BTL - Volume II - Teaching 39

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 39:

1 I am the peace that comes down on you, because in the world I see only chaos.

2 Watch and pray, do good, and you will destroy war by the exercise of mercy.

3 The tree of science, as men have tended it, bears a bitter fruit for mankind. But I now give you the crystal clear water of love so that you may water it and experience how different the fruits will be, which just that tree will then produce.

4 Before you discover in my teaching the secret of caring for the tree of science, it will be whipped by strong hurricanes that will let its bad fruits fall down to the last and purify it.

5 After this storm you will gradually see a new light shining in your Spirit, which will be reflected in all your lives

6 You are now living in the time of judgment. remember how many times I have told you that the Sickle of My Divine Justice tirelessly cuts off the weeds

7 Science, as well as religions or men of power, are getting to feel My Justice. Nothing will remain unexplored by My gaze or will not be weighed on My scales. From the beginning of mankind sin has been condemned to die, and my word must be fulfilled.

8 When you, My people, see on earth the signs of these events, rise to Me in prayer, unite with your family in one thought and send your Spirit as messengers of My Love to your brothers in need of peace

9 Do not doubt the power of prayer; for if you have no faith in the exercise of charity, you will be unable to give anything to your brothers

10 Have I not taught you that even the unleashed forces of nature can hear your prayer and calm down? If they obey My voice - why should they not obey the voice of the children of the Lord when they have prepared themselves?

11 Already in the time when I was with you in the world, I taught you to pray so that in the moments of trial you could unite with your Father and, drawing power from Him, fulfil your mission of love and mercy among men

12 Prayer is a grace which God has given to man, so that it may serve him as a guide to rise up (spiritually), as a weapon to defend himself, as a book to teach himself, and as a balm to heal himself and recover from every illness.

13 True prayer has disappeared from the earth; people no longer pray, and when they try to do so, they do it with their lips instead of speaking to Me with the Spirit, using empty words, rites and pretences How will people see miracles when they use forms and practices that Jesus did not teach?

14 It is necessary that true prayer returns among men and it is I who am teaching you anew

15 Blessed is he who in his love for others inspires them as a step in their upward striving towards Me For when he opens his eyes to look at himself, he will see himself close to his Father.

16 Do not ask what you are to do to know that you have fulfilled your mission, for my law is limited to your love for one another. Understand that every day of your life offers you an opportunity to exercise this divine commandment.

17 Everyone can fulfil the mission to love in his own way.

The one who leads souls, the one who teaches, the scientist, the ruler, the family man, all of you can serve your neighbor if you are inspired by My supreme commandment which tells you to love one another.

18 Everything will be pure, everything will be renewed so that the new generations may find the earth prepared for the fulfillment of their great spiritual task.

19 Do not choose those whom you are to love, love all without distinction. Spiritual love must know no favors.

20 The love which I teach you is beyond love for your loved ones, love for the fatherland and for yourselves.

21 Do not be afraid not to be useful in this work of love, thinking of your material poverty. Spiritualize, and you will not need the goods of the earth to do good to your neighbor. See how I have chosen among this people of needy and simple minds My workers and made them counsellors, doctors and confidants of those who suffer, and that one comes to them in desire of comfort and peace.

22 Inexhaustible has flowed from their love the balm of healing; from their previously ponderous lips came the Word of Light, which instructs, renews, moves and convinces. And what did these workers believe to carry in their hearts before I revealed their heritage to them? - Nothing, they felt themselves to be outcasts, unable to practice charity and to lead themselves.

23 See how, before the modesty of these workers, the rich appear and ask for help, the doctors to question them about their unsolved problems; and those who have trained in theological or philosophical knowledge come to learn the first lesson. Does not this miracle that has happened among you amaze you? Then you already understand it, people, and you, mankind, will understand it. The power and the riches of the earth will not be enough to bring you peace, to be useful to one another by giving material help if you do not learn to love.

