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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 27:

1 Beloved disciples, I open your eyes to the light of My teaching so that you may distinguish truth from deceit The light of conscience, the sensitivity and intuition you possess will show you the good way and reveal to you the good fruits.

2 Out of the true knowledge of My teaching humility will be born in you because you will feel so small compared with your Creator and yet so blessed and gifted by Him that you will not dare to lift your eyes to the Father when you feel that He is unclean.

3 Vanity has taken root in those who, believing that they have attained the full knowledge of the truth, have considered themselves to be taught, strong, infallible, great, and unlimited, without realizing that they have often erred.

4 I do not want that in this people, which is only just beginning to form under the light of these teachings, tomorrow people will appear who - confused by their vanity - will trumpet out that they are the reincarnation of Christ or that they are the new Messiahs.

5 These will be those who think that they have gained the understanding of all My Truth, but in reality go far from the path marked by Christ, who is the one of humility

6 Study the life of Jesus on earth and you will find a deep and unforgettable teaching of humility

7 Jesus knew who He was, where He came from, and what He had come for; yet He never went into the squares or streets to proudly proclaim that He was the Son of God, the Messiah, or the Redeemer, but with His works He gave a perfect testimony to His teaching of love and mercy. Through His deeds, He made it clear who He was, and when occasionally someone asked Him, "Are You Christ?", Jesus limited Himself to answering, "You have said it.

8 In other words, while people spoke it with their lips, He confirmed it with His works, to whom all words were of no value.

9 You must have all these things in mind, O beloved people, so that, once in battle, you will not let yourself be tempted or allow your heart to receive the reward that is due only to the Spirit.

10 To spare you from falling into this weakness, I will see to it that this form of My rallies to you will come to an end Although there have been those who know how to fulfill this task in true humility, there are also those who, in the presence of the multitudes, have finally taken themselves for gods. But when they see that they no longer possess what they once had, they will come to the insight that it is necessary to possess humility in order to attain a continuous union with the Father.

11 You all know that I have announced a day when this union will come to an end; this date is 1950; but you will see how those who have become vain and exalted by this rallies will not submit to the Father's will, thinking that when this gift is lost, unnoticed by the crowds, they will return to their normal life and will no longer be praised by the people

12 When the hour draws near, the voices will say, "Who will come to listen to us when the people know that the Master no longer speaks through our mouth? And the leaders will say, "Who will come to our places of prayer on the day when it is known that the word of the Lord no longer resounds through the mouth of His chosen ones? To the one as to the other I say already now: If this were the only form in which I can make myself known to their spirit, I would never deprive you of it; but if I let it cease, it is a sign that something higher and more perfect awaits you, something that you too know: it is the spirit to spirit union with your Father.

13 People, make a memorial book out of My Words and keep its contents in your Spirit, enlightened by the light of your conscience, so that you never profane My Work

14 If you have believed in My rallies in this form, you must also believe that I will no longer speak to you as I have been speaking to this day; and if you have believed in My Presence while I was teaching you through the human mind, using uneducated and imperfect beings: how could you not believe that you can receive My divine inspiration from Spirit to Spirit?

15 Many things have I already taught you, O disciples do not limit yourselves to only hearing Me, fathom My Word with love, study it thoroughly now that it is the right time to do it and not after you have fallen into temptation, for your struggle will be harder then

16 Study My teaching so that you may interpret it correctly and understand with its light the meaning of life and the purpose of the trials

17 Many of those who contemplate the unleashed forces of nature, the overflowing waters which in their raging course devastate entire landscapes, and the people who are busy destroying themselves in cruel fratricidal wars, say that it is the wrath of God which is also unleashed.

18 I forgive those who interpret My righteousness in this way; but they will still understand that all the sufferings and blows of fate that mankind is suffering are due to their disobedience to My Law

19 Some say: "Lord, if we hurt You so much with our imperfections, if they are the cause of all our torments, why don't You rather destroy us? Why do You keep us in pain?"

20 To those who ask Me in this way, I say: if I did not love you, I would make you disappear with the mere pronouncement, "It shall be done"; but if I continue to keep you in spite of your faults, it is the proof that a high destiny awaits you.

21 My counsel is perfect, and My love for you is infinite; therefore your imperfections will never have sufficient weight to change the will of the Almighty. For moments you stray from the way My Law shows you. But eventually you will find My love in the perfection of My justice.

22 Men have always been subject to trials in which, apart from the purification of their Spirit, they have obtained the light of experience that will help them in this time to understand the wise, just and perfect teachings that life gives you This is why I have told you that you must fight against the darkness with your lightsaber and also remain awake and praying so as not to fall into temptation.

