become of those who follow and find strength in you if you were to weaken? When you feel weak, seek me, and I will strengthen you. If you find pain, do not think that I have punished you. Learn what you need to from that ordeal which will help you to evolve.
30. By simply wanting to be cleansed, you will be cleansed. What would the merit be if I were the one who purified you? If each one makes restitution for his breaking of my law, that indeed has merit, for then you will know how to avoid falling and making mistakes in the future because you would remember the pain from the past.
31. If sincere repentance occurs between the fault committed and its natural consequences, you will not suffer pain, for then you will already be strong enough to endure the trial with resignation. The world is experiencing much bitterness, although I have never punished it. After that suffering, humanity will come to me, for I am summoning mankind. At that point, those who were ungrateful will know how to give thanks to the one who has only poured out goodness during their existence.
32. Until now it has not been human love which has dominated the world; it has been, as it was from the beginning of mankind, human power which reigns and conquers. The one who has loved has become the victim of evil.
33. Evil has extended its kingdom and has been strong on earth, and it is precisely in this time that I bring my weapons to oppose these powers so that my kingdom of love and justice may be established among men. But before my kingdom is established, I will have to battle evil, for it is necessary that I wage war and destroy all evil to give you the peace of my Spirit.
34. The day of justice is already among you. The living and the dead listen to the voice of the conscience in this time.
35. This world is not the eternal mansion for your spirits. If that were so, you would not see the bodies which you love so much die.
36. The painful road which your spirits have traveled has been very long, and I do not wish for you to find greater pain than that which you have already known. Return to me in search of peace. Seek your perfection, and I will convert you in teachers who will teach and redeem those who are lost in the darkness of ignorance.
37. Men, you who have wept before my words of forgiveness, why is it that justice has not yet come to you when you show me your right hand stained with the blood of your brother? Fear not, for your true repentance will be like a mantle to defend you, and my forgiveness like crystalline water to strengthen you in your restitution. But woe unto him who has killed and has not settled his account! Woe unto him who has stolen, caused dishonor, or has not fulfilled his obligation toward his parents! For then life and pain will judge him as would a wise judge and will teach him as would a teacher.
38. You have come to me today overcoming all obstacles and anxious to listen to my word again, for you yearn to become my disciples. For that reason you come to listen and to study my divine lesson.
39. You know that to regenerate yourself and to find the strength to conquer your passions, there is nothing better than my word, which enlightens your spirit and awakens true love in you for your spiritual cleanliness.
40. This is the time when my word is poured out to a greater extent so that you do not ignore what I reveal to you. If I sometimes speak to you figuratively, it is to comprehend my lessons better.
41. I am the redeeming vessel which has come within the reach of the one who has been cast adrift and who is near death. Those who have been given safety on the peaceful shore later feel that it is their duty to do the same with their fellow men when these are in danger of becoming lost.
42. The ships have been worn out, and many are the shipwrecked who ask for help. Observe humanity becoming lost in vices, in perversity, and in crime. Observe men dedicated to a selfish and materialistic life. Women have become accustomed to sin, which reigns everywhere. They lose their virtue and delicate nature. The home, which is man's temple, is disrespected because light, warmth, and peace have disappeared from it.
43. I come to this planet and in it I seek the spirit of man, which is the temple of God. I ignite its faith by telling it of a new world, of a world of peace, which it can reach with regeneration and brotherhood. Some feel their hearts beating strongly and make the divine ideal their own. Others complain about obstacles and difficulties as a pretext to not follow me. These lack faith and have
not understood that the one who departs from his destiny will have to return to the same point, time and time again, until he has completed his designated journey on earth.
44. I do not tell you to depart from your material obligations or from the healthy pleasures of your hearts and senses. I only ask you to renounce that which poisons your spirits and makes your bodies ill.
45. Whoever lives within the law is obeying the dictates of his conscience. Whoever flees from permissible pleasures in order to immerse himself in forbidden ones asks himself, even during instances of greatest pleasure, why he is not happy or why he does not find peace. From gratification to gratification, he slowly descends until he is lost in the abyss without finding true satisfaction for his heart and his spirit.
46. There are those who need to fall into the abyss because they chose to continue following the path of sin, where they sought pleasure without finding it, in order that they might hear the voice of the one who is eternally inviting them to the banquet of eternal life.
47. I receive the offering of my disciples. Elijah has prepared you. He has interceded before me so that you might be worthy of listening to my word and might know how to benefit from its essence. My promise is that anyone who seeks me during his ordeals shall be comforted.
48. This is the era of the Holy Spirit in which I am communicating with man. Of those who have heard me, some begin to recognize me, and others already love me. When this time of my communication has passed, humanity will know who has come. It will recognize Elijah as the forerunner, filled with grace and power, and the Master, who has descended to the human race through love.
49. Beloved disciples, imitate me so that you might quickly arrive at the end of your restitution where Elijah, the shepherd who has guided you throughout all times, will present you before me.
