22. The Love, Assistance and Grace of God

The Third Testament
V. Forms of Divine Revelations and the Works of God
Chapter 22 - The Love, Assistance and Grace of God
The Love of the heavenly Father 

1 Do not be surprised that my love follows you everywhere in spite of your sins. You are all my children. In this world you have had an image of divine love in the love of your parents. You can turn your backs on them, you cannot acknowledge their authority, you cannot obey their orders and listen to their advice; you can cause a wound in their hearts with your evil actions, you can give cause for their eyes to dry out from so much crying, for white hair to appear on their temples and for their faces to be marked by the traces of suffering; but they will never stop loving you and they will have only blessing and forgiveness for you.

2 But if these parents you have had on earth, who are not perfect, have given you such great proofs of a pure and sublime love, why are you amazed that He who created these hearts and gave them that task of being parents loves you with perfect love? - Love is the highest truth. For the sake of truth I became man, and for the sake of truth I died as man. (52, 27)

3 My love shall not astonish you, but do not doubt it either, when you experience that you often empty a very bitter cup in the world.

4 Man can sink low, be filled with darkness or hesitate to return to me But for all of them the time will come when they will be able to feel me in their own being, to feel me no longer distant, nor to consider me a stranger or to deny my existence, my love and my justice. (52, 30)

5 I do not want to see you before me as accused, I want to see you always as my children, for whom my fatherly love is always ready to help. I have created you for the glory of my Spirit and that you may be happy in Me. (127, 41)

6 Learn to love Me, recognize how My love follows you everywhere in spite of your offences and sins, without you being able to evade or avoid its influence Know that the more severe your transgressions are, the greater is my mercy on you.

7 The wickedness of men wants to ward off my love, but it cannot fight it, because love is the universal power, the divine power that creates everything and moves everything.

8 The proof of everything I tell you is the one I gave you when I made myself known among you in this time when mankind has lost its way in the abyss of its sin My love cannot feel disgust at human sin, but it can feel pity.

9 Recognize Me, come to Me to wash away your stains in the crystal clear fountain of My mercy Ask, ask, and it will be given to you. (297, 59 - 62)

10 For moments people believe to be so unworthy of me that they do not understand that I can love them so much. And once they have resigned themselves to living far from their father, they build a life according to their own ideas, create their laws and found their religious communities. So their surprise is great when they see Me coming. Then they ask: "Does our Father really love us so much that he seeks in such a way a way to communicate Himself to us?

11 People, I can only tell you that I will not let what is mine perish, and you are mine. I loved you even before you were, and will love you forever. (112, 14 - 15)

The care and help of God

12 Disciples, I have given you all the teachings that the Spirit needs in its development

13 Blessed are they that know the truth, for they shall quickly find "the way. Others always reject the divine teachings because their works seem superior to mine.

14 I love you all. I am the shepherd who calls his sheep, who unites them and counts them and wants to have more every day - who feeds them and caresses them, cares for them and rejoices when he sees that there are many, although he sometimes cries when he sees that not all are obedient.

15 These are your hearts: many of you come to Me, but few are those who truly follow Me. (266,23 - 26)

16 Take your cross and follow me in humility. Trust that while you are giving comfort to someone, bringing peace to a heart, or light to a Spirit, I will take care of everything related to your material life, and I will neglect nothing.

17 Believe that when I speak to your Spirit, I also look into your heart to discover in it its worries, its needs and its desires (89, 6 - 7)

18 There are no races or tribes, however uncultivated they may appear to you - even those whom you do not know, because they live in inaccessible woods - who would not have received manifestations of my love. In the moment of danger they have heard heavenly voices that protect, guard and counsel them.

19 You have never lived deserted. From the beginning, when you came to life, you have been under the shield of my love.

20 You human parents, who love your children tenderly: would you be able to abandon them to their fate when they have hardly been born into this life, when they need your care, your devotion, your love most?

21 I have seen you worried about your children, even when they have reached adulthood; even for those who are perishing, who have hurt you, you worry with the greatest love.

22 But if you respond to the needs of your children in this way, what will be the love of your Heavenly Father who loved you even before you existed?

