BTL - Volume II - Teaching 36

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 36:
1. In the presence of my tender word, the spirit which has departed from its path of evolution sincerely repents. The gentleness of my phrases makes man weep, for he believes that his sins do not deserve to be forgiven.
2. I comfort the one who repents sincerely. I forgive his faults and help him to restitute the harm he has caused. Be aware that the one who does not repent does not come to me. Only through repentance will the individual be willing to regenerate, to correct his behavior, and to become purified. Also be aware that only purified spirits can come within my presence. But how could you truly repent if you were not aware of the magnitude of your faults? I have had to come to men in order to make them understand what it means before the Divine Justice to take away the life of a fellow being, to destroy faith, to deceive a spirit, to betray a heart, to disrespect innocence, to cause dishonor, to steal from someone else, to lie, and to humiliate. I have had to make you understand the many imperfections which were occurring unnoticed in you because you had become so used to them. But my word of love arrived, and in its essence you found the presence of a perfect justice, which through your conscience made you recognize each one of your bad deeds and analyze your thoughts; it reminded you of the spiritual mission which you need to fulfill and which you had forgotten.
3. It was then that you understood the magnitude of your faults and the effect of your errors, which in the past seemed so unimportant to you. You truly realized how much suffering and pain you had caused. You then felt ashamed of yourselves knowing that I was aware of all of your sins and blemishes. On hearing my word filled with tenderness, with peace, and with purity, you felt unworthy of my love for a moment. But you soon heard that it was precisely you whom I was seeking. And your hearts, cleansing themselves in their tears as a demonstration that you were repentant, that you wanted to purify yourselves and serve me, began the journey of their spiritual evolution.
4. It is impossible for one of my children to forget me since he carries in his spirit the conscience which is the light of my Spirit and through which, sooner or later, he must recognize me.
5. It is easy for some to comprehend the meaning of my word and to find the light there; but to others my word remains a mystery.
6. I say to you that not everyone will be able to understand the spiritual essence of my message in this time. Those who do not succeed in doing so will have to await new times for their spirits to open their eyes to the light of my revelations.
7. I have never come before men hidden in mystery. If I have spoken to you figuratively in order to reveal the divine to you or to represent the eternal in some material form, it has been so that you would understand me. But if men detain hold themselves to worship forms, objects, or symbols instead of seeking the meaning of those teachings, it will be natural for them to remain spiritually unenlightened for centuries and to perceive all things as mysterious.
8. From the times of Israel's stay in Egypt, when my blood was represented by that of a lamb, there have been men who only live by traditions and rituals, not understanding that such a sacrifice was an image of the blood which Christ would come to shed in order to help mankind attain spirituality. Others, believing that they are nourishing themselves with my body, eat material bread, not wanting to understand that when I gave my disciples the bread in the Cenacle, it was to have them understand that whoever takes the essence of my word will have taken nourishment from me.
9. How few are those who truly know how to understand my divine lessons. Those few are the ones who analyze them with the spirit. You need to realize that I have not brought you my divine revelation only one time, but that I have been clarifying it with each new lesson.
10. Since on occasion you have become confused and have misinterpreted my teachings from the past eras, it is then natural that you are unable to clearly comprehend, nor correctly analyze, my spiritual teachings from this Third Era.
11. It is necessary that you begin to remove your idols, to destroy your past confusions, and to enlighten your thoughts, so that you can become aware that the Father, from the first times, has always come to talk to you about the spirit. And though he has often used material images to teach, he has always referred to the spiritual life.
12. Awaken from your sleep, humanity. Allow your spirit to analyze my word. For truly I say to you that if you study one of my teachings well and understand it, you will have penetrated the essence of my revelations.
13. Remember the lesson in which I told you, Ask, ask and it shall be given to you. Now I come to tell you, Learn how to ask.
14. If I now tell you that you should learn how to ask, it is because previously your petition was incomplete and selfish. You only remembered to ask for yourselves or for your own. My present lesson comes to tell you that you should learn to feel the suffering of others, know how to live and feel the pain and suffering of your fellow men, the misfortunes which torment your brothers. You should learn to understand the individual who is hiding his sorrow, and to feel the suffering of those whom you can not perceive because they are far away. Among these later ones, you should consider those who live in other towns and nations, and those who live in other worlds or in the hereafter. Do not fear if someday you forget yourselves and only remember others, for you will have lost nothing. Be aware that he who prays for others is also praying for himself.
