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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 34:

1 Beloved people, do not wait for better times to reveal this message to mankind, for no other time will come which is more suitable than this.

2 Open your eyes to reality and dream no longer of the vanities of the world. Understand that it is your mission to make My teaching known on all earthly ways.

3 Here among these multitudes I discover the future messengers, the new apostles, the workers who are to be tireless in the fulfilment of their mission.

4 Some will go east, others I will send to the west, and the diversity of languages will not be an obstacle to the spreading of My Word

5 The sword of light, love and justice present in My teaching will pave ways, break down walls of ignorance and erase borders Everything will be prepared for the unification of the nations.

6 At the beginning of the struggle some will joyfully accept the Trinitarian-Marian spiritual teaching. Others will reject it and persecute you, seeing in it a threat to their earthly power and their erroneous interpretations. But verily, I tell you, it will be as if they wanted to prevent the sun from giving its light with the palm of their hand.

7 I must warn you that he who rejects this word will have rejected me, and he who will accept it will have accepted me. Because in its spiritual meaning I have revealed myself to men in this time, in him my Spirit is present. That is why I say to you: The one who receives my word will recognize my voice, will open the doors of his heart to me and have me in him.

8 My righteousness has offered you a wonderful opportunity to make amends and pay your debt Do not miss a single day of your life which I have entrusted to you.

9 You are the prodigal son who repentantly returned to the Father's House and I have received you with love to make you regain your inheritance

10 I know which of those who come into My Presence weeping, are truly repentant, weeping their guilt with tears of sincere repentance and asking Me for an opportunity to make amends They weep because they hurt their father, they do not weep for themselves. There are others, on the other hand, who seem to be sorry for having hurt me, and they weep, they promise and even swear not to sin again. But at the same time as they vow, they ask me for new earthly goods. These are those who will soon move away from the Father's house again.

11 If they manage to obtain from Me what they sought, they will waste it. If they have not obtained it, they will blaspheme against me. They believe that in the lowliness of this way there are only thorns, and do not know that the one they have chosen is the most insecure, bumpiest and most dangerous. They think that if they give themselves completely to the pleasures of the world, they can increase their riches and thus reduce their miseries without realizing that, by rejecting the sweet burden of a spiritual cross, they have placed an enormous material burden on their shoulders, under whose weight they will end up depressed.

12 How few are there who seek to live in the paradise of peace, light, and harmony by fulfilling with love the divine laws.

13 Very long is the way that men have gone, and still they prefer to eat the forbidden fruits, which only accumulate suffering and disappointments in their lives. Forbidden fruits are those which are good because God created them, but which can become harmful to man if he has not prepared himself properly or uses them in excess.

14 Man and woman take the fruit of life without preparation and do not recognize their responsibility to the Creator when they induce new beings to become human on earth.

15 The scientist cuts with a reverential hand a fruit from the tree of science without first listening to the voice of his conscience, in which my law speaks to him to tell him that all the fruits of the tree of wisdom are good, and that therefore whoever picks them may do so solely for the good of his neighbor.

16 These two examples I have given you show you why mankind does not know the love nor the peace of that inner paradise which man should have in his heart forever because of his obedience to the Law

17 To help you to find the same, I am teaching the sinners, the disobedient, the ungrateful and the arrogant, to make you understand that you are endowed with Spirit, that you have conscience, that you can fully judge and evaluate what is good and what is evil, and to show you the path that will lead you to the Paradise of Peace, Wisdom, Infinite Love, Immortality, Glory and Eternity

18 I speak to you who have sinned, for the righteous already live in the spiritual Paradise; and the rest of the beings, who have no Spirit and consequently no conscience, rejoice in their Paradise, which is Nature, where they live in perfect obedience and in perfect harmony with all creation.

19 Today I illuminate the way in which you are to develop and at the end of which you will meet me. I do not need you; but I call your attention to the fact that if you do not listen to this call, you will soon come of your own accord to seek the way of salvation. But then you will flee from the horrors of your inhumanity, your presumption and your arrogance.

