BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 21

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 21:

1 Disciples, you have forgotten the way of praying which I taught you in the Second Age and I have come to remind you of it

2 Let prayer be for you something greater and more powerful than repeating the words learned by heart, with which you will achieve nothing if you do not have spiritual upliftment.

3 Do not get into the habit of praying only with words; pray with the Spirit. I also tell you: bless with prayer, send thoughts of light to your brothers, ask nothing for yourselves; remember: The one who deals with what is mine will always have me as watchman over him.

4 The seed which you sow with love you will receive back in many ways.

5 Visit and "anoint" the sick, strengthen the prisoner, give peace to those who need it, and bring comfort to the troubled hearts.

6 Men have confused the true activity of love with materialism, which is evident in all their actions, forgetting one of the highest sensations of the Spirit. I have seen you with contempt and even with disgust giving some coins to your brothers, the poor, and you give coins because you have nothing in your heart to give. If you would at least give them with love or with the desire to help; but you give them with arrogance, with boasting, humiliating the needy. If you would give it without vanity or aversion, your coin would partly relieve the thirst for love of these Spirits who are in the process of fully atoning for their guilt.

7 To those who understand charity in this way and try with these imperfect works to silence the voice of their conscience and make me believe that they are fulfilling one of My highest teachings, I say Withdraw into your chamber and unite yourselves with Me in your prayer so that in this union, to which you are not accustomed for the time being, you may feel in your inner being a spark of kindness and gratitude towards the Father and, feeling the suffering of your fellow men, pray for them, even if you do this only for your relatives, which would already be a step towards spiritualization.

8 I cannot yet demand sacrifice and helpfulness from all men in favor of others or true love for neighbor; but from you, disciples and "little children", who hear this voice from day to day, which makes your feelings more loving, I expect works that are worthy of me and of you.

9 If you love, the rest of the benefits will fall to you on top of it.

10 Love will give you the wisdom to understand the truth, which others seek in vain on the bumpy ways of science.

11 Allow the Master to guide you in all actions, words, and thoughts. Prepare yourselves to follow His kind and loving example, and you will reveal Divine Love. In this way you will feel close to God because you will be in harmony with Him.

12 If you love, you will be able to be gentle, as Jesus was.

13 If you love, you will have no need of material cults or rites, because you will have the light that will illuminate your inner temple, where the waves of all storms that might whip you will break and the darkness of mankind will be destroyed.

14 No longer profane the Divine, for truly, I tell you, great is the ingratitude with which you show yourselves before God when you perform these outward rites, which you have inherited from your ancestors and in which you have become fanatical

15 Mankind saw Jesus suffer, and His teaching and testimony is believed by you. Why continue crucifying Him in your sculptures? Aren't the centuries you have spent exhibiting Him as a victim of your wickedness enough for you?

16 Instead of remembering Me in the tortures and death throes of Jesus, why do you not remember My resurrection full of light and glory?

17 There are some who, when seeing your images representing Me in the figure of Jesus on the Cross, sometimes believed that it was a weak, cowardly or fearful man, without remembering that I am Spirit and have suffered what you call sacrifice and what I call duty of love, as an example for all mankind

18 When you reflect on the fact that I was one with the Father, remember that there were no weapons, nor powers, nor tortures that could have bent me; but when I suffered, bled and died as a man, it was to give you my sublime example of humility

19 Men have not understood the greatness of that lesson, and everywhere they are erecting the image of the Crucified One, which is a disgrace to this humanity which, without love and respect for Him whom it claims to love, keeps crucifying Him and wounding Him daily, wounding the hearts of its brothers for whom the Master gave His life

20 O My children of all creeds, do not kill the noblest sensations of the Spirit, nor try to put up with outward customs and cults. See, when a mother has nothing material to offer her beloved little child, she presses it to her heart, blesses it with all her love, covers it with kisses, looks at it lovingly, bathes it with her tears, but never tries to deceive it with empty gestures of love.

21 What makes you think that I, the Divine Master, approve of you being content with the ritual acts, devoid of any spiritual value, truth and love, with which you try to deceive your Spirit, making him think that he has been nourishing himself, when in reality he is more and more ignorant of truth?

22 Learn to love one another, to bless, to forgive, to be gentle and loving, good and noble, and understand that unless you do so, the works of Christ your Master will not be reflected in the least in your lives.

23 I speak to all and call upon you all to destroy the errors which have held you back in your development through so many centuries.

