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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 42:

1 I remove from your path the obstacles that might hinder your work in my fields; for you are the chosen ones to fulfil this mission, you are to make known to mankind the truth of my teaching - Be strong! For I have seen that you lack faith, that you let yourselves be defeated by discouragement and do not rise from your falls with determination. You again doubt, as you did in the Second Time, and to believe, you ask me for material proofs, which I am not allowed to grant you. Do not be like the scribes and priests who, with the writings in their hands, thought that My coming among the people of that time would take place in a very definite form, and when they saw that the execution of My mission was in a different form of revelation than that which they expected, they doubted. Because the miracles, which they demanded, were not granted to them because the way was already marked out by me and everything was completed as it was written from eternity.

2 You doubt because your heart is not prepared. You did not know my prophecies, and very few have fathomed and understood my revelations in all their truth. But even if your heart was ignorant - the Spirit foreboded that I would have to come to you once more, and today My Word shapes you like a fine chisel and proves to you the truth of My rallies. Verily, I say to you, you must not subject your Father to trial. Pray and immerse yourselves in deep contemplation. It is now time for you to return to Me and to draw near to your Creator and reunite with Him.

3 Remember that if you have wept on earth, it is not I who caused you this suffering. I did not delight in your atonement, nor have I been indifferent to your pain; I only wanted to shape and uplift your Spirit. I have always loved you and always forgiven you.

4 Penetrate into the meaning of My Word and discover all that I want to express to you through the clumsy lips of the voice bearer But seek to hear me not only through their mediation: I have taught you perfect prayer so that you may attain the Spirit to Spirit communion with your Father, through which you may speak to Me in the language that corresponds to the Spirit and receive My wise and loving answers.

5 Why do you ignore My work of spiritualization and ignore the voice of conscience that speaks to you within? why do you believe only human words and judgments and allow the Spirit who lives in his time* to wither like flowers under a scorching sun when they lack irrigation?

* In the dawning age of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God who comes to rule in man.

6 The children will unite with Me, will receive My Messages and amaze you with their progress They will teach you in My love teaching and their convictions will be firm. But do not feel humbled for this! - When you see in the bosom of your home that they give proofs of spiritualization, direct their steps. Let them rejoice and be raptured in the contemplation of the high regions where the righteous live; and they will feel during their rapture that they are near Me, and will forget their pains.

7 Do you not see the patience and also the sorrow in your Father in view of the slow awakening of His children? My Father's love leads you to peace, the visitations show mankind the narrow way that leads to Me. On this path you all must reunite with your Creator.

8 Among you are the "workers" who love mankind and who fight to bring the light to it. Today, full of faith, they lay down with Me the fruit of their labor. There is the "child" who has listened to my teaching, and who has taken over the part of the work that belongs to him, and who today offers me the first-fruits of his spiritual seed. His prayer is an imploring plea for peace for his brothers in man. It is not enough for him to be happy that his nation is at peace; the lamentations of people whom he does not know but whom he knows are suffering reach him. With a moved Spirit he prays for his brothers, and I tell him that this peace will come when the visitation has left its seed in the hearts of those who suffer today, and when the pain has purified their soul.

9 You remember, while you are hearing My Word, that in the moments of joy when you rise to Me to be near Me, many of your brothers are falling on the battlefields, that many mothers saw their son divorced and their heart torn apart by pain, that many children are crying about being abandoned by their parents and are all struggling in pain I tell you, you do not know what time you have entered, for this is a time of atonement and hard trials.

You as My disciples feel the obligation to pray so that peace and consolation may descend upon your brothers. But I ask you whether you understood how to make use of the peace I have granted you?

10 Why do the fathers complain when they feel that the family is a heavy cross to bear on their shoulders and why are others sick of their souls although I am so close to them? - This is because they lacked faith and trust in Me, and were unable to renew themselves.

11 You of the people of Israel, do not sin, but save sinners, enlighten those who are in error, and if you want to keep your peace, work for them, honour your parents, consider yourselves all as brothers Love one another!

12 Whenever you approach Me, you feel that My Love strengthens your Spirit and your body. You also know that when you depart, peace departs from you and your Spirit grieves. Your conscience always tells you with full truth whether you are on the way of the law or whether you have deviated from it. I am the law and always encourage you to fulfill the same.

13 If you insist on enjoying the forbidden pleasures, I allow you to know and understand by your own experience that this cup always causes you pain After a trap you see your error and return to Me with the request that this pain serve your atonement.

