BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 24

 The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 24:

1 Disciples, you are to learn to give without expecting any reward.

2 Practice true humility, which, because it is proper to the superior Spirit, is reflected in the feelings of the heart. Feel yourselves sincere as the last of all, never seek to be the first.

3 Learn to forgive the one who has hurt you. I told Peter that if he was insulted seventy times seven times by his brother, he must forgive him as many times, by which I made him understand that he must always do so, both with the small insults and the great ones. How many beings have passed through this world who called themselves Christians and were not able to grant forgiveness once during their whole life.

4 I therefore ask all those whom I have called children of light: Would you not like to apply this sublime commandment at least once in your existence, so that you may become aware of the miracles it works both in the one who grants forgiveness and in the one who receives it.

5 The light is nobility, is love, and is understanding among the Spirits. Now you already know how you must behave in life if you really want to be children of the Light.

6 So if you are offended and return the blow, but both feel remorse, do not hold back your hand out of pride, be the first to stretch it out as a proof of humility, and do not fear to humble yourselves; for I tell you: whoever humbles himself in the world will be praised in the Hereafter.

7 How do you think that I desire My disciples among this mankind? - I wanted them to be pure and gentle in heart, to shine with their example in the path of their fellow men; that each one would be like those stars that sparkle in the night as guardians or guides of their brothers.

8 I wanted your hearts to be full of joy so that you would transfer them to the sad one; that healing power would flow out of your hands bringing health to all the sick; that your lips would be able to transmit My Word in its original purity and spiritual sense; for then you would be able to redeem the erring by your example

9 In the Second Time, I told you at the sight of the city where My people lived, to whom I was promised as their Redeemer and who, because of their materialism, did not notice My Presence: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who killed the prophets and misunderstood the messengers, how often I wanted to gather your children as the bird covers its young and you would not obey Me;" I said to you, "I have said to you, 'I am the one who will save you; I have said to you, 'I am the one who will save you;' I have said to you, 'I am the one who will save you; I am the one who will save you; I am the one who will save you; I am the one who will save you; I am the one who will save you; I am the one who will save you

10 I had sought them to offer them true happiness, and yet I knew that they would bring Me to Calvary; but My Love was not defeated by the heartlessness of men, and as proof of this you have Me here again, and I tell you: blessed are those who believe in Me today, for I will take all their sorrows from their hearts But I also bless those who will be My new judges in this time; for I assure you that tomorrow they will be believers like Saul of Tarsus - who persecuted those who believed in Me - and that they will come to Me repentantly, to then set out filled with love and faith and sow the seed of truth among their brethren.

11 My light enlightens the human mind. I come to this people as I was at that time in another people who preceded you and of whom I told you that you belonged to him spiritually. how many of those people misjudged Me! How their heart hardened when they cried out: Crucify him! O blessed Crucifixion, for it was the testimony of what Divine Love is able to do for her children, and of what human ingratitude is capable of!

12 Many of them were sick, blind, and possessed; they did not know what they were doing, and therefore they condemned me. Even now all those who do not walk in my way of love do not yet know what they are doing. Human wickedness has wanted to put an end to the love I sowed through Jesus; but through centuries millions of people have wept because of that nameless ingratitude. But these who weep so have hated and cursed those who crucified Me, while I have not taught you to hate or curse. I do not hate, nor curse, nor punish. These feelings are not present in My Divine Spirit, but I see them in your worldly jurisdiction.

13 I taught you to love, to forgive, to pray for those who hurt you and to bless them.

14 If you would always do such works in your life, and feel them truly in their execution without telling anyone, you would achieve much in the atonement of your transgressions, and through them - by means of your pure thoughts - receive the light. My word teaches you this, so the Spirit shall work in silence and without display.

15 When an idea or thought of light comes from your mind, it reaches its destination to fulfill its charitable task. If, instead of thoughts of goodness, unclean radiations emanate from your mind, they will only cause harm wherever you send them. I tell you, thoughts too are works, and as such they remain written down in the book that exists in your conscience.

16 Whether your works are good or evil, you will receive back many times what you wished for your brothers. It would be better for you to do evil to yourselves than to wish it to one of your neighbors.