24 Take love as your shield and grasp truth as your sword, and you will soon find the way. Fear not to be sowers of love, for Pilate and Caiaphas are no longer in the world to judge My disciples. You will find small calvaries on your path of life, but endure them and leave behind a trace of courage, serenity and faith.

25 Christ gave you His example, for He is and will continue to be the Eternal Master in Spirit and truth.

26 The Spirit of truth and comfort is the same Spirit of God who lived in the loving Jesus who dwelt among men, and who will live in you if you know how to love as He taught you.

27 You who are My new disciples, hear: Already in the Second Time I spoke to you with the greatest clarity about Me to save you from falling into temptation and error. When I said to you, "The Father and I are one," I wanted to tell you that in My love for you, in My word and in every one of My works, you had the presence of the Father. Nevertheless, the religions which were later founded on that teaching have fallen into materialism, making figures in which they represented the figure of Jesus and worshiping Him through them, forgetting that Christ is Power and Spirit.

28 If I had wished you to worship Me in the likeness of Jesus, I would have left you His Body to worship Him; but if I made that Body disappear after completion of His Mission, why do men worship it? - I revealed to you that my kingdom is not material; but still men still want to hold me back on earth and offer me the riches and power of a kingdom that is transitory and limited.

29 There were two natures in Jesus: one material, human, created by My Will in the virgin womb of Mary, whom I called the Son of Man, and the other, divine, the Spirit, who was called the Son of God. In this (divine nature) was the Divine Word of the Father, which spoke in Jesus; the other was merely material and visible.

30 When I was interrogated by the high priest Caiaphas, and he said to Me, "I beseech You to tell Me whether You are Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God," I answered him, "You have said it.

31 I had announced to my apostles that I would return to the Father from whom I had come. In doing so, I referred to the Divine Spirit, who was limited in the blessed body of Jesus. But when I prophesied to my disciples that the Son of Man would be delivered up and crucified, I referred only to the material part; to crucify or kill the Spirit would not be possible because he is immortal and stands above all created things.

32 When I told you that I would imprint My Law in your heart, engrave it in your Spirit and I would reign in you, I was referring to My Wisdom, to My eternal Being You must understand that it is not Jesus who enters into your heart, but Christ, the Eternal Word, He who was announced by the mouth of the prophet Isaiah as the sacrificial Lamb.

33 As a man, Jesus was your ideal and the realization of perfection; so that you might have in Him an example worthy of following, I wanted to teach you what man must be to become like his God.

34 There is one God, and Christ is one with Him, because He is the Word of the Godhead, the only way through which you can reach the Father of all created things.

35 My seed is sown in every Spirit of mankind, and the day will come when you can ascend until you are like your Master.

36 The Spirit of Truth is the Divine Wisdom, which enlightens the mysteries, and it has come to men in fulfillment of My promise given to mankind. You live in the period of time when these rallies had to take place because you were spiritually prepared to receive them.

37 Recognize that the evils that plague mankind today stem from the lack of fulfillment of My law, and because men have given a material interpretation to the Divine teachings and revelations. With these errors - how could they then have become aware of their spiritual nature and of the divine bonds of love that connect all mankind with their Creator? Hence your selfishness, your wars and your tendency to material enjoyment.

38 The Spirit of God is like an infinitely large tree, in which the branches, the worlds, and the leaves are the beings. If it is one and the same plant sap that flows through the trunk to all the branches and from these to the leaves - do you not believe that there is something eternal and holy that binds you all together and merges you with the Creator?

39 Your walk through the world is short; but it is necessary that you fulfill your task before you depart from this life, so that you may succeed in inhabiting higher homes for the Spirit in the hereafter.

40 Spirit and matter are two different natures; your being consists of them, and above both is conscience. The first is daughter of light, the second comes from earth, is matter; both are united in a single being and fight together, guided by conscience, in which you have the presence of God. This fight has been going on constantly until today, but in the end Spirit and matter will fulfill in harmony the task that my law assigns to each of them.

41 You can also imagine the Spirit as if it were a plant and the body as the earth Spirit, planted in matter, grows, rises, nourishing itself from the trials and teachings it receives during its human life.

42 I teach you to know your Spirit from the bottom up, for this vast wave of materialism that has rolled against humanity will create immeasurable spiritual needs, and it is necessary that there be a source of light in the world where those who yearn for it can satisfy their cravings.