14 Learn to prepare the hearts that yearn to know My Word and that you may speak without fear. When selfishness takes root in your heart, you can give nothing. Visualize the love and mercy with which I speak to all My children and give to your brothers with the same love.

15 The time is already approaching when I will send you to the countries and nations to bring My Light But you must prepare yourselves by studying and fathoming My teaching and bearing witness to your brothers with your works of love and mercy on your brothers of the truths it contains. I do not want you later to bemoan the time you have missed because you have not known how to use my teaching, for great afflictions will come. Many will lament that they have not heard Me and have not believed Me, and some will already be "in the Spirit" in 1950.

16 Some of My children weep when they hear My Word; may these tears serve to cleanse those who have defiled themselves!

17 You who listen to Me - do My Will as you did in the First and Second Times; for you are the same Spirits who have been evolving from one time to another and when you have reached the end of your atonement, you will come to Me so as not to be born again into this world Many times have I told you: If I had come in the flesh in this time to give you My Word, as I did in the Second Time, I would have been led to martyrdom again. This lesson is over, and today I give you the one that is appropriate for this time. Understand that the form in which I manifest myself when I communicate myself through the minds of men is another proof of my love for you.

Those who serve me bear a heavy cross, and for this reason, because they follow me, they will suffer, they will be misjudged and mocked. But I will protect their Spirit, and later, when they have finished their mission, I will give them rest and peace.

18 Today you are asking Me for your body shell; but I tell you Rather ask for your Spirit, for the rest I give you on top of it.

19 Remember that you are only travellers on earth, that on your long journey you have experienced pain and stumbled through sin, and that only after you have fallen, without finding a helping hand to lift you up, have you remembered that there is a kind Father in the beyond who is ready to give you all that you need and that in Him you can find recovery from your ills - not only from those who make your body sick, but also from those who afflict your soul, who are like a painful burden that depresses you.

20 O beloved children! You did not want to lift up your Spirit, did not want to give him the time necessary to reflect and to fulfill his duties. Consider how many gifts are in you; nothing is lacking for you to reach the top of the mountain where your Father awaits you to give you your reward. You are all enlightened and prepared to know the revelations of this time. When you spiritualize, not only will you be able to work in this world, but I will allow you to move to other regions where your brothers live, and there, as good workers, you will also sow the seeds of love and mercy that your Father has entrusted to you.

21 Do not be satisfied with the first lesson you have received. Go further, seek My word, recognize its spiritual meaning so that you may speak to your brothers with conviction. Fear not the judgment or mockery of men. What fault can they accuse you of if you have sincerity in your heart and show righteousness in all your deeds?

22 It gives Me joy to receive the innocent and good hearts who implore My help, those who seek Me as the physician of doctors. But I also see with pleasure that you forget your sufferings to present to Me your brothers in need, whom you have transformed with My teaching. I bless those who have alleviated sufferings and shared pain, and give them strength to fulfill My commandment which tells you: Love one another.

23 I have seen how some of My children doubt Me and do not allow their Spirit to develop His gifts; and when it was necessary to speak to men of My teaching, they kept silent, not heeding that I said that I will speak through all those who are prepared and if they do not exist, I will speak through the natural forces of My creation

24 To my children who walk the earth without realising their high destiny, I say: when do you intend to fulfil your mission? If you sleep today, you will wake up tomorrow in the hereafter and weep for the time missed. You will ask me to be allowed to return to earth; but then your atonement will be very painful.

25 When you hear that the Master warns you, and when you judge your works in the light of your conscience, you find that the seed I have given you has not multiplied. And I ask you: How will you train the new disciples who will come in search of this inheritance if you cannot testify with your works to the teaching I have given you?

26 On the first day of 1939, I announced to you the war that was approaching; you have come to know palpably the destruction and chaos into which many nations have thrown themselves; I am telling you that you have not been able to see it You have seen one war after another pass by, and still you are not aware of the time in which you live. In the coming years you will experience a great division among the nations.

27 The strong will face the strong, and in this battle they will lose their power and bow down. Meanwhile, many spirits will lose their bodies and enter the Spirit Valley with the dismay and pain of not having prepared their return to Me. But on their way they will meet Elijah, who shows them the way to atonement (their guilt).

28 Today I announce to you that the time is near in which great Spirits will come to earth to work for peace and the higher development of mankind. Prepare the way for these generations.

