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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 38:

1 I receive the "last" and overflow them with the same light that I gave to the "first" so that they may rise and make my teaching known.

2 Short is the time when you will still be hearing My Word, since I have announced to you that I will stop speaking to you in 1950 and after that time My Voice will no longer resound through the human mind Whoever heard it and believed it will feel satisfied and strong; but whoever doubted it after hearing it will be confused. On the other hand, many who have never heard me will seek out my disciples to ask them about what they have learned from the master.

3 Seek the light, and whoever possesses it, help all those who walk in darkness to find it. For for him who has confused ideas during this life, the confusion is even greater when entering the spiritual valley. That is why I have stood by all my children in the three times and have shown them the path on which they must strive upwards through the development of their Spirit.

4 From the life of the Spirit I have revealed to you all that you are able to comprehend little by little. Today I show you an even deeper side of that knowledge.

5 This is the time of which I have prophesied to you that every eye would see Me. Every spirit will hear Me, and when this teaching has been understood by mankind, men will no longer fall into idolatry or fanaticism because they will have learned to lift their spirit to Me with the simplicity and purity that spiritualization gives.

6 Slowly the Spirit of men awakens when they hear in the voice of their conscience the echo of the heavenly bell. It is the Spirit of Elijah, it is the voice of him who calls in the desert, an invisible messenger of this time, who like a shepherd lovingly calls for his sheep, so that they may obediently enter the enclosure of peace that awaits them.

7 Whoever thinks it strange that I leave My Kingdom to seek sinners, truly does not know Me I leave the righteous behind, for they are saved and possess everything. I come to the disinherited, the erring and defiled, because they too are My children whom I love like the righteous, and because I want to bring them to My homeland so that they may rejoice in their Father.

8 If I only loved the righteous and despised the sinners - would your conscience think that the Father acted righteously?

9 I am showing you the way in which you are to wash away your stains and justify yourselves before Me By doing good to your brethren and by practicing charity in various forms.

Already today you can pass on what you have learned. You can also visit the sick and give them the balm in My name with your love, since you will find in your faith the power to heal, and your mercy will be the best balm. Let no one doubt whether he has the gift to do it or not.

10 Have no doubt to do charity, because you think yourselves poor. When Jesus was with His disciples in the Second Age, He gave them this parable: "A publican entered the temple and left a coin as alms. Then a well-dressed Pharisee gave seven coins, dropping one by one, so that his actions would be observed and all would see that his gift was great. Later, a sick and poor woman knelt down to pray, and afterwards she put down two coins of little value, which were all she possessed. Jesus said to his disciples, "Behold, he that believed to give more gave less, and she that gave less gave more, because she gave all that she possessed, and therefore the bread she was to eat that day.

11 To you who listen to Me, I will make you understand how much you carry within you so that you never feel needy in the face of the truly needy.

12 You are those of whom it was once said that you would live in the time of the Holy Spirit. This is the age of light, in which every Spirit is to open his eyes to the truth. Already My sickle has begun to root out the weeds by the root. Marvel not that I have come while the world is engaged in wars; this was foretold.

13 Men have seen so much light through science that they were blinded But when this blindness is over, they will know the true way through my mercy and on it they will meet me, freeing and saving the straying sheep, as the shepherd does with stray sheep.

14 In this time I did not become man among you; I came only as light, which I send from My kingdom to your Spirit. From infinity I inspire you so that your Spirit may rise to Me tomorrow in his prayers.

15 Today you must see to it that your soul purifies itself through your armour and feels My presence among you Spiritualize so that you may know how to receive what you ask for, which will never be too much for Me. Do not forget the needs of your soul, which is burdened by the demands of your body. Know that what you lack most is divine teaching, and now that it is flowing abundantly in this form - seek it, fathom it, and apply it with works of love for your brethren.

16 I want to see in you an understanding of My teaching and improvement in your life, so that you may guard this work I have revealed to you like a jewel of inestimable value, that you may not become vain to possess this grace, nor deny it to anyone who needs it, let alone derive material gain from it

17 Verily, I tell you, the temple of the sixth seal will never be a market or a den of robbers This sanctuary, which is in the spiritual, keeps its gates open so that all My children may enter into it. There the sinner will find salvation, the hatred, the thirst for revenge and the evil inclinations will disappear.

