BTL - Volume 2 - Teaching 44

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 44:
1. ! lovingly receive the prodigal son who was absent for a long
time and who comes today in search of peace and comfort for his
heart. Some of my children approach me searching for their
inheritance. Others are still very distant; but the spirit in each of my
children is attentively awaiting for my voice to say, Here I am.
2. They have not forgotten my words from the Second Era, and
though their physical body is fragile, their spirits are strong; they
believe and trust in my promise to return as the Comforting Spirit.
3. You who hear me today remember the darkness which you
have gone through and the ordeals which you encountered along
your path in order to reach me. You find yourselves at the riverbank
under the shade of a tree hearing this voice which you awaited so
long. But with all the light you possess you still have not reached the
top of the mountain. Neither are you at the peak of perfection. You
have simply come before your Master, who comes in spirit, and on
hearing me you were converted into students and later into disciples
of my new teaching. You will become strong learning from me, and
though you may be poor on earth, you will possess all the riches of
the spirit.
4. The glory of my word will soon spread beyond your nation.
Men of science and those who study the holy scriptures will arise
denying my manifestation. But I will offer signs and perform
miracles through my chosen ones and this will deeply move
humanity. Men of elevated spirits, who are prophets of my Marian
Trinitarian Spiritualist doctrine, are found scattered in all nations. I
have given them a sword of light to combat every false theory and
doctrine so that only those which are based on love and truth will
5. I have sent virtuous spirits to earth in all times who will teach
you and with their deeds offer you an example of how you must live
in order to come to me. Counselors, ministers of my law, legislators,
and guides have pointed out your duties. They have told you that
your mission is not reduced to only loving your families, but that
you should love and help all of your brethren. They have also taught
you that after these ordeals in life the spiritual life awaits you, where
you will reap the fruits of what you sowed on earth.
6. I have prepared spirits and had them incarnate after granting
them wisdom and power. And when their bodies have developed,
and they have found themselves with total use of their abilities,
those spirits have manifested themselves great and strong; these are
the men of science, the pastors, and those who govern. But few are
those who have fulfilled their mission, who have developed their
gifts and worked with deep faith. Some have become vain or
misused their gifts and have not nourished the spirits of men. They
have not known how to guide or calm the pain of their brothers.
7. For that reason, on perceiving that my flock is lost without a
guide on the earth, I have come like the good Shepherd to give you
my pure and unstained doctrine. I have also given you the laws of
my teaching so that you might live in peace and obey my law,
ascending along the path of your spiritual evolution by following the
example which I gave you with my deeds of love.
8. Where are the successors of my humble apostles who were
sacrificed by the wickedness of men? What benefits has science
offered humanity? Many claim to be wise but neither love nor teach
love. Wisdom means light, and light is love and understanding of
divine and human laws.
9. I became man in the Second Era because of my love for
humanity. That physical body was the work of my Spirit, and how
much have men of science commented about this mystery which
belongs to my innermost judgement. Truly I say to you that divine
deeds can not be judged through human science.
10. The spirit which inspired Jesus was my very own, that of
your God, who became man to dwell among you and allowed
himself to be seen because it was necessary that it be so. As man, I
felt all human suffering. Men of science who had studied nature
came to me and found that they knew nothing of my teaching. The
great and small, the virtuous and sinners, the innocent and guilty
received the essence of my word, and I made them all worthy of my
presence. And while many were called, few were the chosen, and
even fewer were close to me.
11. I defended the sinners. Do you not recall the adulteress?
When she was brought to me, persecuted and condemned by the
multitudes, the pharisees came and asked me, What should we do
with her? The priests hoped that I would say, Bring her to justice, in
order that they might later say, How could you teach love and permit
the sinner to be punished? And had I said, Let her go, they would
have answered, In the laws of Moses, which you claim to be
confirming, there is a mandate which says: Every woman who is
found to be an adulterous shall be stoned to death! Observing their
intentions, I did not answer their words, and leaning over, I wrote in
the dust of the earth the sins of those who were judging her. Again
they asked me what they should do with that woman and I answered
them, Let anyone who is free of sin throw the first stone.
Then recognizing their errors, they left, covering their faces. No
one was pure, and sensing that I saw into the depths of their hearts,
they no longer accused that woman for all of them had sinned. The
woman, along with others who had also committed adultery,
repented and did not sin again. I say to you that it is easier to convert
a sinner through love than through harshness.
12. My teaching is engraved in your conscience and can not be
erased because its essence is immortal like the spirit which you
13. You who now hear me, learn my teachings and teach those
who live in other nations. Remind them of my words from the
Second Time, while they are waiting to receive my message from
this Third Era.