29 Blessed are those who have believed when they heard My Word; but I tell you further: blessed are those who believe without having heard Me and have a temple in their heart, who love and intercede for their brethren and whose faith is like a fiery flame that illuminates the way of their atonement: for they will see Me through their faith

30 Today you stand by the fountain of grace to quench your thirst and you remember My Words in which I told you: "whoever drinks of this water will never thirst again". Your thirst in this time is that for light, for truth and for peace. You know only the pain and the

Falseness and seek a balm that will heal your wounds and restore your hope: Here I am, and I receive your heart and comfort it. Impatiently awaiting the days when I give you My Word, you tell Me: "Father, only in this moment does My Spirit find rest, and raised up to you I forget what belongs to the world and feel that the peace of Your Spirit flows through my being.

31 Blessed are you who have realized that this is the time of grace in which My teachings guide you and help you in your reparation If you can hear Me and remain within My laws, there will be no human power to hurt you and you will feel caressed and guided by the Father.

32 Although you did not seek me in the past, you know today that the hour of your awakening was set for My truth, and that I was waiting for you to bring your inheritance to your notice now that you have received My blessings, you gratefully ask Me to grant you to be My workers, and I allow it because I have sent you to earth to learn the Good News and spread it among men

But to gain knowledge and the unfolding of the spiritual gifts with which you are endowed, you must first fight against your materialization, against your sin and weakness; and when you then feel that you have prepared yourselves and purified yourselves through your atonement, carry your love for your brothers as a jewel of inestimable value.

33 You have not come to earth to pay tribute to the world; your obligation is higher, the task as a disciple of your Father awaits you. And when you have fought to spread My teaching, and your feet are wounded by thistles, and your clothes are torn because of the long journey, come to Me. Do not be afraid to come naked, without footwear and without provisions for the journey. For when you have distributed everything among your brethren, I will give you back what you have left to them, and I will shower you with graces for the love and benefits you have bestowed on them.

34 A great battle awaits you, in which the fulfillment of your task will not make your Spirit feel any weariness; for you will be supported by the Good Shepherd and by the spiritual world. If you love Me, if you have faith, the work will be easy for you. I will overcome the unbelief of the unruly spirits and they will listen to you. Others will not know this light in the present incarnation; for I have already announced to you that not all who live today in the material body will know the light of this teaching of the Third Age. Many will have to go to the spiritual valley, and from there they will contemplate and believe in this work of love. Those who heard me and did not understand my word nor recognized my will, will work "in the Spirit" and so fulfill their mission.

35 Although My teaching is clearly understood, you have not all fathomed and understood it you have not nourished yourselves from this fruit which I have offered you in this time I told you that every tree is known by its fruit and the "taste" of My Word is sweet and its essence enlivens the Spirit; but you did not want to know its truth; I have not given you the opportunity to know its truth

36 You have been fragile boats in the midst of an angry sea, and have often let your faith go out. you do not feel Me although you know that I am with you and I have told you many times that your eyelashes are farther from your eyes than My Spirit is from yours

37 Watch out, for the wolf in sheep's clothing is always lurking to outwit you. If you already plan to share this divine love and mercy with your brothers, temptation will come to you and make you change your mind.

38 When you see your brethren, who are attached to another teaching, pointing out your errors and teaching you, be humble, listen to their words; for My inspiration comes to every one who prepares, and you do not know if it is not My Will to use them to correct you From all walks of life I have chosen My disciples - those who begged to bring the bread to their mouths; but there are others who lived a comfortable life and whom I have called. But without understanding the treasure they have received, they are ashamed to belong to this people.

39 I forgive your sins, even if you have sinned with the consciousness of committing a transgression, and always show you the way by which you are to come to Me. Can the child show himself before the Father with a stained soul and without good works? - His conscience will tell him that he can come to Me only after he has fulfilled (his task).

40 Understand that every moment that passes shortens the time in which I will give you My word. Use it so that you may not weep tomorrow over the teaching you have missed.

41 Consider that you must fulfill the commission to bring the Good News to your brothers, as there was someone in your way who called you. Who can forget him who spoke to you of My words and led you into My presence? Would you not like someone to remember you in love and gratitude?

42 Persevere in goodness, let your heart be purified in virtue, and you will experience the unfolding of your spiritual gifts Do not retreat, for otherwise you will feel as if these gifts have left you.

43 The time has come not only for you to ask, but for you to understand how to ask, so that you may not say, "Father, I have asked many things and received nothing.

44 Do not forget that I have more to give you than you can ask from Me, and that while you ask the Father to give you, I ask that you understand how to receive.

45 Belong to My good disciples, to those who tackle their task with true love and true faith If yesterday you walked on uncertain and forbidden paths, today you must walk on the way of My Law. If in the past, in your blindness, you raised your hand to wound your neighbor, strive now that this very hand may learn to caress with tenderness. If yesterday you sowed the seed of hatred or evil in your life, now become sowers of the seed of peace and brotherhood.

