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Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 30:

1 In the teachings I give you, I have called you "people of Israel" or "seed of Jacob" and as you gradually understand My teachings, you have become aware that you belong spiritually to the lineage of that ancient people, chosen from among the nations of the earth to fulfil the mission of transmitting My revelations to mankind

2 The seed I entrusted to Jacob concerns the Spirit and not the body, as men have wrongly assumed. For I tell you If the inheritance that the first patriarchs left to Israel had been physical, it would still produce prophets, messengers and enlightened ones. Instead - see how that people carry chains of spiritual and material misery, knowing that they can no longer hope for the coming of a Messiah, because they have understood that the one who was promised to them lived in the bosom of their people and was not recognized.

3 The Spirit of Israel as a race has fallen asleep, immersed in a dream that has lasted for centuries, and it cannot see the truth, because it has lived only for the joys of the world, expecting to obtain here its Promised Land, its judgment and its glory. But do not think that its sleep will be eternal. No, now that misery, pain and humiliation have been drunk by that people as a new cup of suffering, his Spirit begins to awaken and find his way through reflection, gradually discovering that all the prophecies and signs that announced the coming of the Messiah to him were faithfully fulfilled in Christ.

4 Not far away is his awakening in the most comprehensive way; already his spiritual dawn is approaching. But before that, he will experience the destruction of the materialism of mankind because of his ambitious aspirations, his selfishness, and his base passions.

5 When that people becomes convinced that the kingdom of true peace and grace is not on earth, they will seek Christ, the outcast, the misunderstood, and say to Him, "Master, you were right, freedom is only in those who love spiritualization. For we, who have striven for material goods, have thereby only achieved to become slaves.

6 When this confession to me arises from those hearts, I will make my new prophets appear among them, who will help them to prepare themselves for the way of spiritualization, which will be that of their liberation. Do not be surprised that those who have stopped in their development through centuries succeed in a short time to cover the way for which others who preceded them took so long, and that they even overtake them.

Do not forget that many of them possess a Spirit sent to earth from the earliest times, and that once their atonement is completed, they will again take their place among those chosen by the Lord to bring light to their brethren from all nations.

7 When those who bear the name of "Israel" because of their race meet those who are by the Spirit in the same way, both will be united, because they will realize that they both belong to that blessed seed which rose up through the prophets, through the patriarchs of the First Times, and which was doused with the blood of the Redeemer, to blossom in this time of light in which you listen to Me. Now you have Me with you in Spirit, even if you sometimes doubt it and say, "How can I believe that the Master is in communication with us, using for this purpose such an imperfect and poor mediator? - but it is not the first time that you doubt My Presence among you; also in the Second Time, people said: "how can the carpenter's son be the expected Messiah?

8 My children, you cannot enter into My high councils. but now that I am enlightening you the mysteries you have not understood - open your senses and your hearts so that you may know the deeper meaning of many divine rallies, as your Lord deems it good to reveal to you

9 In the Second Time, when someone asked among My disciples or among the multitudes who followed Me whether I might return to you, I had no reason to hide it from them and I explained to them that My return would be in a time of great trials for mankind, preceded by great events and upheavals in the different areas of your life

10 That promise I made to you I have fulfilled, for none of the preceding signs were missing, nor were any of the events announced Nevertheless mankind, sunk in spiritual lethargy, has let the signs of my presence pass among men unnoticed.

11 No one was expecting Me; I found your hearts cold, the lamp of love went out You slept a sleep that lasted several centuries. Only a few awoke at the call of the messenger of the Lord who approached you to announce to you that I was knocking at your heart doors.

12 My first rallies took place one night while men were sleeping, just as on that night when I became man to live among you. If there were few who received Me on that occasion, even fewer were present at My new appearance. But do not take my words as an accusation, because there is none: I am the perfect love, which always enlivens you.

13 I have come to show you the way that is to lead you in the midst of this vast sea of wickedness towards your salvation But months and even years have passed since the moment of my first rallies, and since then the "wanderers" - one after another - have come in search of the presence of the Master, and today it is not a few who are present at my rallies, now they form great crowds.

