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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 20:

1 The Book of My Word is the Book of divine and true Love; in it you will find the unchanging Truth Reach for it and you will find the Wisdom that will help you to develop and obtain peace in eternity. Passing will happen who falsifies or changes its meaning, and he will severely violate my law who leaves out or adds a single word that is not in accordance with my perfect teaching.

2 Keep this word in its original purity because it is the most beautiful heritage I will leave to man. Write down My teaching and make it known to your brothers; keep it faithfully because you are responsible for this heritage.

3 Tomorrow man will find in it the essence of My revelation, which will lead him with the light of its teachings on the way of truth.

4 From parents to children these writings will be bequeathed as a spring of living water, whose stream will spring forth inexhaustibly and go from heart to heart. Study in the great book of life, the book of spiritualization, which will explain to you the divine revelations you have received through the ages.

5 Have I not promised you that every knowledge would be restored in its original truth? For this is the time that was announced to you.

6 In truth I tell you: He who reflects on the teachings of My Book and fathoms them with a true desire to increase his knowledge will win the light for his Spirit and feel Me closer to him.

7 The myths of yesteryear and of today will fall; all mediocre and false will fall; for the time will come when you will no longer be able to feed yourselves on imperfections and then the Spirit will set out in search of the Truth to serve as his only nourishment

8 In these teachings mankind will find the essence of my revelations, which it has not understood until today due to lack of spiritualization. Since ancient times I have entrusted it to you through My messengers, messengers and interpreters, but it has served you only to form myths and traditions out of it. Reconsider and study this teaching with reverence and love if you want to spare yourselves centuries of confusion and suffering. But consider that you will not fulfill your task if you are content only with the possession of the book; no, it is to shake you up and teach you if you truly want to be My disciples. Teach with the example, love and helpfulness that I have shown you.

9 Prepare yourselves by reading this book dictated by Me and decide to teach with your deeds, with kind words, with good works, with glances of true mercy and love

10 This time of My union with you will be unforgettable for your Spirit; in it the indelible trace of My Words will remain, as in it the memory of My past teachings has remained

11 beloved disciples, learn to grasp with your spiritual sensitivity the divine meaning contained in My Word and if you follow it you will never stray from the true path

12 Woe to him who interprets my word according to his own discretion, for he will be responsible to me for this.

13 On earth many men have devoted themselves to the falsification of truth without being aware of the responsibility they have as co-workers in the Father's works of love. In this time of judgment, which many do not know because they do not know how to interpret the events they are experiencing, justice is in every Spirit and, during his pilgrimage in this world, demands an account of his works within and outside the law of love.

14 Whoever should change the essence of My revelations in these writings, which were given by inspiration, will be responsible for his actions before Me. Therefore you must act honestly, for these teachings are My love bequest to My children, who, whether incarnated or in Spirit, are in expectation of greater teachings.

15 The spiritual message you hear is the heavenly light manifested by human instruments which perceive it in a state of rapture. If you do not believe that it is Christ who manifests himself spiritually in this form, give Me the name you want; but feel the essence of the Word that flows from these lips. Only in this way will you understand that the one who calls you so lovingly on the way of peace and good can be none other than Christ, whom you rightly call the Divine Master.

16 Later on you will understand that just as I send thoughts that are flashes of light for the whole universe, so you too, from the spiritual stage of perfection on which you are, can let your love for the thoughts and spirit of your brothers reach you as a spiritual message.

17 Saturate yourselves with love, feel it spiritually so that you may manifest it to your neighbor. Do not remain indifferent to my teachings, so that you do not once again get into confusion in the midst of men who lack faith and spiritualization.

18 I give you a teaching similar to that which I brought you in the past times, so that through it you may know yourselves and know who you are and for what purpose you were created. This will be the surest step you can take to get to know Me. Therefore I ask you: How will you recognize the Father if you have not even recognized yourselves?

19 I am that which you still cannot comprehend in all its fullness, because you still dwell in the flesh and do not fulfil My commandments. You are subject to matter, and since you have a limited mind in it, you are investigating Me according to your materialism. Stop studying Me outside the path that My law lays out for you, for this will only serve to lead you astray. Instead, know yourselves by loving one another; study the divine rallies which, through the ages, constitute My perfect teaching. Do not try to seek Me with the poor and sparse knowledge you presently possess, for you will be confused.