18 You are being prepared at this time so that you may proclaim this Good News with true faith and courage. I also want the interpretation you give to my word to be correct so that your actions will be louder. I do not want there to be fanatics, puritans or enthusiasts among My disciples, but that the exaltation of your spirit be inward, and that all your outward acts be simple and natural; that when this people multiply like the stars in the sky and like the sand on the sea, they be made up of true disciples of My spiritual teaching, so that they may be the expounders of the Word they have heard, and be those who with their works bear witness to the truth of My teaching.

19 Fear not the time when you will have to speak, distrust neither Me nor yourselves. I have told you that in the hour of trial you should not consider what you are going to say, that your faith and spiritual upliftment will be enough for My Divine Light to speak through your lips. When men demand of you an explanation or justification of the inspiration you have received, I will also make you understand the truth of my revelations so that you can explain them to your brethren.

Among the messengers will be My prophets with the commission to awaken the people. But they are not to do what the prophet Jonah did, who went to a pagan and sinful city to warn it, announcing to its inhabitants disaster, suffering, plagues and diseases if they would not renew themselves. When the time came to fulfill his prophecy, he saw with great astonishment that his words had not come true, for instead of the calamity he had announced, that people were enjoying peace, health and well-being.

Then the prophet withdrew in shame into solitude, and there he spoke to his Lord and told Him, "Why has not the word that You have put in my mouth been fulfilled? Behold, instead of being regarded as thy prophet by those people, they take me for a deceiver."

But then he heard the voice of the Father, which answered him as follows: "I sent you there to announce the visitations that had to happen when those people would be deaf to my word. But they listened to you and repented, overthrew their false gods and knelt down to worship Me, they wept in the knowledge of their transgressions and anxiously awaited My judgment.

20 I saw them in awe, and instead of sorrow I sent them joy and peace. Do you think that just to fulfill your word, as you understand it, I should hurt thousands? if you do not have compassion for one of them - I feel for them all! The Word you gave was so that they would be renewed and thus avoid afflictions. They have repented, and therefore see how they are there full of rejoicing and faith in the true God!

21 Keep these teachings in mind, disciples, they are examples that will be useful to you in your journey. In you rest the gifts of spiritual insight, prophetic dreams and intuition, so that you may always see your path illuminated and keep your brethren alert.

22 Your task is to warn, awaken, announce. But be aware that if your brothers pray, they will be able to change events. But you must not feel betrayed or lose faith because of this. Your purpose is limited to preventing suffering and making peace. If you achieve this result with your gifts, you may be satisfied. Pray for the peace of humanity, and together form a sanctuary within which your brothers can find salvation, peace and inspiration.

23 Come and eat of this bread, which is My Word, so that while you are nourishing your Spirit with My grace, I among you may quench My thirst for love whenever you have loved your brothers, you have loved Me, when you have forgiven your enemies, you have reconciled yourselves to Me and on the altar of your faith you lay down the offering of your merits, a sacrifice always pleasing to My Divinity

24 Listen: I am He who formed you in His image and likeness. I am the only God, no one has existed before Me, My Spirit was not created, I am eternal, have always been and will always be.

25 I have revealed to you My existence and the Trinity that exists in Me, that Trinity which you know in the Father, who is Jehovah, who gave you the Law in the First Time, in the "Word" that taught you love in the Second Time through Jesus, and in the Holy Spirit, who fills you with light and wisdom and explains to you all the revelations in this Third Time, in which he sets up vibrations in every spirit and makes himself known among you through the human mind.

26 The Father announced the coming of Christ through the mouth of His prophets, and Jesus announced the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth. These are the three phases of revelation through which I have made myself known to mankind - as the law, love and wisdom; three kinds of revelation and one God, three modes of action and one will, one love.

27 If the Father is eternal, so is the Son, because the Divine Word that spoke in Jesus has always been in the Father. The Holy Spirit is eternal because he is the wisdom of God, which has always been in Him. So - if I have formed man in My image and likeness, which means that the image of this Trinity exists in him, then I have given him three constituent parts, that is, the flesh, the soul and the Spirit. It is a being formed from three basic components: the material - the body, the soul - the soul, and the divine - the Spirit.

28 In the most exalted place of your soul radiates a spark of my divine intelligence, which is your Spirit, which is why you are in truth children of my Spirit.

29 In the happiness of being father I wanted to let you take part, and so I made you parents of men so that you should give form to such beings who are like you and in whom the spirit beings would incarnate, whom I send you. Since there is motherly love in the divine and eternal, I wanted there to be in human life a being who embodies it, and that being is woman.