24 If love is in your Spirit and you let your neighbor feel it, you will see miracles come true. Begin to practice virtue, you who have remained unfeeling or far from mercy, love, goodness, which are the essence of a spiritual life. And if someone comes to your doors, exhausted by thirst, tiredness and hunger, sit him at your table without thinking whether there is enough bread in the box. Ask your heart if you do it with sincere love when you invite the wayfarer to your table, with true compassion. If so, you will see the bread multiplied, you will all be filled, and in the wanderer's heart a flame of faith will be kindled to thank Me and bless Me. He will do in his life what you have done in him, for you have taught him a lesson of love accessible to the most limited mind.

25 Be humble, remember that I, your God, was born in lowliness and later covered My Body with a simple tunic why do you always dream of good clothes and even long for royal garments?

26 Your kingdom is not of this world either this life is like a battlefield where you go to earn merits, to enter the conquered land victoriously and receive in it your reward

27 Never let the cross lie halfway, never abandon your task, for it would be like throwing away your weapons in a battle, fleeing cowardly from the fight, renouncing the triumph that awaited your Spirit.

28 I am the perfect way; in my life on earth I left you with my example the book of true life, through whose teachings you are to learn to fight to win in all battles. My sword of love fought without ceasing against the evil and ignorance of mankind. My weapons were not murderous; I did not bring you death, but eternal life. My meekness brought despair and confusion to those who reviled Me, My loving forgiveness conquered the hardness of their hearts, My death as a man brought them to life of grace. Do you not remember that the promised Messiah had been announced as an invincible warrior?

29 It is time for love, forgiveness and humility to spring up from the hearts of men, as true weapons to oppose hatred and arrogance. As long as hatred meets hatred and arrogance meets arrogance, the nations will destroy each other and there will be no peace in the hearts.

30 People did not want to understand that they can find their happiness and progress only in peace, and they run after their ideals of power and false greatness, shedding the blood of their brothers, destroying life and destroying the faith of men.

31 Man with his proud science challenges My Law and I tell you that I will fight against his sin once more But man will not find in Me a proud and haughty judge - for these are human faults - nor will he feel the burden of vengeance upon himself; for the base passions are inherent in your imperfection. He will meet a relentless judge and a master who teaches him a great love teaching.

32 Not all of you want wars, or you nourish hatred or pride towards the innocent, towards those of good will and faith. I will give signs when wars are about to break out, so that they (men of good will) may watch and pray; for through their prayer and "watch" they will be invulnerable to weapons of murder.

33 From east to west the nations will rise up and misunderstand each other, and from north to south they will also rise up, so that they may all meet at the way of the cross. In this clash there will be an immeasurable pyre on which hatred will burn, pride will be wiped out, and weeds will be destroyed.

34 It is necessary that the new generations find a pure earth, so that peace and love may flourish. But before that, even the last trace of the crime of Cain will disappear, whose legacy mankind still carries within it.

35 Do you, who are under the spiritual radiance of my teachings, find that in all this pain that is approaching, there is a punishment or retribution from God? - No, you tell me, it is the fruit we have bred and will now reap.

36 I always have compassion on My children because you are too small to understand all the evil you do to yourselves. this is why I approach you and by materialising My Word* I send you My messengers to admonish you, to warn you of your evil way But when did you pay attention to my calls? - Never. - That is the reason why mankind suffers.

* This expresses that the divine word comes to us through the mediation of voice bearers, it is spoken materially and heard materially by the listeners - in contrast to the word received spiritually through inspiration!

37 Beloved people, do not be a mere spectator in the face of the chaos that you will see. For you will have to give me an account of the peace and power you have received.

38 That peace and that strength are there for you to pray so that your minds may not be darkened, and that you may be diligent and tireless to do good, to kindle faith and to spread comfort among men.

39 Beloved disciples, spread My teaching among your brothers. I charge you to speak clearly, as I have taught you. Study carefully all parts of this Work, for truly, I tell you, tomorrow you will be questioned by your brothers. I know that they will ask you what is your conception of the Trinity of God, of the divinity of Christ and of the purity of Mary, and you must be strong to pass these tests.

