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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 45:

1 The light of My Spirit is falling on you. I come to give you the treasure of peace and to clothe you with the feast garment of humility. If mankind wants to tear your garment into shreds, let them do so, for these shreds will serve to cover their nakedness.

2 Among these multitudes here are those who, without having seen Me, believe Me, love Me and follow Me. Bless them, for they will be in the Promised Land.

3 On this day you are commemorating the Resurrection of your Master, and truly I tell you, many of you will rise to life of Grace through the Light of My Word

4 Only as man was I born and died; for as God I had no beginning, nor will I have an end Jesus was born out of the purity of the Father's love for mankind, taking human form in the womb of a chaste virgin, previously chosen by the Creator.

5 The words and works of Jesus were the way He marked out for you, the path that will lead you to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the body of Jesus, Christ felt all the pains and anxieties of the world, He experienced the agony of death, and He was willing to enter, in Spirit, into the dens of darkness, where the spirit beings also awaited Him. But I tell you, the pain of Jesus in the exalted hour of His agony on the cross was not understood by anyone. There was a moment when He felt alone between heaven and earth, whipped by the unleashed elements and abandoned by His disciples. Then it happened that He exclaimed, "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me? - Men cast Him out from among themselves, and His Spirit left Him.

6 By My Power Jesus could have been insensitive to physical pain; but I did not come to deceive you regarding My human nature. My pain was unprecedented, My death was real, and My blood was true blood.

7 While the Master's body was in the tomb, the Divine Spirit was illuminating the places where righteous and sinners were waiting for Him, so that His Mercy would lead them into a new age For the blood of the Lamb paved the way not only for the beings of this world in their spiritual development, but also for those of the Spiritual Valley.

After that mission of love had been fulfilled in all of them, the body of Christ merged with the Divine Spirit in the same way as it had taken on human form.

8 Since the body of Jesus had not come forth from "earth "*-why should he pay tribute to it as all men do?

He had told you, "My kingdom is not of this world.

* I.e. arose according to the natural laws of the earth

9 When you listen to My teaching your Spirit comes to new life because it has eaten the bread of eternal life, which is My word. Strengthen yourselves with my teaching because the time is approaching when men will pounce on you like hungry wolves to judge you and it is not my will that you leave your faith and peace in the hands of your persecutors.

10 Make good use of the time while my rallies in this form are still with you; for if today you should not light your lamps, tomorrow you will long for this time of teaching and grace and weep in the desire to hear my word once more Many will say, "Master, what would I give to hear once more one of your teaching speeches through those whom I condemned so much as imperfect.

11 Make real use of My teaching now that I am giving it to you through the mediation of these My children whom I have chosen and prepared I have let words of wisdom and love flow over their lips. In submission they have turned away from the world, and because of you they drink a cup of suffering knowing that they are the Father's instrument for His union with you.

12 Even if you, to hear My Word at this time, rush to these humble assembly places, you can still send up your prayer in the place where you are Be it in a quiet chamber or where you earn your daily bread, on the road, in a valley or on the bank of a river - everywhere I hear your requests.

13 Learn to cleanse your heart and lift your Spirit to Me, so that you may receive spiritual communion (with Me). Do not forget that you carry Me in the innermost part of your being. Rise up to Me so that when the last moment of 1950 comes, your Spirit is not filled with terror and says, "Master, you have turned away from us. Verily, I tell you, the one who prepares himself will from that moment on unite himself from Spirit to Spirit with My divinity.

14 If you had used one of the many teachings I have given you, and the teaching of it was the Law that governs all the acts of your life; verily, I tell you, it would no longer be necessary for Me to be among you; for all My Teaching is contained in what you have heard to this day

15 Once more I am giving you My Word so that your Spirit may feel that He is at the banquet of eternal life refresh yourselves like My Apostle John in contemplating the revelations of the world beyond

16 In this time all unbelief will disappear among you because I will leave you as a lamp of faith which is lighted among men

17 Every time I place myself with you, and while I give you My word, your pain gives way because your Spirit feels My presence and is refreshed by My love

18 Not only those who gather in these places of assembly listen to Me, but there are also great legions of spirit beings present at this rallies and receiving My Light Among these multitudes are those who on earth were your parents, your companions, your children. All are in the process of ascending the ladder of development.