17 This is why I told you in the Second Time, "what you sow, you reap"; for it is necessary that you recognize your experiences in this life and that you remember that your harvests will give you the same seed that you sowed, but in multiplication

18 O mankind, you have not wanted to consider, feel, or live the teachings of your Master!

19 If the writings of My disciples, who in the Second Age bequeathed My Word to you, get into your hands in a falsified way, I will cause you to know what are the true words of Jesus; your conscience will discover as false those who are not in accord with the divine concert of My Love

20 You have read My Teachings only briefly and interpreted them according to your taste; then you search for new books in which men will take Me anew from Herod to Pilate; but of that loving word, that simple teaching proclaimed by the Divine Master, you will find very little there

21 All of you continue to judge Me; some of you make Me a God, others a man, some call Me divine, others a human prophet; some consider Me to be the Son of God and others the Son of David Some call Me prophet, and others inciters. Some say that I am enlightened by the Most High, others say that I have a covenant with the devil, and so this humanity goes after My name to put a new J.N.R.J. over Me like the fearful Pilate.

22 You judge Me by My words and My works, but you do not strive to put "love one another" into practice. You are afraid to practice this sublime teaching because you think of the mockery of your brothers.

23 Verily, I tell you, if I had felt fear of the ascent to Calvary and of the Cross, you would still be waiting for the Messiah

24 Do not get into theologies by complicating the simple; do not be like those who pretend to hold God, the truth, in a material book; for as men you will never succeed in fathoming God.

25 Do not make the easy difficult; do not diminish the great, nor exalt the small. Do not become teachers without teaching, nor sanctimonious men without love.

26 Seek your Father, who comes to you today as a divine thought who radiates love. See here my light, become a word for all men.

27 It is the light of the Holy Spirit who comes as a message of love to tear the veils that darken the human mind.

28 If with good will you seek in this word the knowledge it contains and find its spiritual meaning, you will have found the truth.

29 The light of this teaching will be the star which will show you the way to follow. You must not stop, for in doing so you would stop the progress of your brethren in the spiritual path.

30 I do not encourage habits that hinder you spiritually, and though you often cover them up with the false luster of choice words, they contain ignorance and confusion at their core.

31 The book which I open before you is like a delicious meal for the Spirit; its essence, once entered into your heart, will bring about transformations in it which will help you to follow the Messiah, the Master, who as man showed reverence of perfect love to the Father When will you glorify your Lord in a similar manner?

32 You have developed your passions in the world, you have worshiped your idols; but God in infinity and in your brethren - when?

33 For almost 2000 years you have been repeating that sentence which the shepherds of Bethlehem heard, "Peace on earth to men of good will"; but when did you put good will into practice to acquire a right to peace? Verily, I say to you, you have done rather the opposite.

34 You have lost the right to repeat this sentence; this is why I come today with new words and teachings, so that it may not be sentences and phrases that imprint themselves on your mind, but the spiritual meaning of My Teaching, which is to penetrate your heart and your spirit If you want to repeat my words as I give them to you, do so; but know that as long as you do not feel them, they will have no effect whatsoever. Speak them with intimate feeling and humility, feel them resonate in your heart, then I will answer you in such a way that I will make your whole being tremble.

35 Those through whom I make myself known are poorly interpreting Me; this is why My teaching is also for them, so that they may succeed in getting rid of every useless thought, fanaticism, old prejudices, and all that might be added to the inspiration received With every period of time that passes, new, better prepared men will come to hear me.

36 Lift your minds to me, beloved voice-bearers, ask the Master that in your rapture His teaching may be manifested louder and purer; allow My Will to be done in you and you will experience that from your mouth come teachings which will lead these multitudes on the way of love and truth.

37 My people, abandon the superstitious beliefs that were once taught to you and pray to Me with true faith; I will deliver you from all ambushes and send you guardian angels

38 The law of God is infinite, it embraces everything, it is the harmony between all that is created This law does not concern only the spiritual.

39 It pleases you to learn by heart the prescriptions of the law, the names of the spiritual virtues, the doctrines and sayings of Jesus; but I tell you: you must feel all these.

Knowledge is not feeling. Whoever wants to possess My truth must feel it deeply in his heart.

40 You think of the sublime ideas, of the good deeds, but you do not do them as it is My Will, because you do not feel them, and therefore you do not know the "divine taste" they leave behind when you have accomplished them You do not do them with sincerity because you think you cannot do them, and you cannot because you do not want to. And this because, to do good, one must love.

