BTL - Volume II - Teaching 31

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 31:

1 Close your material eyes in this rallies and lift up your Spirit to your Creator, because it is your Spirit with whom I want to speak.

2 I promised to return to you and could not fail to come to this appointment with your Spirit.

3 Have peace, listen to Me attentively and allow the chisel of My Word to gradually shape your Spirit.

4 You have wandered a lot in search of a place that would give you peace, and have not found it - when you came for the first time to these humble places to hear My Word, you did not imagine that in them, as poor and unimpressive as they are, you would find the peace you so longed for; I am not afraid that you would find the peace you so longed for

5 I will win you for Me through love. this is why I give you My teaching, which is a source of inexhaustible blessings I will leave you this source so that in it you may receive your brothers, the "travellers", the "wayfarers", with the same care and charity with which I have received you.

6 Not only from bread does man live, but also from my word. There is a hunger and thirst in you that is not physical, and to gain new strength you seek the water and the bread of the Spirit. It was necessary that pain should haunt you so that you could understand the teachings I gave you in the Second Time.

7 Some people ask me, concerned, "Lord, is human love unlawful and abominable before You, and do You approve only of spiritual love? But I answer you: Do not be dismayed. Blessed is the Spirit the highest and purest of love.

But I have also put a heart into body matter so that it may love on earth, and I gave man senses so that through them he may enjoy all that surrounds him.

8 I entrusted human life to spirits so that they would inhabit the earth and then put their love for God to the test on it. For this I divided human nature into two parts and gave the stronger part to the one and the weaker part to the other: those parts were the man and the woman. Only together can they be strong and happy; for this I used marriage. Human love is blessed by Me when it is elevated by the love of the Spirit.

9 Love felt only through the body is inherent in the irrational beings, because they have no Spirit to enlighten the life of the rational beings. From the associations full of spiritual understanding good fruits must come forth and spirits of light must incarnate in them.

10 It is time to cleanse your seed, so that you may form a family that is strong both spiritually and physically.

11 Understand Me, My children, interpret My Will correctly, the year 1950 is already approaching; remember that it is the one I have indicated as the end of this rallies I want to find you equipped at that time; for only those who have achieved this will stand firm on the spiritual stage of maturity they have reached. These will be the ones who give a truthful testimony about me.

12 Only those who have spiritualized will be able to reveal my work in its new form of rallies. But how will they do it to receive the necessary inspiration to receive my thoughts and to transmit my spiritual messages? - By waking and praying.

13 I want all to achieve this progress, so that not only a few come so far, so that your witness may be for the good of mankind. Remember: if some of you think in one way and others in another way, you will only bring confusion to your brothers.

14 The essence of this word has never changed since Damiana Oviedo began his rallies. But where is the result of those words? What happened to them? - Hidden are the writings of those divine doctrines which were the first of those times when My Word poured out so abundantly among you.

These teachings must come to light so that tomorrow you may bear witness to what the beginning of this rallies was like. So you will possess the complete book of My Word in this Third Age, so you will know the date of My first teaching, its contents, and that of the last, which I will give you in 1950, when this period is over.

15 Today you do not yet suspect the chaos that will reign in mankind after My Word has ceased Can you imagine the vortex that such a state will unleash among the nations? - There will be unrestraint in the Spirits and you must be prepared to counteract it. Remember that with each age your responsibility is increasing, for with each new age, O people, you have ever greater knowledge of My Law.

Your inheritance is very great, and it is imperative that you leave it to your brethren who need it before you depart from this earth.

16 Make your heart sensitive so that you understand My Word, for you have not yet understood it if you do not prepare yourselves - how will you receive and understand My teaching when I am entrusting it to you tomorrow by inspiration?

17 Unite in truth and in Spirit, then you will no longer divide, not even in the greatest trials Only one God, only one will, and only one word have been with you. Therefore no other law will be able to arise in the future than the one I have now given you.

