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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 19:

1 People, calm your minds, which are aroused by the vicissitudes and strokes of fate of life.

2 How hard you are struggling in your attempt to free yourselves from the darkness in which you live, though you are fully in the time of light! Great is your struggle, and therefore you come here exhausted. That is exactly why I have called you to rest for a few moments, because you must continue in the fulfillment of your task, which you have hardly begun.

3 From time to time I have lifted the veils of My My mystery according to your evolution; for only those who follow this way can come to Me

4 I am the Master who seeks men in all paths to show them the true way.

5 My word comes as the sword of light to fight against the ignorance and unbelief of men. I come to make myself known before those who have denied my existence, to ask them: Who created the universe with its multiplicity of worlds that are hardly visible to you? - O men, you who in your remoteness from truth had the audacity to think that the idea of a Creator was a mere invention of the human mind! How can you imagine that from your limited and small minds could arise the idea of the Eternal and Infinite?

6 But even those who say they love Me come to Me and to these I say: how can you say that you love Me when you do the opposite of what My Law commands, when you betray yourselves by showing in your actions feelings that contradict your words?

7 How many are there even here, among the multitudes who hear Me, who say they are spiritualists, * and who do not yet know the power and wisdom of spiritualism, nor the powers and qualities of the Spirit; and with their works they deny My Teaching which enlightens mankind spiritually like radiant light But my patience is boundless and waits until you change into my disciples. I must make torches out of you, which with their light carry to other peoples the original message which you received as revelation through the human mind.

* I.e. disciples of the teaching of the Spirit. They must not be confused with spiritists, who are followers of spiritism, in which mostly spirits still attached to matter or those with little spiritual development are manifested.

8 If men should reject your testimony and contradict you, remind them that I had an appointment with mankind of that time, which I have come to fulfill. Tell them: If I promised to come again, it was because My task was not yet finished, nor will it be finished until there is not a single sinner left. It is written that if there are ninety-nine sheep in the fold and one is missing from me, I will seek it.

9 I will show you once more the power of My Love by turning the hard hearts of men into apostles of My Teaching, starting with this people who are no less hard-hearted than the rest I come to tell you to enlarge your knowledge through this new message I have given you, to unite it with My earlier revelations until you succeed in forming in your mind the Book of Wisdom to be worthy to bear witness to My Truth and teach it to your brethren; I have come to show you the power of My Love by transforming the hard hearts of men into apostles of My Teaching

10 They will call you agitators; but do not be afraid, since they also condemned your Master in His time for "disturbing the peace" as men say Verily, I say to you,

I have come not only to stir up the heart of a few people with My revelations, but to shake up the Spirit of all mankind with My word.

11 So I am coming to you in this time when My Light will manifest itself in various ways among men and will make them tremble once more, some for delight, some for fear, some for anger; but there will not be one who will not be stirred up as soon as the hour has come when My Message will be known

12 How little faith have you been, and have you called for Christ, you who knew that He had to come! but now that you already have My revelation and My Message, you should no longer be weak, fearful or cold

13 Have I hurt you because I have called you hard-hearted? ─ I have only told you the truth because in all worlds all creatures are fulfilling My Law and you do not answer My divine call.

14 But do not be afraid, for no one has yet reached the goal; but you will all reach it, I promise you, I who am the promise of all times, I who am the Tireless One who will never cease teaching you

15 You are beginning to dream of being bearers and apostles of truth; but do not be hasty, always take as your guide the light of your conscience; for how can you proclaim the truth when you have not yet found it within yourselves? How will you prove that you love Me and love your brethren if you leave behind thistles and thorns on the path of life of your neighbor?