41 He who loves understands; he who learns has will; he who has will is able to do many things. I tell you, he who does not love with all the power of his Spirit will have neither spiritual upliftment nor wisdom, nor will he do great works.

42 Whoever deviates from the spiritual law, which is the highest law, falls under the rule of subordinate or material laws, of which men know little. But he who obeys the highest law and remains in harmony with it is above all orders, which you call the natural ones, and feels and understands more than he who has only knowledge found in science or in religions.

43 This is why Jesus amazed you with the works which you call miracles; but know the teachings which He gave you out of love. Understand that there is nothing supernatural nor contradictory in the divine that vibrates in all creation.

44 You find your pilgrimage through this life full of bitterness and vicissitudes - in which you behave like your children when they are discontented or sick - contradictory to the love of the Creator. You live in a permanent state of lamentation over your sufferings; but this is the natural result of your disobedience and violations of the law and the abuse you have made of the freedom that My love has given you and which you call "free will.

45 You refuse to consider this teaching, which is so easy to understand because it is within the grasp of your minds, as a truth

46 Only renewal and the ideal of perfection will make you return to the way of truth.

Those who feel themselves to be interpreters of the divine law tell you that hell tortures await you for your depravity and stubbornness and that only when you express your repentance, chastening and wounding your flesh and offering material sacrifices to God, He will forgive you and bring you into His Kingdom - verily, I tell you, they are in error.

47 Where will you go, men, led by those whom you admire as great masters of holy revelations and whom I consider confused? this is why I come to save you with the light of this teaching, which will make you advance in the path of My Love

48 In this time I am giving you new teachings to reflect upon, teachings of Love that will redeem and uplift you, truths that, although bitter, will be light on your path

49 Spiritualism* in this time, like Christianity in the past, will be fought and persecuted with anger, cruelty and rage; but in the midst of the struggle the spiritual will appear, performing miracles and conquering hearts.

* Teaching of the Spirit, must not be confused with spiritism. See also footnote at U 19, 7.

50 Materialism, selfishness, pride and love of the world will be the forces that will rise up against this revelation, which is not new nor different from that which I have brought to you in the past times. The teaching which I have now revealed to you, and which you call spiritualism, is the core of the Law and the teaching revealed to you in the First and Second Times.

51 When mankind understands the truth of this teaching, its righteousness and the infinite knowledge it reveals, it will expel from its heart every fear, every prejudice and will take it as a guideline for its life

52 My law does not enslave, My word frees. He who believes in Me and follows Me is not a slave; he ceases to be subject to earthly passions, he is no longer of the world and becomes the Lord of himself; he conquers temptations, and the world lies at his feet.

53 Spiritualization alone will save this humanity from its chaos; do not expect any other solution, O peoples and nations of the earth! You will be able to make peace treaties, but as long as this peace is not based on the light of conscience, you will be foolish, for you will build on sand!

54 In the Second Time I told you: "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven"; and today you have it in your sights. The powerful want to buy peace with their riches and do not achieve it.

55 In this way, humanity will understand that spiritual goods are indispensable in the life of man, goods that cannot be bought with money, but with spiritualization.

56 Spiritualization does not mean mysticism*, but elevation of feelings, goodness of heart, righteousness of action, and love for neighbor.

* Religiousness degenerates into an exaggeratedly enthusiastic form.

57 To give you this teaching of mercy and love, I have not accepted your human nature, nor have I manifested myself in palaces, under vanities and surrounded by luxury. In a poor quarter of your city, among the poor, among the humble people, I have come to you according to Him who at another time said to you, "My kingdom is not of this world.

58 This humanity, which has developed in some areas, lives spiritually in a deep lethargy because it has not been able to explore its inner being where the true temple is. This sanctuary stands abandoned, its lamp does not burn, its altar is without offering; but I ask you: What is the cause of all this? - To the fact that man has long since been nourished by external cults, replacing what should be perfectly spiritual.

59 He has sought to satisfy the needs of his Spirit with ceremonies, traditions, feasts, and material offerings. For this I tell you that only the works which contain elevation and spiritualization can truly strengthen and nourish your Spirit.

60 Though I receive all offerings and put My Love into all; but do you not think that it would be more right and pleasant both for the Father and for you if you would offer Me something worthy of Me and yourselves?

