BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 18

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 18:

1 As My new rallies were announced to you, you have seen them realized today I have come in Spirit, surrounded by angels and spirits of light.

2 Those who do not know those prophecies doubt My Presence; but I see also among those who have studied the Scriptures, those who do not believe in My rallies, because their interpretations are almost always wrong

3 To all who give a material meaning to prophecy, it will be like the Jewish people who in the promised Messiah expected a mighty King of the earth, and when they saw Me humble and meek, did not believe in Me despite the works I did before their eyes

4 Those who felt Me, loved Me and followed Me were those of simple heart, gentle Spirit and pure mind, who suffered hunger and thirst for love, justice and truth.

5 To those who study the scriptures of past times, I say that only with spiritualization will they find in their lives the truth contained in that language

6 I will stand by those who study and teach the truth; but I will stop in their way everyone from whose lips confusion proceeds until he corrects his errors.

7 On the other hand, I will send all those who are pure in heart to sow My Seed of Light, interpreting the divine Word and illuminating the teaching that was hidden; these I will send to the countries and nations to spread My teaching of Love

8 The true announcers will be healed of heart, humble of spirit, and therefore they will know how to receive My new message with joy and with faith

9 Blessed are those who receive Me in their hearts and believe My Word, for they will see Me in the heavenly cloud surrounded by My spiritual hosts; and although I do not enter the earth dust as in the Second Time, they will be able to feel My spiritual presence Then they will unite this new message with the one which spread among mankind and which was not complete because my revelations as Holy Spirit still had to be added.

10 Disciples, spiritualize yourselves so that you may penetrate into the true meaning of My Word and so that when you meet your brothers who only know My revelations of the Second Age, you may agree in your interpretations and begin the spiritual union of mankind

11 You often teach erroneous ideas for lack of study and penetration into the spiritual; this is why I charge you to devote yourselves to the contemplation of My teaching so that you no longer do works which you consider good but which are imperfect before the Father

12 Recognize that those responsible for making mankind clearly understand the spiritual meaning of My present and past teachings are all of you who feel in Spirit the hunger for knowledge, who have entered the paths of study, contemplation and exploration. I cannot say the same of those who live only by rites, ceremonies and material cults, they are content with the external because they have not yet known the taste of the fruit.

13 When My disciples pass through the ways of the world, the spiritual awakening of the religions and sects will begin, which have stopped for a long time.

14 "Watch and pray", I tell you again and again; but I do not want you to get used to this kind advice, but to reflect on it and act accordingly.

15 I call you to pray, because he who does not pray gives himself up to superfluous, material and sometimes insane thoughts, whereby he, without being aware of it, favors and nourishes fratricidal wars. But when you pray, your thinking, as if it were a sword of light, tears apart the veils of darkness and the snares of temptation that imprison many beings today; it saturates your surroundings with spiritual power and counteracts the forces of evil.

16 Do not despair in the face of battle, nor despair when you have not yet seen success. Know that it is your task to fight to the end; but you must consider that only a very small part of this work of renewing and spiritualizing humanity will fall to you.

17 Tomorrow you will leave your post, and others will come to continue your work. They will take the Work one step further, and so My word will be fulfilled from generation to generation.

18 In the end, all branches will unite with the tree, all nations will unite as one people, and peace will reign on earth.

19 Pray, disciples, and perfect yourselves in your exaltation, so that your words of teaching and love may find an echo in the heart of your brothers

20 In truth I say to you: If this people, besides understanding their destiny, would already fulfil their task, mankind would obtain grace through their prayers. But you still lack charity, that you may feel your neighbors as true brothers, that you may in truth forget the differences of races, languages and creeds, and furthermore, that you erase from your hearts every trace of resentment against those who have hurt you.

21 If you succeed in elevating your feelings above such great human misery, the most profound and sincere petition for your brothers will rise within you, and this vibration of love, this purity of your feelings, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy the darknesses which wars and passions of men have created.

22 Pain has prepared you, Israel, you have been purified in bondage; therefore you are the ones who are fit to care for the suffering.