16 The water of the stream of life, which is My Truth, is still, crystal clear and beneficial; but do not confuse it with the water you give to the needy, for it is sometimes unclean

17 Take My blessing; let it be in you like an inexhaustible spring, quenching the immeasurable thirst that torments you

18 Let My blessing be like a balm for your illnesses, pains and bitterness; it raises up to life those who lose strength in their way of development

19 To help you in your spiritual ascent, I cause My Peace to be in the heart of the Apostle of the Third Age, whom I receive as the representative of mankind, and through his mediation I give her My loving help

20 Today you hear My voice above the human mind and it tells you anew: "love one another". Thus you have heard the voice of the Lord through the mouth of Jesus when He taught you to love your neighbor as yourselves, in confirmation of the Law which the people of Israel received through Moses in the First Times.

21 Moses was My "mouthpiece" in those days, bringing you as far as the gates of the Promised Land, but I did not allow him to enter the same, for there you would have crowned him king; but truly, I tell you, his Kingdom was not of this world either. - The land of promise was given to the people, that they might dwell in it in peace and worship the Father. In Jerusalem that people built the first temple to Jehovah, and in it the Divine Spirit manifested Himself; there He received the lamentations or praises of the children of those tribes. On his altar you placed the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of your covenant with the Father, and before the Blessed Sacrament kings and scholars bowed their necks.

22 The priests, to whom the ritual acts were entrusted, were filled with love in the beginning; but later they let the gnawing worm of vanity and greed enter into their hearts, and turned into hypocrites, hypocrites, and children of the world. Then one prophet after another appeared and announced the coming of the Messiah; they were rejected, mocked and sacrificed by the people.

23 So they prepared my coming with their blood.

24 Since every word that comes from God must be fulfilled, the Messiah was born among men and taught you how to fulfill the Father's law and worship God by loving and forgiving and filling the lives of men with comfort and light.

25 I came as a shepherd to gather the sheep, which the wolves had already begun to rob, and showed them the sheepfold. Throughout all My walk on earth I taught men love and the fruits that come out of it, which they called miracles. These works kindled faith in the hearts, and through it I made them see the true way. Thousands and thousands of people were witnesses of my word and my works, but only twelve followed me directly.

26 When the moment of My parting was near, I told them Now in Jerusalem they are celebrating the Passover; it is necessary that we go there so that the prophecies may be fulfilled. Then I gave My last admonitions to My disciples, which I imprinted in their Spirit with the divine fire of My love. I went with My disciples to Jerusalem. As I crossed the city gate on the humble and gentle donkey, the crowd - among whom were the sick whom I had healed, the blind who saw again, the lame who walked again, and the afflicted who were comforted and full of hope - sang hymns, songs of praise and praise, because the promised Savior had finally come. No one knew that at that Passover I would be the sacrificial lamb.

27 At My entrance and under the light of My gaze, hearts trembled, the sick were healed, and from their breast came words of praise and thanksgiving against the rabbi. Then the Pharisees approached Me and said to Me, "Lord, make sure that your disciples and this people stop their confused shouting, for they are upsetting the order of the city during the feast"; to which I answered them, "Truly, if these were silent, the stones would cry out for joy". Those Pharisees departed; but already their hearts, fearful and anxious about the works which Jesus did, began to stir up treason.

28 So I reached the portal of the temple, which for a time had been the sanctuary of the Lord's people and which they had later turned into a market hall, and drove his profaners out of it.

29 The hearts and works of those who said of themselves that they were servants of the Lord and teachers of the law were gradually exposed in the face of the acts of Jesus; from then on they demanded to kill Him so as not to lose their power, which was threatened.

30 One of My disciples, who had often heard My Word of Love, which spoke of the Kingdom of the Spirit, and who had felt in his heart the caress and love of His Master, was, by his weakness and lack of faith in My promises, the gate that opened to let in human wickedness which fell on Me in the form of the Cross With what hatred those people cried out and demanded of the emperor's subject that he should crucify me. But it was necessary for the Son of God to be in great trials so that men would see His humility, His love and power.

31 The blood of that body fell to the earth, and the human lips, which proclaimed the Divine Word in the world, did not cease to speak of love and forgiveness until the last moment on the cross; and Christ became one with the Father, because "The Word", which became man to be heard in the world, has always been in God.

