BTL - Volume II - Teaching 35

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 35:
1. Blessed are those who with humility and faith ask me for their spirits to progress, for they will receive that which they request of their Father.
2. Blessed are those who know how to wait, for my charity will come to their hands at the right moment.
3. Learn how to ask and also how to wait, knowing that nothing escapes my charity. Trust that my will shall be manifested in each one of your needs and trials.
4. The child has the right to ask his Father for that which is within his law of justice and love. And the Father in turn has the duty of taking care of his child.
5. I say to you that those who obey my will on earth will enjoy my love when they are in the spirit.
6. When the weight of your cross becomes too heavy, pray to your Helper and I will instantly come to your aid.
7. During your moments of an ordeal, pray with a brief but pure and sincere prayer. Then you will feel comforted. And when you succeed in being in harmony with your Lord, I will be able to tell you that my will is yours, and your will is mine.
8. Do not pray only when you find yourselves going through some painful ordeal. Also pray when you are at peace, for it will be then that your hearts and thoughts can become occupied with others. Do not pray only for those who have helped you, or those who have not caused you any harm, for even though that is virtuous, it is not as worthy as you helping those who have previously harmed you.
9. Consider that I, your Master, have been Saviour and Helper to the same people who shouted the following words to Pilate: Crucify him! Crucify him! With prayers, thoughts, words, and even in
material ways, you can also help your brothers to carry their crosses. Thus, when your brother feels overwhelmed by the weight of his pain or struggle, you can lessen that weight.
10. This is the appropriate time for you to be charitable, therefore, pray, ask, and work. The fields are fertile, and they await you.
11. Pray for peace for all nations. Help to attain it through your prayers. Heal through your thoughts and enlighten your brothers. Verily I say to you that your petitions never cease to be heard and answered by your Father.
12. Be prepared, for many will deny that I have communicated through human spokesmen. But you will tell them that it is not the first time for this to happen; that God has spoken to man in the Three Eras; that since the beginning of time all prophecies, inspirations, and revelations given to humanity have been divine voices which have been received through meditation to guide mankind throughout time.
13. Those who deny, contradict, or become outraged by your testimony will do so because they fail to understand spiritual communication even though they call themselves scholars on earth.
14. It is my will that through this multitude of people, who has witnessed my communication in this form, humanity might come to know that from his origin man has been destined to communicate with his Celestial Father and to serve as a spokesman on this planet. And if in past times there were isolated cases of men through whose lips the Lord spoke, now you live in a time in which humanity, from generation to generation, will reach greater perfection and enlightenment while communicating from spirit to Spirit with the Father.
15. You will announce that during this time men will consult with their Lord in all things in order to practice deeds that are following the divine law. The father of the family will speak to his children with words that the Lord places upon his lips; teachers will teach under a superior inspiration; rulers will know how to transmit the will of God to their people. Judges will follow what their conscience tells them to do, for the conscience is the voice of the One who knows all things and, therefore, is the only one capable of judging with perfection. Physicians will first trust in the divine power, and their word and their healing will come from the Lord. Men of science will understand the very delicate mission which they have brought to earth, and because of their spiritual preparation they
will receive divine inspiration. Finally, all who have brought to the world the mission of leading spirits along the path of evolution will know how to elevate themselves to receive my revelations and to take them to the hearts of the multitudes, with the light and purity with which they received them.
16. I tell you of an era which will come and which you should announce and prophesy with a certainty that it will come, but if your brothers should ridicule your prophecy, do not fear, for John, the apostle, was also ridiculed and even judged as one who had lost his sanity when he made known the revelations that he had received in his communication with the Father. Nevertheless, the time came for the fulfillment of everything that seemed impossible to some and strange and incomprehensible to others.
17. The prophecies that I made through that prophet and spokesman who had spiritual vision are being fulfilled during this period.
18. That apostle of love and truth was persecuted, tormented, and exiled for his vision. But he was not left without my protection against his persecutors and executioners. For this reason I tell you not to fear, for if they should take you to prison for this cause, I will free you; if they should deny you work or bread, I will sustain you; if they should humiliate you or slander you, I will praise you and
pronounce your innocence; and if they should kill you, I will resurrect you to the true life.
19. That is why I always say to you that you should prepare yourselves through prayer in order to extend this prophecy and deliver this testimony with your hearts filled with gentleness, with valor, and with faith and love toward your brothers.
20. All that you do in my name will have to produce good fruit, if you prepare yourself in that manner, and you will see the fulfillment of all that you had desired.
21. Just as I fulfilled all of my promises to men in past times, I will also fulfill them for you.
22. You are living in times of anguish in which men purify themselves by enduring great suffering. But those who have analyzed the prophecies already knew that the moment was soon to come, that moment in which wars would break out everywhere as nations began to reject one another.