30 At a (certain) beginning of life, the human being was divided into two parts, thus creating the two sexes, one - man, the other - woman; in him strength, intelligence, dignity, in her tenderness, grace, beauty. The one - the seed, the other - the fertile earth. See here two beings who can only feel complete, perfect and happy when they are united. In their harmony they will form a single "flesh", a single will and a single ideal.

31 When this union is inspired by conscience and love, it is called marriage.

32 The law of marriage came down as a light that spoke through the conscience of the "first "*, so that they might realize that the union of man and woman is a covenant with the Creator. The fruit of this union was the child in which the blood of his parents flowed together as a proof that what is united before God must not be dissolved on earth.

* The Israelites of the First Times

33 That happiness which the father and mother feel when they have given birth to a child is similar to that which the Creator experienced when He became a father, giving life to His much-loved children. If I later gave you laws through Moses so that you might understand how to choose the companion and not desire the wife of your neighbor, it was because men had strayed into the ways of adultery and passions because of their free will.

34 After this time had passed, I came into the world in Jesus and increased marriage and thus human morality and virtue through My kind teaching, which is always the law of love. I spoke in parables to make My Word unforgettable and made marriage a sanctified institution.

35 Now that I am among you anew, I ask you, men and women what have you made of marriage? How few can answer this satisfactorily! My sacred institution has been profaned, from that source of life comes death and pain. On the pure white of this law sheet are the stains and marks of man and woman. The fruit that should be sweet is bitter, and the cup that men drink is full of bile.

36 You are moving away from My Laws, and when you stumble, you anxiously ask yourselves: why is there so much pain? -: Because the lusts of the flesh have always overheard the voice of conscience. Now I ask you: Why have you no peace, although I have given you everything necessary so that you would be happy?

37 I have spread out a blue cloak in the heavens so that under it you might build your "nests of love", so that there, far from the temptations and entanglements of the world, you might live with the simplicity of the birds; for in simplicity and sincere prayer one can feel the peace of My Kingdom and the revelation of many mysteries

38 Men, if the companion you have chosen is like barren land that has given you no fruit, you have set out in search of new land, forgetting that you are to be devoted to your destiny and your duty of atonement Why do you blame fate for your trials and sufferings that you encounter in your marriage when you have chosen this path yourself?

39 Everyone who marries before My divinity - even if his union is not confirmed by any clergyman - makes a pact with Me, a contract that remains recorded in the book of God, in which all destinies are written down.

40 Who can erase these two interwoven names from there? Who can solve in the world what has been united in My law?

41 If I were to separate you, I would destroy My own work if you have asked Me to be united on earth and I have granted it to you - why do you not keep your vows afterwards and deny your oaths? Is this not a mockery of my law and my name?

42 To you barren women, the Master says: you wished and asked much that your body become a fountain of life, hoping that one evening or one morning the throbbing of a tender heart would be heard within you; I have not been able to make it happen But the days and nights have passed, and only sobs have escaped your breast, because no child has knocked at your gates.

43 How many of you who hear Me, and who have been robbed of all hope by science, will have to become fruitful so that you may believe in My power and many may recognize Me through this miracle Watch and be patient. Do not forget My words!

44 Fathers of families, avoid errors and bad examples. I do not demand perfection from you, only love and care for your children. Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically, for in the hereafter great legions of spirits are waiting for the moment to become man among you.

45 I want a new mankind, which not only increases in number but also in virtue, and multiplies itself, so that men may see the promised city near and their children may be able to dwell in the New Jerusalem.

46 I want the earth to be filled with men of good will, which are fruits of love.

47 Destroy the Sodom and Gomorrah of this time, do not let your heart become accustomed to their sins, and do not make it like their inhabitants.

48 In this way I prepare you in the third time, because the crowds which I have announced to you will come.

49 Everyone take on the role that is his, and so now hear my teaching in a parable:

50 "Before God there was a Spirit full of light, purity and innocence, who said to his Lord: "Father, tell me what my task is, for I long to serve You. And the Lord lovingly answered him: "Be patient, I will unite in the world a man and a woman, and out of their union a son will be born, in whom you will incarnate, so that you may gain experience as a human child in the trials of the world and you may feel the tenderness of a mother and the loving support of a father close to you".

