Dedication - Ritual for the Third Temple in Jerusalem after Hanukkah

Translation of the documentation:
New Sanhedrin Third Temple Ritual in Jerusalem - Dedication of the Third Temple Altar, which is unbelievably visible. We thought they were fake news, friends. We did not realize that this was even real news because it was on the internet, but this morning at 10:30 am, this happened: in fact, on the day after Hannukkah, we have a dedication, sacrifice to Ritrual for the Third Temple on
Feast of Devotion - We have this ceremony through the new Sanhedrin
Thus, the reopening of the Second Temple took place after the Maccabean War, in which Hanukkah is celebrated
So here we have the initiation of the third temple, you know, it's quite symbolic to see such a bold statement here in Jerusalem (Temple @ Zionists)
So here we have a dedication of the sacrificial altar for the third temple.
(The servants in white dresses now make the mark of the devil - index finger middle finger outstretched, the rest of the fingers rolled into a fist)
But we are a temple of the Holy Spirit of God.
So you know, Christians, if some Christians finance this third temple, is not going in the right direction, right?
I think many people believe when this temple is built - either the Messiah will build it or it will come after it is built, and they still expect the Messiah - if we finance it and the Messiah has already come we somehow feel in the same line
But it may be the Antichrist, the abomination of devotion. Yes.
So, what do you think, that's pretty serious stuff, that's not a silly little thing, that's a big deal, one thing from those sacrifices that will take place in the third temple. So ... crazy times ... yes. crazy times because we have to take the Jewish people in our prayers.
and ask the Lord for revelation and guidance as we can show them that Jeshua has come and paid for the sins of Yeshua on the cross, but they must accept that.
So I know better than anyone else that the Lord could only be here by grace and had the knowledge of Yeshua.
Now they say that the temple is for all nations - and show the sign for the UN building on the Temple Mount.
The Commission names the group "Temple Activists"
The Muslims came to the Jews and asked them: Please, please build the temple - because the temple is for everyone, for all nations, to comfort their lives.
But the problem is the radicalists - it should be without feelings of hatred and revenge and negativity. It will only be loving (certainly not)
The plan of the temple is shown - a monstrous building - The tent of Moses in the desert was very simple and separated from the outside world only by a curtain to generate a sacred space.
Remember, Jesus Christ alone is our atoning sacrifice for our sins. And when we are born again from above, he lives in us. WE are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Stephen was stoned to pronounce this truth from the people who built the second stone temple. So remember, we are the temple and we do not need another temple made of stone to sacrifice for our sins.
Understand, this obviously leads to the prophecy about the Antichrist - to the abomination of the dedication that stands in the holy place.
The seven-flame candlestick is shown. (The seven flames are the virtues we should acquire in order to resemble the image of God - which are his virtues such as love, humility, justice, faith, etc.)
Now the golden lamp of Queen Helena is shown (also a symbol of Antichrist)
Even more, when they came, they had a red heifer, a new story that came out (this is a reddish, mature calf that has not yet been born and is slaughtered as a sacrifice in the temple because of its value)
Jesus dislikes such a sacrifice and he will hold to account those who participate in it. He came to do away with the animal sacrifices. The true sacrifice is the sacrifice of a penitent heart.
Now it is shown: All the kingdoms and nations will come together in Jerusalem and assemble.
This is an old prophecy of the Lord. But what is meant is not the earthly city of Jerusalem, but this city is also our heart. It only exists spiritually and not materially. All who belong to Christ will be united in his spirit, spiritually, and that is the city of Jerusalem, the heavenly city of Jerusalem.
This will lead to the revelation, to the return of the Messiah to this world, to reign in her as sole king over all kings from the heavenly Jerusalem, spiritually - the communication from mind to spirit to conscience, to the heart of the divine man on earth Earth and His Kingdom will last forever.

It is serious because it is a rejection of the Messiah. When he said on earth at the Last Supper, that's the blood of the new covenant
Jeremiah 31:31
Behold, the time is coming, saith the LORD, and I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah;
Jesus said I will write my law on the heart of Israel.
(Israel is a heavenly name and denotes the elect of his people)
For the Israelites, the tabernacle was made inside the temple with the Ark of the Covenant, and our hearts are surrounded by human skin, and our ark is our heart and it has
said that he will write his law in our hearts. And that's because Jesus shed his blood for us. Jesus is the sacrifice for our sins. We do not need more. Our heart is
 the temple (2 Cor. 6:19) where the Holy Spirit and our conscience reside and where we are to unite with the Spirit of God. We do not need a temple built of stones.
The wood sacrifice is shown.
But this is part of the prophecy that will lead to the return of the Messiah, the King of kings we follow, Jesus Christ, he is the Lord. Praise him, the king of kings. He died for us and has risen from death because of us. Pray that many Jews and many other people around the world will not have to answer for this sacrificial temple of the new one-world religion of the Antichrist and turn to the true Messiah and worship him only.
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