19 Your heart is filled with joy when you hear Me speak in this way, and you feel that it is the glory of the Father Himself who is opening in these moments to pour out Her grace on every creature of the Lord

20 The light of My love, which illuminated the path of development of all My children, caused confusion in the minds of some scientists when they discovered that the origin of creation is not as they had imagined it But I will speak to them from the "mountain heights", and the power of my voice will make the earth tremble through the elements and show them the truth.

21 People, if you want to come into communion with my divinity, do not look at these voice bearers, through whom I make myself known, as at higher beings. Study and fathom My Word, then you will feel as if you were in My sanctuary and enjoy the spiritual meaning of My teaching. In this way you will become strong to bear witness that this is the Third Age and that in it I have revealed Myself to men as the Holy Spirit.

22 I am currently choosing My new disciples among mankind, saying to men: "renew yourselves" and to women: "sin no more". My forgiveness has purified you all so that you may begin a new life.

23 You who have tasted much bitterness - drink now milk and honey from this cup of love I am giving you

24 Rejoice that you have this spiritual good. do not grieve too much about the upkeep of the body; remember that I have told you: "man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God;" I have said to you, "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God"; I have said to you, "man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God".

25 I found you all lost and I have shown you the way by telling you: "I am the way, the truth and the life, follow Me till the end.

26 I have not forced anyone to follow Me, and I threaten no one if he does not. Certainly there is the law of atonement - which everyone causes himself - so that his soul may develop and attain its purification and light. But the hell of eternal fire does not exist, just as there is no punishment of God. Do not misinterpret what was told to you in past times through symbols.

27 Today you listen to Me, and each one recognizes his mission, while Elijah, as the tireless servant of the Lord, gathers the 144,000 new disciples, 12,000 children from each tribe of this people, so that they may receive on their foreheads the sign that marks them as Trinitarian Marian spiritualists.

28 If you feel exhausted on the path of life, come to Me and rest while you listen to this word, for I am still with you

29 This word is the bread that I bring to your mouth Its spiritual meaning is the crystal clear water that helps you to cleanse your soul from all its stains.

30 You are afraid that the storms will sweep you away from this path and you will again become weak in the passions of the flesh. You fear the talk of the people, their judgments, you fear the world which is moving away from Me with its many temptations.

31 Not having understood My Word, you believe that I demand of you that you give up and renounce all material things, while I teach you to give to the Spirit what belongs to Him and to matter what you belong to As long as you are in the "valley of tears," you will not attain perfection. But you must equip yourselves in the love and mercy that you spread among your brethren to reach the spiritual valley and reap the fruit of your seed.

32 The mystery I am revealing to you is My Own Spirit who is beyond the ladder of Jacob I am not on the "ladder" because I am perfect. On it are only the beings who are going towards perfection. - Who can feel that My teaching is like a heavy burden to his Spirit? If you compare its weight with that of a cross, you will understand that I am now your helper*.

* See note 8 in the appendix

33 Who can move away from me, since I am everywhere? some try to move away from My Presence to secretly sow the seeds I have entrusted to them and reap the harvest for themselves; but I give you the fertile fields; I am the one who gives you the fruits of My Kingdom Those who try to leave will have to go into the desert. - When did one experience that some seed germinates in the white-hot sand? There they will not attend the banquet you enjoy with Me, nor in their solitude will they listen to the trilling of the birds that have enchanted you with their song.

34 He who has felt in his heart the desire to let down the cross has not foreseen his task nor his purpose.

35 How many of you confess guilt and sin before Me, and belong (yet) to those who love Me! How many trumpet that they love Me, and have not even faith in Me! They believe when they receive benefits, but when they are tested, they deny Me!

36 This Third Age has been an invitation to your Spirit, a call for you to have the grace to be among those who receive the divine fruit of the Three Times.

37 When mankind was at the highest level of corruption, the light of My Spirit came down, transformed into words understandable to man, to save him They show him the way of his atonement, help him to fulfill it, and make him understand the reward that awaits him.

38 To you who hear me, I say: do not wear dirty dust on your "sandals," seek me, I am your salvation. I am the boat that rescued you from the shipwreck, carried you away from the raging sea of sin, to bring you into the land of promise.

39 Why have you encountered pain in your life journey? Why have your feet been wounded by the pebbles of the way? Why does thirst torment you like weary wanderers? Because you used to walk the same path and did not clean the way for those who came after you, because you did not know that you would have to walk through it again. But if you have never quenched the thirst of the thirsty, how can you expect someone to quench yours?

