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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 40:

1 Your Father prepared everything so that "The Word" of God might dwell among men and show them the way of their reparation by the sublime examples of His love.

2 First, He inspired the prophets who were to announce the form in which the Messiah would be born, the nature of His work, His sufferings and His death as a man, so that when Christ appeared on earth, the one who knew the prophecies would know Him instantly.

3 Centuries before My presence in Jesus, the prophet Isaiah said: "Therefore the Lord will give you this sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and he shall be called Immanuel. (Which means: God with us). With this prophecy among others he announced My coming.

4 Many centuries before My coming, David sang in psalms full of pain and prophetic meaning the sufferings of the Messiah during the crucifixion. In those Psalms he speaks of one of My seven words on the cross, indicating the contempt with which the crowd would lead Me to the Crucifixion, the expressions of mockery of men when they hear Me say that in Me is the Father, the abandonment My body would feel in the face of human ingratitude, all the torments I would be subjected to, and even the way they would cast lots over My garment.

5 each one of My prophets announced My coming, prepared the ways and gave exact characteristics so that when the day would come, no one would be mistaken

6 In Nazareth there lived a flower of purity and tenderness, a virgin named Mary, who was the very one announced by the prophet Isaiah, because from her womb the fruit of true life was to come forth. To her came the spiritual messenger of the Lord to announce to her the mission that she had brought to earth, saying: "Hail, Most Gracious One, the Lord is with you, you are blessed among women.

7 The hour had come when the divine mystery was to be revealed, and everything that had been said about the presence of the Messiah, the Savior, the Redeemer, was now to be fulfilled immediately. But how few hearts were there that felt my presence, how few spirits prepared to recognize the kingdom of heaven in the light of my truth.

8 Men, the majority of whom had become materialistic through their ambition, who subordinated everything to their human knowledge and experience and tried to verify the spiritual by means of their materialistic science, had to get into confusion in the face of the (for them) incomprehensible and finally denied me.

9 There were few who loved me and followed me, and many who misjudged me.

10 Those who loved Me were those who recognized My presence through their spiritual sensitivity and faith - gifts higher than human reason, science and intelligence.

11 At every turn I was explored. All my deeds and words were judged with evil intent, mostly they (the critics) were confused in the face of my works and proofs, because their minds were not able to understand what only the Spirit can comprehend.

12 When I prayed, they said: "what is he praying for, when he says that he is full of power and wisdom? What can he need or ask for?" And when I did not pray, they said that I did not fulfill their religious precepts.

13 When they saw Me not taking food while My disciples were eating, they judged that I was outside the laws established by God; and when they saw Me taking food to Me, they asked themselves: "why must he eat to live, he who said that he is life? they did not understand that I had come into the world to reveal to men how mankind, after a long period of purification, should live so that from it a spiritualized generation would emerge, above human misery, above the necessary needs of the flesh and above the passions of the physical senses

14 Many centuries have passed since I enlightened men through My Presence, and when they tried to comprehend the truth about Mary's conception, about My human nature and My spiritual being, their confused mind could not comprehend it, and neither could their poisoned heart grasp that truth.

15 That mind and that heart, freed for a moment from their darkness, will let its Spirit escape to the regions of Light where it will feel enlightened by a higher clarity, which will not be that of its reason nor that of its science

16 Then, through the Spirit now developed, they will grasp the truth which their small and limited minds could not reveal to them.

17 For if men are able to feel and understand all the love which my Spirit pours out on them through nature, they would all be good. But some are ignorant and others ungrateful.

18 Only when the forces of nature manifest my righteousness do they tremble; but not because they understand that it is the voice of my righteousness that speaks to them, but because they fear for their life or for their earthly goods.

19 From the beginning of mankind to the present day, My righteousness has been felt by men through the forces of nature, since in the rawness of the early times and in the materialism of the present time they are (were and are) only sensitive to material afflictions.

