BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 25

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 25:

1 The Spirit of Elijah has woken you up like a heavenly bell, so that you should come to hear My Word

2 Your heart is eagerly wondering: what food will it be that the Father gives us to taste this day? what will be the teaching of today?

3 Verily I tell you: a woman left a seriously ill man in her home to hear Me to her I say: when you return to your home, the sick man will leave the bed and he himself will open the door to you to bring you the good news that he has been healed; for whoever leaves the goods of the earth to be with Me will have someone to watch over what is left behind, and this is Me

4 I look at those who, suffering a great pain, have shed tears in the quiet chamber, without despair or blasphemy against Me They humbly accepted their trial because they knew that merits must be earned to gain my kingdom.

5 I see you all in the different ways of human struggle and there I have transformed myself into the pilgrim who crosses your path to ask you: "where are you going? And while some answer Me: "In search of silence", others tell Me: "We are in search of bread". Then the Master goes ahead to call at the doors where you will knock so that your brothers may receive you with charity and good will. That is why you find the hearts that were of stone moved when you knocked; you recognize My presence and tell Me, "Lord, how great is the mercy You have with us?

6 The trials you encounter on your path of life are not by chance; I have sent them to you to earn merit No leaf from the tree moves without my will, and I am in both the great and the small works of creation. Watch and pray so that you may learn to understand which is the fruit you are to reap from every trial, so that your atonement may be shorter. Take up your cross with love, and I will cause you to bear your atonement with patience.

7 This is the third time in which I tell you anew: "Love one another"; but not only among men, but from one world to another. You shall love those who are in the Spirit and have mercy on those who are in the Spirit, for they too are your brothers.

8 How far is the time when you were told, "He who kills with the sword shall perish by the sword. "With the cubit with which you measure, you shall be measured". Today I tell you: Repent truly, wash away your stains with works of mercy, forgiveness and love.

9 Of all ways I have called you to give you one teaching. at My table there has never been food, some of which was better than others; one bread and one wine I have offered to all At My table have sat down both the lords and the pariahs, the rich and the poor, the sinners and the pious. I have received both those who have lived with sincerity and those who come with an impure Spirit. This is what I am teaching you so that in your life's journey you will never prefer any of your brothers.

10 Be humble towards those who feel superior, and make him who humbles himself before you, because he thinks himself less, understand that he is not less than you.

11 It is necessary to exercise My teaching to understand the infinite power of love. Love is the healing power that transforms the sinful man into My disciple. Love is the very essence of eternal life.

12 Some ask me: Why is it necessary to speak to us in this form to lead us on the path of the development of the Spirit? - Verily, I tell you: This Word which you hear is the book which contains My Wisdom.

13 Why have I opened this book before you? - To reveal many secrets to man; to bring light into his darkness of ignorance.

14 In truth I tell you that the men of power do not know all things, the learned do not know all things, nor the theologians truly know Me

15 This is why I have come again as Master to mankind to enlighten your minds so that you may understand the great revelations, provided that you do not claim to reach the heights of My Wisdom, but enter My Sanctuary with reverence and humility Whoever enters in this way will be led by me as far as it is my will, and he will never experience suffering.

16 Get to the bottom of the science of this time; its fruits are bitter because men wanted to enter My secrets without awe, and how many, when they discovered the wonders of the universe to the smallest part, doubted that an omnipotence existed that created everything They are those who believe only in what they see and what they grasp with their hands; but everything that is beyond their comprehension is denied by them.

17 The knowledge that is beyond your understanding and materialism is that which I am teaching you so that you may reach your spiritual perfection.

18 Prepare yourself, mankind, so that you may free yourself from eating the bitter fruits which science prepares for you. I have always come to reveal to you the secret of true life.

19 In the Second Time, large crowds heard Me; thousands of sick people were healed by My mere touch or by hearing My caressing Word, or by My loving gaze resting on them Many of them loved and recognized Me, even if not all of them followed Me, for only twelve accompanied Me to the end. Their names are immortal by the example of perfection, virtue and sacrifice they left you. But they were not perfect when I called them; if they had been, I would not have called them to teach them.