23 If you want to get to the bottom of the cause of your trials, remember that you are in the time of atonement for all your past transgressions If you already have faith in what I am presenting to you, a sweet satisfaction, an infinite peace, will enter into your being at the thought that I am the only one who knows your past and who can judge it with love.

24 In this time, look at the exiled kings, the princes without hope to rule, the rich in ruin and the powerful in pain! Who knows the atonement that lies in the trials to which they are subjected? - I alone. But I want you all to know that through sincere repentance, good works, renewal and spiritualization you can shorten your time of atonement until you reach your liberation from pain and thus peace.

25 With these teachings I enlighten you the teachings which you received from the earliest times, but which men had kept hidden from you, preventing mankind from finding the way of salvation

26 Don't you believe, beloved people, that if you were among the first to understand this truth at this time, this knowledge obliges you of all people to bring the light to the scenes of war and to the peoples without peace?

27 Explore My Word for this, but always do it with the aim of obtaining the truth

28 Strengthen your faith in my word so that in the future, when you hear arguments against this work, you will not falter.

29 You tell Me: "Master, what could we hear against Your perfect teaching that would be capable of putting our faith in danger?

30 So you think today, beloved disciples, because you do not yet know the storms and the approaching battle. now you come in peace to hear My Word, to refresh yourselves in My Teaching; but I prepare you and make you watchful so that no one will surprise you - Among you there are many innocent, many good believers, many noble-minded, men and women without wickedness, who do not know the corruption and betrayal of which men are capable. But if they do not train themselves, they will easily become the prey of those who rise up against this teaching, they will be like defenseless sheep against hungry wolves.

31 It is better for you that you experience already now through me what you will hear tomorrow. Prepare yourselves with the light of my teaching for the fight so that nothing hurts you when you are attacked and they want to discourage you.

32 Do not be dismayed when they tell you that he who spoke to you at this time was the tempter, and that it is prophesied that he too would do miracles by which he himself would disturb and confuse the elect. Verily, I tell you, many of those who so judge My rallies will be among those who are actually in the service of evil and darkness, even if their lips seek to assure that they always spread the truth.

33 Do not forget that the tree is recognized by its fruit, and I tell you The fruit is this Word that has been made audible by the minds of these voice-bearers, men and women of simple hearts. By the fruit and by the spiritual progress of those who have enjoyed it, mankind will recognize the tree that I am.

34 The Trinitarian-Marian spiritual work will begin to spread, causing a real alarm among many who, convinced that they have studied and understood the teaching which they once received from the Father, have become vain about the knowledge of their philosophies and sciences, without realizing the spiritual development which humanity has attained. They will, on awakening from their spiritual inertia, notice the way in which the Spirit of men thinks and feels today, will cast spells against what they will call "new ideas," and will spread the word that this movement was brought about by the Antichrist. Then they will take refuge in the Scriptures, the prophecies and in My Word that I gave you in the Second Time to try to fight My new rallies, My new teachings and all that I promised you and am fulfilling today.

35 My Word will reach on the lips of My disciples and through writings even to those who do not accept anything that is beyond material or outside their knowledge and concepts they once accepted and they will call Me a false God because I have brought you this Word But when you hear this, your faith will not be shipwrecked - although your heart feels hurt - because you will remember with inner movement that your master had already announced it to you and encouraged you with his word to withstand these tests. I tell you, however, that although you will encounter deceit, hypocrisy, superstition, religious fanaticism and idolatry in your way, you must not condemn anyone for his errors. Teach them with My word and leave the matter to Me, who am the only one who may judge you and who knows who is the false God, the false Christ, the evil apostle, the hypocritical Pharisee.

36 It is up to you only to interpret My teaching in the purest way, so that in your works the divine seed may bear fruit and be recognized by its nature by your brothers of the one who gave it to you

37 The heart of this people will not be barren; I know why I have called and gathered them. there will be moments when even within My Work many will be confused; but in the end they will escape from the whirlwind and will set out light-filled in search of the ways leading to other countries and bring My teaching to the people of other peoples with a divine message of spiritual brotherhood and peace They will teach that all material things have a limit, that men have made bad use of free will, and that today I set your fast course "so far" and carry out my will in you; but I do not come to you in opposition, but for the good of all mankind.

38 My approach to you at this time is not to take revenge on you for what mankind did to Me on Calvary; proof of this is that many times after you hurt Me, I have given you My Peace as a proof of love and forgiveness

39 If My Presence among you at this time coincides with the great catastrophes and the terrible wars that are now afflicting you, do not attribute to Me this cup that men drink The sufferings are the fruit of your sins, and these have not sprung from Me. When I announced to you that in the time when I would speak to you as Holy Spirit, pain would rage among mankind, I was not dictating your judgment; it was because I knew that when these trials would come, you would need Me. I only announced it to you that you should be awake and praying in anticipation of My coming.