40 About the Trinity you are to testify that there are not three different persons existing in God, but only one Divine Spirit, who has manifested himself to humanity in three different stages of development. But this (mankind) in its inability to penetrate to the bottom (of truth) believed to see three deities where only one Spirit exists. Therefore, when you hear the name of Jehovah, think of God as Father and as Judge. When you think of Christ, see in Him God as Master, as Love, and when you seek to understand where the Holy Spirit comes from, understand that He is no other than God, revealing His wisdom to the more advanced disciples.

41 If I had found mankind of the first times spiritually as developed as that of today, I would have made myself known to it as Father, as Master, and as Holy Spirit, and then men would not have seen three deities where only one exists. But they would not have had the ability to interpret my teachings, and would have become confused and would have strayed from my path to continue to create accessible and small gods according to their ideas.

42 Now you know the reason why the Father revealed Himself in stages, and you also understand the error of men regarding the concept of the Trinity.

43 In My Divine Spirit there is an infinite number of representations and qualities. But because I have shown Myself in three main characteristics during three epochs of time, I have called you Trinitarians, and now you already recognize Me in these three revelations and understand how to unite them into one, seeing in it one God who can reveal Himself as well today as judge as tomorrow as Master and later as Father of infinite wisdom and goodness.

44 No longer try to give me physical form in your imagination, for there is no form in my Spirit, any more than intelligence, love or wisdom have form.

45 I tell you this because many have imagined me in the form of an old man when they think of the Father; but I am not an old man because I am out of time, my Spirit has no age.

46 When you think of Christ, you immediately form in your mind the physical image of Jesus. but I tell you that Christ, the Divine Love born in the flesh, My Incarnate Word, when He left the bodily shell, merged with My Spirit from which He came forth

47 But when you speak of the Holy Spirit, you use the symbol of the dove to try to imagine him in some form but I tell you that the time of symbols is over and that for this reason, when you feel yourselves under the influence of the Holy Spirit, you receive it as inspiration, as light in your Spirit, as clarity that disperses uncertainties, mysteries and darkness

48 When I tell you that Christ is the love of the Father, understand that Christ is divine What is strange about the fact that God made His love become man to manifest it to a world that lacked spiritualization? Is this not a proof of perfect fatherly love, which was given to those who - because they cannot go to the Father - are sought by Him?

49 I will therefore show you that Christ is not less than I*, nor comes after Me, for if He is Love, this Love comes neither after nor before any other power; it is united and fused with all (divine powers of being), which constitute the Absolute, the Divine, the Perfect.

* Here God speaks in the unity of all His Divine Essence Powers

50 And what shall I tell you about Mary, who was sent by the Lord to earth to serve Jesus as the Mother, in whose body the Word was to be manifested?

51 Verily, I tell you, she was the incarnated divine tenderness That is why - when she heard in her home the words of the Lord's messenger who announced to her that she would receive the Messiah in her womb - there was no doubt or rebellion in her heart against what she knew was Divine Will. Her example was that of humility and faith; her work was silent and sublime. Therefore she was the only one who was able to fulfill that heavenly message and to accept that high destiny without vanity.

52 Jesus spent His childhood and youth at Mary's side, and in her womb and by her side He enjoyed her motherly love. The Divine Tenderness made woman sweetened the Savior's first years of His life in the world, because when the hour had come, He was to drink such great bitterness.

53 How is it possible that anyone could think that Mary, in whose womb the body of Jesus was formed and at whose side the Master lived, could be lacking in spiritual exaltation, in purity and holiness?

54 Whoever loves Me must first love all that is Mine, all that I love.

55 These teachings of love and mercy you are to bring to the knowledge of your brothers. You must know that it is not necessary for all mankind to hear Me in the form in which I make myself known to you. It is enough for me that this people be present and listen to these teachings so that they may be My witness and messenger before their brothers.