20 Among you I find no righteous or perfect either; but by My teaching you will be able to change and do great works. Hard is the heart of mankind, but I will enlighten you on the way so that you may advance.

21 In the Second Age, when My apostles were scattered throughout the world, Peter had moments of timidity in the face of persecution, cruelty and harshness of men, and when he wanted to flee Rome to save his life, he saw the figure of Jesus, carrying the cross on his shoulders, moving towards the pagan city Peter asked his Master, "Where are you going, Lord? To which Jesus replied, "I will die for you anew". Sobbing, Peter offered His Lord to return to the womb of sinners to save them, even at the cost of his blood and life, to die like his Master.

22 To you, therefore, I say: do not wait for the year of My Farewell, 1950, to surprise you unprepared and feebly, for if you want to set out like this to spread My Teaching, you will have to despair

23 Then you will seek My Word to strengthen yourselves and will not find it Today, while I am still teaching you, you shall begin to exercise My teachings. Renew yourselves, take a step towards spiritualization. I will encourage you through works and wonders, and you will be amazed at the great revelations I will give you from Spirit to Spirit. I will astonish the material-bound scientists by revealing to them the presence of the spiritual. Everything that they have denied and that nevertheless exists will be considered by them. Then curiosity, the ambition will awaken to explore the hereafter, and this will be the time when my messengers and disciples are to appear to explain everything what I have revealed to you and are to prevent mankind from forming sects and theories around my new revelations.

24 Today is time to listen, to reflect. But when the time has come to go out to the peoples and nations, and some of you will not be able to do so, do not worry, for where you live you will be able to do many things. Leave it to your children to carry the Good News to distant places. Remember that I told you that "the first shall be last, and the last first.

25 Today the crowds come to My teaching; those who suffer most, those who have hungered and thirsted for justice, those who dream of a life of peace, remain to continue to hear My Word

26 Among these poor, uneducated and simple, I am gradually seeking out those through whom I am giving you My Word

27 The Divine Master of all times is returning to you to communicate with humanity and in this form to lead the Spirit towards the new day.

28 Prepare your minds to investigate My Word in the right way. I have already told you that it will be the spiritualists who will give a correct interpretation to the teachings that your Lord has revealed to you in this time and in the past. He who reads in my book and makes the investigation in the spiritual sense will be the one who approaches the truth.

29 In order that you may succeed in explaining this teaching truthfully, you will first have to fight among yourselves, and you will sometimes even get into confusion; but he who watches and prays and trusts Me in the midst of his inner excitement will feel that peace and quiet will enter his Spirit.

30 The winds that are unleashed will cause the trees to shed their dewy fruits and withered leaves until they are free from impurities Are you not aware that tomorrow, when you will no longer hear this word, you will be left alone on the way, teaching your brothers what you have learned from Me? I will always be in each of you, the Master will prepare the way, and the disciple will fulfill his mission.

31 I have promised you to kindle the light in men so that all should know and understand the revelations of My teaching, and this is the time when that promise has been fulfilled; this is the age man could not expect because he has strayed into a life of science, from which he has formed a new world, and in which the Spirits longed for My return, knowing that My teaching is for them their freedom, their spiritual ascent, and that through it they will obtain peace

32 Some have awaited this hour living in the "spiritual valley", others have awaited the miracle as inhabitants of this earth. Blessed are those who, like the wise virgins of the parable, knew how to wait with a burning lamp.

33 In the Second Age, too, the spirits waited anxiously for the coming of the Messiah - some in the material world, others from the spiritual dwellings, because Christ is the gate, the key, and the way, and the spirits know this.

34 In Me is the power to stir up the Spirit of mankind, and indeed, I tell you, this hour is drawing near and there will not be one who does not tremble at My call Some will awaken from the materialism which had put them to sleep, others from their blood and pleasure intoxication, still others from the sleep of their ignorance, whose night of darkness and fanaticism was very great.