32 Years later, the city and that desecrated temple were destroyed so that My Word might be fulfilled; from that one no stone remained on another. I had said that I could destroy the temple of Solomon, so royal, great and magnificent it was in the eyes of men, and rebuild it in three days.

33 Verily I say to you, men have not understood the spiritual meaning of those words; for for me time does not pass, since I am eternity Behold, here I am in the third time, the third day, laying the foundation of the true temple and building it in the Spirit of men.

34 Elijah was chosen to proclaim to you that the book of the Seven Seals had been loosed, and that it was opened at the Sixth Seal. My word has come full of light to inflame your faith so that you may no longer fall into idolatry and that you may allow Me to build My temple in your heart. Behold, the works made by human hands are destroyed, while the works of the Spirit are imperishable.

35 The lost will be found and the confused will be enlightened, and all will find the way that will lead them to the Promised Land.

36 If you here on earth did not want to recognize Me nor allowed Me to gather you as the bird gathers its young under its wings, I will unite you beyond this world under My cloak of peace forever

37 My people, I have reminded you of My Life among you because the days of commemoration of that last week I spent among mankind are drawing near In these days you feel as if a message is coming down for you from infinity.

38 All that you see appears to you as if it were speaking to you from Me. The sun, the fields, the cities, the people, everything appears to you as if it is speaking to you of the Master. This is so because the remembrance makes my presence palpable to you again and I send you my message of love anew.

39 If in these days your eyes want to weep, let them weep; if your heart trembles with love, let it also be allowed

40 The Christ whose earthly shell destroyed a crowd is the same one who is revealing himself today; for it was the body that men destroyed, but not "The Word" that spoke through it.

41 Which death could stop My steps, or which grave could hold Me back? - yet, without wanting it, without being aware of it, you have buried in your hearts the Truth whose essence is that of the Master This body that you possess, you have transformed into the grave of your Spirit.

42 Allow the Spirit to take away the tomb plate from your heart, so that he, filled with light, may rise to true life.

43 In the following way I easily explain to you what you think is difficult to understand: Christ and Divine Love are the Father Himself. Jesus was the perfect man who proclaimed the message of God. He was the highest expression of spiritualization - that is why He is called the Divine Master.

44 O beloved disciples! When you think of the works I did in the world, you feel much too clumsy and small to be like Me. When you think about the times that have passed since then, you realize that you have developed very little spiritually. There are moments when you feel the longing and the need to develop your spiritual gifts in order to receive My messages directly, as well as to penetrate into what is to come and, by means of the qualities of the Spirit, to resolve the conflicts, the trials and the chaos that surround you within humanity.

45 How much you desire to look with the gaze of the Spirit! And you will look, but only when you discover that you will better understand the revelations of the Lord, as soon as you allow yourselves to be guided by the light of conscience that illuminates your Spirit.

46 Meanwhile, study this message and write it down, for there will come times when you will no longer hear this word, and then only the scriptures will remain for you.

47 I want My Word, when books are formed from it, to be spread over the earth, to be printed flawlessly, as pure as it came out of Me

48 If you let it get into your books in this way, a light will stream out of it, which will enlighten mankind, and its spiritual meaning will be felt and understood by all men.

49 My message of this time will also be denied and fought against. some will say that My rallies had no purpose; but do not worry, for My Work of the Second Age was also discussed, denied, mocked, and yet one heart after another and one Spirit after another has recognized and appreciated that suffering which I lived through among you

50 Know, My people, that there have been and still are some who say, "What does the pain of Jesus have to do with our salvation? His suffering cannot give us bliss." But the Spirit of truth tells you Through Jesus I was among men like these fragrant plants that make the hands of the one who took their lives fragrant.