14. I want you to bring my word to other lands before their
inhabitants arise speaking of my new manifestation. When you meet
them, do not reject one another, but offer testimony of me and allow
them to confirm my words and deeds, fulfilling my mandate which
says, Love one another.
15. I have brought you these lessons in order to teach you and to
free you from sin. If your faults are great, greater yet is my
forgiveness. Live, experience, and know my law on this path of
trials and ordeals, and when you allow yourselves to be guided by
your conscience you will not violate my law nor the laws of the
world. And when you sin, you will know how to repent, thus
purifying your error. And when you reach the end of the journey,
there will be no pain nor remorse. You will be at peace.
16. In this Third Era the Master's book opens once again before
his disciples to teach them the lessons of the true life. While the
material body becomes silent and withdraws, the spirit elevates
itself to rejoice with my word. It comes to my table to be nourished
with the only bread which gives it life.
17. Everyone who knows how to elevate his spirit in these
moments is directly nourished from the divine fountain; that
individual no longer perceives the spokesman who is transmitting
my word. You recognize that from the moment in which you heard
me, your mind became enlightened. It is the light of my wisdom
which begins to illuminate your path. Though I say to you that those
who hear me and do not analyze my teaching still walk in darkness.
Their spirits still lack enlightenment.
18. It is my will to mark 12,000 children from each tribe. But
truly I say to you that not only those who are marked will possess
my light; anyone who follows my teaching shall be called a child of
the light.
19. Do not preach that you are my disciples. Show it with your
deeds of charity. I test the one who proclaims to be my disciple by
hiding myself in the heart of his enemy. However, instead of
forgiving his enemy, he has struck back. Yet that blow has reached
my face more than the cheek of his brother. In that instant I have
spoken to him through his conscience, and that individual who
became vain from being my disciple has said to me in weak
repentance, Forgive me, Master. Believing himself pure and worthy
of my forgiveness, he resumes his journey. Then I see a young
woman approach him whose heart and youth were like a fragrant
rose. She says to him, I come to you full of confidence in your virtue
to ask you for advice which will help to protect me against the
dangers of life. But forgetting his mission and my teachings, he
allows himself to be dominated by lower passions and develops
impure intentions toward the young woman. At that moment I
present myself before the unvirtuous disciple, asking him, Could
this be what I have taught you? Surprised, he answers: Lord, there is
nothing that you do not know. Ashamed he proceeds with his
journey while my unyielding voice asks him each time he brags of
following my example. Are you my apostle? Then I allow hunger to
surprise him and soon hide myself in the heart of a sickly rich man,
who in spite of having his treasure chests filled with gold does not
have the health to enjoy it. This ill man, upon knowing that one of
my disciples is in the region, seeks him and then says to him, I know
you can restore my health, and that is why I have sought you. I am
rich but all of my wealth has not been of any use to me in finding a
remedy for my illness. The apostle’s heart becomes confused on
hearing that confession, and he tells that ill individual: I am going to
rest my hand on your head and, pronouncing the name of my Lord, I
will restore your health, but you must reward me generously. The
sickly rich man responds: Take my riches, my treasure chests, my
house. Take all of it but heal me. The sick man is healed because his
faith and his pain were so great that the Divine Master pitied him.
Filled with joy, the sick man delivers all that he possesses to the
hands of the one whom he believed had healed him, while the sinful
apostle is saying to himself, Now I have ceased to be poor, for if I
have struggled and worked, I deserve to be rewarded. But at that
very moment my unyielding voice speaks in his conscience saying
again to him: Is that, perhaps, my teaching? Do you ever remember
Jesus receiving payment for his love while he was in the world, the
one who could have crowned himself and possessed all treasures,
the one who healed by simply touching, and resurrected the dead by
simply asking them to arise?
20. A battle occurs in the heart of that disciple, who asks his
Master, Why are you so rigid with your disciples? Why do you not
allow us to possess something in this world? And the Master, with a
tender voice, answers, Because at the moment you were chosen, you
promised to reject human vanities in exchange for a true treasure.
21. Still the disciple replies, The path is difficult and the journey
is very long. We work so much and we gather so little harvest on the
earth. Do you want us to love humanity so much when it does not
love us? The Master, hearing him disrespectfully speak in that
manner, says: All right, my young child, follow the path according
to your own will. Do whatever you desire. And that man, claiming
to be my servant, professing to be my apostle, and ignoring the
voice of his conscience, proceeds along different paths. Finding
multitudes of the sick along the paths, he calls to them and tells
them that he possesses healing balsam which cures all illnesses. But
he also tells them: I am needy. What can you give me in exchange
for what I grant you? Those who are poor tell him that they have
nothing, but that they are willing to work to earn money to pay him
so that he may heal their illnesses. That agreement satisfies the man
who begins to anoint those who are ill and, at the same time begins
to ask for more and more money. He anoints the sick, but they do
not heal. On the contrary, they become worse. He attempts to
encourage them, but they become more and more discouraged. Then
the apostle, observing that the multitudes have lost confidence in
him, quietly disappears from among them, taking with him his
wealth and leaving them in agony.
