This Nation will perish

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle 
Isaiah 60:12
For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.
My son, so many of My people are being deceived by lying spirits, saying that this nation will be great again. But I say, This nation will perish and never be great again! My people are acting like a man can make America great again, but they are just pruning the branches of the tree. My people, the problem with America is in the roots! The roots are full of sin, murders, abominations, but My blind Church cannot or will not see! I have been merciful and loving; however, as with any tree, when the roots are rotten, the fruit is rotten! America, you are rotten!!! My son, I have given you strong words to try to wake up My People, but they ignore you and My words! My axemen are now chopping on the tree, and when it falls, My demolition men will come in and demolish the roots! America will never be great again, yet so many of My people are deceived into saying it will! Here is what's coming (to America) as My angels prune the tree: The economy will collapse - from which there will be no recovery! The earth will split in three places in America - from which there will be no recovery! The rockets will rain down fire upon the major cities - from which there will be no recovery! The ensuing war and captivity will ravage the land - from which there will be no recovery! Tell Me, My Children, how will this nation be great? IT WILL NOT!!! Israel will rise up at this time, for her trust will now turn to Me instead of America! My son, all is not Doom and Gloom, as they like to say! During this time, My Remnant will be shining bright, and MANY, MANY of My children will turn back to Me! As a Father, I will RUN TO THEM and welcome them home! The greatest revivals in the history of the world will take place in America AS MY CHURCH WAKES UP, RISES UP, AND MARCHES FORWARD IN MY NAME!!!! I, Elohim, will move in ways not seen since I formed the world! As My servants say, I will knock your socks off! I ask you now to repent, turn from any evil ways, and sin no more. I have so much awaiting you, because I love you so!!! I AM COMING ON CLOUDS OF GLORY VERY SOON - BE READY!!! The Father

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