BTL - Volume II - Teaching 36

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 36:

1 In view of the gentle goodness of My Word, deep remorse comes over the Spirit who has gone astray from the path of development The loving mildness of My words makes man weep because he accepts that his sins do not deserve to be forgiven.

2 I comfort him who sincerely repents, forgive his transgressions and help him to make amends for the evil he has caused. Know that he who does not repent does not come to me, for only from repentance can renewal, improvement and cleansing come forth. Also you are to know that only the purified spirits can enter my presence. But how could you truly feel remorse when you did not know the greatness of your offenses? I had to come to men to make them understand what it means before Divine Righteousness: to take a fellow man's life, to destroy faith, to deceive a Spirit, to betray a heart, to desecrate innocence, to cause shame, to take away from a brother what is his; to lie, to humiliate, and so many imperfections that were ignored by you because you had become accustomed to all this. But my word of love came, and in its core of being you found the presence of a perfect justice, which made you recognize through your conscience every one of your evil works, let your thoughts be tested and reminded you of your spiritual fulfillment, which you had already forgotten.

3 Only then did you see the greatness of your transgressions, the extent of your errors, which before seemed meaningless to you, and only then did you correctly evaluate the severity of many sufferings and pains you had caused. Thereupon you felt shame over yourselves, felt you looked at Me in all your nakedness and with all your stains of shame. This is why, for a moment, when you heard My Word full of tenderness, peace and purity, you felt unworthy of My love. But immediately you heard that it was you of all people whom I sought; and your heart, which washed in its tears as a proof that you repented that you should purify yourselves and serve Me, began the path of its spiritual development.

4 It is impossible for one of My children to forget Me since he carries with him in his spirit the conscience which is the Light of My Spirit through which he must sooner or later recognize Me

5 For some it is easy to penetrate into the mind of My Word and find the light there; but for others My Word is a riddle.

6 I tell you that not everyone at this time can understand the spirituality of My Message those who cannot will have to wait for new times for their Spirit to open his eyes to the light of My revelations

7 I have never come to men shrouded in secrets If I have spoken to you figuratively to reveal to you the Divine or to represent the Eternal in any material form, it was so that you might understand Me. But when men stop to worship forms, objects or symbols instead of seeking the meaning of those teachings, it is natural that they should suffer a standstill for centuries and see secrets in everything.

8 Since the times of Israel's sojourn in Egypt, when My Blood was embodied in that of a Lamb, there have been people who live only by traditions and rites, without realising that that sacrifice was an image of the Blood that Christ was to shed to give you spiritual life Others, who believe to nourish themselves from my body, eat material bread, without wanting to understand that - when I gave the bread to my disciples at the Lord's Supper - it was done to make them understand that the one who takes the meaning of my word as food, nourishes himself from me.

9 How few are those who are able in truth to comprehend My divine teachings, and these few are those who interpret them with the Spirit Remember, however, that I have not given you the divine revelation all at once, but that I explain it to you little by little in each of My teachings.

10 If on occasion you have been confused and have heaped up others over an erroneous interpretation, it is only natural that today you do not clearly understand the spiritual teaching of the Third Age, nor do you interpret it correctly.

11 It is necessary that you begin to overthrow your idols, to destroy your old errors, and to begin to order your thoughts so that you may become conscious that the Father, from the earliest times, has always spoken to you of the Spirit, and though He has often used material images to teach you, He has always referred to the spiritual life.

12 Awaken from your slumber, men, let your Spirit search my word. For indeed, I tell you, if you study one of my teachings well and understand it, you will have penetrated to the spiritual core of my revelations.

13 Remember the teaching in which I told you: "Ask, ask, that it may be given to you. Today I tell you: Learn to ask.

14 When I tell you now that you must learn to ask, it is because your asking was previously incomplete and selfish; you were thinking only of asking for yourselves or for your loved ones. My teaching today tells you that you must learn to sympathize with the grief of others. Experience and feel the pain and suffering of your neighbors, the misfortunes that torment your brothers. You must learn to understand the one who carries a wound in secret and learn to feel the sufferings of those whom you cannot see because they are far away. Among the latter, you must think of those who are at home in other peoples and nations, those who are in other worlds or in the Hereafter. Do not be afraid if one day you forget yourself and think only of the others, for you will lose nothing. Know that he who prays for others does it for himself.