23. Still to come are the strange illnesses and epidemics which will appear among humanity and will confuse the scientists. And when pain reaches its peak in men, they will still have the strength to shout: It is punishment from God! But I do not punish. It is you who punish yourselves by disregarding the laws which govern your spirit and physical body.
24. Who has unleashed and provoked the forces of nature if not the foolishness of men? Who has defied my laws? It is the men of science, in their arrogance. But verily I say to you, this pain will
serve to pull out the bad weed which has grown in the heart of humanity.
25. Fields will be covered with the dead. The innocent will also perish. Some will die by fire, others by hunger, and others by war. The earth will tremble, the elements will be moved, lava will flow from the mountains, and the seas will become turbulent.
26. I will allow men to take their perversity to a limit, to where their free will allows them, in order that, horrified by their own work, they might feel true repentance in their spirits.
27. My humble disciples, although you have many imperfections, you still feel love for your brothers. With peaceful thoughts, with prayers saturated with spiritual light, with brotherly words, and with deeds which contain truth and charity, you need to counteract the negativity that has been unleashed by war. You should be prepared, for, at the end of the war, multitudes will come from afar in search of healing for the body and for the spirit.
28. This multitude now tell me, "O Master, do not leave us when that time comes". To which I answer that I can not leave you, for I am present throughout creation.
29. I will speak to men through the elements of nature. My voice will come forth from the seas. From one end of this planet to the other, spirits will feel themselves touched by the light of the only Being who can truly and tenderly tell you, Love one another.
30. This mandate will become the judge for many. Others will feel it like an open wound in their hearts. And for others it will be like a guardian who will not allow them to sleep until it is fulfilled.
31. Ultimately, you will see that I can not depart from you; that in this time, just as one of my prophets said long ago, my Spirit would be poured over all flesh and over all spirit.
32. Wherever you go, I will be before you. Wherever you seek me, you will find me. Wherever you rest your gaze, you will perceive me. But, with my word of this day, I do not want to simply forewarn you of the ordeals and sorrows that await you. If I speak of all of that, it is to leave you watching and praying in order that trials do not surprise you at the instant in which they come to you.
33. Just as I have announced to you the war and the disasters which await humanity, I also tell you that the day will come when all the nations of the earth will enjoy peace, a day when men will love one another and when their lives, their work, and their deeds on earth will be a gratifying worship to God. That worship will reach me like a perfumed incense rising from this planet.
34. You ask me, Lord, how long will it be before that time comes? And I answer you, It will come when humanity finds itself cleansed by pain, repentance, regeneration, and the practice of righteousness.
35. When the spirit of humanity fulfills the pact which it had made with its Father, I will then fulfill all the promises I made. I will also open the divine ark and give my children its spiritual wisdom, peace, and revelations.
36. O my people, be alert and pray while you journey through this world. Prepare yourselves spiritually and physically, for I will soon send you along pathways to speak of my truth.
37. As my doctrine teaches you, prepare your spirits with the practice of prayer, charity, and humility. Also prepare your bodies by having them withdraw from vices and bad habits, forcing them to yield until they learn to work in perfect harmony with the spirit. Once you are prepared, you will see how clearly the path appears before you. That is why I tell you that the life of the spirit from the time it departs from its spiritual home to its return, is a ladder of evolution.
38. When the Father created you, he placed you on the first step of that ladder with the purpose of giving you the opportunity, while traveling over that path, of truly knowing and understanding your
Creator. But very few ascended in that ladder; the majority departed after the first step! They became united in their disobedience and in their rebellion, thus, they made bad use of their gift of freedom.
Ignoring the dictates of their consciences, they allowed themselves to be dominated by the flesh, thus creating the force of evil. They dug an abyss where their brothers have fallen, engaging in a bloody battle between their weakness and perversities and their yearning for elevation and purity.
39. How different your life would have been on earth had you persevered in goodness and justice, for you would have reaped the fruits of love. Nevertheless, you are not lost, nor have I rejected you from my kingdom. The proof of it is that when I came to you, in human form, I descended to the world which you have created with so many errors and imperfections.
40. Here in this world I gave you my blood and my body in order to show you that I love you in spite of your ingratitude and your separation from my path.
41. Man has received spiritual light through his conscience in each of the following: My immutable law which I gave you in the First Era, the guidance of the prophets strongly urging people to
follow the righteous path, my doctrine, and each one of my messages. Your spirit would be united with mine if you had remained pure and followed my law from the beginning of your evolution.
42. The lust of men, their ignorance, their lack of spiritual elevation, the sorrow created by their errors, caused the Father to descend in order to come and redeem them. He came to show them the book of wisdom which they had rejected for the pleasures of the world, and to again show them the true path.
43. Many centuries have passed and beings have had to return to the world many times, but they still do not understand the essence of my law or the nature of their own spirit.
44. I am still manifesting myself to men in human form, though I also say to you that the revelations that I have given you during this period will help all beings to evolve spiritually. They will recognize and correct their mistakes, reconstruct that which was, destroyed, and regain all that they had lost.