51 The Spirit rejoiced and waited. Meanwhile, the Lord united a man with a woman by bonds of love, and so (united) He sent them on the path of life. —

52 A new living creature sprouted in the womb of the woman, and then God sent that Spirit to take flesh in that body, and in the ninth month he saw the light of day.

The mother was radiant with happiness, and the father looked at him with pride. That son was the work of both, the fruit of their love. The woman felt strong, and the man felt a little like his Creator. The two dedicated themselves to the care of that tender heart.

53 The Spirit, who animated the Son, shone when he saw the sweet gaze of his mother and the earnest yet loving face of the Father.

54 Time passed, and the Father, in his struggle for life, moved away from the nest of love, went astray, and went so far as to get lost, leaving shreds of his garment in the thorny bushes. He ate poisonous fruits and defoliated the flowers he found on his way. When he felt sick and depressed, he remembered the loved ones he had left. He tried to return and look for them, but he lacked the strength. So he gathered all his strength, and dragging and staggering along the long path, he reached the gates of his home. The wife received him in her arms with tears in her eyes, the son was sick and dying.

55 When the father saw his dying son, he implored Divine Mercy for his recovery, and desperately pulled up his hair and blasphemed. But that Spirit detached himself from his body and went into the next world. His parents remained desolate and took turns blaming themselves for the misfortune that had struck them: he, because he had left, she, because she was unable to hold him back.

56 When that Spirit came into the presence of the Creator, he said: "Father, why did You take me away from the arms of that sweet mother, who made my absence sob and despair? To this the Lord answered him: "Wait, be patient, for you will return to the same womb anew when those have recognized their faults and understood My law.

57 The man and the woman continued to live together, lonely, and repented inwardly of their transgressions when they were surprised once more by the signs of a new child. God let the Spirit return to that womb anew and told him: "Be in that body that prepares for life, and refresh yourself again in that womb.

58 The parents who thought the firstborn was lost did not know that he had returned to their midst. But the emptiness that the first son left behind was filled by the second, joy and peace returned to the bosom of that home, the mother smiled again, and the father too took pleasure.

59 Now the man was afraid to go away from his own, and took pains to care for them with love while he stayed with them. But time made him forget his past experience, and tempted by bad friends, he fell into vice and temptation. The woman reproached him and began to reject him; the home turned into a battlefield. Soon the man lay defeated, sick and weakened, while the woman left the child alone in the cradle and went in search of bread for the innocent child and food for that companion who did not know how to love or protect her. She suffered humiliation and abuse, lived through dangers and resisted the desires of evil-minded men, and in this way she provided the daily bread for her relatives.

60 God had mercy on the innocent Spirit, and even before he opened his eyes to the light of reason, he called him again. But when the Spirit came before His Lord, He told Him with pain: "Father, anew You have taken me from the poor of those whom I love. See how hard my lot is! Now I beg You to let me remain forever either in their bosom or in yours; but do not let me go back and forth any more, I am weary.

61 When the man awoke from his apathy, he saw a new image of pain: the wife was weeping inconsolably at the head of the bed on which the second son lay dead. The man wanted to take his own life, but the wife stopped him by saying: "Do not touch your life, hold back your hand, recognize that we ourselves are the cause that God takes away our children. The man calmed down as he realized that there was a light of truth in those words.

The days passed and brought peace to those hearts that thought back with pain to their children who had left them and who had been the joy of that home that from then on sank into desolation.

62 Then the Spirit asked his Lord, "Father, will you send Me to earth anew? "Yes," the Lord told him, "and as often as necessary, until those hearts are smoothed out. - When he incarnated again, his body was sick, because his mother was sick and his father too. With a request for relief that Spirit rose from his bed of pain to the Father. This time he had not seen the light of day*, there was no smile on his parents' lips, there were only tears. The mother cried from morning to night at the cradle of the child, while the father, full of remorse, felt that the pain pierced his heart when he saw that the son had inherited his own infirmities.

* So he was born blind as a result of the parents' illness.

63 The Spirit's sojourn in that sick flesh was short, and he returned to the presence of the Lord.

64 Loneliness again surrounded the spouses, but pain had united them as never before, their hearts loved one another, and they vowed to walk together until the end of the path of life. The husband fulfilled his duties, she cared for her husband, and both of them were enjoying their illnesses.