15 How much joy do you give My Spirit when I see you lifting up your thoughts in search of your Father! I make you feel My presence and flood you with peace.

seek Me, speak to Me, do not mind that your thoughts are too clumsy to express your request; I will know how to understand them Speak to Me with the confidence with which one speaks to his Father. Entrust Me with your complaints as you would with your best friend. Ask Me what you do not know, all that is unknown to you, and I will speak to you with the words of the Master. But pray that in that blessed moment in which your Spirit rises to Me, you may receive the light, the power, the blessing and the peace which your Father grants you.

16 Many revelations by means of prayer I keep ready for the Spirit still in the future. Perfect yourselves in these rallies, and you will be able to reach perfection in your petitions, that is, you will learn to ask.

17 When your Spirit comes into the Spiritual Valley to give account of his sojourn and works on earth, that which I ask you most will be all that you have asked and done for the benefit of your brethren. Then you will remember my words on this day.

18 The end of an age and the beginning of a new one has caused this crisis and chaos you are suffering. It is the same thing that happens to a seriously ill person when recovery is near: it seems more like death has come.

19 The greater this crisis is in humanity, the greater will be its health afterwards. Verily, I tell you, this is how it will be, and I have announced it to you for millennia. Now you must prepare yourselves, strengthen yourselves in faith and prepare yourselves for battle.

20 To you who often hear this word, I say: watch and pray, because a time of great tribulation is coming for all, a time when neither all their power, nor their gold, nor their scholarship will be of any use to men to diminish the gravity of Divine Justice In those days you will be witnesses of events which will appear absurd and illogical to the proud and the self-important; for the case will come to pass that the learned will turn to those whom they thought ignorant, that the rich and powerful will seek out the needy, because there will be among them more understanding and composure in the face of trials, more charity and more spiritual riches.

21 Some say to Me in their heart: "Master, I did not have to wait for these times of pain you announce, for all my life was made up of painful trials Then I say to you: Blessed are you who have hardened yourselves in suffering, for when these days come you will no longer weep and instead will be able to give courage and comfort to those who did not know such distress.

22 Verily I say to you: If the majority of men drink the cup of suffering today, it is because the soldier is only hardened in battle, and I tell you that the final battle, the great battle, is drawing near. Do not close your eyes and your ears in those moments to the pain of your brothers, nor try to hide from death. For truly, I tell you, where men with little or no faith see the end, there will be the beginning; where they believe to see death, there will be life. Because I will be present to cover you with my love and to help you to enter that world, which you are to restore.

23 I make you aware of everything in advance so that nothing will surprise you. Look for the means to warn others and admonish them to prepare, pray, mend and watch.

24 Remember that I am The Word of the Father, that the divine essence you receive in this Word is Light from this Creator Spirit, that I have left in each of you a part of My Spirit But when you see the poverty that surrounds the crowd listening to Me now and the humility of the space where you gather, you ask Me in silence: "Master, why did you not choose for your rallies at this time one of those great temples or churches where rich altars and solemn ceremonies worthy of you could have been offered to you?

25 I answer to those hearts that think so about their Master: it was not the people who brought Me here for this poverty. I myself chose for My rallies the humble dwelling in the poor suburb of your city to make you understand that it is not the material tribute or the outward sacrifices that I seek with you, but on the contrary: I have returned precisely to preach humility once more so that you may find spiritualization in it.

26 I scorn all that is human vanity and human pomp, for only that which is spiritual, noble and generous, the pure and eternal, comes to my Spirit. Remember that I said to the woman from Samaria, "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth". Seek Me in the infinite, in the pure, and there you will find Me.

27 Of the material offerings which mankind offers me, I accept only good intention if it is good in truth; for not always a generous and noble intention is expressed in a gift. How often do men offer me their sacrifice to cover up their evil deeds or to demand something from me in return. This is why I tell you that the peace of the Spirit cannot be bought, that your dark spots are not washed away by material wealth, even if you could offer Me the greatest treasure.