35 In the moment when the spiritual light is shining in mankind, prayers will spring up from the Spirits, and they will ask their Lord what they should do to be pleasing to Him, and so be able to approach His presence.

36 Fathom my word, disciples, and you will find wisdom in its spiritual sense, so that your spirit may be taught in the love teaching of the Father; for it is your spirit to whom I speak, whom I instruct and prepare for a higher life.

37 You already know that the body is only a tool for the Spirit; the proof is that it is mortal and transitory; the Spirit, on the other hand, is destined for eternity.

38 How ignorant I find this mankind of spiritual teachings, because My Law and Teaching have been presented to them only as a moral teaching that helps them, and not as the way that leads their Spirit to the perfect home.

39 The different religions have sown in the hearts of men a false fear of spiritual knowledge, which has caused them to flee from My revelations and to sink more and more into the darkness of ignorance, giving as reason that the spiritual life is an impenetrable mystery

40 Those who claim this are lying. All the revelations that God gave man from the beginning of mankind have spoken to him of spiritual life. True, I had not given you all My teaching because you were not able to experience everything, but only when the time would have come for it; but what has been revealed to you from the Father until now is sufficient for you to have a complete knowledge of the spiritual life.

41 Beloved people: call this time happy, for in it you have had the visit of your Lord, and if you wish to mark this great event with a date, take for it the year 1866, in which Elijah confirmed to you that the hour of My presence was approaching among this people. Since that time I have been selecting my disciples so that they faithfully follow me on this way.

42 Will you follow Me, will you belong to My disciples? - Follow Me with the gentleness and trust with which Peter, Andrew, James and John followed Me, leaving behind their beloved relatives, their boats and nets, to become - as I told them - fishermen of men.

43 Today I am preparing a people so that they may bear witness to My truth. Through whom shall I reveal Myself in the world, if not through My disciples?

44 I want you to immerse yourselves deeply in My Word before you set out on the path of fulfilment. Prepare yourselves, for men are strong in their convictions. Develop yourselves both in thinking and in words and works; so you will have nothing to fear.

45 Yes, My people, I see already that you are trying to practise My teachings, to live in fulfilment of My law, to please Me with your deeds The Master blesses and encourages you to persevere in renewal so that you may attain spiritualization.

46 After having ceased My Word, you will do what My apostles of the Second Age did: they gathered to pray and in this way they received the divine Light that guided them in every step they took By means of the spiritual prayer which I taught you, they communed with their Lord, encouraged themselves in His presence and came to understand what was the will of their Master. Now you will understand why I used them as the foundation or foundation of My Church. - You know that I want to build a new temple. Who will form the foundations of this sanctuary? - I will choose the strong, the faithful in virtue, the intelligent and the helpful, for their example will be worthy of imitation.

47 The chamber of the deep secrets of your Father is ready to let his paternal inheritance overflow into the Spirit of men.

48 In your nation I have fulfilled My promise to come back to men; but that is why those who have been granted the grace to listen to My teachings should not feel privileged in comparison with the rest of mankind; for the spiritual meaning of My Word will reach all hearts in due time and say to them: be welcome, My children, who tirelessly come into My Presence to hear My Word You are the disciples chosen from the great multitude who have come to Me and your faithful heart, which firmly believes in this rallies, receives My Word and My doctrines as seeds of truth.

49 You have come with a burden of suffering and imperfection, hungry and thirsty for peace and tenderness, and the Master did not let the sight of your stains prevent Him from sitting you at His table and serving you the best meal You told the Father about all your life and the vicissitudes of the way, showing the nakedness of your Spirit, whose garment the stormy winds have ragged away. Moved, the Father brought you to the spring, where you washed away your stains. He gave you new and pure clothes, and while you were sitting around Him, He gave you the first lessons, which were for you like a kiss, like a caress, and like a drop of healing balm.

50 So I began to form in the heart of every disciple My Book of Wisdom and Love, which you must never close, for its contents are not only yours In its pages there is power for your trials and light to destroy ignorance.

