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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Book of True Life - Volume 2 

Teaching 46:

1 Blessed are you who rushed to the place when you heard the call of love that invited you to the spiritual banquet to enjoy the food of eternal life. I have brought these to you in fulfillment of the promise I have made to your Spirit through Jesus.

2 When I see that you are weary on the way of your development, I draw near to you to fill you with strength and say to you: "Go step by step to the end of the way of life, with the hope of reaching the Promised Land. There you will find the reward for your faith and perseverance in that blessed and true peace that your Spirit so longs for.

3 O people who are well pleased with Me and whom I called Israel, child of light and disciple of the Holy Spirit: Do not pay attention if your body is wrapped in rags or your feet are naked - your spiritual dignity is not based on the material. Examine the works of your life in the light of your conscience, that you may know whether your soul is pure from sin.

4 If you feel pain in the face of the doubt and mockery of your brothers, affirm it. Do you know if at that time you did not cry out for Pilate to crucify Me? Do you know if you were not among those who persecuted My apostles and gave them the cup of suffering to drink?

5 You are silent on this question, but I tell you: "forgive, if you are offended, do not make double-edged weapons of My Words to wound your brothers; I am not afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you In this time your developed Spirit shall attain serenity; it shall guide all your works, words and thoughts. Your spiritual age is no longer that of a child, and through My teaching you have ceased to be little children and have become disciples.

Do your works within My teaching without changing or profaning it. Do not remove anyone from your company, even if you see spots or faults in one of your brothers. Do not say that it is tares when someone adds imperfect ideas to My teaching or makes poor use of his gifts. - Correct him lovingly and guide him with mercy.

Only in the event that he stiffens in his evil inclinations and misjudges you, let go of him, pray for him, and leave the matter to me.

6 I am preparing you so that with My Light you may bring resurrection to those who are dead for the life of grace, and that your prayer may save them and your works may be a salutary example for your brothers. My children, think of what you will offer to your Father when you are in His presence.

7 It is the Spirit of truth who speaks to you. You have recognized the tree by its fruit and this spring by its clear water; therefore you follow this trail. But it is necessary that you cleanse this so great love, which you feel for me, from every selfishness, from every quarrel with your neighbor, so that it may be pure and worthy of the Father.

8 Be humble, even though you feel that the Creator has placed great gifts in your being. Remember that I have not brought a crown to anyone to make him a king.

9 Crowds of people, you who are gathered together and listen to My Word, the day is already approaching when you will no longer hear this Word and feel alone, although My spiritual presence is with you then a new period of time will begin in which I will purify you in body and soul, in which I will purify the worship of God and the related customs of this people, so that they will then go to other provinces and to other countries to bring the good news of My Word and to witness with their works the love teachings of My teaching

10 I have prophesied that after 1950 the multitudes that make up this people will already be trying to achieve Spirit to Spirit union, for then I will no longer give you My Word through the human mind What then will you do with My commandments and My doctrines? What will be the example of spiritualization, obedience and faith that you are to offer to those who are still to enter your circle? What will be the example and the seed you leave behind for the coming generations?

11 Know that that time is already near, and that it will be the beginning of the spiritual union (with God), the end of the reign of idolatry and religious fanaticism.

12 Groups of people will come to this nation from distant lands in search of this testimony. You will receive them with all the love of your heart and show them the "Book of True Life" which you have formed from the teachings I have given you, without forgetting that your works and sentiments must form a part of the book you present.

13 Make use of the years that remain for you for instruction and spiritual delight through hearing My Word; do not give cause for this time to be one of judgment and reproach Do not let it come to the point that you pay with expiation and pain from the first word that Elijah the messenger brought you at the beginning of this rallies until the last one that I give you (for your disobedience).

14 In order to avoid any profanation, I will cleanse this "field of work" and afflict all who have received offices. I will extend this cleansing to all areas of your life, not only to the spiritual. The same ones who have profaned my law shall see to it that the stains they have put on it are washed away.

15 People, I want My Peace to be manifested through your Spirit, your glance and your smile. I do not want bitterness or peace to be reflected in a face emaciated by suffering. You are a people born in pain and whose task is to defeat it; who carry its cross with sacrifice and love, bending its neck and overcoming the weaknesses of the body. Empty your cup with patience, recognize that My divine Word heals you from your wounds at all times.

16 When will this Word come to all mankind? the trills of these "nightingales "* have not penetrated into the distance, they have not let the sweet sound of My teachings reach the luxury homes of the great or the residences of the powerful They have not gotten to the battlefields soaked with the blood of men, nor to the Spirits busy building the new Tower of Babel, nor to the dwellings of the new Sodom. But the word that comes over your lips during the last years of My rallies will be the message that tomorrow shall reach all your brethren; for for this I purify you in these moments and prepare you.