18 Do not become weak, people! Remember every moment that I have called you strong. If I have not disappointed your faith and proved to you that the spiritual content of My Word is not changeable - why then should you disappoint your brothers by setting a bad example to them? It is time that you gradually prepare what you will leave as an inheritance to the coming generations.

19 Many say to Me in their hearts: "Master, do you see that we are about to be unfaithful? Is this possible?" - But I answer the same as I said to My apostles in the Second Age: "Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation. For even if today you are only "little children" who strive to transform yourselves into my disciples, your perseverance will let you attain a noble atonement. I will not remove myself until I have given you my last teaching at the end of 1950.

20 Feel My Love close to you, entrusting to Me your worries, discuss with Me in peace and truly I tell you, after that you will feel strengthened why do you come fearfully to Me? Do you think that I am betraying you to your brothers?

21 I hear you saying to Me in the depths of your heart: "Master, how should we be received by You when we are so tainted by our sins and You are Perfection itself?

22 I answer you, children of men: do you think that I did not know that you were defiled when I came to visit you? - I knew everything, nothing is unknown to Me This is why I have approached you to give you My teaching of Love which saves you from every trap and helps you to cleanse yourselves from every sin.

23 Why do the poor, the pariahs of the world, feel themselves to be the most unworthy of My Love? perhaps because they have heard that I am a King? - how slow you are in understanding the divine teachings! Have you not understood that I became man in the Second Time to give you the greatest teaching of humility? Remember that I was born in Jesus among the poor and lived among them, that I walked with them on the paths, that I went to their homes and sat down at their table, that I healed their sick bodies, caressed their children, suffered with them all and wept.

24 Behold, here is the same Lord, but today He comes in the Spirit. This king has neither crown, nor purple robe, nor sceptre. Simply I live in perfection and reign with love.

25 Why should I make myself known in splendid palaces, under pomp and ceremony, if this is not for me? verily, I tell you, those who imagine Me to be in luxury and outward splendour have a wrong conception of what My Divinity is

26 There will be some who wonder that I, as Christ, have now conferred divinity on Myself and may say: "how is it that you, who once said that He only came to do the Will of His Father, now speak to us as if you were the Father Himself? - But I answer you: Understand that Christ spoke as Deity, since He is "The Word" of God, and that today anew The Word speaks to you in the Spirit. Therefore I tell you that the Father, The Word and the Holy Spirit is one God.

27 You are made of matter in which I have put a soul and I have endowed it with a Spirit. Is that why you say that three persons dwell in every man?

28 These three powers form one single being, even if each of its parts expresses itself in different ways.

29 If there is perfect harmony in the human being among the three natures of which it is formed, it is similar to the harmony that exists in God, for there is then only one will in him, namely, that of reaching the summit of his spiritual perfection.

30 People, for a long time I have been teaching you for your struggle. But only those remain with me who have freed themselves from ambitious, material goals and have seen their purpose in life in getting to know spiritual teachings alone. Also among those who have already been cut off into the hereafter there are many who listen to me from their stage of development.

How many of the "first" were not able to persevere and be faithful to me! They would not wait for the first seeds to bear fruit. They became vacillating in their faith, doubting, not suspecting the great things that were yet to pour out on the "last. But when they return, attracted by the rejoicing and cheering of this people, they will have to take the last place.

31 This is to serve as teaching to those who today, although they see the multiplication of the seed, still doubt the prosperity of this teaching.

32 Dematerialize yourselves, bringing from today on your worship of God into extremely simple forms, making yourselves prepared and fit for the Spirit-to-Spirit union which you will have with your Lord. Today I still have to speak to you through these bodies so that you may be strengthened in your faith and feel that I am close to you in the innermost part of your heart.

33 Fulfill (your task), people, then I will fulfill you (My promises). Bear witness to Me, then I will do it from you. Make yourselves free from every selfishness when you want to belong in truth to my workers who are to make my word known among men. Stop worrying only about yourselves and begin to care for your fellow men. I want you to discover the highest bliss that can be attained when you relieve the pain of strangers.