40 I alone quench your Spirit's thirst for love and peace. My word is crystal clear water poured out among you. Enjoy it when you drink it, invite your brothers to do so, and verily I tell you, you will finally experience unity and peace in souls.

41 If in the Second Time your eyes have seen Me because I came as man, today I come in Spirit If your physical eyes have not seen Me - the sensitivity of your Spirit has certainly felt Me because I make My presence palpable to you. Who of those who hear me has not felt me at the accelerated beating of his heart? Who among you does not tremble at My Word, which is like a penetrating gaze reaching your Spirit with its light?

42 I speak to you as Master, not as Judge do not seek Me as judge, for instead of judgments I want to spread comfort and life among you

43 I have opened your eyes so that you may be aware that My Law is being defiled on earth, but not so that you judge him who violates it get to know My Law so that you do not stray from the path when men hide it from you, and so that you may know how to guide him who walks in darkness

44 You have not come to humble anyone. In truth I tell you: Before this happens, it would be better for you not to speak of My work or that death will cut off your life.

45 People, you do not know what I have in store for you. do not believe that what you have heard until now is all I have to tell you; I will still reveal great teachings to you; very great gifts will unfold in you

46 My teaching comes to your aid, so that you may succeed in uniting yourselves with your Father from Spirit to Spirit, for therein lies your salvation. open your heart so that you may keep in it the treasure of My Word until the moment comes when you must reveal it to your brothers For this is the Word that transforms the sinner and heals the sick.

47 The trace I am leaving you in this time is not of blood but of light Come to me, disciples, and recover from your sufferings. relieve with My Word your hunger and thirst for love and peace, so that when I have showered you with spiritual goods, you may be like the virgins of My parable: waking with lighted lamps in expectation of the chaste husband, so that when he knocks at your door you may receive him

48 He who keeps My Word in his heart and believes in it will have peace and happiness in the ways of the world and will achieve his spiritual ascent in the path that leads to My Kingdom

49 With love I give you My Word to give you true life and to teach you to do the same among men where there are so many dead for faith All that you do in My name you will see realized among your brothers. But if in your way, instead of blessing, you blaspheme or judge your neighbor - verily I say to you, you will condemn yourselves; for with the cubit by which you measure, you will be measured.

50 If you have hurt Me, ask Me for forgiveness If your brother has hurt you, forgive him, perhaps he does not know what he has done. If, on the other hand, you still hurt even though you have so much light through the teachings you receive, you cannot say that you are innocent.

If you should cause offence, you would be harder than the rock, for I teach you to be noble to your brothers.

51 Study My Word so that death does not surprise you unprepared and darkness does not cover the way for your Spirit to develop. My teaching is the only book that contains truth from the first to the last word. I have opened this book anew before you in this time to awaken you to eternal life and to unite you in my enclosure of love, for I see you lost like sheep without a shepherd.

52 Here is the voice of him who calls the Spirits to deliver them from the troubles of the world. Some of my children recognized the voice, others did not, because their Spirit blinded by the materialism of this time did not recognize it. But I, the shepherd who has the ninety-nine sheep in the hurdle of my love - which is my kingdom - came down to earth in search of the stray one.

53 How long did you feed yourselves on bitter fruits that made you forget the sweetness of the fruit of true life, and only when you heard My Word did you again experience what is the true food of the Spirit!

54 In former times you set out and sought the way to your spiritual ascent in vain because you were depressed by the pain of your sins. Today I have united you, multiplied you and made you recognize your gifts. But truly I say to you: Before you fall into vanity because of this grace and you want to judge the sinner or try to humiliate the one who has been absent - remember and think about the teaching I gave you in the Second Time when the adulterous woman was brought before Me; remember the parable of the Pharisee and publican and that of the Good Samaritan. The spiritual meaning of those teachings is eternally valid. Today, tomorrow, and for all time you can apply them in your lives. They are parables I gave you in the Second Age, sometimes on the bank of a river, another time in the desert or on a mountain; it was the Divine Message I brought you in Jesus before men seized Me to condemn Me and crucify Me in Jerusalem.

55 It was My Will that My Word lives in your hearts so that mercy and love may flow from it and you set out to heal the sick without expecting any reward for doing good out of love for your brothers

56 Do not call yourselves spiritualists if you feel in your heart revulsion for the sick or disgust when your body is wrapped in rags. You will not be My disciples as long as you separate yourselves from sinners for fear that your heart will be infected.

57 Behold, here is My new Word which you are to unite with the one I gave you in times past Through the minds of various intermediaries I have given it to you in this time so that you may have in it the confirmation that what was said through one mouth was said through all.

