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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 26:

1 Disciples, having heard My teaching and judging your past in the light of My Word, you have said spiritually: "no leaf of the tree moves without the will of God

2 You think so because you are beginning to understand that the trials you are gradually emptying like a bitter cup have been like steps that have gradually brought you closer to the Tree of Life where the Master is waiting for you to hand over your inheritance

3 When you came to the rallies of My Word, you all wondered what the reason of My return was, and when hearing My Salutation telling you "My Peace be with you", those are full of joy, those who recognise the value that Peace has, while those who think only of acquiring material goods ask Me with disappointment in their hearts if I have come only to offer you peace; I have not come to offer you peace, but I have come to offer you peace

4 Those who think in this way do not offend me because their lack of understanding comes from their ignorance, and this is precisely the darkness that I have come to fight, illuminating the Spirits with the light of my teaching

5 Hearts, you who today are hardened by the passions and vicissitudes that have embittered your life: understand that you will reach peace when you have reached spiritual elevation

6 Peace in Spirit speaks to you of light, of morals, of virtues. The one who does not long to reach this state of spiritual elevation does not dream of enjoying My peace; for he is still a prisoner of the passions of matter and of the false dream images of happiness which the material world pretends to him.

7 The one who, disgusted by the material pleasures, keeps alive in his inner being a hot desire for peace, seeks the liberation of his Spirit, eager to reach the goal for which he was created.

8 Since the beginning of mankind there have been few who have sought peace, or remained in it after they once obtained it, because man seeks it only when pain has defeated him. Therefore you see how after each of your inhuman, fratricidal and unjust wars thousands of people rise up, thirsting for peace, which they did not appreciate before because they were not aware of the value that this divine gift has.

9 You must understand that it is not in the knowledge of men that you will find inner peace, since the source from which it comes is spiritual. the gold, human wisdom, science, power of men have not been enough to obtain this grace, which you will obtain only if you do good works and move in your life on the way of love that My Law shows you

10 There will be nothing astonishing in itself that men whom mankind calls learned men - when they follow My revelations and are in search of My Peace - will take the place of "little children" to study the first lessons of the Book of Life

11 No one knows better than I the infinite thirst that reigns among mankind. My mercy penetrates like a ray of hope into every heart to make it feel the closeness of the struggle through which it will reach true peace and the liberation of the Spirit.

12 My teaching is the call of the heavenly trumpet, which has been heard by the spirits to whom it has announced that the time of judgment, atonement, and also redemption has come.

13 All things had been foretold; but you preferred to wait for the events, without preparing yourselves, in order to be able to face the battle and win your freedom. You lacked faith, obedience to my law of love, and today you weep over your guilt.

14 The crowds that gather to hear My divine teachings seem to you to be great in number; but how small they are when you compare them to your brothers who lack My Peace

15 In the crowds I have put My Peace; some knew how to keep it, others rob themselves of it when they no longer hear My Word and fall back into the habits of daily life; I have put My Peace in the crowds; I have put My Peace in the crowds; I have put My Peace in the crowds; I have put My Peace in the crowds; some knew how to keep it, others rob themselves of it when they no longer hear My Word and fall back into the habits of daily life They are those who, on returning to the humble place where I make My rallies, ask Me: "Lord, why do I find peace only when I listen to You, or is it that it is only present in these places? But I answer them: "If they have found peace only at the hour when they hear My Teaching, it is because only in this moment they purify their Spirit from the influence of matter and, leaving behind the threshold of these assembly rooms, return to their lives of imperfections, selfishness, passions, resentment and vices, without applying the directives of the Teaching they have heard; because hearing does not mean learning, and only he who investigates my teaching and puts it into practice will be able to call himself in truth my disciple because he will always be spiritually prepared to set his brothers the example of how to put his life on the right track by following my teachings.

16 In this teaching you will find the knowledge of the moral responsibility which you have taken on by receiving in your heart the gift of My Peace, which you must share with your brothers.

17 Understand and make clear to yourselves how many times I have told you be welcome in the humble meeting place, which has become a house of peace and prayer, where I manifest myself as Master

18 Through My Word you have understood your task and the duty of atonement that weighs on your Spirit Today you realize that to come to Me it is necessary to attain the purity that makes you worthy to enter the kingdom of the righteous, which is the land promised to your Spirit.

19 Not all who listen to Me are with Me, for the thoughts of some are far off. But there are some who are physically distant and present in the Spirit.

20 As you knock at My doors, so have I come to yours, not to demand anything from you, but to give you what you need.

21 I give light to your Spirit because I see that he no longer wants to remain in darkness; he desires to rise above the ignorance and passions of matter, he desires to see and understand the Father and to know the purpose of his own existence

22 Awaken, become aware of the time in which you live, so that when the time comes that men are prepared to profane and extinguish every religious cult of the human heart, they will have nothing to remove from you, because your sanctuary and worship of God will be spiritual. Then your Spirit will be able to connect directly with my divinity; this will be his liberation.