* A poetic expression for the divine Word through the voice bearers

17 Only the lamentations of widows and orphans have come to your ears, together with the rumors of war, the news of great hardships and tragedies which you have not yet experienced and suffered.

18 You have learned through Me that you are children of the people of Israel, and through history you know that in the past times this people called themselves the "people of God", the Chosen One, the one on whom all the graces of the Heavenly Father were poured out. Today I want you to know that this people, whom I have sent to earth anew in this time, has never been loved more than the other peoples, and if they received many graces from Me, it was with the intention that they should share them with the others (peoples), so that they might be light, way, open book and salvation for all their neighbors.

19 Did this people fulfill its mission in the past times? Are they fulfilling this law of love and brotherhood in the present? - If you know the ancient history of this people, it will not be unknown to you that there were also great afflictions, hardships, captivity, famine, pestilence, and humiliation upon them because of their disloyalties and disobedience. It was neither love, nor obedience to My law, nor spiritualization of that people that wrote a book for future generations. The book of that people is written with the blood of brethren, of prophets and righteous men, it is tainted with envy, disobedience and disunity, and is sealed with the blood of the Son of God.

20 It is necessary that this people should wash away and cleanse all those stains of shame, that they should blot out all their offences from the book, and in their place record good works, acts worthy of their Lord.

21 Ye disciples, do not write a new book in this time full of disobedience and profanation, for later you would not have enough tears to remove your shame stains from this book. Write a new history, but it should consist of moral renewal, of reconciliation, brotherhood, obedience and spiritualization. Your covenant (with God) in this time is written by your conscience.

22 In the years in which I continue to give you My teaching, which is to prepare you for My departure, you are to fulfil the task I require of you. Know that after this time I do not want men to know deceit, not even your present imperfections. When this time has come, men will know my word through the scriptures which I have entrusted to my "gold feathers "*. You will delve into this book when you will study My work, when you feel disturbed by the afflictions, or when you desire consolation.

* This figurative expression referred to the persons who wrote down and collected the divine teachings.

23 The light of My Spirit is pouring into your minds so that you may know how to guide those who will follow your steps.

24 Today I am giving you My teaching as in those times when I lived with you and showed you by My example how the human race is redeemed

25 Mankind, not satisfied with that lesson, still demands in this time that the innocent blood be shed once more, but the Divine Master has come in Spirit and that proof of love will not be repeated in the same form Today I speak to you through the mind of man and send you innumerable rays of My Light, with which I give you My Wisdom so that you may find salvation and your Spirit take the path of love for your brothers.

26 I have seen that nothing has remained of My teaching of love and humility in the hearts of many nations The one has risen up against the other, the strong humble the weak, and My spiritual messengers, to whom I have entrusted the task of inspiring peace and concord to the ruler, have returned to Me with sorrow in their spirit because they were not listened to and obeyed. Then I allowed mankind to empty its cup so that this pain might enlighten them and cause them to return to the path of their (spiritual) development.

27 In this hour of trial, you have Elijah, who gives you prayer and good actions so that you may work against evil. You have your Heavenly Advocate, who is watching more closely than ever over this humanity that has not listened to her advice and warnings. And you have Me, your Father, unchanging in My love, who gives you another opportunity to renew yourselves and develop your Spirit so that you may obtain the reward I have promised you.

28 When outside your nation your brothers are mercilessly wounding and killing, destroying peace, annihilating the weak peoples and sowing terror, misery and grief in their way, you, whom I have prepared and to whom I have announced these events for a long time, watch and pray Send out thoughts of peace; let your heart spread love and mercy among your brothers. Let my teaching become action; in this way you will counteract evil.

29 I have chosen you from among the great crowds of people who make up this humanity to make known to you My teaching, My Will, and I have urged every Spirit to perfect himself in the way of fulfilling (My commandments). But you are more responsible because you have witnessed the fulfillment of all my words.

30 The elements and forces of nature will be unbound to cleanse and restore all that has been defiled and profaned by man on earth.

31 Children at this time are shaken by the chaos they are experiencing at close quarters and their innocent heart rises to Me to ask Me for light for those in power and for proper guidance in their decisions They also intercede with Me for the peoples who have suffered more under the yoke of others, and ask Me to set them free again. Their virtues of love and justice are alive in them, and their lament calls for peace and good will among men. I receive their prayer and let it come as a balm over the hardships of these warring nations.

32 You child souls, do not deviate from the way of surrender, obedience, and good feelings. Do not let yourselves be infected, flee from the influence of evil. Trust Me and let My Light guide you and illuminate the way of your development.