51 I come to you because your brothers who possess knowledge have hidden the truth from mankind and filled their hearts with selfishness. I do not sell you My love, neither My word, nor My good deeds. I am only waiting for you to be prepared to send yourselves to the provinces and to the villages to bring the Good News of My teaching to your brothers, because all over the world there are people who await My coming. I want you to be strong enough to start the struggle until 1950, the time when I will stop communicating Me in this form.

52 I have turned you away from fanaticism and idolatry to fill your heart with the essence of My teaching, so that you may rise to your Lord and worship Him lucidly, spiritually and simply. I want you to teach your brothers as I have taught you.

53 Disciples, be united when the forces of nature rage. Then, for the sake of your good works, your exaltation, your faith and your unity, I will shower you with My wonders, which will be a testimony to the unbelievers that I am with you.

54 The revelations which the chamber of My deep secrets holds and which are kept for you are still a secret because you have not yet earned them

55 The day is not far off when I will cease to speak to you in this form; I want you to be prepared until then, that there is not a disciple who does not know how to pray to the Lord

56 The trials of life harden your Spirit; do not rebel against them and do not curse them either; for later, when the storm is over, you will weep with sorrow because you have hurt Me with your suspicion Remember that I have given you weapons so that you know how to defend yourselves; it is prayer and faith.

57 Pray, and if the storm that whips your home should succeed in pushing down its door, verily I tell you, the flame of your lamp, apparently weak, will not go out

58 When you see that those whom you have converted are going astray from the right way and throw away with contempt the bread you had offered them, your heart is filled with sorrow and you come sadly to the Master to lay down your grief with Him But the Master tells you: If it is ingratitude that guides the steps of those, do not be afraid, let them go, watch and pray for them; but if they have left you because they lacked your care and your example, you will have to answer for it before Me.

59 If some throw away bread and go away, others will come and gather the scraps of bread and will have peace and happiness with them. Those who go away will return in search of my "workers", because in the desert they will suffer hunger and thirst. You who are not sent to judge the faults of your brothers, you shall receive them with benevolence. You shall heal him who comes to you sick and feed him who comes hungry.

60 If they mistake you, though you have given them your help, forgive them. It will be I who judge their cause.

61 Your spiritual past is a mystery to you; therefore I tell you to accept your trials with gentleness, for you are in a time of judgment and spiritual atonement

62 The times when you came into the world to enjoy honours, pleasures and merriments or to accumulate riches are over; today you live in lowliness to cleanse yourselves, to rise (spiritually) through the trials and to serve your Master by being useful to your fellow men

63 Write in your heart a book of your good works, and it will give you peace in this life and infinite happiness in eternity.

64 If anyone accumulates riches in exchange for My Word and My gifts, I tell you again as in the Second Time: a camel would rather go through the eye of a needle than enter the Kingdom of Heaven How meritorious it is to see with Me those who once enjoyed earthly recognition, fame and comforts and today follow My steps full of gentleness and humility.

65 Among you there are some whom I have tested like Job. For it is not my will that the Spirits sink into inertia; I want them to be diligent on the path of life.

66 There will come a moment for everyone when the voice of the judge will question him not only about the word I have bequeathed to you as Master, but also about what you have done in the fulfilment of your task

67 Unfold your spiritual gifts of seeing, intuition and presentiment, so that it may be given to you to recognize in the symbol the trial that concerns you, and you may be able to conquer it with your prayer.

68 Let yourselves be led by my words, since you are already convinced that I am giving them to you for your good

69 These teachings seem new to you because you had forgotten them; but now in the Third Age I am giving them to you anew I have prepared a great field of work for you to which I invite you to learn to sow on it the seed of eternity which I entrust to you.

70 I train My new disciples so that through their faith and charity they may obtain power over the diseases of the Body and Spirit and over the elements of creation.

71 Understand that it is no longer timely for you to live in ignorance; today you live in the age of light, of great revelations, which My teaching offers you can you imagine the Wisdom you would have obtained if you had practically applied My Teachings from the earliest times in fulfilment of My Law? But you have given yourselves to the pleasures of the world and have stopped on the way of your spiritual development. That is why today, when I have come with My new lesson, it appears to you strange, incomprehensible and lying outside your way of life. But already thinking about one single one of my teaching speeches will be enough for you to recognize the truth of my word. Then you will see that the strange is not my teaching, but your way of living outside my law.