23 You live in a world transformed by human science; this is its era, the time of its reign.

24 A new Babylon has been erected by men, a new tower of pride and vanity. From its height they challenge My power and humiliate the weak. Verily I say to you, in this way man will not come to Me. Not because I deny science - it is after all light, which I, the Creator, have put into the human mind ─, but because of the evil use that men have made of it. I entrusted science to you like a tree, which you should tend with love, respect, and zeal, so that from it fruits of the best taste may come forth, such as give life. Do you believe that you have taken good care of this tree? - Realize that its fruits were destructive and suffering, that instead of giving life, they sowed death. How misguided is human science, which is supposed to serve man! But still I bless it, for it is the work of my children.

25 Materialism has enmeshed mankind. My name has been erased from many hearts, men forget to pray, which is the spiritual form to speak with God. My teaching and My example through Jesus have been forgotten and those who try to remain steadfast in My teaching and fulfill My law do so by means of idolatrous cults and seek Me through figures and pictures, made by man. Is My law to be fulfilled in this way?

26 Many have made nature their God by deifying it as the creative source of all that exists But verily, I tell you, this nature, from whose bosom all beings have come forth, the material powers and forces of nature surrounding you, is not Creator; it was planned and formed beforehand by the divine Creator. She is neither the cause nor the reason of life. I alone, your Lord, am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega.

27 The shadow of the tree of human science has enveloped mankind, the majority of its fruits have poisoned it, and the time is coming when the sickle of righteousness will cut off every unclean branch and every bad fruit.

28 When man was still innocent, his state of purity made him worthy of the Lord's grace. He did not need science to find the means of life; it was not necessary for his eyes or his intelligence to make an effort to penetrate the mysteries of creation to find the light that would illuminate his earthly path of life.

29 Like a loving mother, nature brought her bosom to the lips of the child to nourish him; but the child grew, and seduced by the outward beauty of the fruit of the tree of life, he stretched out his hand, broke it off and tasted it, whereby the need and desire for knowledge awoke in his heart and in his whole being. The age of innocence ended, and a new period began for man, that of science, in which the Spirit demanded to know the human life and its secrets. Then the struggle, the experience, the unfolding, the development, the atonement began.

30 The child, whose happiness was entirely focused on feeling the motherly caress, became a young man who, surprised by the greatness of life, which was a mystery for him, set out with curiosity and anxiety, thirsting for knowledge. Who but Me made man feel this ideal of knowledge and cognition? Everything was foreseen and prepared through Me to guide man's steps on earth, so that at every step he encountered a surprise and a new wonder. There was no obstacle, no misery nor pain for which he would not find a solution. When man had his awakening for the world, the deep longing to understand and to see life that is beyond material creation, beyond matter and science, was also manifested in his Spirit, out of his restlessness and his intuition.

31 Thus came into being the spiritual worship of God, so that the Spirit may be nourished by it and obtain high knowledge and live according to science inspired by My law of love.

32 Not all men have grasped Me in the infinite, in the spiritual and invisible; therefore, while since the beginnings of mankind some have sought Me beyond all material things, others have done so through outward cults. These are those who sought Me in the stars, in the forces of nature, and in creatures, until they came to the realization that He, who had formed everything they worshiped, was in the Infinite, and it was He whom they were to worship.

33 In time, mankind has evolved in their beliefs and in the knowledge of the spiritual, and, enlightened by divine inspiration, has perfected their worship of God. Yet still in this day and age many of my children feel me only through structures of creation, rites, images and symbols. This is because the Spirit, still distracted by tradition, is content with the little he attains with his low elevation. But in view of the mysteries, the hour of trouble has come for him, and he suffers hardships and undergoes trials such as he had never encountered on his path before. Thereupon he will awaken and set out to ask, to investigate, as he already did when he wanted to know the reason for life on earth.

34 What is it that you most desire at these moments on earth? - Peace, health and truth. verily, I tell you, these gifts will not be given to you by your science as you have applied them

35 Scholars question nature and it answers every question; but behind those questions there are not always good intentions, good attitudes or charity Men are immature and incomprehensible, who snatch from nature her secrets and desecrate her inmost being, not to honor her by taking from her sources the basic materials to do good to one another as true brothers do, but for the sake of selfish and sometimes corrupt ends.

36 All creation speaks to them of me, and their voice is that of love; but how few knew to hear and understand this language!

37 Considering that creation is a temple where I dwell, are you not afraid that Jesus might appear there, seizing the scourge and chasing away the merchants and all who profane it?