22. Once far from them, he goes toward a rich man's mansion,
saying to him, Sir, I am able to serve you. I know how to work. I
want you to employ me in your royal mansion. I can comfort you
when you are sad. I can manage your interests when you are tired.
Who are you? asks the rich man. To which the apostle replies, I am
the possessor of a law, of a doctrine so powerful and persuasive, that
if your servants ever come to rebel before you, I only need to speak
to them to make them to obey.
23. The rich man becomes impressed with those words. He
believes in that man and tells him, Your words reveal greatness, and
if you fulfill them as you say, I will consider them always as truth.
Then the rich man offers that man shelter and the keys to his palace.
The man conquers the heart of the rich man with flattery, but since
he rejects the Divine Master and no longer listens to the voice of his
conscience, he soon causes a change in the life of that mansion. He
humiliates the small and praises those who flatter him. He causes
the best servants to leave the house behind the owner's back. He
squanders his wealth with extravagant living. But the day comes
when the lord of that mansion opens his eyes to reality. Convinced
of the falsehood of the one in whom he has placed all of his
confidence when he heard him pronounce words of great power and
wisdom, he calls him to ask him angrily, Is this the teaching you
sow? Is this the way you demonstrate the power you claim to have?
Instantly, he has him led to a dungeon in order to later sentence him
to the scaffold for execution. There, in prison, he can not believe
that a disciple of the Divine Master would be captivity, and even
less that he would be sentenced to die. He can not believe that those
trials are the awakening voice calling him to repentance in order to
return him to the path. Then he pleads with the rich lord whom he
has betrayed, promising him not to speak to nor to betray anyone
again. Convinced, the rich man allows him to leave.
24. Once free, that man feels the desire to know new roads, and
finding them, he takes them. Again he ignores the voice of his
conscience and devotes himself as never before to pleasures where
his lips are poisoned, his body becomes ill, and his heart
experiences great misery. Step by step he has slowly descended, to
finally fall exhausted to the bottom of the abyss. He does not know
how long he has remained there, but when he awakens, he asks,
Where am I? Where is my inheritance? I speak to the Father, and he
does not answer me. I am sick and discouraged, and he does not
come to help me. I ask him for a word of comfort and
encouragement and he does not come to my heart. Where is that
teaching and that healing balsam which he gave me and with which
I could alleviate so much grief? I want to close my wounds and they
bleed even more. I want to give my heart peace, yet it becomes more and more restless. Who am I? Were those gifts that the Father gave
me only a lie? That individual then began to greatly weep.
25. People in various conditions reacted with indifference as
they saw him weep. No one noticed him, listened to him, nor felt his
pain. It appeared as if he were surrounded by great darkness, and
when he could no longer tolerate such pain, and felt that his spirit
was about to leave his filthy body, he heard a sweet voice which he
recognized, and which said to him: Here I am; I have descended to
the abyss, where you have fallen, to give you my help. The man, on
hearing the sweet voice of this Father filled with forgiveness and
tenderness, felt great remorse and says to his Lord, Do not approach
me nor enter this abyss, for it is filled with darkness and perversion.
Do not let your garments be shredded by the thorns that are here.
Leave me here, since I condemned myself to this place.
26. The child weeps and, as he was weeping, he realized that his
Father was truly just. The Father did not observe the impurities in
his son nor the sins and darkness surrounding him. He only
perceives his beloved child whom he asks, Why have you descended
this far? And the son answers, Because I believed that you would
not be this close to me, nor did I want to believe that the voice of my
conscience was yours. Do not heal me. Today, I understand that I do
not deserve to be healed. Do not forgive me. I do not deserve your
forgiveness. Let me suffer in this abyss. Let me cleanse my faults.
The Father, observing that the son has understood at last the
magnitude of his errors, does nor allow him to suffer any longer and
permits light to shine in that being, and those tears to wash away his
stains. The Father then kisses the forehead of that weary child. He
lifts the child's weak body and embraces him with infinite love.
