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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 17:

1 Beloved people, here you have another message from the Divine Master which will bring you one step forward in the understanding of My teachings; for you must not stop on the way of spiritual progress

2 I do not come to foster in you habits of stagnation or regression; I always lead you on the way of development.

3 My word offers you varied food, all of exquisite spiritual taste.

4 You have spoken with your lips, "Glory to God in the highest"; but when did you glorify Him with your works? - You have worshiped yourselves and glorified your idols, but God your Creator, when? - It was Jesus who glorified His Father with His life, and it is He whom you must follow.

5 You have also said: "peace on earth to men of good will" and indeed, I tell you, even to those of bad will I have given peace; but you, tell Me, when did you give peace? For many centuries you have been repeating the words of this Psalm with which the people received His Lord in Jerusalem, and it is the only thing that mankind has done since then: to repeat those words, because with its works it does exactly the opposite.

6 Speak these sentences if you wish, but understand that neither these words nor any other words have any effect unless you feel them in your hearts; if you feel them, manifest them to your brothers in good works, with gentleness and humility; then I will answer you with My boundless Love and I will make your Spirit vibrate joyfully in the immaculate grace of My Peace

7 So I am speaking to you today as the Holy Spirit The times are different and therefore the armament of men must be different.

8 Let go from word prayers and superstition and surrender yourselves to Me, the Master, the Father, who will always receive and understand you.

9 Pray, yes, but with a prepared heart; speak to Me with the Spirit as you feel at that moment. come to Me with thoughts full of love, but approach; speak to Me as disciples or as little children, and I will make you feel My wisdom and My love

10 Ask Me with humility, but never ask for miracles, nor expect to receive them

11 Miracle, as you understand it, does not exist; there is no contradiction between the divine and the material.

12 Jesus ascribes many miracles to her; but truly, I tell you, His acts were the natural effect of Love, this Divine Power, which you do not yet know how to use, although it is secretly present in every Spirit. For you have not wanted to get to know the effect of love.

13 What was present in all the miracles which Jesus performed, except love?

14 Listen, disciples: in order that God's love might be made known to mankind, the humility of the instrument was necessary, and Jesus was always humble; and since He gave an example of this to men, He told you on one occasion that He could do nothing without the will of His Heavenly Father. Whoever does not enter into the humility of these words will think that Jesus was a man like any other; but the truth is that He wanted to give you a teaching of humility.

15 He knew that this humility, this union with the Father made Him omnipotent in relation to mankind.

16 O exceedingly great and beautiful transfiguration, which gives love, humility, and wisdom!

17 Now you know why Jesus, although He said that He could do nothing if it was not according to the will of His Father, was in reality able to do everything; for He was obedient, for He was humble, for He made Himself a servant of the law and of men, and He knew how to love.

18 Know, then, that although you yourselves know some of the faculties of spiritual love, you do not feel them, and therefore you cannot comprehend the cause of all that which you call miracles or mystery, and which are the works which divine love does.

19 What teachings did Jesus give you which would not have been of love? What science, exercises or mysterious knowledge did He use to give you His examples of power and wisdom? - Only the blissful power of love, with which one can do everything.

20 There is nothing contradictory in the Father's laws, which are simple because wise, and wise because permeated with love.

21 Understand the Master, He is your textbook.

22 The child Jesus amazed the called teachers of the law; the preacher Jesus gave you great revelations for all time. The Savior Jesus sealed His words with His life, with His supreme sacrifice on the cross.

23 Well then, beloved disciples, if you want to be great and strong in Spirit in truth, why do you not follow Me in the works I did through Jesus? He told you: "I am the way, the truth and the life," and showed you with meekness and humility obedience to the divine will. What then must the humility be like, which you are to show me?

24 Listen: God, the Supreme Being, created you "in his image and likeness," not in terms of the material form you have, but in terms of the abilities with which your Spirit is equipped, similar to those of the Father.

25 How pleasant it was for your vanity to think of you as the image of the Creator. You think of yourselves as the most highly evolved creatures God has made; but you are in grave error in assuming that the universe was made just for you. With what ignorance you call yourselves the crown of creation!

26 Understand that not even the earth is made only for men. On the endless stepladder of the divine creation there is an infinite number of Spirits who develop in fulfillment of the divine law.

27 The purposes, which include everything, and which you as men, even if you wanted to, could not understand, are great and perfect, like all the purposes of your Father; but verily, I say to you, you are neither the greatest nor the least of the Lord's creatures.

28 You were created, and in that moment your Spirit took life from the Almighty, who carried within Himself so many qualities as were necessary for you to accomplish a difficult task in eternity

29 Not even now do you know all the abilities which the Father gave you; but be not troubled, you will know them later.

30 Do you know of the existence of the great Spirits who are destined to watch over the harmony of all created things, who are continually occupied with high tasks unknown to you? - No, and that is why I tell you again that your Spirit is not the most highly developed, that it has developed only in limited form the qualities that God granted you.

