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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 22:

1 This is a time of great light for the people of Israel, in which I awaken the Spirits of different abodes on their different earth ways so that all My children come to Me full of understanding and love to receive their inheritance.

2 I am in the process of selecting among mankind men, women, old men and children in whom the Spirits of Israel have taken shelter, who are the firstborn of My Divinity, responsible for My revelations

3 In the Three Times I have united and gathered My people and in this Third Age your Spirit has been surprised by My Presence and My Word through the mediation of the human mind, because you did not believe that Christ, the Divine Word, would communicate with you in this form Although I had announced to you My return as the Holy Spirit through the prophets, you did not watch in anticipation of My coming, and now that you have My rallies among you, you have not recognized Me because of your lack of spiritualization, of research in the divine teachings. But you must understand that I will always be divine essence, presence and power, truth and love, in every form in which I manifest myself to you.

4 Why then have you doubted me in the three times I have manifested myself among you? have I hidden from you the signs and the time of My coming so that mankind would be confused? - No, indeed! You who doubt My Presence, be silent, seal your lips, listen to Me untiringly until you confess that it is I, your Lord, who came to make Himself known through the human mind. If I manifest myself through the mediation of men and women whose imperfections and weaknesses are similar to yours, it is because I sought through whom I could manifest myself, and I did not find a chaste and pure heart to reveal myself in all My glory.

5 I have searched among the children and I see that their Spirit, although the flesh is innocent, is carrying with him a chain of vices which he had accepted in the past times, forgetting that the only reason he became man again on this planet is to purify himself by means of a new body shell I have sought a pure heart among the youth, and have seen that the young man is defiled and bears infirmities in his Spirit; and in the virgin lies the seed of temptation. Among the ancients I see only exhausted and confused beings through the vicissitudes of life. Materialism and arrogance can be found in the scientists; for after I had shown them the secrets of nature, they felt great and wanted to make them gods in this world. And among those who call themselves servants of my divinity, I discover only the hypocrite and Pharisee of the Third Age.

Therefore I say to you: Among the sinners I have chosen those whom I have called "voice bearers," who are like you, and who, through this gift received from Me, pay off their guilt and save themselves. The moment My Ray comes down to illuminate them, I remove the stain and receive their exaltation. When they are thus prepared, I communicate with you through their mediation; and My spiritual servants, to whom they are commanded to watch over their steps, make them receptive and worthy.

* See note 5 in the appendix

6 I could make myself visible or make my voice sound, as you heard it in the First Days at Mount Sinai; but what merits of faith would you obtain from Me in this form? - none; for the virtue of faith is a step on the ladder of your development. But that is why I do not hide myself, and if I make myself known through the mediation of man, it is because I love you and give you higher instruction and want you to recognize me by its perfection.

7 In the Spirit of man, which is My Masterpiece, I have placed My divine Light. I have nurtured him with infinite love, as the gardener nurtures a spoiled plant of his garden. I have placed you in this habitat where nothing is lacking for you to live, so that you may know Me and know yourselves. I have given your Spirit authority to feel the life of the hereafter, and in your body senses, so that you may refresh and perfect yourselves. I have given this world to you so that you may begin to take your first steps on it and in this way of progress and perfection experience the perfection of My law, so that during your life you may recognize Me and love Me more and more and through your merits reach Me.

8 I have granted you the gift of free will and endowed you with conscience The former so that you may develop freely within the framework of My laws, and the second so that you may know how to distinguish good from evil, so that it may tell you as a perfect judge when you fulfill My law or violate it.

9 Conscience is light from My Divine Spirit, which does not leave you at any moment

10 I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; I am the Peace and the Happiness, the eternal promise that you will be with Me and also the fulfilment of all My Words

11 If you feel distrust of life, if you feel unable to fight, pray, unite yourselves to Me and remain on the path of peace which My Love makes you know Make amends for your errors, renew yourselves and forgive him who offends you. Surrender to the trials and you will feel My power and peace in spite of the vicissitudes of life.

12 The Master is hurrying to teach you and to let His Wisdom overflow into your Spirit and heart, for only a short time will I speak to you in this form I want to leave you as heir my word so that you jealously guard it. It is the truth, and if you make it known to your brothers, in its original purity and with your good works, you will have fulfilled your spiritual mission.

