The fruits of the Tree

Anna Maria has set the alarm clock, and got up at 4:30 am. She sits down and gathers. It passes a little while, until she has entered the inner room and can hear the voice of the Lord.
How to listen?
By gathering and showing a pure, perfect interest in getting answers that you can not find otherwise, or getting revealed a previously-kept secret that you could not air; by then leaving everything else aside and listening patiently and waiting for an answer to be felt within oneself. This can be a keyword, it can be phrases, it can also be deep feelings associated with it, it can be combined with your own experience, your own knowledge, so you get a meaning.
At 4:30 am, the following words form inside:
"Recommend my recommendations."
(of material man leads to)
"Union" (to spiritual communication from mind to mind, which unfolds its full effect even if it does not consist of words, if it is an inspiration or intuition or a feeling.) It is understood by the mind of God and the mind of man implemented)
Then the father says:
"Trump. They hate him.
They are not allowed to take their children to parliament or they will die.
They must not believe that they were not brought up that way. "
Anna Maria thinks that was a good idea to get up at 4:30 am. Heat expands in her and a deep feeling and loving.
Then the Lord says:
"You see, it's true. I can tell you everything if you just bother to sit patiently for 2 hours. "
Anna Maria wants to know: Are our children with you when you are in parliament and govern?
"We are everywhere. Hemisphere. They learn how to handle it. "
And is my spirit also there?
"Cook. Organic."
I cook. Aah! Organic? I cook here, yes.
"You and your husband, you are at peace."
Yes. That would be done. It was a tough job. But at Christmas, when we will be with his parents, I can not keep the 2 hours.
"We command!" Says the father energetically.
"Breeding program. The serpent is me. I tore you over the mountain myself. Naturally. That is the goal."
So you penetrate snaking? Spiritually with the ether?
 "Semipermeable membrane"
What is in the ether (in the breath) is so fine that it can penetrate the semipermeable membrane and nest and grow; it is the spirit of God; it is the divine spark!

From "HOSTA" quote:
20.9.2017 1 o'clock
"Missiles. Three days. Do not post.  Otherwise, they immediately change their plans again. Bar. I did not say so much. Move forward. Do not shrink. Isolated. Doesnt matter. The birth is now. "
i.e. John 12: 1-2 the constellation of the Virgin in the Lion, directly above Jerusalem, with 12 stars above her head (otherwise this constellation has only 9 stars) clothed with the sun (sun is above the shoulder area) the moon under her feet - and another sign appeared in the sky, the great dragon, the old serpent, and the child were taken to the throne of God.
Jesus: "I want a whole sheepfold full of children."
"Listen. I'm your only master. "
Quote end  
 The Revelation 12 Sign in 5 Minutes! September 23 2017 Alignment Explained
What you need to know   

Christmas story from the James gospel after Jakob Lorber
4.12. "O Lord! You eternal Saint of Israel, give me, your poor maid, but a sign, when this will happen, so that I may praise and praise thee! "
4.13. At these words Mary was stirred by a light breath of ether, and a gentle voice said to her:
4.14. "Mary, do not worry in vain; you have received, and the Lord is with you!
Quote end
Therefore, they worship the stones (in the temple of stone) because they reject their father and king, so they do not have to serve, while they implement their own plans.
And now I should tell you this?
"The beasts will rip it up!
The righteous will live by it! "
You women are preparing. You men are preparing. Purify your heart and your spirit, and when you interpret your seed and you are pure and ask the Lord for his blessing, the Lord will bring forth spiritual fruits that will live forever !!!

See "HOSTA" 25.5.2017
Anna Maria kissed her husband on the farewell before the night service on the mouth and Jesus was very sad about it. Anna Maria pours her heart out to Jesus, having a crying spasm while Jesus remains patient and indulgent.
"We are twin souls"
Jesus told her and that he saw an ocean of love behind her in Anna Maria's defense.
Anna Maria thinks it costs a lot of concentration to serve two gentlemen and she is tired because it hurts each of the hearts and that often hurts really bad.  Each.
"The sweet girls with the extras ... a really loving father knows how to distinguish between good and evil. Satan should see that God is a loving man. Come into my arms, now you know that I want everything, not just once, but always. "
Is that why you have arranged everything in such a way as to teach it to all? Now the men love you too and say to you full of love, "My father."
 "If you could see what's going on. I have to sow. I am the owner.16, 25. (He means couples who are just merging.) Such a mess. I have only one wife and that's you. "
Quote end!!
From the Book of True Life - Volume II - Instruction 34 - verses 13-15
13. Humanity has traveled over a very long path, and it still prefers to eat the forbidden fruits, which only accumulate sorrow and disappointment in mankind’s life on earth. The forbidden fruits
are those which, while being good because they have been created by God, can become harmful to man it he has not properly prepared himself, or if he consumes them excessively.
14. Man and woman take the fruit of life without preparation, unaware of their responsibility before the Creator when they bring new beings to incarnate on earth.
15. The scientist cuts the fruit from the tree of science with disrespect, not listening beforehand to the voice of his conscience through which my law speaks to him to tell him that all the fruits of
the tree of wisdom are good, and therefore, whoever takes them should do so only when inspired to benefit his fellow beings.

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