40 You yourselves signed the sentence long ago; but I, whom you consider as your judge, am in reality your defender, freeing you from your burden by lovingly leading you to take the good way so that you may obtain true freedom, which is that of the Spirit

41 You weep, My people, because you feel in your repentant heart the love of the Master You had been told that no one who would come before the Father with a heavy sin in his Spirit would be forgiven and would suffer eternal damnation. But how have you been able to conceive my divine justice as so monstrous? Have you not noticed how I clearly showed through Jesus that My tenderest words and My most loving looks were for those who had sinned most? How could I proclaim a teaching in the world and do the opposite in eternity?

42 There cannot be the slightest difference between Christ and the Father, since both are the same Spirit, the same love, the same wisdom, which was manifested to mankind in three stages I told you already in the second time: "He who knows the Son knows the Father".

43 Pure you have come forth from Me and pure you must return; but the time of atonement will be temporary, never eternal; short or long, it depends on the will the Spirit uses to achieve his salvation

44 I find you confused because you have taken to hand the books in which your brethren have printed their errors, which you have long believed to be the pure truth. But the days are near in which man will have to correct even his beliefs; because the light of the new time will make him recognize the way of truth because it will become light in this night in which his spiritual life is.

45 I am sending you this teaching to instruct you to enter into the spiritual life from your human existence.

46 Yet you are still more matter than Spirit, and therefore you doubt for a moment the truth of this word and ask yourselves, "Is it really the Master who speaks to us? Then a "yes" escapes the Spirit, which fights against a "no" of matter.

47 In limited form I make myself known among you so that you may hear my word, in which I send you my divine thoughts, which anew mark out for you the way of your spiritual ascent.

48 I bless both the one who believes in my rallies and the one who doubts. I do not prefer to love everyone equally. I reveal myself to the world not only for some hearts, but to illuminate all paths with light, so that men may strive for the goal of spiritualization and fulfill the divine commandment, which says, "Love one another.

49 I am the divine sower of love and know the time of sowing and harvesting the fruit. It is written that God will give the light to the world anew when men would be at the summit of corruption.

50 Disciples, it is time to sow. Men seek and call for war; seek the human heart to sow peace and love in it.

51 If you are attacked, take cover in the purity of My teaching while men triumph when they take away your human existence, I will triumph by giving you eternal life

52 The legions of good are at work, they have taken up the fight, but they save the one who perishes This is My divine task. Are you forgetting that I have been called the Redeemer of mankind? What is strange about the fact that the shepherd seeks his sheep? Before you existed, I loved you already, and your disobedience and also your redemption was foreseen.

53 When I revealed Myself in Jesus, He said that He is your King, and you gave Him the Cross for the throne. Then I showed you all the power that love, forgiveness and gentleness possess. As I made His blood flow, so I give you My love without restriction.

54 Do you think that I am not among you in this time of pain? see, here I am! like a spring of crystal clear water I have come to quench the spiritual thirst that is consuming you I have come to tell you: it is time for you to allow your Spirit to develop so that all its slumbering faculties may awaken. For this I inspire you and explain spiritualization to you.

55 Faith, thought and will are powers. Be great and strong by means of these gifts and reveal them in all your works, which should always be based on love.

56 You now know the task which I have set myself.

57 I expect you in eternity, but you must fight to come to me. Therefore I illuminate your way so that you can follow it and always go forward.

58 Be pure in your thoughts, words and works, and you will be on my way. Then you will occupy the place in the kingdom of the Father which He has appointed for you.

59 Control your passions, let go of material pleasures and think of your brothers. See the blood of My children being shed in this world, hear the sobs that escape all suffering hearts. There are many nests where the birds are dead, many children who suffer, many mothers who weep, and many little children without a cradle.

60 Pray for them, that the fraternal feeling of some and the maternal feeling of others may be like a balm of consolation that penetrates their hearts.

61 Leave traces of light for the wayfarer who comes after you. Then you will feel God in your heart and in the depths of your being; there the Father will find his best temple. Conscience will be like the summit of the mountain, from where I make my rallies. Then man will be more Spirit than matter and more light than shadow.

62 As the wind and the sun caress you, so, my people, you shall caress your neighbor. This is the time when the needy and the needy are abundant. Understand that he who asks you for a favor grants you the grace to be useful to others and to work for your salvation. He gives you the opportunity to be merciful and thereby become like your Father. For man is born to sow the seed of goodness over the world. Understand, then, that whoever asks you does you a favor.

63 He who says that he has done a favor by giving help is lying, for he has hardly fulfilled any obligation.

64 I will refresh myself on My disciples when out of their harmonious accord the sweet and vibrant sounds of spiritualism resound, for all who are prepared will speak in the language of the heart. Those who have not prepared themselves will not be lost, because I am He who knows how to wait until the fruits ripen; but these will weep over their disobedience when they empty the cup of bitterness.