20 How long will men continue to develop so that they understand my love and feel my presence through conscience? When men will hear My Voice advising them and fulfill My Law, it will be a sign that for them the times of materialism are over.

21 For the time being they still have to be afflicted by the forces of nature in many forms until they are convinced that there are higher forces against which man's materialism is very small.

22 The earth will tremble, the water will purify mankind, and the fire will purify them.

23 All the elements and forces of nature will make themselves felt on earth, where human beings have not been able to live in harmony with the life that surrounds them.

24 Thus nature does not seek the destruction of those who defile it; it seeks only harmony between man and all creatures.

25 If its righteousness is becoming more and more manifest, it is because man's offences and his lack of conformity to the laws have also become greater.

26 I told you that no leaf of the tree moves without my will, and now I tell you that no element of nature obeys any will other than mine.

27 I tell you likewise that nature can be to men what they want: a mother lavish in blessings, caresses and food, or a barren desert where hunger and thirst reign; a master of wise and infinite revelations of life, goodness, love and eternity, or a merciless judge in the face of man's desecrations, disobedience and errors; I tell you that nature is a mother who is a great leader, a master of wisdom and infinite revelations of life, goodness, love and eternity, or a merciless judge in the face of man's desecrations, disobedience and errors

28 My Father's voice said to the first men, blessing them: "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth, making it subservient to you, and be lords over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, and over all creatures that move on the earth.

29 Yes, mankind, I formed man so that he should be Lord and have power in the airspace, in the waters of the whole earth and in the natural forces of creation. But I said - Lord; because men - in the opinion that they rule the earth with their science - are slaves. Although they believe to master the forces of nature, they become victims of their immaturity, their presumption and ignorance.

30 Human power and science has invaded the earth, the seas, and the airspace, but their power and violence are not in harmony with the power and violence of nature, which - as an expression of Divine Love - is life, wisdom, harmony, and perfection. In the works of men, in their science and power, only arrogance, selfishness, vanity and wickedness manifest themselves.

31 Soon the violence of the forces of nature will shake up mankind. Through the cup of suffering men will leave materialism behind to see the light of truth, which will show them the way where they should have reached wisdom and true power.

32 It will never be too late for repentance, for making amends for an error or for the renewal of a sinner. The gates of my kingdom will always be open and await the child who, after having wandered long after his free will, will finally open his eyes to the light and understand that there is no freedom more perfect and wonderful than that of the Spirit who knows how to do the will of his Father.

33 Infinite freedom in love, in goodness, in justice, and perfection.

34 To fulfill My law, you must pray, always raising your Spirit to your Father.

35 I have seen that in order to pray, you prefer to seek solitude and silence, and you do well when you seek inspiration through prayer or when you want to thank Me. But I also tell you to pray, whatever your situation, so that in the most difficult moments of your life you may know how to call on My help without losing equanimity, self-control, faith in My Presence and trust in you.

36 Prayer can be long or short, depending on the need. You may, if you so desire, spend whole hours in that spiritual bliss when your body is not weary or when no other duty requires your attention. And it can be so short that it is limited to one second when you are subjected to some test that has suddenly taken you by surprise.

37 It is not the words with which your mind tries to form prayer that reach me, but love, faith or trouble with which you show yourselves before me. That is why I tell you that there will be cases where your prayer lasts only a second because there will be no time to formulate thoughts, sentences or ideas as you are used to.

38 Everywhere you can call on me because for me the place is indifferent, since what I seek is your Spirit.

39 If it pleases you to pray outdoors, or if you feel greater devotion in these meeting rooms, or if you prefer your bedroom, do it where you feel closest to your Father. But do not forget that for me, who am everywhere, the place to communicate with your Spirit is indifferent.

40 You do not always pray with the same inner concentration, so you do not always experience the same peace or inspiration.

41 There are occasions when you are inspired and lift up your thoughts; and there are others where you remain completely impassive. How then will you always receive My messages in the same way? You must educate your mind and even your body to cooperate with the Spirit in the moments of prayer.