20 Know that man's natural state is that of goodness, spiritual peace and harmony with all that surrounds him. The one who remains steadfast in the exercise of these virtues during life walks the true path that will lead him to the knowledge of God. But if you stray from this path and forget the law which is to govern your actions, you will have to make up in tears for the moments you have lived far from the path of spiritual upliftment, which is the natural state in which man should always remain.

21 You do not feel love for your neighbor, and that is why pain constantly torments you. You have forgotten my commandment which tells you: "Love one another", which teaches you the greatest of all wisdoms. - Where, O human beings, has your research on God led you? - To fratricidal war, to chaos; there you have the consequences of your error. Today you purify your transgressions with your blood, with tears and despair. Thus my Spirit sees you. Therefore turn away from uselessness, fulfill My law, recognize yourselves among brothers, and in the harmony of your mutual understanding and love you will recognize your Lord.

22 Think carefully about My teachings, which are clear and simple; but do not try to fathom first the Infinite, for you will err

23 How can you say that you love your God if you have not loved Him before in your brothers? Feel in your hearts the goodness of this word, disciples, remember that its essence is mine, the truth and also love. The word and the writing down are yours, are man's work. Interpret and explain one as well as the other, then your conclusions will be deep, certain and right.

24 Make a recovery from your material being by taking the healing balm from my word. See how between the pages of your book there is still My radiation and My caress!

25 Share with those who need this bread of eternal life, which you are receiving today in My Word, and tomorrow do not fail to offer it by reading these teachings to the Spirits who are without hope of salvation because of their poor development. Have pity on those who suffer.

26 Sow My word of love in your brothers; with love in your hearts it is impossible for you to perish If you know how to preserve this divine treasure, you will save yourselves many sufferings and progress in your development, O beloved disciples, helping your brothers in their approach to Me.

27 Among mankind there are those who have purified themselves through pain and longingly expect My message of peace from you I have told you that the number of Spirits marked for this difficult task is infinite, you cannot calculate or imagine it. Leave this seed of love in everyone.

28 You are all moving on the ladder of spiritual perfection; some have reached the stage of development you cannot yet grasp, others are coming after you.

29 The great Spirits, great by their struggle, by their love, by their effort, seek harmony with their little brothers, with the distant ones, the negligent; their tasks are noble and high, their love for My Divinity and for you is also very great.

30 These Spirits know that they were created for activity, for higher development; they know that there is no inactivity for the children of God In creation all is life, movement, balance, harmony; and therefore these innumerable beings work, strive and rejoice in their struggle, knowing that in this way they glorify their Lord and serve the progress and perfection of their neighbors.

31 Today, as you are off the path marked by My Law, you do not know the influence these your brethren are exerting on you; but if you have the sensitivity to perceive these radiations, inspirations and messages they are sending you, you will have an inkling of the myriad occupations and noble works to which they are dedicating their existence

32 You must know that those Spirits, in their love and respect for the Laws of the Creator, never take what is not theirs, nor touch what is forbidden, nor penetrate where they know they are not allowed to, lest they bring the basic elements of creation into disharmony.

33 How differently do the people on earth, who in their striving to be great and powerful in the world, without the slightest respect for my teachings, seek with the key of science the destructive forces of nature, open the gates to unknown forces and in this way destroy the harmony in nature that surrounds them!

34 When will man know how to prepare himself to listen to the wise counsel of the spiritual world and in this way be guided by its inspirations?

35 Verily, I tell you, this would be enough to bring you safely to the top of the mountain that is coming towards you; there you would see before you a straight and luminous path, which the Spirits have travelled, who are now there only to do you good and to assist you in your toil, bringing you step by step nearer to the end of the way where your Father awaits you all

36 Since I have spoken to you about the goodness and spiritual height of those beings, I must tell you that they, like you, also had the gift of free will from the beginning, that is, true and holy freedom of action, which is proof of the love of the Creator for His children.

37 What would happen to the Spirit if he were deprived of his free will? - In the first place he would not be Spirit, and therefore he would not be a creature worthy of the highest; he would be something like those machines which you make, something without life of its own, without intelligence, without will, without striving.