31 Nevertheless, these qualities will be enough to happily bring you to the highest level that comes to you when you direct your steps on the straight and light-filled paths that my Law shows you

32 I have come to help you. Now is the time of atonement; awaken, arise!

33 You have sinned, broken the marriage, committed crimes, and now that you are facing the truth of My Word which shows you your faults, you forgive your transgressions and believe that your Lord is unjust when He speaks to you of trials and atonement

34 You have shrouded yourselves in the darkness of wickedness and ignorance, preventing your Spirit from seeing the dawn of the Third Age and when I come to make you rise with the Light of My Word to see the splendour of the new dawn, you do not want to wake up from your spiritual sleep and at times you rise only reluctantly There are many who prefer to sleep in their ignorance without wanting to awaken to the highest truth. They prefer the vale of tears, disease, and hunger; they want the long period of centuries to continue, in which vice and suffering were their only "encouragement. They prefer all this to the loving call that my love sends out to them through their conscience.

35 You listen to Me as if I were very far away from you, lazily you open your eyes But since you have not understood the meaning of the divine

If you cannot grasp the message because your mind is permeated by materialism, you prefer to live in evil. In that moment you forget me, turn your back on me, you only want to remain in suffering apathy. But I tell you: If you want to live in this abyss of materialization and ignorance, if you only want to enjoy frivolous pleasures and base passions, at least do not blame God for your pain.

36 If you do not have the greatness to love your neighbor as your Father loves you, at least have the courage and submission to bear the consequences of your faults. If you prefer your false peace and your fratricidal wars, do not say that God wills it this way; nor cry to the Father to implore His mercy when you feel dominated by your enemies, so that He may come to give you victory, which would only flatter your vanity and further your corruption, which cannot be granted you according to My law.

37 If men, amid laughter, pleasures and vanities, forget Me and even deny Me, why do they despair and tremble when they reap the harvest of tears that torments their spirit and body? Then they blaspheme, saying that there is no God.

38 Man is brave enough to sin, determined to deviate from the way of My Law; but I assure you that he is exceedingly cowardly when it comes to atoning and paying his debts yet I strengthen you in your cowardice, protect you in your weaknesses, awaken you from deep sleep, dry your tears and give you new opportunities to regain the lost light and find again the forgotten way of My Law

39 I come to bring you, as in the Second Time, the bread and wine of life, both for the Spirit and for the body, so that you may live in harmony with everything created by your Father

40 In my ways the virtues flourish, but in yours there are thorns, abysses and bitterness.

41 Whoever says that the ways of the Lord are full of thorns does not know what he is saying, for I have not created pain for any of My children; but those who have strayed from the path of light and peace will have to suffer the consequences of their guilt when they return to it

42 Why have you drunk the cup of suffering? why have you forgotten the Lord's Commandment, as well as the mission I entrusted to you? - because you have replaced My Law with yours and here you have the results of your vain wisdom: bitter sorrow, war, fanaticism, disappointments and lies that suffocate you and fill you with despair And the most painful thing for the materialized man, for the one who subjects everything to his calculations and to the material laws of this world, is that after this life he will still carry the burden of his errors and inclinations. Then the suffering of your Spirit will be very great.

43 Here shake off your burden of sin, fulfill My law and come soon. Ask forgiveness of all those you have hurt and leave the rest to Me, for short will be your time to love, if you really decide to do it.

44 I repeat once again that I have not put thorns or pains in your path Through Jesus I taught you to discard all weaknesses to show you My love and the power you have, to teach you the true joy that lives in a truly humble Spirit. And with My parting and My promise for these times I left you peace, the light of hope and the longing for My return. But you did not want to understand it that way and continued to crucify me so that I should forgive you away and away. You must understand, however, that My forgiveness does not spare you the consequences of your transgressions, for they are yours, not My faults. My forgiveness encourages you, comforts you, for eventually you will come to Me, and I will receive you with everlasting love; but as long as you do not seek Me on the ways of goodness, love and peace - you know it now and must not forget it: The evil that you do or intend to do, you will get back with compound interest.

45 You are now reaping the seed of your materialism, and even if you want me to approve your works, you are wrong, because I am immutable in My Law; I do not do as you wish, for then I would no longer be "the way, the truth and the life

46 I come to abolish your erroneous laws, so that only those may rule you who are formed by My commandments and are in harmony with My wisdom My laws are shaped by love, and since they come from My Divinity, they are immutable and eternal, while yours are transitory and at times cruel and selfish.

47 The Father's law is made of love, of goodness; it is like a balm that gives comfort and raises the sinner so that he may bear the reparation of his transgressions The law of the Father's love always offers the transgressor a generous opportunity for moral renewal, while your laws, on the contrary, humiliate and chastise the transgressor and often the innocent and weak. In your jurisdiction there is harshness, revenge, and lack of mercy. The law of Christ is of loving persuasion, infinite justice and supreme straightness. You yourselves are your judges, I, on the other hand, am your tireless defender; but you must know that there are two ways to pay for your wrongs: one with love and one with pain.