72 Come into My field of work; remember My teaching which you had forgotten, wipe out all bad seeds, then I will show you the teaching which you have not known until today Thus I will cause you to get rid of your standstill, of your fanaticism, to let yourselves enter into a true life, the one you should have lived from the beginning of your origin.

73 Do you notice how simple this word is, which blossoms on the lips of the word mediators? Verily, I tell you, in its simplicity it will bring light to men so that they may understand my revelations, which they were not able to comprehend with the help of science and theology.

74 It will be the good disciples, the persistent ones, the faithful ones who will fathom this teaching They too will be humble; but in spite of their simplicity they will amaze their brethren by the wisdom of their interpretations.

75 My people shall not only speak of My teachings, but with their works they shall teach mankind how to fulfill and respect My law. They are to understand without selfishness to give all that they have received from their Lord and show their zeal for the truth and purity of the treasure entrusted to them.

76 Teach your brothers with good and high works. Remember that already here you must purify your Spirit more and more, so that he may become worthy to change to another abode in his spiritual path of development.

77 Draw from my teaching the necessary strength to gradually remove the obstacles you encounter on your way. You already know that the weapon that defeats everything is love. Very great will be the bliss of him who emerges victorious from this battle and, after winning the battle, joins Me as a victorious soldier.

78 Remember that it is I who gave you the weapon of love and that I have also taught you to fight to win the great battles What then have you to seek in other ways, although I hand over everything to you on the way of truth?

79 I have made myself known through the intellect of the uneducated so that they may refresh themselves in the interpretation of My Word I succeeded in opening the eyes of the blind to the light of truth so that they may cleanse themselves from their sins when they feel loved by their Lord. Was not it promised to you since the Second Time that the day would come when every eye would see Me? He who is pure will see Me, and this will be his reward; he who has stains in his heart will see Me also, and this will be his salvation. He who opens his eyes to My light penetrates the mystery and knows the reason for My revelations. This one will take firm steps in the future in knowledge of my truth.

80 Interpret My teaching correctly; do not think that My Spirit rejoices when He sees your sufferings on earth or that I deprive you of all that is pleasant to you to delight Me in it I come to cause you to recognize and observe My laws because they are worthy of your respect and observance, and because their observance will bring you eternal happiness and peace.

81 Through Jesus I have been teaching you to give to God what is God's and to Caesar what is Caesar's; but for men of today only the "Caesar" exists and they have nothing to offer their Lord If at least you would give what is right to the world, your sufferings in it would be less; but the "Emperor" has enacted absurd laws, has made you his slaves and takes your life without giving you anything in return.

82 See how different is My Law, which enslaves neither body nor Spirit, convinces you only through love and guides you with kindness; all it gives you for free, all it rewards you and for all it compensates you throughout the whole of your life

83 Disciples, understand and study My teachings; I will form with you a people who will be the depositary of My wisdom; for everything will be prepared for you to accomplish great tasks Do not despair at the first alarm call, seek the encounter with the one who calls himself your enemy and forgive him, love him and teach him with My teachings.

84 I want you to be so prepared for the day of My farewell. You all know that 1950 is the date indicated by my will when I cease to communicate myself through the mind of the voter, and since my word is always fulfilled, on that day this rallies will come to an end, which for you marked the beginning of the Third Age.

85 Do not try to change this date and do not in any way try to keep the rallies of my word in this form or that of the spiritual world. Already now I tell you that those who would act in this way will no longer be enlightened by the light of the master.

86 Why should you commit such a desecration when I have announced and promised you that after this time you will unite with Me from Spirit to Spirit, even if you have not been voice bearers?

87 I also tell you at this moment that the prophets of this time have the duty to prepare themselves because their task is to make the great multitude aware in advance of the trials that await them. great prophecies I will reveal to them so that they may help you not to fall into temptation

My peace be with you!

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