13 Those who, at the moment of My farewell, say to Me: "Lord, You are parting from us and leaving us in orphanage", these will be those who were deaf and blind to My rallies and did not want to understand My teaching

14 For a long time I have seen fanaticism and idolatry in your worship of God. You bring to these houses of prayer material offerings that do not reach Me; this is why I have asked you to study My Word so that your Spirit may develop. For the time of preparation is coming to an end and you have to take a step forward in understanding my teachings.

15 The uninitiated become "little children" (in spiritual work), the little children become disciples, and the disciples become living models of humility, charity and wisdom. Many of them are among these crowds; but they are also scattered among the scientists and among the religions and sects.

16 Do not imagine anything about the fruits of your science, for now, when you have made such great progress in it, humanity suffers most, there is most misery, anxiety, sickness, and fratricidal wars.

17 Man has not yet discovered true science, that which is obtained by the way of love.

18 See how vanity has blinded you; every nation wants to have the greatest scholars on earth. verily, I tell you, scientists have not penetrated deeply into the secrets of the Lord I can tell you that the knowledge that man has of life is still superficial.

19 The time is coming when spiritual revelations will reveal the light-filled path to men, so that they may know the secrets hidden in the bosom of creation. The light of My Spirit will reveal to you the way to acquire true science, which enables man to be recognized by the creatures surrounding him and by the natural forces of creation and to gain obedience, thus fulfilling My will that man should subdue the earth. But this will only happen when the Spirit of man, enlightened by conscience, has imposed its power and light on the weaknesses of matter.

20 How can the powers and elements of creation submit to the will of man when selfish feelings move him, while nature is guided by my law of love?

21 It is necessary that the ideals of mankind should move in the ways of righteousness, guided by the truth of a perfect teaching which reveals to them the meaning of eternal life, and this teaching is the spiritual teaching given here, which in time will transform your spiritual and human life

22 Man is incapable, by himself alone, to receive My Word and change his customs, inclinations, aspirations and ideals; this is why I have allowed pain to shake him for a time But when the cup is most bitter for men and they recognize their errors before the judge of their conscience, they will call on My name, seek Me, the strayed sheep will return to My hurdle of love and all My children will be filled with the light of My Spirit to start a new kind of life.

23 I have not come to accuse your works on earth of errors, no, I show you your errors because I want you to reach the perfection that comes to you by eternal inheritance. Your Spirit will not be lost, for it is a spark of divine light and the image of your Father and Creator.

24 What would become of your Spirit if I devoted myself to the glorification of your human works and left it indefinitely to earthly passions?

25 If I came to you, it was because I love you. If I seem to speak to you with severity - in My word lies My justice and My love. If I let you know My truth, though it sometimes causes you pain, it is because I want your salvation.

26 Do not reject My Word, fathom it so that you may find in its essence the teaching capable of bringing about the miracle of transforming this valley of tears, which today is transformed into a field of bloody battles between brothers, into a valley of peace, where only one family, humanity, lives, applying the just, perfect and loving laws your Father has given you; for in the fulfilment of these you will find happiness

27 I have had only a few disciples in this world, and in even smaller numbers those who have been like an image of the divine Master In the "spiritual valley", on the other hand, I have many disciples, because there one makes most progress in grasping my teachings. There it is where my little children, those who hunger and thirst for love, receive from their master what mankind denied them. There it is where through their virtue those shine who remained unnoticed on earth because of their humility, and where sad and repentant cry those who shone in this world with false light.

28 In the hereafter it is where I receive you, as you did not hope for it on earth, when you were in tears, but blessing me, expiating your guilt. It does not matter that you had a moment of fierce rebellion during your life journey. I will take into account that you had days of great pain and in them you showed submission and blessed My name. You too, within the limits of your smallness, have experienced some Golgotha, even if these were caused by your disobedience.

29 Behold, by a few moments of faithfulness and love for God, you will obtain life and grace in the hereafter. Thus my eternal love returns the short-term love of man.

30 Blessed are those who fall and rise again, those who weep and bless Me, those who, wounded by their own brothers, trust Me in the depths of their heart. These small and afflicted, mocked but meek and therefore strong in Spirit are in truth My disciples.

31 Rejoice, because through these teachings you will advance in your development, even if some believe the opposite because they are guided by frivolous judgments. For centuries you have been divided by religions and sects because you have always craved to know a little more than you knew, and still your heart is withered from lack of love, despite as many creeds as you have had. But soon you will rally around the perfect love that flows out of the "Book of True Life," which is this Word.