15. How much pleasure you give to my Spirit when I see that you elevate your thoughts in search of your Father. I allow you to feel my presence, and I fill you with peace. Seek me, speak to me, and do not let it bother you that your thoughts are slow to express your petitions. I will know how to understand them. Speak to me with the confidence with which one speaks to a father. Tell me about your concerns as you would tell them to your best friend. Ask me what you do not know or comprehend, and I will speak to you as a teacher; but pray, so that at that blessed instant in which your spirits elevate themselves to me, you might receive the light, the strength, the blessing, and the peace which your Father grants you.
16. I have reserved for the future many revelations to the spirit that it will receive through prayer. Perfect yourselves in this communication, and you will succeed in reaching perfection in your petitions; that is to say, you will learn how to ask.
17. When your spirits present themselves in the spiritual valley to have their deeds on earth evaluated, I will ask you most about those things which you requested and about what you might have done on behalf of your brothers. Then you will recall my words of this day.
18. The end of one era and the beginning of another has brought about this crisis and this chaos which you endure. It is the same as what happens to one who is seriously ill. When relief is near, it seems as though death has come instead.
19. Truly I say to you that the greater the crisis among humanity, the greater will be its well-being afterward. Thus, it shall be as I had announced it to you thousands of years ago. You should prepare yourselves now, strengthen yourselves in faith, and be ready for the battle.
20. To you who are frequently listening to this word, I say, Be alert and pray because a time of great ordeals for all humanity approaches, a time when all of men’s power, wealth, and knowledge will be of no value as they confront God’s divine justice. In those days you will witness events which will seem unbelievable and illogical to those who are proud and vain. You will witness individuals, who are considered wise and scholarly, seeking assistance from those who are considered ignorant; also, you will observe those who are rich and powerful seeking help from the needy. This will occur because those who appear ignorant and needy will remain calm during those days of ordeals. They will be more charitable, and more understanding, because they possess great spiritual wealth.
21. Some say to me in their hearts, Master, I have not had to await those times of pain which you announce, for all of my life has been a painful trial. To which I say to you, Blessed are you who have prepared yourselves in suffering, for when those days arrive you will no longer weep, but instead you will know how to offer strength and comfort to those who have not experienced as much suffering.
22. Truly I say to you that if today the majority of men are enduring great ordeals it is only to prepare men for the final struggle and great battle that is approaching. In those moments, do not close your eyes, nor your ears to the pain of your brothers, nor try to hide from death. For truly I say to you that where men of little or no faith see the end, there will be the beginning; where they believe they see death, there will be life; because I will be present to embrace you with my love and to help you enter into that world which you are going to restore.
23. I come to forewarn you about all that will occur so that nothing will surprise you. Also forewarn your brethren and encourage them to pray, to prepare themselves, to be alert, and to amend their behavior.
24. Remember that I am the Word of the Father; that the divine essence which you receive in this word is the light from that Creative Spirit which has left a part of my Spirit in each one of you. Furthermore, on observing the poverty which exists among this multitude that listens to me now, and the simplicity of this house where it has gathered, I am asked in silence, Master, why did you not choose for your manifestation in this time one of those large temples or churches where they might have offered you rich altars and noble ceremonies worthy of you?
25. To those hearts who have such thoughts of their Master, I answer. Men are not the ones which have brought me to this poverty. It is I who have elected for my manifestation the humble dwelling in
the poor neighborhood of your city, thus having you understand that it is not the material tribute nor the exterior offering that I come seeking among you. On the contrary, if I have returned, it has been
to preach humility once more so that through humility you will discover spirituality.
26. I reject all that which is vanity and human grandeur, for only that which is spiritual reaches my Spirit, that which is noble and elevated, pure and eternal. Remember that I said to the woman of Samaria, God is Spirit, and it is necessary that he be worshiped in spirit and in truth. Seek me in the infinite, in the pure, and there you will find me.
27. Of the material offerings which mankind offers me, I only receive the good intention, when it is truly good, for an offering does not always represent a noble and elevated intention. There are many
times when men present me their offerings in order to cover up their wickedness or to demand something in return. That is why I tell you that the gift of peace for the spirit cannot be purchased and its stains can not be cleansed with material wealth, even if you could offer me the greatest of material treasures.