20 I do not come to you with severity. It is you yourselves who give their transgressions the punishment they deserve.

21 My people, in your heart I leave the essence of My Word so that you may nourish yourselves spiritually for your heart is like a flower and its fragrance is the love essence I have put into it Do not let this flower wither, for soon it would lose its fragrance. Sensitive are the flowers of your gardens, but more sensitive is your heart, and even more so its divine essence.

22 After 1950 you will no longer receive my word through these organs of communication,* whom you have called voice bearers or interpreters. Some will be sent from this earth to the

Spiritual valleys will break open, which others will remain to receive the first inspirations, - the signs preceding the connection from Spirit to Spirit.

* See note 9 in the appendix

23 When this union begins to develop among you, you will in truth begin to fathom and comprehend the teaching that you are receiving at present and at the same time you will know how to separate the spiritual sense of my word from all imperfections that the voice bearer may have added to my word

24 Now I ask you: Do you agree, the poor of the earth, but to be rich in Spirit? Or do you prefer the pleasures of the world to the knowledge of eternal life? - I bless you because in your heart you say to Me: "Lord, nothing can compare with the glory of hearing Your Word.

25 In this time I give you a new message: the Third Testament. Many have been witnesses to this rallies. But verily, I tell you, it will not be you who will understand the whole meaning of what I have revealed to you, nor will you measure the importance of this message.

26 Many times I have given you teaching, and you have misinterpreted it because you are materialized, and while I spoke to you of spiritual realizations, you have given them a material meaning. There will come other generations, more spiritually evolved, and when they study the teachings which these revelations contain, they will tremble with spiritual emotion. Another time they will delight in the gentle peace of My Word, and on other occasions they will be amazed at what they will find in My teachings of love. Then they will say: How is it possible that the witnesses of this Word present at that time did not become aware of its meaning, its greatness and its light? - It will not be the first time that this happens: Even in the Second Time, when I spoke to the heart of men, they did not understand me, because they lived and thought only for the world and for matter.

27 When the body that served Me as a shell in the Second Time entered the death throes, and I spoke the last words from the cross, there was among My last sentences one that was not understood either in those moments or for a long time afterwards:

"My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"

28 Because of those words many doubted; others were confused, thinking that it was faint-heartedness, a wavering, a moment of weakness But they did not consider that this was not the last sentence, but that after it I spoke others still, which revealed full strength and clarity: "Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit"; and: "All things are accomplished.

29 Now that I have returned to bring light into your confusions and illuminate what you have called mysteries, I tell you When I hung on the cross, the agony was long and bloody, and the body of Jesus, infinitely more sensitive than that of any other man, endured a long agony, and death did not come. Jesus had fulfilled his mission in the world, had already spoken the last word and given the last teaching. Then that martyred body, that torn flesh, when it felt the separation from the Spirit, painfully asked the Lord: "Father, Father, why hast Thou forsaken me? - It was the gentle and suffering lamentation of the wounded lamb for his shepherd. It was the proof that Christ, The Word, really became man in Jesus, and that His suffering was real.

30 Can you attribute these words to Christ, who is eternally united with the Father? - Now you know that it was a whimpering of the body of Jesus, who was defiled by the blindness of men. But when the Lord's caress descended upon that martyred flesh, Jesus continued to speak, and His words were: "Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit. - "All is accomplished".

31 When will you speak like this to Me, mankind? When will you utter this gentle lament, which is not reproach, doubt, or lack of faith, but the proof of love for the Father, by which you make known to Him that you want to feel Him close in the last hour? - Think about every one of my sentences because I am the truth that was promised to you.

32 Now when I teach you, I have made use of the uneducated and ignorant, because the scientists and the learned have denied me. I have also sought sinners to convert them and send them out to bear witness to my truth. These my children, through whom I make myself known, must prove themselves worthy of this grace by awakening to the light of the teaching which they will preach so that they may gain full knowledge of their task and understand that only when they set an example and show good works will they be believed by their fellow men.