23 Watch, My people, be like the birds that announce the new day and wake up the sleeping so that they may be the first to receive the light and I then say to them: he who truly loves you salutes you in this moment

24 In man there are two powers that are always in battle: his human nature, which is transitory, and his spiritual nature, which is eternal. This eternal being knows very well that very long periods of time must pass before he can achieve his spiritual perfection; he foresees that he must have many human lives, and that he must go through many trials in them before he attains true happiness. The Spirit forebodes that after the tears, the pain, and after having passed through physical death many times, it will reach the summit that it has always sought in its longing for perfection. The body, on the other hand, the fragile and small thing, cries, rears up and sometimes refuses to follow the calls of the Spirit, and only when the Spirit has developed, is strong and experienced in the struggle with the flesh and all that surrounds it, does it succeed in controlling the body and making itself known through it.

25 The Spirit makes himself perceptible through human utterances; but never does he use force to subdue the body matter. The Spirit wants matter to unite with his will in full knowledge; he wants an obedience that manifests gentleness.

26 Although it is a fault of some to persist in their stubbornness, and they feel that the flesh is still sensual and obstinate, they want to have a throne for it; but if I do not desire them in all that they desire, it is because in my children there is still another being present, which vibrates in greater purity and love, which longs for a higher life; in it exists the spiritual mind, which reflects the divine Your brain, however, reflects only human thoughts.

27 Long is the Spirit's pilgrimage, far is its journey, many and varied are its forms of existence, and at every moment its trials are different; but while it passes them, it rises, purifies itself, perfects itself. On his journey through life he leaves behind a trail of light; therefore the whimpering of his body is often not important to the exalted Spirit, because he knows that it is passing and he cannot let events that seem small to him stop him on his journey.

28 For a moment he directs his attention to the weaknesses of his flesh, but he knows that he must not love too much something that lives only a short time and that soon disappears inside the earth.

29 What use are your efforts and your ambition to make a cult with the body and to put it on a throne of vanities? As long as it may exist: it is very little compared with the eternal life of the Spirit.

30 It is necessary that you obey the highest part of your being, which is the Spirit dwelling in each one of you, in order that it may manifest itself with clarity and turn its steps towards the goal for which it was created.

31 Tell me: who are you? What are you? Who do you think you are? What do you feel you are? Matter that sinks into the grave, or Spirit that rises to eternity, to infinity?

32 In truth, I tell you that throughout all the time of your existence you confuse your impressions, needs, worries and desires, not knowing which are from Spirit and which are from matter.

33 The Spirit, who really knows his destiny, transmits his vibration to the body he animates, so that he may help him and participate in his mission; but when the moment comes when he leaves the body shell on earth, he feels no sorrow, knowing that this is the law, nor does he care how that which was his body dies: whether by sickness, by age, or by destruction. He knows that his task is more important than anything.

34 Do you know how My apostles of the Second Age died? How Peter ended and all who carried Me in their hearts? - Peter died on a cross and said that he was not worthy to die like Me; he asked to die upside down. And who drove Peter and gave him the strength, the firmness and the composure to suffer his martyrdom? - His true being, the Spirit, who is the child of God and knows how to overcome the weakness of the body. In his last hour he showed himself calm, calm like his Master when He called on the cross: All is accomplished.

35 When you examine these examples, you will come to the conviction that man is more Spirit than flesh, and that this, when spiritualized, is obedient to the highest commandments of My Law

36 For those who reach this spiritual height, the gates of the kingdom of heaven are opened, and they reach it without "ah", without lamentation.

37 With this obedience, with this submission and love, those disciples entered into the presence of the Father. And you, when will you obey the call of your Spirit? - You are afraid of pain and all that concerns the body, because you are not completely seized by the truth; for if you were, you would be: Who could prevent you from speaking and proclaiming the truth, even if you were threatened with death?

38 Do you know why they cut off the head of John the Baptist? - Because he spoke the truth, because he held fast to righteousness, and pointed to the defects of those who call themselves kings in the world and sit on a throne of rottenness. But when the great Spirits are in great pain and rise above misfortune, misery, pain, and death, and thus worthily fulfill their task-who are you who begin the day groaning and end it in the evening weeping with disobedience or rebellion?

You are flesh and only flesh, because you do not yet know how to rise above pain and above all that which you call misfortune.

39 It is good that you examine closely all that I have told you today Understand: the higher the Spirit incarnate stands, the less will his suffering be and the effects of pain on his body.

40 They dipped the apostle John in boiling oil, and he did not die. The power of the Spirit, who had risen to the Father, was manifested by reducing the power of heat.