65 I am in all, but some will say, "I do not feel you;" others will say, "I do not see you;" but all will understand that I am in all and in all created things. Why do you try to see everything with your eyes and touch everything with your senses? Try to see with the Spirit, with the mind and with the heart.

66 Then you will see the unknown and will feel its vibration in your whole being. When you understand how much I love you, you will no longer say that your God is punishing you.

67 Verily, I tell you, in Me there is no wrath, for it is human weakness it is you who light the fire of pain and after that you call on Me to put it out; but it is My righteousness that manifests itself in you Therefore you must extinguish the fire of hatred and passions you have kindled with the water of virtue, with tears and even with blood.

68 In the Second Time I told you: "the birds have nests, the foxes have dens, but the Son of God does not have, since He lays His head down".

69 "Peace I leave to you, peace I give to you"; in him you will find comfort and joy. Be you in My love as I am in your pain!

70 Understand that I have entered into your heart without you having felt My coming To feel My Presence you had to be awake; but when I found you, you were asleep. This is why, when I woke you up, you wondered who had come and spoke to you in this way.

71 I must point out to you that I have not surprised you by an unforeseen visit. already long ago I let you know the signs that would precede My rallies as Holy Spirit; but seeing you have not seen anything and hearing you have not heard anything

72 When you investigate the events that moved your world in the last century, the dates of which are written in your history books, you will realize that in truth all that was foretold by the Lord was faithfully fulfilled

73 Verily I tell you, during the time my rallies last, I will not find faith because men must first purify their heart and mind so that they can understand my word from the bottom up

74 To those who listen to my teachings day by day and who, although they constantly receive proofs of my truth, still doubt and deny me - to them I say that it is necessary to study the spiritual meaning of my teaching so that they understand its truth In the same way I spoke to them in the Second Time when I said, "It is necessary that I die that people may believe Me, and that I rise on the third day that mankind may be convinced that I am the Son of God.

75 Those who are still far from spiritualization want to see Me in the likeness of Jesus to say to Me: "Lord, I believe in You, for I have seen You". To them I say: blessed are those who believed without seeing, for they have given proof that thanks to their spiritualization they have felt Me in their heart.

76 Do you now understand why man had the need to make images representing Me? - Because of his lack of armament, because he is not sensitive to spiritual rallies.

77 If man understood My teaching, he would not feel the need to figuratively represent or paint portraits and then kneel before them. He would discover that there is no more perfect image of the Lord in the world than the spiritual exalted man himself. Then he would endeavor to do the same works as I do, in order to draw nearer to his Creator.

78 The apostle John penetrated into the spiritual; through his rapture he felt the presence of the Father, at His spiritual voice he felt himself fainting. But though he had seen shapes and forms in those visions, he did not understand that each image was only the symbol of a great textbook of wisdom and prophecy, but not the image or form of God.

79 Man looked upon the Lamb, the lion, the book, the stars, the elders, the lampstands, and all that his amazed eyes saw were only shapes and forms that exist on earth and are known to man. They were used as symbols, in order to represent with them deep, divine teachings; but no one can see my divinity in all its glory, because I am infinite, having neither beginning nor end.

80 If the book of John's prophecies has been considered by some as an impenetrable mystery and by others in an erroneous interpretation, it is because mankind has not yet attained the spiritualization necessary to understand what is presented there; and I can also tell you that it has not even been understood by the prophet to whom it was given; I have not yet been able to understand it

81 John heard and saw, and when he heard that he was commanded to write it down, he obeyed immediately; but he understood that this message was for men who would come long after him.

82 Today you are in the time which has been prophesied to you, and this My teaching - as the light of a new age - gives you the ability to learn to read that book which has been closed to your understanding for so long The hour is approaching in which you will succeed in deciphering all that you have for so long considered hidden behind the veil of mystery.

83 Do you not really believe that, if John had understood the meaning of the Revelation which he had received, he would have clearly explained its contents to you instead of bequeathing you a book of images and symbols? Recognize: If he had explained this Revelation in full clarity - what man of that time could have understood it and consequently believed in the truth of the prophecy?

84 It was My Will that that book would remain sealed and only its presence and part of its contents would be revealed to you, so that when the present time would have come, I would explain to you that revelation

85 Awaken, people, bring this message to mankind so that they may receive in their Spirit the light of My Word in the Third Age Forget your human troubles and cry "Hosanna, Hosanna" because at last your spiritual development will allow you to understand the true meaning of the teachings I brought to your knowledge and whose light will guide you to a perfect world in eternity.

My peace be with you!

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