14 Do not believe that all who listen to me are convinced of this truth. - No. - While for some this work is the greatest thing that animates their heart, for others it is something they cannot comprehend, and then they judge, analyse and investigate, and if they do not find the truth in the form they desire, they demand proofs from me to believe, just as Thomas did. Then I said to them: Do not put me to the test; I give you enough proofs of my presence, of my truth and my love. - But they insist on their demand and say, "If the Master in the Second Time, when He was already in Spirit, materialized before Thomas, to give proof of his unbelief, - why does He not now do us, the unbelievers, the favor of materializing before us, even if only for a moment?

* take visible form

15 Yes, My children, you would be right to ask Me for proofs if your immaturity corresponded to reality and your ignorance was true But you carry within you a developed Spirit who needs no material proofs to believe. What you must do is to dematerialize* yourself, then you will realize that you are able to understand My new teachings, and that it is not necessary for me to materialize My presence.

* spiritualize

16 Believe in me because of the spiritual meaning of my word; it is clear and will not confuse you Remember that I told you already at that time: "The tree is recognized by its fruit. Now I tell you: My word will be recognized by its spiritual meaning.

17 Many times people have wondered why Jesus, even after he was crucified, let himself be seen by the sinner Magdalene and then went to visit His disciples, but they know nothing of the fact that He visited His mother. Then I tell you that it was not necessary to make Myself known to Mary in the same way as I did to those. For the connection between Christ and Mary has always existed, even before the world was.

18 Through Jesus, I revealed Myself to mankind to save sinners and I let myself be contemplated by them after the Crucifixion to revive the faith of those who needed Me But truly, I tell you, Mary - as man my loving mother - did not need to wash herself from any stain, and she could not have any lack of faith at all, because she knew who Christ was, even before she offered her maternal womb to Him.

19 It was not necessary to humanize My Spirit to visit those who, with the same purity and gentleness with which she received Me in her womb, gave Me back to the Kingdom from which I had come But who could know the form in which I spoke to her in her solitude and the divine caress with which My Spirit surrounded her?

20 Thus I answer those who have asked me this question, because they often thought that the first visit of Jesus to His Mother should have been

21 How different the form in which I made myself known to Mary had to be from the one I used to make myself felt to Magdalene and My disciples!

22 Mary felt me in her Spirit. Mary did not mourn Me, nor did she mourn the death of Jesus. Her pain was for all mankind, whom she received at the foot of her Son's Cross as a divine gift of the Eternal, and for whom she offered the purity of her body and blood so that The Word might become man.

23 But when I, on the way to Emmaus, caught up some of My disciples, they, although they saw Me, did not recognize in that wanderer their Master until I made them hear My divine Word And when Thomas saw me, he had the wound at my side shown to him, to convince himself that the one he thought dead was in fact alive. For I have come to this: to bring about that the one is born to faith and the other rises again to him.

24 Today I wanted not only to reveal My message to you, but also to teach you the best way to make it known.

25 During the time of My preaching, I helped your soul in its development by removing hardships, softening characters that disciples raised to dedicate their heart to charity, to the fulfilment of My Commandment which I have repeated to you so many times when I told you: "love one another"; I have been telling you for a long time that you should not be afraid of My Message But although the time has not yet come for you to begin spreading My Word because you have not obtained the necessary armament, I have granted to all those who drink from this fountain of health, morals and life, that they may begin to practice My divine teachings so that they may be trained and hardened for the coming struggle, so that with their good works they may convince new hearts which will later be workers and new sowers in the Lord's fields.

26 Today I see that while some are too timid and secretive, others are instead boastful. But I do not want you to fall into one of these extremes. I don't want the fear of your neighbor's judgments to cause you to hide, because that would prove that you lack faith in My teaching, and if you have no faith in the power contained in the seed you want to pass on - how will the harvest of your seed be?

27 But fear that your bad behaviour may harm you among your brothers But as long as you have purity in your lives, you are to appear worthy, preach My Word and acquaint your fellow men with My teaching.

28 Do not boast about your gifts and your knowledge of the truth you have. I tell you that if you would do this, you would expose yourselves to the danger of being subjected to great trials by your brethren.

29 I have not given you My word to proclaim it in the streets and places. Jesus did this, but He knew how to answer any question and to test those who tried to test Him.

30 You are small and weak, therefore you must not provoke the wrath of your brothers. Do not try to draw attention to yourselves, think that you have nothing special. Nor seek to prove to men that all are in error and that only you know the truth, for in this way you will not do good with your seed.