34 Bring to your brothers in My words of comfort, light and love the balm I have entrusted to you

35 One day you will learn to understand that the wisdom of the Spirit is superior to the science of the mind; for the intelligence of man discovers only what his spirit reveals to him. I give you this hint because many of you will say, "How shall I heal the sick if I do not know the science of healing?

36 Have mercy on your brothers, have faith, know how to pray and make yourselves worthy of my grace with these merits. Verily I say to you, then you will experience how it is possible to do miracles.

37 If, in spite of My teaching, there is anyone who doubts that this word comes from the Father, let him ask My workers, this people who follow Me, and he will receive thousands of testimonies telling him of real miracles that would astonish the scientists who teach them

38 Listen carefully: when I have ceased to give you My Word, this people shall be sowers of My spiritual seed But I ask you: What will be your decision regarding the instructions you have received from Me? Will you be ready to faithfully pass on My inspirations? - Do not promise Me anything of what you want to do in those days, but rather continue to listen to and immerse yourselves in this teaching. Today you are united around the Master, from "tomorrow" you do not know how many of you will turn your backs on Me by disobeying My commandments.

39 Do not let the years pass you by unused, take care every day to take another step forward on the spiritual path. Walk with firm step, no one walks with haste only to feel ahead of the others, because his stumbling would be very painful.

40 I want you to become strong through your thinking, through intuition, through the spiritualization of your works, so that you do not cause the least pain in your life and make yourselves ready to alleviate all the sufferings that show themselves on your way.

41 I have given you many teachings, O people, some of which are more profound than others. I am speaking to all My children, to those who go before, and to the "last". This is necessary because new "little children" are arriving all the time in desire for this word, and as I did with you, I will begin to give them the simplest teachings.

42 I ask the "last": Do you think that you have no spiritual mission? Do you not feel responsible for humanity? If you think so, you are in error, for your gifts and your assignments are as great as those you see those I use to give you My teaching. They thought the same as you when they first heard Me, and now look at them: How they had been mistaken!

43 Stay on this way, for soon you will understand all that you possess and what is the mission you are to accomplish on earth

44 Understand that I, your God, have had no beginning nor will I have an end. I am eternal and in this time I reveal to you many of the mysteries of spiritual life. This knowledge will lead you to fulfill the law in love and faithfulness to your destiny.

45 The time has come when I reveal new teachings to you, and this appears to you as if the Father returned to His children after a long absence

46 I gave you the gift of free will because your soul has been put at the beginning of a long way, at the end of which is the goal of its purification and completion. To achieve this happiness, you must reach it through the merits of love, faith and steadfastness.

47 How beautiful is the gift of free will, and how badly man has used it. But after this long experience, the Spirit will arise, will assert himself against the passions of the world, and will use that blessed freedom only to glorify his Father.

48 The flowers sprout from the plants and offer their fragrance to Me. This is their destiny, from which they could not escape because they lack Spirit and thus the gift of freedom. The birds offer their song to me, but they could do nothing else because that is what they were created for, and they possess no free will.

49 How great will your merit be on the day when you, too, will be like the flowers or like the birds, although the heart, because of free will, wants to turn you away with its passions from the way of fulfilling your tasks. This will be the time of the Spirit, for he will take the place that belongs to him, and it will also be the time of matter when it admits its subordinate position and lets both be guided by conscience. The harmony that then exists in man will be the same that exists in all created things. My presence will not only be recognized, but even felt by men.

50 The time is approaching when men will offer me the true tribute, when they will stop burning the incense they have offered me since the first days - incense that does not always speak of pure works to me, but was often permeated by human wickedness. The tribute that will replace the incense will be your love that will come to me.

51 You know that you have been created "in My image and likeness"; but when you say it, you think of your human form. I tell you, not there is My image, but in your Spirit, which - to become like Me - must perfect itself by exercising the virtues.

52 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, am the Justice and the good, and all this comes from Divine Love. Do you now understand how you would have to be so that you would be "in my image and likeness"?

53 The reason for your creation was love, the Divine desire to share My power with someone; and the reason I endowed you with freedom of will was likewise love I wanted to feel loved by My children-not by law, but by a spontaneous feeling that would burst forth freely from their Spirit.