56 If this form of rallies were the highest that men can reach, then I would make it known all over the earth, and once instituted, it would have no end. But since this rallies through a human voice bearer is only the preparation for the perfect dialogue from Spirit to Spirit, I have granted him (the voice bearer) only a certain time and indicated to him the time of its termination, which will be 1950.

57 These crowds of people, who year after year have attended the teachings of their Master, are destined to spread this message among mankind after they will no longer hear My Word

58 They are not to prepare themselves to teach before My departure, for it is necessary that they hear My last teachings, which will be the deepest and therefore those that make them strong and prepared for battle

59 All, from the oldest churches to those who are beginning to gather in the newest "places", have heard from Me that this rallies will cease at the end of the year 1950, that it is My divine will that it therefore be done, and that the people must not in any way oppose what the Father has decreed.

60 It would be stubborn to strive to make Me wait still longer among you, it would mean denying the Father His perfection and His righteousness, and would be the denial that it was I, the Unmutable, who spoke to you

61 Although in these moments no one feels capable of committing this desecration, I tell you this because I know that in the decisive moments, in the bitter and sad hour of My farewell, there will not be lack of a traitor at My table, a weak one who throws away the bread that nourished him for a long time and who, with a false kiss of love, abandons Me to the mockery and scorn of mankind

62 Who, do you think, will make himself known through these brains when the time of my rallies is over? Do you want to make Me complicit in your disobedience?

63 Remember that disobedience on your part would later cause confusion among men, that a desecration of such greatness would promote chaos among the people. No one would believe in My rallies as the Holy Spirit, all would lose faith.

64 Already now I tell you that those who want to make them believe that after the time appointed by Me, I continue to manifest Myself through their rallies, shall be rejected and called deceivers, and whoever manifests himself through their intellect shall be called "false Christ But the seers who were to make common cause with that deception are to be called "false prophets.

65 People, strengthen yourself in everything I tell you today, so that when the hour of trial comes, you may remain firm, bound to my law, and you respect my will. For with your conduct you will bear the greatest witness that you have believed that this word is the highest truth. Whoever does the opposite will have denied me.

66 Blessed are those who remain faithful to My word, for when the time comes I will use them as messengers and witnesses of this divine message which I leave to mankind by means of My rallies through the human mind - as a pioneering lesson for the true spirit to spirit union with your Father.

67 Today I seek your Spirit, for the spiritual world craves for his presence.

68 You have not been able to rise up because each of your imperfections is a link in that chain that binds you to earthly goods and prevents you from swinging in the regions that correspond to the Spirit*.

* See note 6 in the appendix

69 What will you work for (existence) after this life? Do you think that your Spirit can step firmly into a world in which only spiritualization is its light and support?

70 Hear this word, fathom it, and you will understand that it comes to your aid to free yourselves from all useless things, because those influences do not leave your soul free.

71 Here in My presence, in My presence, rid your soul of all impurities and set it free Do not be afraid because you will not reveal a secret to Me, I know you better than you know yourselves. confess to Me in your innermost being; I will understand you better than anyone and forgive you your law-breaking and your guilt, for I am the only one who may judge you But when you have been reconciled with your Father and you hear in your being the hymn of victory that your Spirit sings, sit down at My table in peace, eat and drink the food of the Spirit that is contained in the essence of My word.

72 When you get up from the table to return to your daily work, do not forget that in all your ways My Law is present and My gaze sees you by this I mean to tell you that not only, when you enter these meeting places to hear My Word, you should prepare yourselves in Spirit and in thought, but that that fear of hurting Me which you show in these places should accompany you everywhere and at all times

73 You have My word in your conscience so that you may ask it for advice when you walk in the path of fulfilling your mission

74 To all who listen to Me I give the same word; I give no more to the poor because they are in need, nor do I give less to the rich. Verily, I say to you, in the Spirit you are all needy.

75 I love you all equally; I see no differences of classes, races, languages, or creeds, not even a difference of sexes. I speak for the Spirit, it is he whom I seek and whom I have come to teach, to lead him to the Promised Land with the light of My teaching.

My peace be with you!

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