42 The Spirit is always ready to unite with Me; but it needs the good condition of the body to be able to rise up in those moments and free itself from all that surrounds it in its earthly life

43 Make an effort to achieve true prayer, for he who knows how to pray carries within himself the key to peace, health, hope, spiritual power and eternal life.

44 The invisible shield of My Law will protect him from persecution and danger In his mouth he will carry with him an invisible sword to strike down all adversaries who oppose his way. A lighthouse will light up his path in the midst of the storms. Constantly, a miracle will be within reach for him whenever he needs it, be it for himself or for the good of his brothers.

45 Pray, exercise this high gift of the Spirit, for it will be this power that moves the lives of the people of the future - those people who (already) in the flesh will achieve the union of (their) Spirit with (My) Spirit.

46 Through prayer, the fathers of families will let themselves be given the inspiration to lead their children.

47 The sick will receive health through prayer. The rulers will solve their great problems by seeking the light in prayer, and the scientist will receive revelations likewise through the gift of prayer.

48 Seek this world of spiritual light, practice the prayer of the Spirit, perfect this form as far as you can, and transmit this knowledge to your children, trusting that they will go one step further than you have come. To help you in your prayer, I explain My teaching to you in a simple way and illuminate the revelations I gave you in the past times. Do you know why you can better understand My Word (now)? - Because your Spirit has developed.

49 Soon you will speak to men about My teaching, proving that you have understood the teaching you proclaim, supporting your words with your good works. Verily, I say to you, in view of your example, even the most unruly will be convinced of the truth of this teaching.

50 Only the one of My disciples who has developed his spiritual gifts and made his heart strong in the exercise of charity will withstand all the trials to which men would like to subject him. For when he has succeeded in expressing my word in its spiritual meaning and truth, and he has changed his heart into an inexhaustible fountain of love and mercy toward his brothers - whereby it is said that he has prayed and that he is on the path of spiritualization because of his virtue - then that disciple is equipped to bear witness to me.

51 Now that some years are still missing before My rallies end in this form - keep My Word in your hearts and learn from Me So if you do so in the way of your struggle, you will know when to speak to your brothers and when to teach with your silence.

52 You are to carry in you absolute trust in My divine assistance and the rock-solid faith that what you will do or pass on will have a good result because you are fulfilling My law.

53 On this trust and faith the effectiveness of your words and works will depend.

54 You will not always be able to speak, but on all occasions you are to prove the development of the gifts of your Spirit.

55 Prepare yourselves, then in a moment of trial your presence will be enough for the light to shine in the minds (of men), for the storm to turn into peace, and your spiritual prayer will work the miracle of revealing a mantle of mercy and tenderness over those for whom you pray.

56 Your good influence shall prevail over the spiritual and over the material. You should not limit yourselves to fighting only against the visible elements, but also against the invisible.

57 If the light of My Spirit has enlightened the scientist to discover the cause of the evils of the body, which you call diseases, it also enlightens you, so that with your spiritual sensibility you may discover the origin of all the evils that afflict human life, both those that cloud the spirit and those that blind the mind or torment the heart.

58 There are forces that - invisible to the human gaze and imperceptible to human science - constantly influence your lives.

59 There are good and there are evil; some give you health and others cause you sickness; there are light and dark.

60 Where do those powers come from? - From the Spirit, disciples, from the mind and feelings.

61 Every Spirit, whether incarnate or desincarnate, sends out vibrations in thinking; every feeling exerts an influence. You can be sure that the world is full of these vibrations.

* These terms occur frequently and mean Any Spirit still in its material body or no longer living in it

62 Now you can easily understand that where one thinks and lives in the good, there must be healing powers and influences, and that where one lives outside the laws and rules that characterize good, justice, and love, there must exist sinister powers.