41 They drew him out, and when they saw that he had not suffered any harm, they banished him, and even then he continued to fulfill the high counsel of the Lord, without that trial having stopped him in his spiritual fulfillment.

42 You who are listening to Me today and from whom My new disciples are to come forth, you who are listening to Me today are despondent in the face of trials and are trying to move away from My way

43 When will you be able to carry My teaching in your heart and be able to lay down your lives for the sake of witnessing the truth?

44 Are not the examples of so many martyrs, who gave their lives for love of mankind, for the maintenance of truth or the defence of justice, not enough for you? Are not those examples enough for you to understand what My disciples are capable of?

45 You feel harassed when the wind blows stronger than you wish; when the sun burns too much, you protest, and when the clouds hide it, you disagree When there is a storm, you take refuge in scolding, and when the earth trembles, you flee in terror.

46 Are you, then, the people who were born to rule on a throne, and so the forces of nature obey your command, only for your benefit?

47 The forces of nature will obey you if you fulfill My law and ask Me for the benefit of your brothers.

48 I want everyone to be an apostle of truth, that you are useful in life; for you have come to fulfil a task that is in the Creator's plan.

49 In this time I tell you that the wheat of My Teaching is abundant and still it is not sown weep if you have love for this work, for the divine sower who gave you His seed and showed you the fields is still alone Weep so that your tears may serve to water the fields where you will later work.

50 Do not be afraid to be hurt by your fellow men; what you call insulting is something good that they do to you, it is a help in fulfilling your task. Do you not know that those who are on the path of development must suffer? Do you not know that the Spirit must not take care of all these weaknesses, because they are little things that concern only matter?

51 I will see you strong in the face of life, in the face of its vicissitudes and its sufferings.

52 Be strong in the exercise of charity and do not be concerned that you are judged in one way or another. You need not say what you are; you need only be prepared to give caresses, mercy, and lips should be ready to express goodness, sound counsel, and forgiveness.

53 Your destiny is to do good in your walk on earth.

54 Understand that the material creation which you call the universe, the dwelling place of Spirits in development, is a place of perfection. When the Spirits have attained the high development which enables them to indwell higher homes, the worlds which previously inhabited them will disappear, having fulfilled their purpose.

55 All power that animated beings and gave life to organisms will turn again to Me; all light that illuminated the worlds will return to Me, and all beauty that was poured out over the kingdoms of creation will be in the Spirit of the Father; and as soon as again in Me, that life will turn into spiritual essence that will be poured out over all spiritual beings, on the children of the Lord; for I will never disinherit you from the gifts I have given you.

56 Wisdom, eternal life, harmony, infinite beauty, goodness, all this and more will be in the children of the Lord when they inhabit with Him the place of perfection

57 Today you are far from that goal; proof of this is that on earth I reprove what you have done with your spirit, and when you come into the Spirit Valley, I reproach the Spirit about what he has done with his body in his walk through the world. As long as you are children in this teaching, these worlds, this nature, this material life must continue.

58 As God I enlighten you and sustain you; as Father I love you and expect you; as Master I teach you and guide you; but as Judge I judge you relentlessly

59 Anyone could say that I am like a rich miser who wants everything for himself; for everything he guards, everything he guards and reclaims; but truly, I tell you, as in the world everything I put in it was for you and not for Me, so I keep everything for you in eternal life, until you enter into it and become its owners; I am the one who will give you all the things you need, and I will give you all the things you need, and I will give you all the things you need

60 Have I not told you that you are the heirs of My Glory? So all that is missing is that you acquire merits so that it may be yours and you may enjoy it.

61 All that I have created has not been for Me but for My children. I only want your joy, your eternal happiness.

62 Fear not to stray to find Me, for I am not only the goal but also the way. Whoever wants to come to Me, come by the way of humility, of active charity, of surrender, and strengthen his striving for perfection in love.

63 So that your walk may be safe, attain inner unity in your being, so that the Spirit may always guide the body on the good way, and that the body in turn may be able to obey him. When you attain this victory over yourselves, it will be easy for you to obey the will of your Father.

64 Turn away from uselessness; remove from your life the unnecessary and do not concern yourselves with the useless.

65 Avoid all vice. Thus you will keep the Spirit pure and the body healthy, to fight with weapons of love for the conquest of the Promised Land, that land that awaits you as the highest reward in the spiritual life.

My peace be with you!

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