51 That cross which you gave Me and which I accepted was proof of My love for you and also the proof that you would save yourselves by My example Why do you think that - if I had known that my sacrifice would be useless - I would have offered you this? Do you not remember that I told you that not a single seed is lost in the work of the father?

When the Master's page was opened, He wanted you to see in it the gate which was opened so that you would all dwell in eternity, and the first to see this gate was the soldier who pierced his lance into the body of Jesus.

52 My love is like the tree which makes the woodcutter's axe fragrant, which robs him of his existence Every drop of blood from that body spread over this humanity, forgiving everyone and fragrant its existence with the divine essence of My teachings.

53 But if this humanity, in its blindness, thinks that that sacrifice was not enough for its salvation, here again is My Word, not human word that could not interpret that message, but My Word that teaches you the immortal nature of My Teachings and Works, the divine explanation through which men will understand the spiritual value of that blood that was shed on Calvary for love of humanity

54 I tell you what is the meaning of that sacrifice, for you belong to Me as I belong to you.

55 Never have I seen an enemy in any creature, for you are all My children. The word "enemy" in reference to a brother of man desecrates the lips of him who pronounces it.

56 Longinus* pierced My side, and I shed on him the blood that became light in his blind eyes.

* The name of the Roman soldier.

57 I want you to be like your Master, to call you rightly My disciples. My legacy is love and wisdom. It was Christ who came to you and it is Christ who is speaking to you at this moment; but do not try to separate Me from God or to see Me outside of Him, for I am and always have been one with the Father. I have told you that Christ is the Divine Love; therefore do not try to separate Me from the Father. Do you believe that He is a Father without love for His children? Where do you get this thought? It is time for you to realize this.

58 Let no one be ashamed to call God, the Creator, Father, for this is His true name.

59 I have brought you the light anew, so that you may fathom what you were not able to comprehend before.

60 If I told your Spirit before I sent him to earth that I would give him a world of teachings, I tell him today that I am offering him a heaven of wisdom

61 Walk in this path of spiritualization, and you will receive this heaven of which I speak to you.

62 The wisdom of the Spirit is light that never goes out.

63 I am the Master, I am Christ, who speaks to you through conscience, in the way that only I have, to come to each one of you, who caresses you when she speaks to you

64 Here you have Me and you see Me seeking apparently useless beings for a work of love, of whom I know that they will serve Me because I have created them

65 I am serving your Spirit, your will, your heart, your mind, and until you reach the time of your preparation and enlightenment - when I can serve you by turning you into My instruments - I am leaving you My teachings so that you learn the wise lesson.

66 Experience these days of remembrance as I prepare you through My Word reflect, immerse yourselves in that hour when the earth turned against human ingratitude and the heavens darkened, but when the Lamb did not rebel

67 Sad was the Master's look on Golgotha, but with it He blessed you. For those multitudes He went to death, but He knew that He would soon rise again in all hearts if they were born to faith.

68 Those who go to Jerusalem say that in those places there is an atmosphere that surprises the Spirit, and that even the light seems strange.

69 Verily, I tell you, it is the voice of conscience, it is the memories that make the heart tremble, and although Jesus died there and mankind no longer saw Him, Christ appears everywhere in His being, in presence and power

70 Caravans of men and women set out for Jerusalem, and as they enter those places, sometimes friendly, sometimes bitter memories come to their minds. They find everything imbued with the presence of Jesus. But why go so far on pilgrimage in search of material traces, since everyone possesses My divine Presence in his Spirit, wherever he may be?

71 I wish you would all set out through this teaching to carry out a message of brotherhood, good news, love; a greeting, a drop of healing balm, a friendly embrace for all your brothers

72 I am coming in this time so that from earth, with the light of My teachings, you may see from the earth the New Jerusalem, the Bright City, promised to the Spirit, which My Apostle John saw in his Revelation; but while in the first Jerusalem man's wickedness lifted Me on the Cross of Martyrdom, in the New City, which will be spiritual, the Spirits will lift Me on the altar of their love.

My peace be with you!

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