27. Feeling the tenderness of his Father, that child decides to
follow and love him forever. He observes that once again the light
which the Lord had placed on his head is shining, for the gifts which
God grants, he never takes away from his children. However, they
will lose their divine grace if one disobeys my love. Thus, that is
how the child arises once again to follow my path, but with greater
enlightenment which he has attained from his painful experience.
Also, that child is now able to listen clearly to his conscience! 28.
Who among those who have been receiving my lessons daily
will wish to travel through paths of suffering? Be aware that you
have already traveled through those paths. Your spirits have already
undergone great ordeals, for which you can give thanks and firmly
follow me today.
29. I have sent you to multiply your seed, and for that reason I
have marked your forehead with my light so that when you are
spiritually prepared, you will spread yourselves throughout the paths
where the multitudes await you. Homes will open their doors to
welcome you, and many individuals will receive you joyfully.
30. Those who are ill will be waiting to become healed.
31. I, the Divine Savior, will come to all human beings through
my faithful disciples, but not as in the Second Era. Today, I will
come among humanity hidden in the hearts of my messengers,
speaking through their mouths, and inspiring those individuals. That
is how I will come to all human beings. I will come to all
individuals through the deeds of love and charity that my disciples
practice for those that are sick, needy, and who thirst for peace for
their spirit and material body.
32. Blessed are the nations which do not close their paths but
open their doors to my messengers, for verily I say to you that those
nations will be saved.
33. During this struggle, some will be summoned and chosen
before others, but eventually all beings will be summoned and they
will fulfill their mission among humanity. Some will begin and
finish their mission sooner, whereas others will take longer to fulfill
it. But in the end when you attain spiritual perfection, all beings will
be equal. The Father will love all beings in the same manner and
they will all form part of his perfect family.
34. Everyone was given the same gifts in their beginning. But
while some have known how to elevate themselves and to become
great by developing their virtues, some have remained stagnant and
others have lost their way.
35 I have distributed equally great gifts among all my children.
For that reason you must not judge that some have been given more
than others nor that some have been assigned a greater task than
others. In my perfect justice and wisdom, knowing the debts of my
children, I have given to them according to their needs.
36. I give you these explanations in order that you be satisfied,
for you know nothing about your destiny, your past, or your
37. If you consider my children, through whom I am
communicating, to be very blessed and have even come to desire
their gift, truly I say to you that their blessing is great but so is the
spiritual debt which they have with the Father, as well as their
38. Let each one take his cross with love, but do not seek
pleasures, honors, or reward for you will only reap pain.
39. Remember that I healed you with my love, that I cleansed
your stains and closed your wounds. Remember that I took the
bitterness from your lips. I removed the stained and torn clothing
that you wore in order to exchange it for another which was white as
a snowflake. You were outcasts, but you have ceased to be so. You
came without an inheritance, and today you know that you possess a
gift. Do not seek pain nor go back to being outcasts. Do not return to
sin, but neither consider yourselves to be untouchable by the fact
that you carry my divine mark. Instead, you need to be well
prepared so that you will forgive those who offend you.
40. How often have you promised to forgive your brothers
regardless of the offense which they have inflicted upon you. You
have asked me for strength to be able to forgive, and I have given it
to you. But how seldom have you fulfilled your promises.
41. I have divided those who have tried to practice forgiveness
into three groups. The first one is formed by those who, having been
offended and not knowing how to restrain themselves, and forgetting
my teaching, have become confused and taken revenge, returning
blow for blow. This group, a slave to its passions, is the one which is
overcome by temptation.
42. The second group is the one formed by those who, once having been offended, remember my example and close their lips
containing their impulses in order to soon tell me, Lord, they have
offended me, but rather than taking revenge, I have forgiven. But I,
who penetrate the hearts, have discovered in them the desire for me
to take revenge by pouring my justice over their brothers. This group
is in total turmoil.
43. The third group, the smallest, is the one with,those who,
imitating Jesus when they have been offended, elevate themselves
toward the Father filled with pity for their brothers to say to me,
Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do. They have hurt
me, but it is not me that they have hurt but rather themselves. I ask
for your charity for this reason and that you allow me to return only
kindness. This is the group which has triumphed.
44. Your conscience, which requests and expects perfect deeds
from you, will not allow you to feel true peace until you know how
to practice true forgiveness with your brothers.
45. Why would you hate those who offend you when they are
simply steps for you to come to me. If you practice forgiveness, you
will achieve merits, and when you enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
you will see those on earth who helped you to evolve. Then you will
ask the Father to also help those beings to be saved and come to the
Lord. Your intercession will help them to attain that blessing.