63 Both fill the space and fight against each other; they have influence on the emotional life of men, and when they are able to distinguish, they accept the good inspirations and reject the bad influences. But if they are weak and are not trained in the accomplishment of good, they cannot resist these vibrations and are in danger of becoming slaves to evil and succumbing to its rule.

64 These vibrations emanate both from spirits incarnated and from beings incarnated, for on earth as in the hereafter there are good spirits and confused spirits.

65 At this time the influence of evil is greater than that of good. Therefore, the power that prevails in mankind is that of evil, from which come selfishness, lies, fornication, pride, the desire to harm, destruction, and all lower passions. It is from this disturbed moral equilibrium that the diseases that plague man arise.

66 Men have no weapons to fight against these forces. They have been defeated and taken as prisoners into the abyss of a life without spiritual light, without healthy joy, without striving for good.

67 Just now, when man believes he is at the summit of knowledge, he does not know that he is in the abyss.

68 I, who know your beginning and your future in eternity, gave men weapons from the first times with which they could fight against the forces of evil. But they despised them and preferred the fight of evil against evil, in which no one wins, because all will emerge defeated.

69 It is written that evil will not retain dominion, which means that at the end of times it will be good that triumphs.

70 If you ask Me what were the weapons I equipped men with to fight against the forces or influences of evil, I tell you that it was prayer, perseverance in the law, faith in My Word and love for one another.

71 Now I had to make myself known to this mankind spiritually to make clear to them word for word the origin of good and evil and the way of fighting to win in the great battle of the Third Age

72 I am making you watchful by giving sensitivity to your Spirit so that you may learn to receive all good that comes to you and reject and fight evil.

73 Let no one make fun of what I say, for by his mockery he will show his immense ignorance

74 You know that all the messengers you had - the forerunners of a spiritual or scientific revelation - were mocked; and yet mankind had to accept their revelations after some time, convicted by the truth they proclaimed.

75 Did the man of antiquity know in what way the transmission of any disease took place, or what was the cause of the spread of a disease? - No, they did not know, and out of that ignorance arose the superstitious beliefs and mysterious cults. But there came a day when man's intelligence, enlightened by the light of the Creator, discovered the cause of his physical illnesses and began to fight to discover the way to regain his health. Then, what had been hidden and invisible to him became understandable to the scientist, with which mankind gained a knowledge that the people of past times did not have.

76 In the same way, they will finally recognize the origin and influence of the forces of good and evil on man; and when this knowledge is generally known, there will be no one left who doubts the truth of my teaching while listening to this teaching.

77 I enlighten you with the light of this teaching so that you may discover in your spirit the faculties which mankind has despised from the earliest times, and so that your Spirit, awakening from its deep sleep and enlightened by the light of conscience, may know how to reject the forces of evil and attain the full unfolding of its spiritual development. Just as in polluted air the germ of an illness reaches you, so the evil influences of the soul come invisibly and silently, confusing your mind and shaking your Spirit.

78 Only prayer can give you inner knowledge and sensitivity, strength and inspiration to stand your ground in the daily and constant struggle against evil.

79 I have spoken to you about the powers and influences of evil: but have I mentioned any Spirit? Have I perhaps mentioned him by name? - No, you tell me. Rather, I must enlighten you at this time that there is no Spirit who is the source of evil or who is evil*.

* See note 7 in the appendix

80 The old beliefs, images, figures and symbolic names by which the people of past times represented evil by giving it human form and ascribing spiritual existence to it - beliefs that have survived to the present generations - must disappear. For without realizing it, you have created with them superstitious myths and cults unworthy of the spiritual development that man has attained in this age.

81 Understand that evil came from man, from his weaknesses, and that as mankind increased in number, as their imperfections and sins, so did the power or influence of evil. This power, formed by thoughts, ideas, feelings and passions, began to make its influence felt on people, and they eventually believed that it was a Spirit, which was certainly the embodiment of evil, without realizing that that power was composed of its imperfections.

82 "Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation.

My peace be with you!

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