32 You languish in spiritual thirst, withering away for lack of the dew of love and pure affections. You feel lonely, and that is why I have come to radiate among you the unmistakable fragrance of my love, which will let your Spirit awaken and blossom in virtue to new life.

33 Listen to me, disciples, so that you may pluck old beliefs out of your mind. Christianity is divided into groups of believers who do not love one another, who humiliate, despise, and threaten their brethren by false judgments. I tell you, they are Christians without love, therefore they are not Christians, because Christ is love.

34 Some portray Jehovah as an old man full of human faults, vengeful, cruel, and more terrible than the worst of your judges on earth.

35 This I am telling you not to make fun of anyone, but to purify your idea of Divine Love. You do not know now in what way you have worshipped Me in your past.

36 Practice in silence, which helps the Spirit to find his God. This silence is like a source of knowledge and all who enter into it are filled with the clarity of My wisdom. Silence is like a place enclosed by indestructible walls, to which only the Spirit has access. Man constantly carries within himself the knowledge of the secret place, in which he can connect with God.

37 The place where you are is unimportant; everywhere you can connect with your Lord, whether you are on the top of a mountain or in the depths of a valley, in the turmoil of a city, in the peace of your home, or in the midst of a battle. If you seek Me within your sanctuary in the deep silence of your upliftment, the gates of the universal and invisible temple will open instantly so that you may truly feel yourselves in your Father's house, which is present in every Spirit.

38 When the pain of trials depresses you, and the sufferings of life destroy your feelings, when you feel a hot desire to obtain a little peace, withdraw into your sleeping chamber or seek the silence, the solitude of the fields; there raise your Spirit, guided by conscience, and sink down. Silence is the kingdom of the Spirit, a kingdom invisible to the physical eyes.

39 At the moment of entering into spiritual rapture, one achieves that the higher senses awaken, intuition sets in, inspiration lights up, the future can be foreseen, and the spiritual life clearly recognizes and makes possible what was previously unreachable.

40 If you want to enter the silence of this sanctuary, this treasury, you yourselves must prepare the way, for only with true purity will you be able to enter it.

41 There are gifts and tasks there which have only waited for the hour of your readiness to come, to settle down in your Spirit and transform yourselves into prophets and masters.

42 In this treasury is all the past, present and future of beings; there is the manna of the Spirit, the bread of eternal life, of which I told you through Jesus that "he who eats of it shall never die.

43 Your Spirit has refreshed itself on hearing My Word and has found an opportunity to fulfil its task among this people of "workers" that I am training

44 How many sorrows do you forget while devoting yourselves to this blessed work of counseling, anointing and comforting your brothers!

45 Your Spirit has been strengthened and the body has recovered; for I have told you that he who gives peace and salvation balm or practises charity in any of its innumerable forms will see in himself what he gave multiplied

46 In this way I am gradually turning you away from the false pleasures of the world, from uselessness, so that your heart may be pure and always worthy that through it My helping Love may reach the needy; so that you may not again be infected by the wickedness that reigns everywhere

47 This inner and outer purity in My disciples is essential because only in this way will you be believed by your brothers when you set out to spread this Good News Only when you have a healed and pure heart will good works spring from it and words of light from your lips.

48 In your way you will find darkness and confusion, and the only strength and power you will have to defeat deceit with truth will be precisely the purity of your sentiments, the purity of your deeds. Do not forget: Even if you can pretend to your fellow men to announce the truth without possessing it, you will not be able to deceive me.

49 Your transformation must be deep and truthful, to such a degree that you notice it in the spiritualization with which your children are born, these new generations, which are a promise for mankind: healthy in body and spirit, not slaves to the temptations or victims of the lies of their brothers, but beings capable of loving Me in a worthy way and loving their fellow men with truthfulness. The time is approaching when the enemies of My teaching are preparing to stalk your steps because they want to destroy your seed; but I tell you, if you guard it as your holy inheritance, if you watch over what I have entrusted to you, no power will be able to destroy what you sow with love and in My name into the heart of your brothers.

50 Put My word into practice, preach with deeds, testify with good works, words and thoughts, then your testimony will be worthy of My teaching.

51 Watching and praying, you are to expect those who will come to you sooner or later. The soldiers will return from the war with depressed hearts and sobbing spirits; those in power will recognize their errors and weep publicly over their transgressions; and the multitudes thirsting and hungry for justice will seek these fountains of spiritual light where they can drink until their desire for faith, peace, and love is satisfied.