46. Do not attempt to uncover the hidden feelings of your fellow
beings, for in each being there are hidden secrets which only I
should know. But if you discover a secret which pertains to your
brother which you should keep confidential, do not publicize that
information. Do not share that information with others, but rather
keep it only to yourself.
47. Often I have observed man penetrating into the heart of his
brother in order to discover his hidden secrets. He has rejoiced
discovering those secrets and then has told others about them. No
one who has ridiculed a fellow human beings in this manner should
be surprised if later the same thing happens to him. He should not
then say that it is the rod of justice which measures him, for it will
be the rod of injustice with which he measured his brothers.
48. Respect others. Cover those whose secrets have been
revealed with your mantle of charity and defend those who are weak
from the rumors of mankind.
49. Disciples, I do not prohibit you from studying those books
which teach goodness. But if you are unable to find those books,
you have my teaching, which is simple and humble and contains
more wisdom than all the books on earth. Therefore, store this
teaching in the deepest part of your heart; analyze it, and allow it to
guide you in each of your deeds.
50. Those who have come under the shadow of this tree
weeping over their ordeals in life have found comfort and strength
in my love.
51. Blessed is the one who listens with love to my word in this
Third Era, for he will not be confused. At the moment of his death,
his spirit will rise to eternal life and firmly penetrate the path which
awaits him beyond this life.
52. Blessed is the one who patiently endures his sorrow, for he
will find in his own meekness the strength to continue to carry his
cross along his path of evolution.
53. Blessed is the one who humbly endures humiliation and
knows how to forgive those who have offended him, for I will bring
justice to him. But woe unto those who judge the deeds of their
brothers, for they in turn will be judged!
54. Blessed is the one who, obeying the first mandate of my law,
loves me above everything created.
55. Blessed is the one who allows me to judge his cause,
whether it is just or unjust.
56. My doctrine comes to regenerate you, to strengthen your
spirits, so that once you open your lips to repeat my teachings, they
might be closed to cursing or speaking disrespectfully.
57. I have come in this era to once again water the seed which I
deposited in your hearts in the Second Era.
58. From the first times I have sought the form in which to have
myself be heard and understood by men. For that reason, I have sent
prophets and virtuous individuals to this world so that with their
deeds and words they might be messengers of my will and my
59. In the First Era, through Abraham’s obedience to my
mandate, I made a pact of love with him, rewarding his faithfulness,
his devotion and loyalty, and blessing and multiplying his
descendants. To test his obedience and his faith, I asked him for the
life of his son, Isaac, whom he greatly loved, and with a submission
typical of great spirits, he was willing to sacrifice him. But I
detained him because in his heart he had already shown his
obedience, and that was sufficient for me.
60. Isaac was the father of Jacob, who was allowed to perceive
the path of perfection that spirits need to travel. That path was
symbolized by a ladder which originated on earth and ascended
toward the heavens. Spirits descended and ascended along that
ladder in the form of angels.
61. These three patriarchs formed the trunk of the people of
Israel from which sprouted twelve branches and an infinite number
of leaves. But its fruit has not yet ripened.
62. The people of Israel received the law when in their
pilgrimage they found themselves at the foot of Mount Sinai. Their
guide, Moses, received the tablets and the inspiration. Their journey
through the desert was designed to purify their hearts, to spiritualize
them, and to develop their faith toward the invisible God. When the
people arrived at the promised land and settled there, they had deep
spiritual faith in their Lord. They practiced a simple but elevated
worship which had strengthened their hearts. But behold that the
children of their children did not know how to maintain that faith
and spirituality. When the gentile people introduced their idolatry
and superstitions among the people of Israel, they divided them
spiritually and materially. It was then that the prophets appeared,
warning the multitudes and announcing my justice over them for
their unfaithfulness and sin. But the prophets were ridiculed and
some were killed.
63. I tell you this because truly you are the spiritual descendants
from those first patriarchs, and you are the sheep of Moses. But I
also say to you that you are among those who will attain spirituality
in this period and who will spiritually enlighten man and give him
the wisdom for a better life.
64. In the Second Era Christ irrigated the tree of life with his
blood, and today he comes to offer you new water with his divine
word so that all of his children will learn to be loving and charitable.
65. In this era I have come to fight all fanaticism and idolatry
that exist in your hearts, for spirituality does not permit materialism.
Whoever practices my spiritual doctrine with fanaticism is neither
doing my will nor correctly interpreting my teaching.
66. Why do men in this era worship me in a material manner? In
the First Era and in the first commandment of my law, I prohibited
man to create material images and forms in order to worship me.
67. My word in this era will fight like a two-edged sword to
help man eliminate all of his errors and ignorance, thus allowing
him to communicate from spirit to Spirit.
My Peace be with you!