38 O beloved people, fathom and comprehend My Teaching, open your mind and let My Light enter it; this Light will speak from your works, even if your word is ponderous It pleases Me that your word is clumsy, for it will be your Spirit who will bear witness to Me.

39 The fate of each of you is different, but the aim of all is the same: to come to God.

40 Some of you are suffering and with this you atone for your violations of My law in the past times; others drink the cup of suffering through the wickedness of their fellow men The former purify themselves in the trials of life; the latter have to empty the same cup they gave their fellow men to drink. But verily I say to you, in one as in the other the loving and perfect justice of your Lord is manifested.

41 Love one another, fulfil My Law of Love so that the light of peace and harmony may shine in the East* which is currently in the darkness and suffering of war Feel the pain of men and see how they seek a saviour, like lost sheep when they cry out for their shepherd.

* From Mexico, the East is the continent of Europe where World War II was raging at the time of this teaching.

42 How much pain oppresses the people at this time! No sooner is a child born than it begins to drink the cup of suffering because of its fellow men. Some lose their mother before they feel the first caress, others become deaf to the roar of war instead of hearing the sweet motherly lullaby.

43 The paradise of the first men was turned into a valley of tears, and now it is only a valley of blood. This is why today, when I have come to fulfill the promise given to My disciples, I awaken mankind from its spiritual sleep and give them My teaching of love to save them. I seek the Spirits who have the destiny to witness My rallies and My Word with their works in this time. When these spirits marked by Me are united around My Law, the earth and the stars will be shaken and there will be signs in the sky; for at that time the voice of the Lord will be heard from one end of the earth to the other, and His Divine Spirit, surrounded by the spirits of the righteous, the prophets and the martyrs, will judge the spiritual and material world.

44 Then the time of the Holy Spirit will reach its full power. - So that you make this prophecy known to your brothers, I ask you: When will you set out to fulfill your task as the disciples of this time? When will you allow your brothers to hear you and tremble at the voice of their own conscience? When will you bring this Word of Light and Love to mankind?

45 It is My Will that you unite so that in every assembly and in every fraternity the "taste of your fruit" may be uniform Why should they offer different "tastes" when they are all vines of the same vine?

46 Learn, act and arise united, that your strength may be respected. Do not give cause for false rallies of My Divinity to appear in the bosom of sects or religions, do not be the cause for false prophets to arise, who take the crowds by surprise with their word.

47 Be careful, you seers! If you have been tested by your Father, if even your relatives have misjudged you, do not fear; remember that Jesus was denied in His homeland and had to go to other places to find faith. "No one is a prophet in his homeland" He told you.

48 If they have doubted your gifts, other hearts will come who believe you in truth. Some of you will go to foreign lands where you will find more confidence in your testimony than in the womb of this people.

49 To help you in your task, the Master has given you His teaching, and He never tires of doing it, for He is "The Word" of the Father.

50 Beloved disciples, give the healing balm to a sick person, do it with love, with true spiritual armament, so that you may obtain that the needy may receive divine comfort.

51 On some occasions I have granted you that true miracles were done without your armament giving you a right to them; but now I tell you that you must not neglect your preparation because I will surprise you, warning you, not granting you what you hope for, to make you understand that you do not know how to prepare yourselves to accomplish a true work of Mercy

52 Do not allow that through his pain alone the sick man acquires a right to My beneficence; you must unite his merits with those of your charity, then My grace will be manifested in both Wherever you are, you are to acquire merits so that every time you intercede for your brothers, you may be worthy to ask Me for what you need for the benefit of your neighbor.

53 Keep the spiritual and physical armament, for you do not know the moment when you have to do a work of mercy, and it will please Me to make you bearers of the balm, of peace or of that which your brothers lack most Understand the beauty of the task you are fulfilling through your atonement so that you may embrace your cross with all the love of which you are capable.

54 Here in the world you do not perceive the voice of your conscience as clearly as you will hear it when you are in the Spirit; therefore you often neglect the fulfillment of your task. But remember that it always awaits you, however distant the time of your departure for the hereafter, and that when you open your eyes in a new world, only the light that you have achieved in your struggle will come to you, and you will possess the peace to which you are entitled by the merits you have acquired.

55 Do you know how, according to My will, you are to come to the nearest dwelling place where I am waiting for you? - Full of peace, enlightened by the light of Wisdom, which should shine in every pure Spirit; without uncertainties, without tears.

56 No one should believe that when he came into this world My Work surprised him by giving him a task; no, that would be too much ignorance if one lived in the light. I have come only to make you recognize what you received in the Spirit before you were sent to earth.