58 Arm yourselves, men and women, for among you are those through whom I will give you My word

59 Here is the husband, who knocked at the doors of the virgins, and as they were expecting him, they opened to him and commanded him to enter in, and in their house there was a feast.

60 Some of you sat down at the table of love to eat the bread of My Word and drink the wine, which is the divine essence of My Word How many of you were also with Me in the Second Time and listened to Me. Others saw in the provinces My apostles who sowed the seed of faith in Christ in the hearts and gave proof of truth to the people by healing the sick, cleansing lepers and giving comfort to the afflicted. But those who did not partake of the meal at that time will eat today, and those who were not in the world will eat today.

61 I am in the process of selecting My disciples anew. remember that in the Second Time I washed the feet of the twelve apostles whom I had chosen according to My Mercy and pressed a kiss of love on them so that you might understand If the Lord did this - what should you first do to your brothers?

62 Full of humility I come to comfort you and to save you, so that - when you set out to fulfil your mission to show men the way - you leave a trace of meekness on the way. He who has not washed his "feet" before he begins the daily work - what trace of purity will he be able to leave behind?

63 Here is The Lamb, who voluntarily sacrificed himself so that His blood might be in all His children as a symbol of life, and that His trace might show the spiritual path of development of men.

64 I see among you those who will follow Me, but also those who will have to shed tears and make great vows to turn their backs on Me later. I am still among you; seize the moments, for soon I will leave you behind and from infinity contemplate the fulfilment of those who received this inheritance. Everyone who purifies his heart to pass on my word will be strong through his purity, mercy, love and humility. But he who exalts himself and betrays my work will be weak in the face of temptations.

65 Your nation has opened its gates through which great crowds of people have come from different nations; for I have told you that in this time there will not be twelve chosen ones, but twelve thousand from each of the twelve tribes - one hundred and forty-four thousand, who will bring My Word to mankind Some are in the spiritual valley, others in matter. Those who live in the hereafter and have not come to know this teaching, I will bring back into the flesh to gather them all together on earth. These will be the ones who will wear the sacrificial cross out of love for their brothers and drink the cup of bitterness.

66 Today you eat the bread and drink the wine of the Kingdom of Heaven through the spiritual meaning of My teaching, while mankind continues to present this teaching with the bread and wine of the earth

67 Rally around Me so that you may protect one another and feel strong, for the wolves lie in wait for you, and the Pharisees hiding among the multitudes are those of yesterday They still cannot recognize me because their senses have become confused. They are the hypocrites who hide their sins behind a feigned purity.

68 Watch and pray, for they will be the first to tell you that I am the false Christ. Some will point you to the prophecies of the first time, and some to those of the second time, to try to prove to you that this was foretold as false. They will tell you that you should not be beguiled by these rallies. Verily, I say to you: Beware of them and of those who have only taken my word and have no power to do works that convince by their truth.

69 Are you testing yourselves before your conscience, wondering whether the sick have been healed, whether you have felt peace when you listened to Me, whether you felt inspired to do good and love one another, whether you have been renewed? - "Yes", your conscience has answered you.

70 Remember and live through the past times. Here is the table on which the food that gives eternal life stands. Again I tell you that My Body and My Blood are represented today by My own Word. A crumb of this bread is enough to give eternal life to a Spirit. The sick who taste this bread will gain health, and the one who drinks this wine with elevation of the Spirit and with reverence for My teaching will receive peace forever.

71 He who remembers My Word in the sublime hour of human death, in his spirit will be the gifts and graces that are in him (My Word), so that he may see the Light of My Holy Spirit at his entrance

72 The Father's secret thoughts were revealed to the poor and humble. Whoever drinks of this wine will feel his Spirit strengthened; whoever closes his lips so as not to drink it for fear of death, in him death will be, and only My Love will be able to raise him up. But then, if it is My will, I will come to him to say, "Why have you not drunk of My wine? Rise up, I am He who spoke through the mouth of man, and the same (is it) who today raises you up to the life of grace. Who but Me has power to raise the dead to life?"

73 While I am giving you My teaching, I am contemplating the heart of each of those present. Some give Me their heart, which was nourished by My words until it satisfied its hunger for love and consolation. Others think of the way in which they can destroy this work because they do not believe in it and they are worried about the large crowds of fervent hearts crowding together in these assembly places to hear My Word.