45. Not one of the divine seeds that I have sowed will be lost, even though the mistakes made by mankind may have delayed a seed from flowering and producing fruit.
46. In this period the soil is being plowed causing great suffering to humanity, but I must find my seed in order to separate it from the bad weeds.
47. What was the cause of your sin and of your disobedience to my law?
48. Listen, disciples, before I created you, I already existed, and your spirits were a part of me; however, I did not want you to inherit my kingdom without making yourselves deserving. I did not want you to possess that which was in existence without knowing who had created you, nor did I want you to proceed without direction, without a destination, and without an ideal.
49. That is why I gave you a conscience to be your guide. I granted you free will so that your deeds would have true value before me. I gave you a spirit so that it would always yearn to elevate itself toward that which is bright and pure. I gave you a body so that through the heart you would be sensitive to the good and beautiful, and so that it would serve as an instrument to continually test the spirit, to purify it, and to inhabit the material world. The earth has been a school for your spirits, and the presence of the Divine Master has never been lacking in it. Human life has been a book of profound wisdom for the incarnated spirit.
50. When for the first time space was illuminated with the presence of spirits, these spirits, uttering their first words and taking their first steps like babes, and not having the elevation nor the strength to sustain themselves in highly evolved spiritual mansions, felt the need for assistance and support in order to feel strong. They were given physical bodies and a material world, and in their new state, they proceeded to acquire experience and knowledge.
51. You have not become aware of the mission which you must fulfill in this time among humanity. But with my word you will comprehend the struggle that you must confront and the form in which you will be able to arrive at your destination.
52. Your brain is small and it is unable to comprehend the true value of the spiritual gifts which you possess nor the divine work which the Father, through this people, will have to fulfill among
53. I, being wise and powerful, am preparing the paths along which my messengers, my disciples, and my prophets will arise to share the good news of my new manifestation. These individuals will also prepare the paths along which the great caravans of your  brothers, whom you call foreigners, will come to your nation.
54. Those caravans apparently will come seeking bread for the body and peace for the heart, but I know that it will be their spirits which will come in search of the fulfillment of my promise, which is kept in the depth of each spirit.
55. You will see your brothers come from faraway lands and nations in search of their spiritual freedom. As when the tribes of Israel crossed the desert, they will also come in multitudes from that ancient Palestine.
56. Their journey has been long and painful, from the time they rejected the Messiah who had come to offer them his kingdom as a new heritage. But they are approaching the oasis where they will rest and meditate on my word, so that after they are strengthened by having recognized my law, they might follow the long forgotten path designated by their evolution. Then you will hear that many will say that your nation is the new promised land, the New Jerusalem. But you will tell them that they will find that promised land beyond this world, and that in order to reach it one must do so in spirit after crossing the great desert of trials of this time. Also, you will tell them that this nation is no more than an oasis in the middle of the desert. But you must understand, my people, that the oasis must give shade to the weary travelers in addition to offering its pure and fresh waters to those who thirst and seek shelter.
57. What is the shade and water that they are seeking? It is my doctrine, O people, my divine teaching of charity. In whom have I deposited this abundance of grace and blessings? In you, O people, so that you will eliminate all selfishness from your hearts and show
it through your deeds of love.
58. Would not your spirits and your hearts be filled with joy if, through your love, those people who are spiritually unenlightened and attached to their traditions, were able to be converted to the Marian Trinitarian Spiritualist doctrine? Would there not be joy among you if the people of old Israel were shown the true path by the people of new Israel, that is to say that the first would attain grace through the last? Up until now, nothing has convinced the Jewish people that it should break ancient traditions in order to reach its moral and spiritual evolution. These are the people who believe that they are following the laws of Jehovah and of Moses but who in reality still continues to worship the golden calf. The time is near for those wandering people, scattered throughout the world, to cease to look toward earth, and to elevate their eyes toward heaven in search of the one who from the beginning was promised as their Savior. In the Second Era, they rejected him and killed him because they thought he was poor and that he had nothing to offer.
59. The hour approaches for that cross to which they sentenced me to become a rod of justice over each one of those spirits until at last their lips can exclaim, Jesus was the Messiah!
60. In their spiritual poverty, in their misery, and in their pain, they will seek me, and they will be surprised when they realize that the Being who seemed to them not to possess anything in the world,
possesses everything, and that those treasures and that kingdom of which he often spoke are a spiritual reality. Then they will understand that nothing of the world, no treasure, no abundance, can be compared to the peace of the spirit.
61. If those people turned their back on me, I, on the other hand, await them. For men can break their promises and even their agreements, buy I am unchangeable and will always fulfill my promises.
62. If they were told that I would be their Savior, I will save them; and if there were told that I would take them to my Kingdom, to my Kingdom I will take them.
My Peace be with you!