57 So, beloved disciples, if your Spirit has come for this because I have so commanded it and each of you so desired and accepted it, remember that you must not come back to Me without having fulfilled the mission you promised to fulfil; otherwise it would be very painful for your spirit

58 Fathom My Word, do not allow anything or anyone to prevent you from fulfilling your mission, anything to cause you to renounce all that is due as a reward to those who were soldiers of God in the world, apostles of His Truth

59 To help you in your atonement, I give you My Word, and His Light guides you to perfection

60 Listen to Me tirelessly, learn from Me. Listen to Elijah and take an example of his virtue so that like him you may be shepherds of a number of spirits whom My Will has assigned to you.

61 I look upon all with love and I tell you that I have come at this time not only to caress you and give you My Peace, but to teach you to understand that you are possessors of spiritual gifts with which you are to help mankind in its tribulations, to guide it until the end of its atonement.

62 The time of great trials has come, and the Spirit is still weak. Great pains and upheavals await him, and that is why I approach like a lifeboat to receive my children by helping them to develop on the spiritual path.

63 All spirits have earned My judgment, even that of the children in the arms of their mothers has felt pain.

64 I am equipping you, disciples, to carry My teaching of love and peace to all nations, so that by your fulfilment you may save your brothers. Draw near to the small and the great. Often you will stand before scientists, and before them you must give proofs of spiritualization. How many will feel ashamed in recognizing the uselessness of their material knowledge and will confess that what science failed to accomplish in healing the sick and in solving the

Problems which tormented men, which reached love and mercy of my disciples.

65 This nation little known in the world will be lavishly blessed. Its soil will be fertile and its chests will open to send food to nations devastated by war. The Spirit of its inhabitants, inspired by My love, will send thoughts of light to the needy and when the time of the Annunciation has come, it will bring My word to revive and heal the suffering with it.

66 Many foreigners will come to join you in your ideas of peace and concord. Spiritualization will spread as a beneficent seed, and the truth it proclaims will become known. Then the Son will know how to love Me with sincerity, and the fountain of grace from which all good things spring will be poured out upon mankind.

67 I want you in this period of time to fulfill your mission, and, when you pass over into the hereafter, to continue your spiritual work. Teach your brethren that there is one law full of justice that governs all Spirits, that all take a place in My creation and everyone is spurred on through Me in his fulfillment. Everything obeys unchanging divine laws.

68 If during these times of trials mankind judges you badly and blames you for the war of ideas, for the destruction of nations and for the absence of peace, do not despair and do not be distracted, persist in prayer and vigilance Fear not punishment when you fulfill My law.

69 Understand that I have allowed the outbreak of wars so that the Spirit of men may be purified. Every nation, institution, and home will be beset by My righteousness to reveal the degree of progress they are in.

70 Work as I have taught you; bring sinners to moral renewal; restore (broken) lives, bring to Me those who have gone astray. When this period of time is over, there will be the light of knowledge and experience in all spirits, My teaching will guide men, and there will be no falsifications or bad interpretations in My law.

71 If I sometimes call you "children", it is because you are still small before my divinity, and in view of eternity your existence proves to be very short. Do you not sometimes see your happiness in a little thing? Do you not sometimes cry for something that should not be the cause of your pain?

72 Verily, I tell you, I seek not only the poor and insignificant, but also he who has distinguished himself in the world, whether by his power or by his knowledge. My call goes out to all so that they may obtain the purification of their Spirit.

73 If I made myself perceptible to the poor in the little they possessed, to prepare and stir them up, I will subject those who have accumulated material goods to the test, so that they may heed my call. The one who is deaf to my voice I will take away from this world and show him in the spiritual valley the work, which he did not know how to do on earth.

74 This teaching is to serve you as teaching. Accumulate merits before you depart from this world, leave comfort, health and peace as a trace of your life's path; if you do not, you will shed tears tomorrow.

75 Your heart must become strong to withstand the trials that await it. I have told you that you will suffer persecutions and slander, that you will be blamed for the religious confusion that will appear; but I will watch over you and help you.

76 Remove from your hearts the revulsion you may feel against those who suffer from diseases which you call disgusting; and fight the reluctance you might feel when you face a manslayer or someone who has lost his mind in the vices. Give them your hand, give them deep words. Pray for them. I alone know what is hidden in each of these existences. I alone know the causes of their fall.

77 I alone can forgive and acquit those who are persecuted and condemned by human jurisdiction.

78 I strengthen your Spirit with My word; for much is what you still have to experience and feel in your heart.

79 I make your feelings, which have become impassive through your materialism, sensitive again. Yesterday you did not feel the strange pain; but soon your eyes will shed many tears because of the suffering of your fellow men.

80 The fields are abundant and the workers are scarce. Are you among the workers who are learning to sow this blessed seed! Do it now that you live on earth, so that you may enter the hereafter with merit.

My peace be with you!

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