43 How many and terrible wars await mankind, much more terrible than those which have passed away; in which the fury of the unleashed forces of nature will mingle with the roar of your weapons. The world will be too small to contain in its bosom such a great destruction. The result of all this will be that when men have reached the height of their pain and despair, they will turn to the true God - whom they did not want to come to on the way of love - to ask for His divine peace. Then I, Christ, The Word, will rise in the hearts, because this time will be the Third Day, when I will fulfill my promise of salvation when I build the temple as I have promised you.

44 Like the angel who sat on the tomb of Jesus, My Divine Spirit will descend to lift the tomb slab that closes your heart, so that My Light illuminates the innermost part of the human being

45 This will be the spiritual dawn of which you will be witnesses; but My Seed and the Good News will spread; for the time of battle is approaching and My children must be prepared But know already now that there will be no hesitation in this struggle; it will be carried on until the end, where light will triumph over the darknesses of mankind.

46 Listen carefully, disciples, lest you, to whom I have explained so many secrets, lose the keys I have entrusted you to open the Book of My Wisdom Feel the peace so that you may make it tangible to those around you.

47 Only by the calm and pure elevation of your Spirit you will succeed in being a sower of spiritualization

48 In the midst of all the vicissitudes of your earthly life you will be able to perform many miracles if you truly possess in your Spirit the gift of peace given to you by My love; but if you do not have it in you, you will be able to do very few works worthy of Me.

49 Receive My teaching without restlessness, peacefully; look at Me with the sensitivity of your sensations and feel Me with tenderness as little children feel their loving mother Only in this way will you be able to receive and use the flood of light that flows from My teachings.

50 Learn to penetrate into the realm of innermost peace that the moments give you when you are with Me, and forget your sufferings and problems so that you may strengthen yourselves in My love.

51 Be strong to stand the tests and pray for mankind, which is agitated and suffering as you are; but verily I tell you, when you feel the coming of My Peace, you will perceive that this Peace has come down on everyone; I am with you all, and I am with you all, and I am with you all, and I am with you all

52 You ask Me why on many occasions - to receive a grace from Me - you must first shed tears under a trial But I tell you: since each one of you is like a tree, you sometimes have branches so sick or dry that pruning is necessary for good fruit to be obtained, and these prunings must cause you pain

53 Sometimes this pruning goes even to the roots to destroy the evils that have infected your Spirit.

54 For the moment you weep, but do not despair, for after pain comes true health.

55 When I turn you away from the evil way, I do it with great mercy and love, even if for the moment you do not understand My perfect counsel I conquer sickness in you and transform it into health and joy; in this way I slowly put the materialized, the confused, the strayed from the path of good, on the right path.

56 When they crucified Jesus, He lovingly forgave His executioners and gave them life by asking His Father for their salvation; with His words and also with His silence He gave them forgiveness, and these proofs of infinite love for mankind were and will be forever like inexhaustible sources where people will be inspired for their noblest deeds of forgiveness and love

57 Today as yesterday I am giving you to drink from this source of truth and life to lift you up from your falls and lighten your path, so that you may bear the trials of your walk through this world, serving it as a step to ascend to the Home where you will know the highest peace

58 Fear nothing of your Creator; but fear all the more of yourselves if your Spirit is not on the path marked out by my law

59 Seek the path which Jesus showed you, that you may turn away your cup of suffering. If you go astray or voluntarily delay your arrival in the kingdom of peace, this will happen because you want it so, but not because it is my will.

60 Allow Me to guide you so that with My support you may interpret the teachings offered to you by the "Book of Life" and grasp something of the future that awaits mankind.

61 Fear not kings or lords nor anyone who displays any title or power, for nothing will be able to oppose what is ordered by the Father.

62 I have manifested My Light, transformed into the Word which you have heard few and which through writings and testimonies all will come to know.

63 I have told you that I am the great warrior whose sword comes with the intention to fight; but understand that I do not provoke wars among men like those you always have; My war is that of ideas, of beliefs, in which Truth, Love, Reason, Justice and True Wisdom shine

64 But when the battle is at its fiercest and man begins to understand that these messages are divine inspirations, sparks of God's Love that only bring peace among

men seeks, then he will feel impulses to put them into practice, to teach them all who do not know them, and then he will take up my teaching to eradicate the evil that your disobedience has caused you.

65 On what you are learning and researching from the written word, I will pour out My inspiration so that you expand the teaching you give to your brothers

66 When those begin to appear among men who, indifferent to the insult, love and forgive the one who has offended them, and bless God with love, because with His perfect teachings He transformed them into living examples like Jesus, you will be at the beginning of Christ's reign in the hearts of men.

My peace be with you!

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