31 If you want to develop spiritually and morally, do not judge the faults of your brethren so as not to fall into the same error. Improve your imperfections, pray humbly to your Master that you may be inspired by His meekness, and remember His advice never to make known your good works, so that your left hand never knows what your right hand has done.

32 I also tell you that it is not necessary to go to men to speak to them about My Teaching, for My Mercy will bring to you those in need of your help But if there are moments when, in fulfilment of My law, you should feel the need to do a work of charity and you have no needy person near you, do not be troubled therefore and do not doubt My word. This will be just the hour when you shall pray for your absent brethren, who will receive my mercy if you truly have faith.

33 Strive not to know more than your brethren. Understand that all of you will gain knowledge according to your development. If I were to grant you My light without merit, you would think yourselves great and would be corrupted in your vanity, and your wisdom would be false.

34 I will see you humble. But to be so before me, you must also manifest it to your neighbor.

35 Disciples, love and wisdom are never separate; the one is part of the other. How is it that some seek to separate these two virtues? Both are the key that opens the gates of the sanctuary that will enable you to come to the full knowledge of My teaching.

36 I have told you: would you like to have many friends? - then make use of goodness, tenderness, forbearance and mercy For only with the help of these virtues will your Spirit be able to shine on the path of your neighbor, since they are all direct expressions of love. For the Spirit contains love in its innermost being, since it is divine spark, and God is love.

37 With my teaching I form you spiritually so that you take part in the spiritual banquet, where you can enjoy the food of wisdom and perfect love.

38 Understand that it is your destiny to live as I taught you, that is, in humility, in love, in spiritualization, and that in doing so you allow an inexhaustible stream of charity to flow through your being.

39 In my teaching I show you a wide horizon and if you arrange your life similar to the one that was mine, be assured that you will come to true rest in my kingdom

40 My work assures you eternal happiness in your Spirit. Have you not heard in your heart a sweet and harmonious voice speaking to you every time you do good, every time you give consolation, every time you generously grant forgiveness? Who is he who speaks to you in this way within you and rewards your goodness? - It is your Master who does not separate from His disciples.

41 With these teachings I make you understand that virtues are the only goods that can adorn your soul I also tell you that you can compare the errors, the transgressions, and the evil feelings with rags with which you sometimes cover your soul. I want to see you pure and adorned, for you will not be able to shine with rags of misery in your father's universal palace.

42 The good works are the crystal-clear water with which the souls are purified. Make use of it!

43 I speak to you in this way so that you may understand that you are outside your kingdom, and that you must return to it; for God is waiting for you.

44 I will make every man an apostle, and every apostle a master. For I love you with infinite love, and before a single one of you is lost, I would rather feel on My Spirit all the pain that exists and has existed in mankind.

45 In your heart you tell Me: "Master, so much do you love us? but I tell you that you cannot yet comprehend My Love, but that it should be enough for you to know that every child that returns to God is a treasure that returns to the Father - I must point out to you that everything will return to the bosom of God. All the fruits that have come forth from the creative seed will return to His granary.

46 O beloved disciples, work on yourselves so that you may desire with strong faith to come to the true temple, which is built in your inner being by My mercy. For there you will find me, and I will accompany you on your path of development to me.

47 It is I who leads you, because I am perfect. I always know where I go and where I bring you. I am the Good Shepherd who protects you, caresses you and loves you in such a way that I did not hesitate for a moment to give you, with My sacrifice on the Cross, the teaching that will lead you to true life.

48 People believed that if they took Jesus' life they would destroy My teaching without knowing that they were thereby participating in My glorification

49 I have returned to mankind and will make myself known in these places of assembly until 1950 through men of low intellect, who are destined through Me for this task. While I am in communication with you in this form, I will await the coming of the scholars who will question and deny Me.

50 This Word, simple and humble in form but deep in meaning, will again confuse the scholars in their arrogance and vanity, proving to them that the teaching of Christ the Savior cannot be erased because He is life.

51 No one will be able to put an end with me; I will awaken to new life, just as I rose from the dead in those days, after a people had cast me out of their bosom and condemned me to an ignominious death But when I now appear anew in this world, it happens because I love you all.