46 Verily, I tell you, whoever remembers your actions of yesterday and sees you now transformed into My disciples will have to recognise that your faith is based on truth and you will not have to speak much to convince those you are trying to teach, for your works will be the best testimony you give to your brothers

47 To mothers I say: Teach the children to take their first steps in the material as well as in the spiritual. Make their way easier for them so that they may find Me, love Me, and rise (spiritually). Be aware that in every new generation that grows up among you, the spiritual progress it achieves will be ever greater. Make use of intuition to guide them, and do not give them bad examples or deaf fruit for (spiritual) nourishment.

48 I do not want these new generations to stumble or go astray through your fault. I do not want to see them weeping because there is a lack of love among their own.

49 Today, seeing your Spirit humbled, I give him My new commandments. In the past times you all dreamed of power, of wealth, of the glory of the world and of merriment. Then you cried out against Jesus: "Crucify him! Because Christ preached humility and taught you to renounce everything unnecessary. Today you are content with a little peace, with a piece of bread and a solid roof. Life with its lessons has made you humble, and through this your Spirit has succeeded in freeing itself.

50 As long as man possesses the apparent peace which the world gives him, and he believes to possess everything, he will not approach Me. But when mankind reaches true spiritualization, it will possess everything, and its refreshment and bliss will be deep and true, just as the Father delights and rejoices in everything He has created.

51 My love for the Father looks upon you, O people of Israel, and judges your works. The divine judgment has already taken hold of all beings, and no one escapes it.

52 I wanted only peace and well-being for My children, but they have sought pain, purification, because My Law does not tolerate imperfections and therefore everyone who has defiled himself must purify himself and everyone who has strayed from the Path must return to it. You see from this nation the whirlwind that whips and destroys peoples on its path, and you are neither shaken nor do you appreciate the peace you enjoy, nor do you recognize the privileges I granted you. And not satisfied with my will, you consider your trials unjust and turn against me. - I wait until you have passed through this world to judge your own lives. Then you will be irreconcilable judges of your soul and will see in Me only the Father who forgives, who blesses and loves.

53 You are worn out by your constant disobedience, and the result of it makes you weep. You have slept for a long time, and your awakening will be bitter. I have promised mankind that I will send an army consisting of one hundred and forty-four thousand beings, which will be scattered all over the world, and they are waiting for it because they know that each of these soldiers is a proclaimer, an interpreter of My commandments.

54 After the earth has been ravaged from one pole to another and all nations, all institutions and all homes have been judged to their roots, and after mankind has washed away every stain of shame, you shall go out prepared in My name to bring My teaching to your brothers.

55 I, the Father, have wept over this mankind when I saw them reaching the greatest heights of corruption, deliberately ignoring My Words and defiling My Laws But the

Hour of her reflection is already approaching, and on that day I will pour out on her everything what I have ready for her, because she is my much beloved daughter.

56 Those who believe in me will see me before those who doubt. how many times have I knocked on your heart and you have not heard nor felt My presence! I only want to tell you to mend your ways and enter this time of light and grace louder. And if you possess My seed, sow it and turn the dry fields into fertile ones, and your prayer shall be the fruitful irrigation.

57 Love yourselves and live in peace in your home. For I have seen that out of five (persons) who form a family, two are against three and three against two.

58 When you see yourselves separated from the beings who were flesh from your flesh and are afterward in the Spiritual Valley, do not forget them, join yourselves to them by your prayer and help them. If you feel that they have stopped, encourage them to work and lift up their Spirit. Remember how short your life on earth is; therefore use your abilities and powers and do great works that will redeem you and bring salvation.

59 I give you the bread of the Spirit, you seek material bread; but just as you eagerly seek your rest and physical well-being, so seek spiritual progress. Your cross is not heavy; if I showed you how to climb up the hill of Calvary, carrying the cross of toil, suffering and sins of all mankind - why then should you, to whom I have entrusted (only) a small group, not be able to climb up? But if under his weight your powers fail you, you have me as helper, and I will not let you fall.

60 The pain you so much flee is an inexhaustible fountain of purification and renewal for the soul. You yourselves have often experienced that after an affliction you feel relieved, purified and at peace with your conscience.

61 This Word will restore the Spirit to the inhabitants of those nations that are today exhausted by suffering. but I tell you that they will find Me soon, very soon, with open arms like on the cross, waiting for them to embrace them lovingly and bring them into My Kingdom of Peace

My peace be with you!

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