28. When men offer me true repentance, sorrow for having offended me, regeneration, correction of their ways, restitution for faults committed, all with the humility that I have taught you, then indeed are men presenting me the true offerings of the heart, of the spirit, and of the mind, which are infinitely more pleasing to your Father than incense, flowers and candles.
29. Why do you offer me those things that I have made for you? Why do you give me flowers if you do not make them? On the other hand, if you present me deeds of love, charity, forgiveness, justice,
and are helping your brethren, then you will be offering me a true spiritual gift. That gift will be like embracing the Father, like a kiss which children will send their Lord from the earth.
30. My manifestation through the human spokesmen is humble and simple, as is the form in which I express myself; nevertheless, it makes you tremble, and you understand a past which your spirits already know. It also makes you see clearly those events which belong to the future. It is for that reason that you remain enchanted while listening to me, for no one like the Divine Master knows what the human heart is feeling.
31. You arrive from different regions to take shelter in the shade offered by this large tree which is inviting all wanderers to refresh themselves under its shade, but I say to you that the time approaches in which men of faraway lands will come to this nation.
32. Their intuition and premonition will guide them to you. They will come in search of your testimony and your peace. Many of those individuals will only need to listen to a few words, from the
teachings that I have given you, in order to arise as true apostles of spirituality.
33. Woe unto this multitude, who has been given these teachings, if it is not prepared to receive the stranger with a loving heart, for the cities of this nation will perish as did the city of Jerusalem!
34. Have you not realized that you are being purified in order to make you worthy of receiving my lesson, which you need to share with those who come knocking at your door? Have you not realized that in this time of ordeals, wars, and immoral passions, I want you to become the saving vessels which cross serenely among the waves of wickedness rescuing your brothers?
35. Blessed is he who prepares himself, for he will listen to me from spirit to Spirit.
36. Pray for your brothers in this nation in which you live so that they may be patient in their trials and reach their purification. This multitude has been sent to earth to fulfill a great spiritual destiny, and in order to fulfill it, it is essential that it be cleansed, prepared, and alert.
37. Understand that you should not mix that which is unnecessary with the teachings of my doctrine. You should give my teachings to others with the same purity with which you have received them from me. Spread my teaching throughout districts, villages, and regions, by means of examples and testimonies, which will help your brethren become spiritually strong. This multitude should multiply, prepare itself, and live with spirituality, for through its deeds it will defend this truth.
38. Practice deeds of virtue. O people, so that those who welcome you tomorrow in their homes, or whom you welcome in yours, can attain grace.
39. Teach them to analyze and understand that today I have come in spirit to communicate through human spokesmen who are sinful and illiterate. Although, no one should desire to see God in this human body, let them hear this word for in it is the divine essence which originates from my Spirit. This word is the Divine Word, and I am the Divine Word, the One who speaks to you from the infinite.
40. The Divine Word is love and wisdom manifested in words. Hear this voice, multitudes, and do not become indifferent nor apathetic, for you are in the sanctuary of my divinity. You must regenerate yourselves. If you do not attain a greater and purer understanding of my word, you will not be able to analyze my teaching.
41. Blessed are those who continue to struggle to obey my law, for the light of wisdom will soon shine in them.
42. Blessed is he who fights for the perfection of his spirit, for he has become inspired in the highest ideal that a child of God can reach.
43. I am cleansing your hearts, for from them I will make the water of life flow for the thirsty.
44. When the time comes for you to fulfill your mission, do not perform deeds according to your will nor should you add your imperfect ideas to my doctrine, for you would fall into profanity and adultery, erasing your good works from The Book of the True Life.
45. You will practice and speak only the truth as you enter into homes; your brethren will listen to my word and feel my spiritual peace.
46. At times you will be recognized as messengers or laborers of the Marian Trinitarian Spiritualist doctrine; on the other hand, there will be times when you will be thrown out into the street, slandered and accused of being imposters. But do not be afraid, for if they judge you, their moment of judgement will come to them. And if they do not succeed in opening their eyes to the truth when you speak to them, they will remember your words when they are under my judgement and will become spiritually enlightened.