50. I do not wish that spirits, upon separating themselves from the earth, feel alone or lost in the immensity of the spiritual valley which awaits everyone. That is why Elijah speaks to you and prepares you for that moment when you will enter into that valley. You should have your brothers come to know that spirit who is the shepherd and intermediary between man and his creator.
51. You are now observing a period that is filled with justice and harshness. All of you now reap the fruit of your labor. This time had to come, for it was so written. I warned you to pray and do penance, and I have found you asleep without recalling my words. But I watch over you, and I have come one more time to bring you my teaching which offers you much knowledge. If you know how to understand it, you will be strong and have great will power. And when this light has penetrated your spirits, go to the others and help them to awaken from their sleep. Be charitable to those who sin through ignorance, and point out the way which will lead them to their salvation.
52. I am converting into disciples those who were beginning students yesterday, and my disciples, I bring closer to me. I have placed all of you on one single ladder, and I have been with you during each of your ordeals. Humanity's pain reaches me. Elijah fights for the unification of spirits in men. The new Tower of Babel has increased in arrogance and division, but alongside that tower I am erecting the Tower of Israel using a foundation of humility and love. The battle will be great, but finally virtue shall defeat sin, and peace will be restored. Then those who have been weak shall be strong, and those who were spiritually blind will be able to see. Thus, the spirit will awaken in order to begin its life of evolution.
53. The gold and the power that man so greatly desires will not offer his spirit peace, nor comfort at his sick bed. They will only harden his heart. How many times have I presented images of pain before the eyes of the rich in order to test their feelings, yet they have been indifferent to orphans, to the misery and pain of their fellow beings, not understanding that I have only made them recipients of material goods in order that they might distribute them with justice and charity.
54. There are many beings who await a merciful hand to cure them, a comforting word, or an example to redeem them. Spirits suffer from a hunger for love, for sincerity, and for justice; you, Israel, can offer these gifts to others for I have given you a wealth of spiritual possessions which you need to share.
55. Not all times will be peaceful for you. Therefore, today, while you still have freedom, you should work with great devotion and pray in order to prepare your brothers of other nations. You already know that there are no distances for the spirit. Thus, on the day that my doctrine is carried by my messengers, may they not stumble but rather find friends, brothers who understand their mission and who will give them support and warmth.
56. There are individuals whom I will entrust with these teachings. If they live in spiritual communication with me, I will inspire perfect deeds in those beings and will manifest myself through them when they speak.
57. Many of you have felt humanity's rejection for following the Master. Others of you have been rejected in the home of your parents, and others have been denounced by their spouses. But keep in mind that I observe everything, and I will greatly reward you for your sacrifice.
58. Do not see enemies but rather brothers in all who surround you. Do not seek punishment for those who have offended you so that you may offer examples of forgiveness. Let there be no remorse in your spirits. Close your lips and allow me to judge your cause.
59. Heal the sick. Help those who are lost and unable to reason because they are perturbed by spiritual beings that cause mental confusion; help one and the other to become spiritually enlightened.
60. Pray for all nations, and I will watch over you. Take my word to all individuals. Later give me thanks for the benefits which you have received, for you will have recognized that the leaf of the tree does not move without my will.
61. Truly I say to you that those who have strayed the most from me realize that the time for justice has come, for they have premonitions and feel restless.
62. Like a trumpet, my voice is calling and awakening spirits. But if humanity had concerned itself with studying and analyzing the prophecies of the First and Second Eras, nothing happening now would surprise it, nor would it confuse it, for everything had already been prophesied.
63. My word of yesterday is fulfilled today, for the sun would have to stop sending its rays of light before my word would not be fulfilled.
64. Endure the bitterness brought to you by the war among nations. Do not demand justice upon them for their chalice is bitter enough. Be merciful in your judgements, thoughts, and prayers.
65. Those who still enjoy some peace have the duty of praying in order to spiritually help those who suffer the harshness and catastrophes of war.
66. If instead of feeling mercy, you despise or feel anger toward those who cause so much suffering to humanity, truly I say to you that you deprive yourselves of all spiritual elevation and understanding.
67. Allow my voice to touch your hearts. Practice my word. That will be the form in which my doctrine will gain strength on earth. It will be the light which will confront the ideas which have arisen from a sick and deteriorating humanity.
68. Humanity will be able to find in my doctrine all the justice, the greatness and the light that it seeks for its spiritual evolution. But before humanity becomes interested in my teachings and begins to analyze them, it first needs to observe how my doctrine has helped my disciples to regenerate their lives to become virtuous.
69. I promise to reveal great mysteries to you when you live in peace, for then my light will be able to shine in your beings.
70. Along the path of your brethren, all of you would like to offer testimony of my truth, and become a guiding light for those who need assistance.
71. Today, you have me among you by means of this communication. Take advantage of my presence, and convert yourselves from toddlers into disciples, so that with dignity you might be able to preach my word when I have ceased to speak to you in this manner.
72. Study, be alert, and pray. Sow love and charity among your brothers so that through your deeds, I might say to humanity, Love one another.
My Peace be with you!