33 This time of teaching will be favorable for the preparation of the multitudes.

34 My teaching is the pure and crystal-clear water of the river of life, with which you will purify yourselves and obtain the transformation that makes you worthy to call yourselves disciples of the Holy Spirit. Prepare your heart in My words and truly I tell you, good seed will sprout from it. Form your Spirit and mind by listening to Me, then your works, words and thoughts will radiate My truth.

35 Though not only you will bear witness to Me, for all creation is a living proof of My truth But in this work you have a task to fulfil and a debt to yourselves to pay. For truly, I tell you, you owe nothing to Me, but to yourselves.

36 If you will not bear witness of your Lord, I will; but you will weep bitterly because you were not with the Master in the hour of battle.

37 Do you want to know how you will get your testimony accepted as true? - Be sincere to yourselves, never say that you possess something you do not have, nor try to reveal something you have not received. Teach only what you know, testify only what you have experienced. But if someone asks you something you cannot answer, keep silent, but never lie. Again I tell you that your yes is always yes and your no is always no, then you will be faithful to the truth.

You are not to swear either, because he who speaks the truth does not need an oath to obtain faith, since he brings enlightenment with his works. Let him swear who has been false and who - when the moment has come when he needs credibility - must take the name of God to give emphasis to his words. You shall swear neither by God nor by Mary, neither by your parents nor by your life. I tell you once again that it should be your works that bear witness to your words, then both will bear witness to Me.

38 If you speak the truth and they believe you, blessed are those who believe you. If you are rejected, hurt or mocked because you speak the truth, leave the matter to Me, for the matter of truth is Mine; I will then defend you. Also do not seek to cover the truth with the veil of lies because your judgment will then be great. Do you know nothing of that great temple in Jerusalem, into which men entered for many centuries in their desire for power and wisdom? For it was great as long as its bosom was like a haven of peace for the Spirits. But when hypocrisy, lies and greed entered, his curtain was torn, and later on not one stone was left of him on another.

39 I tell you again that you are to begin to be honest with yourselves, that you are not to try to deceive yourselves, that is, to begin to love the truth. The time is drawing near when the great heads of the world will fall, when the nations shall feel My divine justice. How much wailing will there be then among the people! A world of falsehood, error and injustice will disappear so that in its place the Kingdom of God will be established, which is justice and light. For many human works it will be the end, but for the time of spiritualization it will be the beginning.

40 The world that will disappear will be the world of wickedness that you have created, in which the strong oppress the weak, from which even the innocence of children has disappeared, in which parents do not understand children and children do not understand parents. This world where the most sacred principles and institutions have been desecrated by men, and where people kill each other instead of loving each other as brothers.

41 For this new Babel to disappear, its evilness must be uprooted like weeds. The pain will be great; but in this cup of suffering the unclean will be purified and the blind will open their eyes; death will stop the earthly course of many people, but not to destroy them, but to bring them into life.

42 There will be nothing left of the evil works of mankind. But on the ruins of your past I will let a new world arise as a great kingdom, in which mankind is like an extended family, which lives in peace, which loves, which feels and thinks in my law of love.

43 New generations will populate the earth and will reap, both spiritually and materially, the fruits of the experience and development left by their predecessors, for from all the past they will choose the good fruits.

44 A truly spiritual worship of God will rise above the imperfect cults of My Divinity, just as a new science in the service of brotherhood, welfare and peace will rise above the materialistic science of men of the present.

45 The separation of men will disappear, and just as they separated in their discord and created dialects and languages for each people, so, when harmony begins to shine on earth, all will feel the need to communicate with one language. Verily, I tell you, brotherly love for one another will make this work easier for them, for it will be based on My commandment, which tells you: Love one another.

46 How is it right that the human race should not understand one another when even the animals of the same species understand one another, even when some are from one region and others from another?