54 People, swept away by the violence of their passions, have sunk so much into their sins that they have given up all hope of redemption. But there is no one who cannot be healed. For the soul - when it has convinced itself that the human storms will not stop as long as it does not listen to the voice of conscience - will rise and fulfill my law until it reaches the goal of its destiny, which is not on earth, but in eternity.

55 Those who believe that existence is meaningless, thinking of the uselessness of struggle and pain, do not know that life is the master who forms and pain the chisel that perfects Do not think that I created the pain to give it to you in a goblet, do not think that I caused you to fall. Man has become disobedient of his own accord, and therefore he must also raise himself up again by his own efforts. Also you are not to think that only pain perfects you; no, also through love activity you will reach me because I am love.

56 When I set you on a long and difficult way - consider that I accompany you on it, continue teaching you and help you with your cross. And to give you proofs that I stand by you, I have gone so far to become man to be visible and touchable. But you are foolish in your judgments; you doubt when you see me humanized and say that it is not possible for your eyes to see God. But when I tell you that I am Spirit, you say, "How is it possible to recognize what you cannot see and believe in it?

57 You have reached a degree of development where you can understand Me in My Divine Being and feel Me as Spirit. The development and reincarnation of the Spirit have gradually prepared you to receive My new teachings.

58 When the darkness that has enveloped mankind will disperse and it will be light in the Spirits, they will feel the presence of a new age because Elijah has come back to men But since they were not able to see him, it was necessary that his Spirit should make itself known through the human mind and that he should show himself before the seers in that symbol of the prophet Elijah: above the clouds in his fiery chariot.

59 Elijah came at this time as a forerunner to prepare my coming. He has come as a prophet to announce to you the new age with its struggles and its trials, but also with the wisdom of its revelations. He comes with his vehicle of light to invite you to climb it, to carry you up above the clouds and to bring you to the spiritual home, where peace reigns. Trust him as the Good Shepherd, follow him spiritually, as the people followed Moses in the First Days. Pray that he will help you in the fulfillment of your mission, and if you wish to emulate him, do so.

60 Before Elijah was taken away by the fiery chariot and carried up to the heights of heaven, Elisha asked him to transfer his prophetic gift and his Spirit to him, that he might be as Elijah had been on earth; and Elijah left his cloak behind to prove that he fulfilled his disciple's wishes. But the Spirit of Elijah and his prophetic gift were in Elisha as an obvious sign of the spiritual connection with men and of the reincarnation of the Spirit.

61 In every age and in every divine revelation Elijah appears among men.

62 Still the Messiah had not yet come to earth, not for long, so he would be born as man, and already the Spirit of the prophet was incarnated in John, who was later called the Baptist, to announce the nearness of the kingdom of heaven, which would be the presence of the Word among men.

63 Later, when I transfigured myself on Mount Tabor to show myself in Spirit before some of My disciples, Elijah came with Moses to take his place beside his Lord. In this way he made it clear that a time was entrusted to him in the future when he would have to make his presence palpable to mankind in order to awaken the sleeping Spirit of men to a bright and perfect life.

64 This is the time entrusted to Elijah, that he might awaken mankind. He is the forerunner who will go from people to people, from nation to nation, from man to man, to speak to them, as John did on the banks of the Jordan in his day, when he spoke to the crowds of people and told them to prepare themselves, because the kingdom of God was already near. Now he will tell them with his spiritual voice that they should gather themselves inwardly because the presence of the Lord as Holy Spirit is with men.

65 When Elijah has prepared mankind and paved the ways of the Lord, he will return to the Father.

66 When this happens, do not ask him to leave you his mantle, as he left it to Elisha; for he has made spiritual manifestations, the times have changed, and you are to forget the symbols. But he will leave you the prophetic gift as a gift of love and as a testimony that he was among you.

67 Prepare yourselves, disciples, learn from Me so that I may send you among men to make known My rallies as the Holy Spirit and say to them, as John did, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near to men.

My peace be with you!

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