38 As I have announced it to you, your science is gradually discovering that in everything there is energy, movement, transformation.

39 Could you have discovered all that mankind has discovered through science if you had not had the freedom to research, study, and experiment? Furthermore, could you have received this spiritual rallies in the way you have if your Spirit had been hindered in these rallies?

40 You tell me that you have fallen into error and error because of free will. Then I tell you that through this gift you can rise infinitely beyond the point from which you started out at the beginning of your development.

41 Apart from free will, I gave My Light to every spirit in its conscience so that no one would go astray; but those who did not want to hear My Voice or who, in search of the spiritual Light, did not want to penetrate their inner being, soon let themselves be seduced by the innumerable beauties of human life, lost the support of My Law for their Spirit and had to stumble and fall

42 One single offense had many painful consequences, and that was because imperfection is not in harmony with divine love.

43 To those who immediately returned to the Father devotedly and repentantly, asking Him meekly to cleanse them and make them free from the errors they had just committed, the Lord received them with infinite love and mercy, consoled their Spirit, sent them to make up for their errors and confirmed them in their task

44 Do not believe that all of them returned meekly and repentantly after their first disobedience. No, many came full of pride or resentment. Others, in shame, in recognition of their guilt, wanted to justify their transgressions before Me, and far from purifying themselves through repentance and mending - which are proofs of humility - they decided to create for themselves a life according to their own way, outside the laws that My love prescribes.

45 Then My Justice appeared, but not to punish them, but to mend them, not to destroy them, but to preserve them eternally, offering them a full opportunity to perfect themselves

46 like many of those first sinners still do not succeed in freeing themselves from their stains; for from one fall to another they fell deeper and deeper into the abyss from which alone the exercise of My Law will save them

47 I also tell you that among those Spirits of whom I spoke to you at the beginning of this teaching, and who are for you protectors, masters, counsellors, guides and doctors, there are also those who have experienced the falls and the cup of suffering caused by disobedience; but they reflected on their works in time and purified themselves in the waters of goodness, love, mercy and expiation

48 Take them as an example, My children, rise above sin as they did, so that you too may feel the divine joy of working together with the Father for the happiness of all beings

49 Understand that you are on the way of your development for testing, receiving life teachings, and these teachings are the events you encounter on your way.

50 You are like the birds you have built this nest where you gather to await the coming of the "lark. Sometimes the storm whips the tree, and fearfully you flee, seeking refuge and asking in dismay, "Why has the Master allowed this to happen? But the master tells you: I allow these trials so that you may know through yourselves whether what you have built is solid or still fragile.

* Poetic symbol for the voice of the Lord through the human "voice bearers".

51 This house of prayer, like all the places where you come together to hear My Word, is exposed to the vicissitudes of the times I told you were teachings and tests for you

52 Live together spiritually, so that whenever you see yourselves whipped by a whirlwind, each one will take his place and remain steadfast until the storm is over and peace returns to you anew; but if you should find yourselves incapable of uniting and facing adversity, you will be like the lame man who no longer strains to move because he knows that his limbs are useless What use are the abilities that are present in your Spirit if, as soon as the hour comes to recognize the value of them, you doubt, become discouraged, and abandon your spiritual task?

53 Do you doubt my presence because the trials whip the place where you gather? I tell you that I adjust and speak even when these places no longer exist.

54 Do not be fanatical about the material places of assembly Do you not understand that the indestructible and eternal temple is the one you build in your heart?

55 Test yourselves in the hours of rest, so that your conscience may tell you whether the value of your works is true or apparent, whether your merits are only considered as such by you, or whether they have come to Me.

56 You do not prepare yourselves for the times to come, though you have My rallies and take pleasure in listening to My wise and loving sentences See your brothers, on the other hand, who do not receive this message, how they design, work and build, whether the greater part of their activity is already material! Take an example from their effort and their unity!

57 They too are fought against, persecuted and condemned; yet they do not doubt Me. But you, who were called My new disciples and hear My rallies as the Holy Spirit, doubt because you saw this meeting house subjected for moments to the hardships and trials that are inherent in your life.