23 Always have I come to your aid; and in this time, when I meet you with a greater spiritual development, I have been teaching you how to fight to destroy the evil forces and how to increase the vibrations of good (345, 39 - 42)

24 Ye now enter into a new stage of your life: the way is prepared. Take up your cross and follow Me. I am not telling you that there are no trials on this way; but whenever you cross a difficult road or empty a cup of suffering, you will hear a voice encouraging you and counselling you, My love will be with you, assisting you and lifting you up, and you will feel the gentle caress of My healing balm. (280, 34)

25 When I see that you let yourselves be defeated by pain and that instead of drawing from it the teachings that every trial contains, you are content to weep, to curse or simply to wait for death as the end of your sufferings, then I approach you to lovingly address your heart, to give it comfort and hope and strengthen it so that it may overcome itself, its weakness and lack of faith, and may triumph over the trials; for in this triumph lies peace, light, and spiritual happiness, which is true happiness. (181, 10)

26 If you consider that I am even in the smallest beings of nature - how should I deny you there and separate myself from you, just because you have imperfections on you, since you need me just then most?

27 I am life and am in everything, therefore nothing can die Think thoroughly so that you do not remain bound by expression. Rest your senses and discover Me at the core of the word. (158, 43 - 44)

28 Turn ye inwardly, and ye shall find there the sanctuary, the ark of the covenant. You will discover a spring, a fountain of graces and blessings.

29 There is no helpless Spirit, no one is disinherited. In view of my Divine Mercy, there is not a single person in the whole universe who can call himself poor, rejected by his Father; not one who can call himself banished from the lands of the Lord.

30 Anyone who feels disinherited does so because he has not discovered the gifts of grace in himself, or because he has just strayed into sin, or because he is blinded, or because he feels unworthy.

31 You shall always discover these gifts of grace in yourselves; then you will experience that my presence will never be lacking in you, that "bread", "healing balm", "weapons", "keys" and everything you need will always be present in yourselves, because you are the heirs of my kingdom and my glory. (345, 87)

32 There is a bond between the Father and the children that can never be broken, and this bond is the cause of the dialogue between the Divine Spirit and that of you all (262, 35)

33 Humanity needs my love, my word, which must reach to the bottom of their hearts. The Master fights tirelessly for your Spirits to become more enlightened daily, so that, freed from ignorance, they may rise to higher regions.

34 The gates of my kingdom are open, and the "Word" of the Father comes to you with infinite love to show you the way anew.

35 I have come again to mankind, but they have not felt Me, because I have appeared spiritual, and their materialism is great. Since your Spirit sprang from my Divine Spirit - why then have men not felt me? Because they have bound their Spirit to materialism, to the lower passions.

36 But here is the Lamb of God, who comes to you as light to enlighten you and bring the truth. (340, 13 - 15)

The humility of the Most High

37 Understand that my word does not fill your minds with vain philosophies, it is the essence of life. I am not a rich man who offers you worldly wealth. I am the only God who promises you the kingdom of true life. I am the humble God who approaches His children without pomp and circumstance, to raise them up on the path of atonement with His caress and His miraculous Word. (85, 55)

38 Be my servants, and ye shall never be humbled by me.

39 Behold, I have not come as king, neither do I wear scepters or crowns. I am among you as an example of humility, and even more: as your servant.

40 Ask Me, and I will give you; command Me, and I will obey, to give you another proof of my love and humility. I only ask you to recognize Me and do My will; and if you encounter obstacles in the fulfillment of your duties, pray and overcome them in My name, and your merits will be greater. (111, 46)

41 The Father saith unto you, He that hath no man to bow down unto him in prayer. But truly, I tell you, if there were above me someone greater, I would bow down to him, for in my Spirit dwells humility.

42 Consider how you, although you are my little children, cause me to come down to speak to you, to listen to you and to comfort you, instead of struggling to ascend to Me (125, 19)

43 Experience in your hearts the delight of feeling loved by your Father, who never humbled you by his greatness, but revealed it in his perfect humility, to make you great and bring you to enjoy true life in his kingdom, which has neither beginning nor end (101, 63)

The compassion and compassionate suffering  of God

44 If ye believe that Jesus, because he was the Son of God, felt no pain, ye are mistaken. If you believe that I am free of pain because I come today in the Spirit, you are likewise in error. If you think that - because I know that you will finally all be with me - I am not suffering today, you are not right in that either. Verily, I tell you, there is no other being that is more sensitive than the Divine Spirit.