48 Choose for yourselves, you still enjoy the gift of free will.

49 Will you suffer no more, men? Then love, do good in your way, rebuild your life. - Do you want to be great and happy? Then love much, love always. - Do you want to weep, do you want bitter suffering to afflict you, do you want wars and desolation? Then go on as you are living now, let selfishness, hypocrisy, vanity, idolatry, and materialism continue to take possession of your life.

50 Very clearly you recognize the chaos among men, lest you continue to shape the law according to your own pleasure.

51 I want the disciples and newcomers to My teaching to have nobility in their heart and purity in their mind, for only in this way will they be able to learn from Me and later teach mankind.

52 I am not coming now to raise the dead - in relation to the body - as I did with Lazarus in the Second Age; today My Light is coming to awaken the Spirits that belong to Me. And these will rise to eternal life through the truth of my word; for your Spirit is the Lazarus whom you are carrying in your being at this time and whom I will raise from the dead and heal.

53 Now you see that divine righteousness consists of love, not of punishment like yours. What would become of you if I were to apply your own laws to judge you, before me, before whom no outward appearance nor false arguments apply? If I were to judge you according to your wickedness and apply your terribly hard laws - what would become of you? Then you would rightly ask me to exercise mercy. But you need not be afraid because my love never withers, nor does it change, nor does it pass away; you, on the other hand, pass away certainly; you die and are born again, you go and then come again, and so you go your pilgrimage until the day comes when you recognize your Father and submit yourselves to his divine law.

54 You are here temporary, but I am eternal; you go groaning because you are going away from the way My Law is showing you, while I am immutable

55 Dry your tears, speed up your awakening and rise. Feel My presence in you; it is necessary that you come to Me; for you have not yet recognized Me, O people.

56 You do not know the reward that comes to him who feels true repentance and returns to Me, and you do not know that it is not necessary to wait until your entrance into the spiritual world to receive the reward that the love of God gives you.

57 It was necessary that I spoke to you in this way because men have been confused by the knowledge they have acquired from the books they studied; the voice of their conscience, however, they did not want to hear, the voice of their spiritual knowledge inviting them to follow the divine light from which all wisdom springs

58 I say to you: good is useful study, and good is science; but above all is love. Love will inspire you to make your science respectable and increase it, for you must comprehend that all your knowledge is but a message which My Love gives you.

59 Ask your scholars, and if they are honest, they will tell you that they have asked God for inspiration And I would give them more inspiration if they would ask me for it with more love for their brethren and with less vanity for themselves.

60 Verily, I tell you: all that you have accumulated in true knowledge comes from Me; all that they have in the pure and high I will use in this time for your benefit, for that is what I have granted you. But you must be careful, O peoples of the earth, for if you continue to use My divine teachings to challenge the forces of nature, if you continue to use the little knowledge you have for evil, you will receive the painful and strictly legal answer when you least expect it. You are challenging air, fire, earth, water and all forces, and you already know what your harvest will be if you do not correct your actions in time to keep the forces of nature unleashed by your senseless actions in check. I call your attention to the fact that you are about to make full use of the measure that my justice allows your free will; too much you challenge nature. And since you are the little ones who feel great, this word comes to warn you of the danger you are in.

61 And the Word tells you: My children, make your heart kind by loving your brethren; love all that is created Seek reconciliation and peace among all. If you do not want the upheavals of the earth to destroy you, which you yourselves promote, come to your senses in time, O beloved children, calm them (the forces of nature) with your love, transform them into peace. O men, if you would listen to me, how many hardships you would have saved yourselves, and I would have already changed your world without it being necessary for you to suffer! I would give you the foretaste of the reward in this life, would give you peace and rest. Try it, My children. This is why I have sent My word to you in this time to deliver you from the abyss.

62 To you who hear Me, I say that you should keep in your Spirit what concerns you and that you should teach the rest to your brethren What is for one is for all, therefore not a single one of my sheep should lack spiritual food.

63 I want you to be united so that I may reward your unity by pouring out My benefits and My grace on all. So far I have seen only that you unite for short moments while you try to offer your worship to My Divinity. Convince yourselves that by love united you are able to perform miracles. In truth I tell you: It is still time for you to work to rebuild what you have destroyed.

64 Many things you have done to Me and hurt Me; but I love you and greater than your faults is My Love

65 if you seek Me as Judge, My judgment is implacable; if you seek Me as Master, My Wisdom is without limit; if you call Me as Father, I am of the most loving kindness; but truly, I tell you, I am much more than all this, for I have neither beginning nor end; I am the One who is the Father, the One who is the Father; I am the One who calls Me as Father, I am of the most loving kindness

My peace be with you!

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