61 Many men and peoples still believe to be pleasing to Me by offering Me material sacrifices; they think that the greater the splendour and splendour of their liturgies, the greater will be the joy with the Lord and the greater will be the benefits they will obtain from Him; and this because they have forgotten that if I as man avoided all that was vain and empty, I, now that I have manifested Myself to you in the Spirit, will accept from men even less material things and ceremonies

62 When will you be ready to interpret My Law truly? when will this mankind stop violating and falsifying My Commandments?

63 I offer you this time to reflect on the spiritual teachings that have been revealed to you since the first times.

64 Make yourselves free from habits, vices, superstition, traditions, fanaticism, and idolatry. I want to see you pure so that you can spiritualize yourselves; I want to see you humble so that my light can shine in you.

65 Just as in the past times the places Jerusalem and Rome were places of promise and sources of grace for men, where the Lord made Himself known, so I have instructed this needy and humbled nation a high mission for this time It must be prepared; for both the echo of My rallies and the rumor of My miracles and the fervor of the witnesses will draw the attention of the people to it.

66 First it will be the poor, the ignorant, the needy, the guileless, the servants, the hungry and thirsty for justice, who will come, and later the doubters, the masters, the scientists will come.

67 Watch and pray, be ready for the coming of the great multitudes. Be vigilant in your works, pray in the silence of your sleeping chamber or wherever the moment of your union with Me surprises you, and there I will be with you.

68 I have not told you to separate yourselves from your duties in the world, but to turn away from what is not in the Law; that is, to remove from your life what is unnecessary, what is useless, and to make moderate use of what is permitted

69 What has your free will brought you, if you have used it to pursue and seek material pleasures? - Only pain and disappointment.

70 From the New Jerusalem I look at this humanity without being felt by it. A few who have expected Me and others who follow Me know that I have returned as the Holy Spirit and that I am currently speaking to them through the mind of man. Do you know how I find the peoples of the world? - Deceived, men disappointed by men. No one asks the other any longer because he knows that he has nothing to expect from his neighborly love, and because he knows that his hand is empty. Now materialism rules, and of all that is good and high only a very faint reflection of light remains.

71 You wonder that I speak to you in this way, thinking that I am severe and demanding with you; to this I tell you that your developed Spirit must offer me a better harvest than the one you are showing me today

72 Do you not believe that the division of mankind into peoples and races is something primitive? Do you not think that if the progress in your civilization, of which you are so proud, were true, the law of violence and wickedness would no longer prevail, but that all the actions of your life would be governed by the law of conscience? - And you, people, do not exclude yourself from this judgment, for among you too I discover struggles and divisions.

73 Since ancient times I have been speaking to you of a judgment, and this is the time announced, which the prophets represented as if it were a day

74 The word of your God is king's word and does not back away. What does it matter that thousands of years have passed over the same? The will of the Father is unchanging and must be fulfilled.

75 If men, except believing in My Word, would understand to watch and pray, they would never be surprised; but they are unfaithful, forgetful, unbelieving, and when the trial comes, they attribute it to the punishment, revenge or wrath of God Then I tell you that every trial is announced in advance so that you may be prepared. Therefore you must always be watchful.

76 The flood, the destruction of cities by fire, enemy incursions, plagues, plagues, pestilences, famines and other trials more were announced in advance to all the peoples of the earth, so that you should prepare yourselves and not be surprised. Just as today, a message of the love of God has always descended from the love of God for vigilance and armament, so that men may awaken, arm themselves and be strengthened.

77 Through the gifts of the Spirit and the abilities that man possesses, My messages reach his heart These gifts are: spiritual vision, presentiment, intuition and prophetic dream.

78 Then why do the trials hit you in most cases without being prepared? - Not because I have failed to send you the message, but because you have lacked prayer and spiritualization.

79 I have told you that a very great trial is coming on all mankind, so great that there has been nothing like it in the whole history of its centuries and ages. now you must understand that I am speaking to all your hearts, giving you messages and warnings in many forms so that men may reflect and be alert to My Law, like the wise virgins of My parable

80 Will the peoples and the various nations of the world listen to Me? Will this people listen to Me, to whom I make myself known in this form? I alone know it; but My duty as a Father is to provide all means for their salvation through the way of My children.

81 People, do not forget this Word, do not fall asleep and do not close the doors of your heart to My Calls of Love Be messengers of this light, sending your thoughts as spiritual messages to the mind of your brothers.

82 Now you will better understand why I am constantly repeating: "watch and pray".

My peace be with you.

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