58 Children develop and become adults to become parents in their turn; but you remain childlike in your Spirit and do not want to grow nor multiply in knowledge and love

59 For all created things there is, in accordance with the perfection of the Father, a true explanation and a reason for his existence; but you see neither perfection, nor righteousness, nor a reason for it. If the works are not as you understand them, you doubt; if your hopes are not realized, you doubt; in every one of your sufferings you doubt Me, and when you see the forces of nature unleashed, your doubt grows.

60 In what place do you place Me if you do not love Me as your God and Father? You think in a limited and small way without fathoming the message which I give you in every trial. verily, I tell you, if you interpret the meaning of the teachings I am sending you through life, you will know who I am and will know the reason for every lesson

61 As you learn to read in the world, learn the teaching of the Spirit and his language of love.

62 Some believe that this world is for the material body only, so that in it the passions of the flesh may triumph; but in so doing they hinder the higher development of the Spirit. - O men, small and vain, you who want to shape life according to your will! Understand that this world is there both for matter and for Spirit; this is why I have always taught you to fulfill the law of matter, to help the Spirit in its development at the same time. To the people of the Second Time, who were bound to matter, I had to say to them, in order to make them understand, "Give to God what is God's, and to the Emperor what is the Emperor's".

63 In order to overcome weakness, misery, misery, and passions, and to destroy doubt, faith and good works are indispensable, which are virtues that master the impossible; towards them the difficult and unattainable vanishes like shadows.

64 I said to the people who believed in Me in the Second Time, "Your faith has saved you". I explained it this way because faith is a healing power, a force that transforms, and its light destroys darkness.

65 Verily, verily, I say to you: The impossible does not exist. In such small cases as your health problems, speak to God with true faith and trust in His presence, and this God who dwells in each of you, who knows what you need and what you feel, will give you according to His will.

66 In the teaching I proclaimed when I was on earth and in which I am teaching you today through the human "mouthpiece", My Spirit is manifesting; therefore, My teaching refreshes you and at the same time strengthens you, for it is not a word that flatters only the material senses but that nourishes the Spirit

67 This is why some among the multitudes who hear Me come to be healed by the word of wisdom, by the consolation it gives; others come to relieve their burden of sin when they hear My teaching of justice, forgiveness and love

68 When you hear Me speak in this way, your hearts, made sensitive by pain, tremble, and when you call Me as a physician, I come near you to heal you

69 Feel that My Love is spread over you like a mantle of consolation

70 Blessed are those who put their hope and trust in Me Feel Me close to you and tell Me with your heart your sufferings. Do not be afraid, beloved "little sheep", no one knows how I understand your stammering prayer. Show Me your wound, show Me your sufferings, and there I will put My balm of love and mercy.

71 I receive your sufferings which you entrust to Me in silence. Enter into spiritual fellowship with Me, so that you feel My presence in you deeply.

72 You will experience how the peace of the Spirit quiets the stormy sea of your passions. You have only listened to Me in these moments through the mediation of the voice bearers, and yet, how much your hearts have told Me. How many sufferings and bitternesses have come to Me! How many hearts that suffer from ingratitude wither away like flowers cut off and later forgotten! How many tears that do not show themselves in the eyes, that are carried hidden in the heart in hope of the moment of peace! Pain of men, of women and mothers. Everything I collect with the power of My love.

73 I have come to strengthen and protect the weak in the face of pain; but when they are healthy, enlightened and strong, I want to see them comfort the suffering. If you have love for one another, your world will shine with the light of harmony and truth that will break forth from their incarnated and incarnate children to whom this world has been entrusted as a temporary dwelling.

74 I have spoken to you once more through lips which are not pure but which, in the moment of My rallies, have been able to reproduce My Word of Love do not think that it is an imperfect form that I use to speak to you I come to the mind, but not to the sinful body. My light draws near when the voice bearer offers me his heart in rapture, hands over his being to me; then I use him as mediator to come to the crowds of men in limited, humanized form.

75 This was My promise through Jesus and I have fulfilled it for you I said to My apostles in the Second Age: "If I did not go, the Spirit of Consolation would not come to you". With this I wanted to say: if I, Jesus, did not go in the body, I could not come to make myself known to you in the Spirit. For the Spirit of Consolation, the Holy Spirit, whom I have promised you, is I, is My word, is My message of love.

My peace be with you!

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