45 I ask you: Who gave sensibility to all beings? what can you do good that does not bring joy to Me? And what can you do evil that is not like a wound for my sensibility? Behold, this is the reason why I tell you that mankind has crucified me anew. When will I be taken down from my cross and freed from the crown of thorns? (69,34)

46 If some rise up as my enemies, I do not see them as such, but only as needy. To those who think they are scholars and deny my existence, I look on them with pity. Those who try to destroy Me in the heart of men, I regard as ignorant, since they believe they have the power and the weapons to destroy Him who is the Author of life. (73, 33)

47 I show Myself to you as a loving Father, as a humble Master, never indifferent to your sufferings and always indulgent and merciful towards your imperfections, for you will always be children in my eyes

48 I must judge you when I see how the children, created with so much love and destined for Eternal Life, stubbornly seek death on earth, not caring for the spiritual life, nor desiring to know the perfections that that existence holds for them (125, 59 - 60)

49 Since I am your father, I must necessarily sympathize with what the children feel. Only in this way will you comprehend that, while each of you suffers and feels his own pain, the Divine Spirit suffers the pain of all his children.

50 As proof of this truth, I came into the world to become man and to bear a cross that represented all the pain and sin of the world. But if I as man carried the burden of your imperfections on my shoulders and felt all your pain - could I then show myself as God without feeling in view of the tribulations of my children? (219, 11 - 12)

Forgiveness; grace and mercy of God

51 I am the only one who knows the destiny of all, the only one who knows the way you have gone and the way you still have to go. It is I who understand your sufferings and your joys. I know how much you have wandered to find truth and justice. It is My mercy that receives the fearful call of him who inwardly asks Me for forgiveness for his transgressions.

52 And as a Father, I fulfill every imploring request, collect your tears, heal your infirmities, make you feel forgiven and rid of your stains of shame, so that you may reshape your life

53 I am also the only one who can forgive you the insults that are done to Me by you who are My children. (245, 39 - 41)

54 In this time my word enlightens you anew. I will pour out my grace in abundance so that you may be pure and equipped. But if you fall into sin again, recognize, people, that it is not I who remove you from my womb, but you who remove yourselves from me, though it is not my will. But my forgiveness and my love are like open gates to receive everyone who wants to return to me repentantly. (283, 69)

55 In the love with which I forgive you and correct you, I make myself known. When you lived according to your will, constantly hurting the Father, I did not cut the thread of that sinful existence, I did not deny you the air nor the bread; I did not leave you in pain nor did I ignore your complaint. And nature continued to surround you with her fertility, her light and her blessings. So I give myself to men to recognize and reveal myself to them. Nobody can love you on earth with this love, and nobody can forgive you as I do.

56 Your Spirit is a seed, which I nurture and perfect from eternity until it bears the most beautiful blossoms and the most perfect fruits How could I let you die or leave you to the violence of the storms? How could I abandon you on your way, when I am the only one who knows the destiny of all creatures? (242, 31 - 33)

57 Ye that go astray, I am ready to receive you, and to give you my power and my light, when ye call me. It does not matter if you bear on your soul and Spirit the mark of the great sinners. I will cause you to bless those who have offended you and to bless God because He has considered that miracle possible in you. Then you will begin to feel the love of Christ in your heart.

58 When hearing these words, some will think, "How is it possible that the great sinners can receive this grace as well as the righteous who possess it for their merits?

59 O men, men, whom you see no further than your eyes! I have always given you my benefits by grace, even before you have earned them.

60 I respond both to a pure thought and to the sad lamentation of him who approaches me defiled, whenever even the smallest spark of humility or knowledge escapes him because of his lack of love for his fellow men.

61 I am the defender of the weak, who in their great incompetence and ignorance shed tears. I am the divine hope that calls and consoles those who weep; I am the kind Jesus who gently caresses those who groan in pain and atonement.

62 I am your Savior, your Redeemer; I am the truth comprehensible to man. (248, 18 - 21)
My peace be with you !

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