47. When the spirit of some great sinner departs from this material life to enter the spiritual valley, it is truly surprised to discover that hell, as it had once imagined, does not exist; and the fire, of which it was previously told, is nothing more than the conscience harshly judging the spirit's deeds on earth.
48. That eternal judgement and spiritual enlightenment which exists in the midst of the darkness that surrounds the sinner will be more painful to the spirit than the strongest fire you could have imagined. But it is not a torture prepared beforehand as a punishment tor the one who offended me. No, this torture originates when one begins to understand his own mistakes. It is then when the spirit also begins to feel great sorrow for having offended the One who created him and for not making better use of his life on earth in spite of the many wonderful blessings he was given.
49. Do you believe that I should punish the one who has offended me with his sins, when I know that his sins offend him more and cause him great suffering? Do you not see that the sinner is only harming himself and that I am not going to increase the misfortune that he has brought upon himself with additional punishment? I simply allow him to look at himself, to hear the unyielding voice of his conscience, to question himself and answer himself, to recover the spiritual memory which he had lost through his material body and to remember his beginning, his destiny, and his promises. In that judgement, he will experience the effect of the fire which will exterminate his imperfection. Once again he will be purified, as gold is in a furnace, so that anything harmful, useless, or not spiritual will be separated from him.
50. When a spirit stops to listen to the voice and judgement of its conscience, verily I say to you that at that moment it finds itself in my presence.
51. That moment of rest, of serenity, and of clarity does not come to all spirits at the same time; some readily penetrate into that self- examination and in so doing avoid much grief; for while they awaken to reality and recognize their errors, they prepare themselves and are willing to repair each of their bad deeds. While others, blinded, be it by vice, by some resentment, or for having lived an existence of sins, delay in coming out of their blindness. Others, more dissatisfied, believing that they were removed from the earth before their time when fortune was smiling upon them, curse and swear, thus delaying freeing themselves from their confusion. There are many beings like these which only I can recognize in my wisdom.
52. Places do not exist that I have created specifically for the restitution of faults committed by my children. I say to you that a world does not exist where I have not placed my blessings and wonders.
53. Do you not say that this world in which you live is a valley of tears, that is, a valley of atonement? And who made it a valley of tears, God or men? I formed it in the image of the celestial paradise, sowing it with marvels and pleasures, and even created those things that are very small and insignificant in order to make you happy. Yet, in a world thus formed for well-being and advancement, for the delight and spiritual advancement of mankind, men suffer; they weep, despair, and become lost.
54. But I repeat to you that I did not make this world for the suffering of men; worlds are what their inhabitants want them to be. See how much man has distorted the truth with his interpretations. Man has misinterpreted the symbols that I have used to explain spirituality.
55. Neither darkness, nor fire, nor chains exist in the immense spiritual valley.
56. Those spirits that arrive to the spiritual valley unprepared and stained with their sins experience torment and remorse due to their lack of knowledge; they suffer and are unable to enjoy that life because they lack spirituality. They experience these and other things as they make amends for their sins. Behold how I can not consider sin, imperfections, or the perversity of men as an offense to the Father, knowing that men are only harming themselves with their evil deeds.
57. The earth has not become stained with sin. It is as good and as clean as when it emerged from the Father. For that reason I will not ask you to restore its purity since it has never separated from its destiny of being mother, shelter, and home for all men. On the other hand, I will ask humanity to repent, to regenerate, and to purify itself spiritually and physically. I will ask it to regain its original
purity, so that its spirit can manifest the spiritual enlightenment it has acquired through its evolution, its struggles on earth, and through the practice of virtue.
58. Disciples, carefully study this lesson. Do not close the lesson of this book without first having engraved it in your minds and having meditated at length on it. Truly I say to you that it will assist you in this life and will help prepare you for the next.
59. I have given you my lessons in segments throughout the times and the eras. Today, it seems to you that what I am now teaching you will be the last teaching because, in your mind, you do not believe that this spiritual doctrine could attain greater perfection. Nevertheless, these are not my final words nor is this manifestation through human spokesmen my lesson. I say to you that you shall never receive my last or my final lesson since I am the Eternal Word. Therefore, it is natural that I speak to you and enlighten you eternally, for I have no beginning nor end.
My Peace be with you!