74 Eat of this bread, in it is eternal life. Drink the wine, its spiritual content is the divine taste of goodness that My Word possesses.

75 Do not forget the works I have done on you, so that you may do them also on your brothers. As I have loved you, so love your neighbor. Sit the needy at your table and give them the best place at it.

76 In every one of My words* there is an abundance of revelations so that you may delve into its study; for the moment of My farewell is drawing near, when you will feel lonely. You will be left like sheep among wolves, but I will comfort you. Then your mission will begin, and some will go to the homes (of their near-by), others to the provinces, and some more to other nations. You shall be good workers in My fields and tirelessly sow My seed of peace and love. But it will not be necessary for you to take double panniers for the journey - I will provide for you. You shall fear neither the rigors of the weather nor those of the elements; My presence is in all created things.

* The term "word" here does not mean the single word, but is the epitome of the exposition of a divine thought through human words.

77 I will lead you to the houses where live those who will share your faith. They will receive you with joy, and there you are to call others still further to gather together for prayer and bring My message to them. These "last" will become "first" and will set out as new apostles to sow as you have taught them.

78 My Fields are very vast, and very sparse are still the sowers; but it is My Will that in the time I am still giving you My Teaching in this form, the one hundred and forty-four thousand will be marked For it will be those through whose mediation I will make myself known to mankind in this time, and of everyone who bears witness to me I will also bear witness, just as everyone who betrays me will have to appear before my judgment.

79 Behold, you have all eaten of the Lamb; yet I see among you him who will betray Me. Not at this moment, nor this night, but when he, seduced by the temptations of the world, accepts the shining coins for the betrayal of his brothers. Since no one knows who it could be, you ask in your hearts, "Master, who is it? - I only say to you: "Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation."

80 There is also one who denies Me in this time, and it will be soon; still in this night someone will deny where he has been and to whom he has listened. - No one will deny me for fear of the world, for his pain will be very great.

81 Once Jesus went into the olive grove to pray, for His sacrifice was drawing near. Today I tell you: Pray and recall that example so that you may find strength in the Lord. For truly, I tell you, the cup I drank that night was very bitter; but also the one that this humanity is giving me again today - how bitter it is! In it are all the tears, the blood and the pain of men.

82 Therefore, O beloved disciples, I teach you to pray in order to be prepared for the great afflictions Never, however, will the sin of all men weigh on one. Only Christ carried on His shoulders the sin of all mankind, from Adam to the last.

83 Those who inwardly mock these rallies are those who spat in My face, and those who judge Me now are those who scourged Me in that Second Time. The sin and darkness of this humanity is the dungeon in which I receive all tortures.

84 Prepare yourselves, for the multitudes of unbelievers and the legions of confused spirits will persecute you. But then I will say to them: Let go of my disciples, they are not guilty.

85 Watch and pray, live in peace, and you will have My strength in your Spirit, because you feed on the bread of eternal life.

86 The hour has come in which you remember Christ the Divine Master in His last moments on the Cross, those hours of darkness in the world where My Presence illuminated the Spirits who awaited Me

87 On a new Golgotha mankind has lifted Me up in this Third Age and from My Cross I look down on you, O mankind The light of My Spirit is falling on men as in that time when My Blood was poured out drop by drop on mankind. My divine sufferings are like wounds that open in the face of ingratitude and the sins of mankind. But today water of grace will spring from them so that the blind may see and the wicked be redeemed. If you hurt a tree, it will lose its sap: I am the tree of true life, which gives you life when you seek to destroy it.

88 Who will help me carry my cross in this time? - You, disciples! And whoever weeps over his sins and repents and renews himself will remain in the memory of mankind like that sinner who wetted My feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.

89 Blessed are those who feel in their heart the pain of their Lord, His thirst for love, because I will make them see Me in all My glory in the world beyond

90 While on earth the death that the people prepared for Jesus separated Him from the arms of His loving Mother, today in eternity Mother and Son are united in divine love. For you must know that - if Christ is the Word of God, Mary is the maternal tenderness of God, and from infinity, near the Cross that you have prepared for Me anew, she lovingly spreads out her mantle to cover you and directs her maternal gaze full of forgiveness towards you.

91 Do not forget these rallies, and when the year 1950 is over, gather yourselves to recall these teachings Then your eyes will overflow with tears, out of sadness and at the same time out of joy - out of sadness because you will remember the time you listened to My words and out of joy because you have finally entered the time of Spirit to Spirit union.

My peace be with you!

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