28 Repentance, sorrow over having been offended, renewal, correction, reparation for the transgressions committed, all this with the humility I have taught you, yes, then men offer Me the true sacrifices of heart, Spirit and thought, which are infinitely more pleasing to your Father than incense, flowers and candles

29 Why offer Me what I have created for you? why are you giving Me flowers when they are not your work?

on the other hand, if you offer Me works of love, mercy, forgiveness, justice, help for your neighbour, this tribute will certainly be spiritual and will rise to the Father like a caress, like a kiss that children send to their Lord from the earth.

30 My rallies through the human mind are plain and simple, as is the form in which I express myself. Yet it makes you tremble, and you grasp a past that your Spirit already knows, and it makes you see clearly the events that belong to the future. That is why you remain enraptured as long as you listen to me, because nobody knows how to read in the hearts like this master.

31 From different parts of the country you come here to take refuge in the benevolent shade of the spreading tree, which invites all wanderers to refresh themselves under its foliage But I tell you that the time is near when people from distant lands will come to this nation.

32 Intuition and prescience will be what will lead them to you; they will come in search of your testimony and your peace. For many of them a word from those whom I am teaching you will be enough to set out on their task as true apostles of spiritualism.

33 Woe to this people if they are not prepared to receive the stranger with a loving heart, for not one stone of their cities will be left upon another, as happened to Jerusalem!

34 Have you not realised that your purification is to make you worthy to receive My teachings, which you are to give to those who knock at your doors? have you not memorised that I want you to be the lifeboat in this time of storms, wars and passions, crossing carelessly between the waves of wickedness and saving your brothers?

35 Blessed is he who prepares himself, for he will hear me from Spirit to Spirit

36 Pray for your brothers in this nation where you are living, that they may be patient in the trials and obtain their purification. A great spiritual destiny has brought this people to earth, and to fulfill it it is imperative that they be pure, equipped, and vigilant.

37 Understand that you must not mix uselessness with the teachings of My teaching You must make them known with the same purity with which you received them from Me. Spread My teaching by your example and testimony over lands, villages and provinces, and make sure that your brothers are strengthened in it. This people must multiply, equip themselves and live spiritualized, for with their works they shall become the defenders of this truth.

38 Acquire merits, O people, and make sure that through these merits those who will receive you tomorrow in their homes, or whom you are to receive in yours, may obtain this grace.

39 Teach them to fathom and comprehend that I have come today in Spirit to make myself known through clumsy and sinful bodies. No one in this human body must

See God! They are to hear the word, because in him is the divine essence, that which comes forth from my Spirit. This Word is "The Word," and "The Word" is I, He who speaks to you from infinity.

40 "The Word" is love and is wisdom that is revealed in the Word. Hear this voice, you multitudes, and do not become indifferent, for you are in the sanctuary of My Divinity. You must renew yourselves. If you do not purify your minds, you will not be able to understand My teaching.

41 Blessed are those who make an effort to fulfil My Law, for in them the light of Wisdom will soon shine

42 Blessed are those who fight for the perfection of their Spirit, for they have been inspired by the highest ideal a child of God can attain

43 I polish your hearts, for from them I will make water of life burst forth for the thirsty.

44 When the hour has come to fulfil your task, do not act according to your will and beware of adding your imperfect ideas to My word or My work For you would fall into profanation and adulteration and would delete your good works from the book of True Life.

45 You are to arm yourselves with My Truth and go into your homes you are to let my word be heard, then peace will come

46 Sometimes you will be recognized as messengers or workers of the Trinitarian Marian spiritual teaching. On the other hand, you will be thrown into the streets, slandered, or accused of deceit. But fear not; for if they condemn you, the moment of their judgment will also come to them, and if they have not been able to open their eyes to the truth when you spoke to them, they will, when they are once under my judgment, remember your words and see the light.