47 Unite yourselves in love under the inspiration of your Father, and He who is the Alpha and Omega of all creation will give you universal language.

48 Refresh yourselves, refresh yourselves in My Word, it is above the division of your languages, beyond your beginning and your end But if you have wondered at the so extensive and inexhaustible way in which I have spoken to you through the lips of my voice-bearers, know that it was only a spark of My Divine Light that I sent through these organs of the mind.

49 You ask Me: "Lord, if You have chosen us to be witnesses of these rallies, why have You not excluded us from the sufferings and misfortunes of the earth? - To this I answer you that it is necessary for you - even if it is only a little - to empty the cup of suffering that your brothers drink so that you may understand their sufferings.

50 When I have told you that in this time all that arrogance and wickedness of men has created will be destroyed, do you not believe that there is also in you something to destroy, to circumcise or to expiate?

51 You are blessed, but at the same time greatly afflicted by the trials. But if pain keeps you alert, remember that it is only a drop of the bitter potion that other peoples drink. When your heart feels the pain, it feels the need to pray, and in this it intuitively recognizes one of the tasks that this people has brought to earth.

52 Pray, My children, with thoughts of light, peace and brotherhood, for these prayers will not be lost in space but their power will keep them vibrating in the spiritual and direct them to the heart of those for whom you have prayed. My word must not become an everyday thing to you, come with the same humility and fervor as in the first days, so that your prayer may be felt by your brothers. For a day will come when you feel your whole being shaken, and this day will be that day when I speak to you in this form for the last time.

53 To what do you think I have called you in this time, you crowds of men? Was it only to heal your diseases or to let you regain the lost peace? - no, people; when I raised you up to true life, igniting faith in your hearts, giving back smiles to your faces and strength to your bodies, it was because I wanted to equip you in this way so that you could rise to fight. But I see that many think of themselves and attend my teaching only to seek the peace of their Spirit without wanting to know the least of the task that awaits them. Others leave as soon as they have received what they desired, without being interested in studying and understanding the meaning of My teaching.

54 You have all been called to take part in this work and therefore I have poured out My Word on this people to keep it in their heart, even if it is only one of My Sentences

55 My teaching tells you if you do not make My Word known among mankind, the stones will speak to bear witness of My Truth and of the time in which you live But do not wait for the stones to speak, for they will do so by shaking the earth, stirring up the seas or bursting out in torrents from the craters of volcanoes.

56 It will be better to prepare yourselves in time, so that when this world is devastated by epidemics, the unknown diseases and the tribulations of all kinds, you - scattered in all the ways of the earth - will bring My kind, strengthening word to the hearts, so that you may come like a gentle breeze to those who have been whipped by the hurricanes

57 Put aside your laziness and make use of the precious time you are enjoying today, for you do not know if in the times to come you will have the rest to study My Word and immerse yourselves in it

58 Pray as good disciples and fill your heart with noble purposes. Do not forget that I make no distinctions of races, classes or religions among you, so that wherever you go, you may feel as if you were in your homeland and consider everyone you meet, whatever race he may belong to, as what he really is: your brother.

59 I brought you this word and made it heard in your own language, but I give you the commission to translate it later into other languages so that it may be known to all

60 In this way you will begin to build the true tower of Israel, that which unites all peoples spiritually into one, that unites all men in that divine, immutable and eternal law which you experienced in the world from the mouth of Jesus when He told you, "Love one another".

61 Explore My Word until you are certain of its purity and truth Only in this way will you be able to go your way courageously and remain steadfast against the intrusion of materialistic ideas that threaten the Spirit. For materialism is death, is darkness, is yoke and poison to the Spirit. Never exchange the light or the freedom of your Spirit for earthly bread or for poor material goods!

62 Verily, I say to you: He who trusts in My Law and perseveres in faith till the end will never lack material sustenance, and in the moments of his union with My Spirit he will always receive, through My infinite mercy, the bread of eternal life.

My peace be with you!

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