52 My Spirit watches over every being, and I myself watch over the last of your thoughts.

53 Verily, I tell you, I have discovered there in the midst of the armies fighting for earthly ideals and ambitious goals, in moments of rest, peace-loving and good-willed men who had been made soldiers by force. Sighs escape their hearts when My name comes over their lips, and tears run down their cheeks when they remember their relatives, parents, wives, children or brothers and sisters. Then their Spirit will soar up to Me, without any temple other than the sanctuary of their faith, without any altar other than that of their love, nor with any light other than that of their hope, desiring forgiveness for the destructions they have unwillingly caused with their weapons. They seek Me to ask Me with all the strength of their being to allow them to return to their home or, if they have to fall under the blow of the enemy, to cover with My cloak of mercy at least those who leave them on earth.

54 I bless all those who seek My forgiveness in this way, for they are not guilty of killing; others are the murderers who will have to answer before Me for everything - when the hour of their judgment has come - what they have done to human lives.

55 Many of them who love peace wonder why I have allowed them to be led to the battlefields and places of death themselves. To this I say to you: If their human minds cannot comprehend the reason that is present in the very heart of all this, their Spirit knows that it is fulfilling atonement.

56 I also know of those who, forgetting their loved ones, think of all the nations to weep with pain in the face of the reality of the false Christianity of mankind. They call on me in their prayers, in their spiritual reflections they remember that there is the promise of my return and that even the signs of my return were foretold and are written. They carry these words in their hearts and therefore ask me every day when my arrival will be "in the East and West," and everywhere they seek the signs without their eyes discovering them, and therefore they feel confused.

* Reference to the biblical promise in Matth. 24, 27. Detailed explanations regarding the Return of Christ are found as an introduction to this book in the chapter: The Return of Christ in the mirror of biblical promises.

57 They do not know that all signs have already taken place and that therefore My Spirit is beginning to manifest His new phase of revelation at this time.

58 How many times have they awakened on hearing My spiritual voice and asked, "Who has called Me? without understanding the meaning of My message. In other cases, the light of intuition was so clear in their minds that surprising deeds came to them that filled them with wonder.

59 The healing balm for the wounded or the terminally ill, as well as the bread or the water, have been miraculously prepared, and they experience how peace and trust strengthen them spiritually and physically in the moments of greatest danger.

60 These events have caused those who live in vigil and prayer to cry out inwardly, "Lord, are not these manifest signs which You give us daily proofs of Your presence? Is not all this proof that Your Spirit is seeking ours at this time to communicate Himself as Master to the disciple or as Father to the child?

61 Yes, beloved disciples, they are proofs that My Spirit is vibrating above yours and thus fulfilling in a new form My promise to come back to men

62 The signs which indicated to you My new rallies have already been fulfilled; you have not seen them nor had news of them But I tell you: do you feel My presence? Do you foresee the coming of the new time? Does your heart feed in spiritual prayer and does your Spirit feel strengthened when it lets itself be guided by the light of conscience? If so, why do you need material signs to show you My presence and testify to the fulfillment of prophecy? Leave it to the Pharisees and scribes of this time to investigate. For fear of My presence, let the priestly princes search the space and the earth in search of the promised signs. They were given for them, for those of little faith, for those who boast of spiritualization and whose Heart and Spirit is harder than a rock. For them were the signs, which nature gave like horn signals, when my spiritual rallies were about to pour out their light upon mankind.

63 In this moment of prayer, consecrated to communion with the Father, forget all your worries, reject from you the temptations which might prevent your Spirit from fulfilling My Law, free him from all restlessness In these sublime moments, allow your will to be the divine will; abandon yourselves to the love of your heavenly Father. Then it will happen that, as in the Second Time, you will see the works you call miracles come to pass.

64 If you feel yourselves pervaded by My Peace in your prayers, it will be the sign that you have come into communion with My Divinity. Conscience will shine as a radiant sun in your spirit and you will see the light of the Holy Spirit on the altar of your sanctuary. You will see everything illuminated in these moments by the love of God.

65 The veils that had hindered you to understand the meaning of My teachings due to your lack of armament will be removed, and you will see in the innermost part of the Eternal Blessed Sacrament the Lord's Treasury, which is the origin of life and from which true wisdom flows

My peace be with you!

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