47 When the Spirit of any great sinner breaks away from this material life to enter the Spirit Valley, he is amazed to find that hell as he imagined it does not exist and that the fire of which he was told in times past is nothing but the spiritual effect of his works when he faces the inexorable judge who is his conscience

48 This eternal* judgment, this brightness that breaks forth in the midst of the darkness that surrounds that sinner, burns more than the hottest fire you can imagine. But it is not a torture prepared in advance as a punishment for the one who has hurt Me, no, this torment springs from the knowledge of the transgressions committed, the suffering of having hurt Him who gave him the existence of having made a bad use of the time and all the goods he received from his Lord.

* "Eternal" here means the opposite of earthly-temporal, that is, beyond, but not: continuing into all eternity.

49 Do you think that I should punish him who hurt me by his sins, even though I know that sin hurts more the one who commits it? Do you not see that it is the sinner himself who does evil to himself, and that by his punishment I do not want to multiply the misfortune he has caused? I only allow him to see himself, to hear the inexorable voice of his conscience, to question himself and answer himself, to recover the spiritual memory which he had lost through matter, and to remember his origin, his destiny and his vows; and there, in this judgment, he must experience the action of the "fire" that eradicates his evil, that melts him anew like gold in a crucible, to remove from him the harmful, the useless, and all that is not spiritual.

50 When a Spirit pauses to hear the voice and judgment of his conscience - verily I say to you, in this hour he is in My presence

51 This moment of rest, stillness and clarity does not come to all spirits at the same time Some quickly enter into that trial of their own, and thus they save themselves many sufferings. For as soon as they awaken to reality and recognize their errors, they get ready and set about atoning for their evil works to the last. Others who are blinded - whether by vice, by some resentment, or because they have led a life of sin - take a long time to come out of their blindness. Still others who are dissatisfied because they believe that they were taken away from earth too soon, when everything was still smiling, cursing and blaspheming at them, thus delaying the possibility to get out of their confusion; and like these there are a great number of cases, which only my wisdom knows.

52 Neither are there any places created by Me especially to make atonement for the transgressions committed by My children. I tell you, there is no world in which I have not placed My wonders and blessings.

53 Do you not say that this world in which you live is a valley of tears, that is, a valley of atonement? - But who made it a valley of tears, God or men? - I made it into an image of heavenly Paradise, littering it with wonders and comforts, thinking even of the smallest and most insignificant things to make you happy. And yet, within a world so created for the welfare and progress, for the delight and spiritual advancement of mankind, men suffer, weep, despair, and perish.

54 But I tell you once more that I have not created this world for the pain of men; the worlds are what their inhabitants make of them. Recognize how much man has distorted the truth through his bad interpretations, how quite differently he has interpreted the symbol by which spiritual life has been revealed to him.

55 Neither darkness, nor fire, nor chains exist in the immeasurably great spiritual valley.

56 Pangs of conscience and torments that result from the lack of knowledge, sufferings because spiritualization is lacking to enjoy that life, this and more is present in the atonement of the Spirits, who come to the thresholds of spiritual life, defiled or without preparation. Recognize that I cannot take sin, imperfections or corruption of men as an affront inflicted on the Father because I know that men inflict evil upon themselves.

57 Neither is the earth spotless; it is as good and as pure as it once was from the hands of the Father. this is why I will not demand of you to give it back its purity, since it has not deviated from its destiny to be mother, shelter and home for men Of men, on the other hand, I will demand that they repent, renew themselves, purify their soul and body, in a word: that they return to their original purity and, moreover, show in their Spirit the light that they have won through the development, struggle and exercise of virtue.

58 Stop at this page, disciples, do not continue the teaching of this book without first imprinting it on your mind and thinking about it for a long time. Verily, I tell you, it will serve you in this life and will make your way easier in the one that awaits you.

59 I have given you the teaching in sections through the times and ages. Today it seems to you that what I am teaching you at present is the last because you cannot imagine with your mind a greater perfection in spiritual teaching. Nevertheless - this is not my last word, nor is this rallies given by a human organ of the mind the last teaching. And so that you no longer think of it, I tell you now that you will never receive my last word, my last teaching. Since I am "The Eternal Word," it is natural that I speak to you eternally and enlighten you. For I have neither beginning nor end.

My peace be with you!

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