52 O scholars, philosophers and doctors! You will learn that I am your Lord when you come to explore Me, for you will experience how I answer your evil and malicious questions, and you will fall silent at My counter-questions. But when you are repentant and despondent, I will give you these without you asking me for proofs, and these proofs will consist of love and forgiveness.

53 I am the only one who can solve your conflicts, who truly heals your sicknesses, caresses the children and blesses the old, who, when He speaks to man, caresses and enlightens his Spirit. The people and the centuries will pass, but not My Trinitarian-Marian Spiritual Work.

Verily, I tell you, this work, which is My law and My teaching, will enlighten mankind. Do not doubt My wisdom and no longer challenge My justice. If I accepted your challenge, a faint breath of My natural forces would be enough in My turn to turn your science and your theories into dust or into nothing. Do not seek me as judge, seek me as father, for I am love.

54 O beloved people, whose task it is to spread My Word among men who today are petrified by their materialism - learn to love them and always have compassion on those who do not understand My teachings of infinite love

55 Close your lips to gossip, mockery, judging or criticizing Put this double-edged sword in its sheath, the one on the right and the one on the left, when you swing it. If you want to fight in my name, seize the sword of love.

56 Close your lips, that they may not speak blasphemy or cause shame anew. Instead, open your eyes so that you may discover evil and separate yourselves from it. But do not condemn your brothers and sisters, humanity, because you belong to it and suffer from the same infirmities. When your lips and heart are purified in the waters of repentance and good works, they will begin to speak with the truth of My Word, which I will give you.

57 If you would speak about My teaching without having first renewed and prepared yourselves, instead of awakening faith in hearts, you will only receive the mockery of those who are informed of your faults On the other hand, if mockery and criticism reach your hearts after you have "watched" and prayed, they will not be able to hurt you because you have already protected yourselves with the weapons I gave you, which are patience, mercy, gentleness and love.

58 Be humble, then those who love you will do so in truth if you have not attained that armament of Spirit and body, it would be better for you not to start preaching My Word, for you will not succeed in sowing My seed with the purity I have given you and it will always be mixed with your imperfections Before you sow, you must research My teaching and study it so that you may be able to understand and follow My teaching.

59 If you know how to accept the blow on the right cheek and offer the left one to your offender as a sign of forgiveness, love and humility, you can trust that you will begin to become My disciples Only when forgiveness appears among men will their fratricidal wars cease and the unity of all nations begin.

60 With these teachings I want to prevent that you one day become hypocrites, that you talk about love, selfless help and spiritualization and do just the opposite with your works. I tell you this because there are some among you who trumpet that they love Me; but in their hearts is no love for their brethren.

61 I want you to be sincere in spiritual and material things so that I may call you My worthy children. for otherwise My Voice will irreconcilably reach your Spirit and call you hypocrites, as I called in the Second Age the sect of the Pharisees, who were the living image of a tomb - painted white on the outside, polished and covered with flowers, but inside it only harbouring rot and death

62 I hear those who say to me, "Master, we consider the test to be very hard, to turn the left cheek to him who struck us on the right. Nevertheless, we want to be your disciples.

63 O people who, in hearing My Word, always grasp the same thing in its material sense, without pausing to understand it in its spiritual sense. I tell you that just as you can be struck on the cheek, so can you be hurt in your heart, morally, or even in your soul. But you are not to believe that this trial that I demand of you is the greatest you can bear. In this Third Age I demand a little more from you when I ask you in My Teaching Word: If your father's murderer saw himself persecuted by human justice and knocked at your doors to ask you for protection, would you give him shelter without betraying him, as a sign of forgiveness?

64 This is the trial I am now asking of all those who want to be disciples of the Holy Spirit in this time

65 If you let these teachings become a deed - verily, I tell you, you will earn a high reward But you must not expect the reward while you are in this world.

Once again I inculcate you not to judge the actions of your brethren, for as your judgment would be, so will your condemnation be. Leave the matter to me, whether just or unjust, known or unknown, since I will give your brethren what is due to them and you what is due to you.

66 Be humble in all actions of your life, feel ignorant of the prudence of your fellow men.

67 Blessed is he who prepares himself, for he will hear me in truth. Blessed is he who purifies himself and obeys the commandments of his Lord, for he will see me. "Blessed are the spiritual poor, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

My peace be with you!

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