65 They hardly believed that God would grant them another son, but behold, when the Lord saw that physical and spiritual health flourished in those beings, He sent them that Spirit as a reward for the woman's self-denial and the man's improvement, and from the woman's womb sprouted a little body, fresh as a flower bud, which flooded that home with happiness and peace.

66 The man and the woman thanked their Lord on their knees, weeping with happiness, while that patient and obedient Spirit smiled through the Son and said to God, "Lord, separate me no more from my parents. There is peace in my home, love in their hearts, warmth in my cradle, milk and honey in my mother's breast, bread on the table. My father caresses me, and in his hands he has the tools for the work. Bless us." And the Lord blessed them with rejoicing in His Spirit and left them united in one "Body", one heart and one will." (End of parable).

67 Today I say to you: drink of this wine, of My teaching, and rejoice, for when you gather together with your Father, there is a feast in the house of the Lord.

68 How many of you awaken to new life when they hear My Word in this time! You were dead by faith; for while the earthly doctors had robbed some of all hope, the priests had refused to give the Lord's Supper to others.

69 You opened your heart when you felt that My Word healed the sick, lovingly forgave the sinner and that the Master offered the bread of eternal life to all

70 Streams of wickedness you have seen on your way of life, swamps and barren land that no one knew how to make fertile.

71 You have seen how the fields that were once fertile and offered the world their rich fruits of peace and happiness are now transformed into fields of blood, destruction, and death.

72 It is necessary for the Father to approach His children. I am the dew that descends on the fields in the silence of the night and falls on the crowns of the flowers. But the flowers that have withered, the hearts that have given up hope, are not able to feel My love.

73 Disciples, realize that with My teaching I have awakened in your hearts the feeling of mercy so that you may make the sufferings of men yours and not be indifferent to their conflicts, trials and tragedies

74 Unite in thought and pray for your brothers. I will answer your pleas and reward your petitions. You are still too weak to forget your sufferings or worries to think of others. I say to you: Affirm these trials with courage and with trust in your Lord, for they will not depart from your way of life or dissolve because of your stubbornness or rejection. But with spiritual exaltation, with faith, with inner calmness, you will master the most terrible afflictions. Every sting, every abyss that you overcome, will leave a spark of light in your Spirit. He who knows how to accept his trials with composure feels that the moments of pain, which would seem eternal to others, are getting shorter.

75 This life is your crossroads, where you sometimes fall down, but also feel that you are not alone with your cross, because an invisible and loving helper raises you up each time you sink down under the weight of your destiny.

When the wolf has approached you, I have driven him away. When unbelievers and spies have entered the lap of your assemblies to discover faults and accuse you of them, I have covered you with My cloak of tenderness and have closed the lips of those. When men have put you to the test with their questions, I have prematurely put the voice of the Holy Spirit on your lips since you had not yet prepared yourselves to convince them with words of light.

76 I do not reproach you, but seek in the goodness of My Word hope, recovery and also judgment. What would become of you if I flattered you in your imperfections and praised you in your sins? Is this not what men do to the princes of the world? - Always have I encouraged you when I see you zealously seeking your spiritual progress, when you visit the sick without thinking of the hour or paying attention to whether the weather is unfriendly; and when you have stood before the judges, you have remained calm and have borne witness to Me with words of truth.

77 Thus you have learned that hearts are the fields you must cultivate and that the more extensive the fields are, the greater your efforts must be; and that you must not leave what you have sown

78 Among you are those who will go to other nations in search of new fields to sow. I have given you the universal language with which you will be able to communicate with one another - not the choice language of human lips, but that which the Spirit expresses through love.

79 For others it will not be necessary to undertake these great journeys. For them it will be enough to prepare to practice mercy on the very neighbor, as well as to give light to the disembodied spirits who are confused. Woe to him who closes his doors to the cry for help of these legions of the needy, for they will not forgive in their confusion!

80 The industrious disciple blesses me at every step because he feels the weight of his cross to be light and he is happy to serve me. The lazy one feels robbed of his freedom and bent under a very heavy burden. I do not bind anyone and do not make anyone a slave either; on the contrary, I give you true freedom so that neither prison nor death can put you in chains, but so that where many thought themselves lost, you lift your Spirit onto the infinite stepping stone of his development.

81 Disciples: Are you ready to forgive those who offend you? Who are your enemies? - Truly, I tell you, you must not call your fellow men enemies! I do not send you against men, but against their sin and their ignorance.

My peace be with you!

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