33 You who are adults, I consider you also as children, and I evaluate your works Receive the light of My teaching and entrust to Me your concerns. be strong in the face of pain and surrender to your lot In your prayer you place your suffering brothers before Me and I accept your intercession. To you as to all My children I give My love equally. I receive your prayer and through you I bless all My children, both those who love Me and believe in this Word and those who doubt and still deny Me. I have touched your heart, which used to be unfeeling like a rock, and from it water of love and forgiveness for men is beginning to spring up. This is what I have always demanded of you: It is the eternal law without beginning and end, the law of love, of mercy, which has not been exercised by the human race until today.

34 Today you approach Me in the desire for the word that extinguishes sufferings, that caresses your heart whipped by heavy storms. I give you warmth, as the loving lark does with its young, because I have seen that winter has entered many hearts: some are trembling with cold, others have died. My presence gives you strength in the trials. I do not want your faith to be extinguished.

35 Only faith will be a support for you in this time of pain, if you want to be an example for your brothers and give witness to My word with your works. be strong, be prepared, live vigilantly and let what My teaching teaches you become a deed, so that you may be believed I want to see you strong and enlightened through My teaching so that you make up for lost time.

36 If you love Me, your heart will change: you will feel full of life, full of zeal to fight for your spiritual ascent You will be My true disciples, and when the adversities of life strike you, you will not turn away from Me nor reproach Me for the trials of your atonement. You will agree to the fulfillment (of your commission) because you know that the soul purifies and perfects itself in these trials.

37 Make use of the time in which you receive My teaching, because after this period of time you will no longer have My teaching in this way. But wait also until I tell you: "This is the number of hearts you are to take into your care. These are the limits I draw for you; not limits in loving or forgiving, but limits in your work. For - even if you offer me a meager harvest - if it has been tended with love, it will be enough for me, and I will accept you and bless your work.

You are to watch that your steps do not stray from the path of good, and that the light which I have given you is like a lighthouse that illuminates the way of every Spirit. It will dispel all doubts and give you the feeling of security in your actions. But if you leave the (right) way, it will always call you to return to the fulfillment of your mission.

38 To others of My children I say: Do not be impatient, do not ask Me for a ministry without first understanding the responsibility for it. Do not be in a hurry, for you will soon become tired, and weariness will then make you fall asleep, to awaken (only again) in another period of time. The journey of life is long and the road is bumpy; you must go forward step by step without stopping. If you overcome the stimulus of matter and are able to lift up your Spirit, you will live on higher planes, from where you can see with the greatest clarity the Spiritual Life that awaits you.

39 Understand My love, remember that I am not like the rich miser who wants everything for himself. Everything that is mine is also yours, because you are my very beloved children.

40 You are the generations chosen in this time to receive My rallies on you I have poured out My graces and blessings because I do not want you to return to earth to atone for past transgressions I want you to enjoy the peace of My kingdom after the completion of your task.

41 You tell Me that the earth is a place of sufferings and agonies; but I tell you that you have made of it a world of misfortune and discord due to the lack of fulfilment (of your mission) I have taught you surrender and obedience and have always advised you to do good. I have told you to sow peace so that you may reap peace, to prepare the way for new generations, and to give them of your seed so that you may see it blossom and bear fruit with them.

42 I have granted you gifts which bring you nearer to Me. I have allowed you to look beyond your world and bear witness to My teachings in the Third Age. No one will be able to prevent the revelation of these spiritual gifts, just as no one can usurp the mercy I have granted you. Only the Spirit will make you understand how great the graces are, which I have granted you. Purify yourselves and work so that you may soon be with me and have the satisfaction of having understood and obeyed my commandments.

43 Today, in the time of reparation, restore peace to those whom you have "killed" in their faith; heal those whom you have wounded with your word; pay your debt, let the benefits of your love overflow onto your brothers, and you will fulfil My Law

44 Man has - when he turned away from fulfilling My Law - created various ideas, theories, religions and doctrines which divide and confuse mankind and bind the Spirit to matter and prevent it from rising freely But the light of My Holy Spirit enlightens all men and shows them the way of true life, where there is only one guide, who is the conscience.

45 When the great epidemics break out and the scientists, because of their lack of love and inner compassion, are unable to heal the suffering, the "workers", the disciples, will appear and with love fulfill their task of healing and comforting their brothers And the spiritual world, which unites itself with them, will bestow its benefits upon humanity bent by pain. Watch and pray, for if I am giving you my teaching through the mind at this time, only those who prepare themselves will receive my inspiration tomorrow and hold dialogue with me from Spirit to Spirit.

46 Let the "gold feathers" write down My teaching for the generations to come, because My Word shall not be lost; it will be like a treasure that you will keep through the ages. But I tell you that he who finds the divine sense at the bottom of My Word will be the one who follows My example with the greatest perseverance and firmness. The one who believes in this Word is like someone who carries a burning torch to illuminate his way without being confused by false theories or beautiful sounding words. For he will then have discovered the secret of how to find the truth; he will then have grasped the immeasurable love that I have for you, and he will feel that I am with all my children and instill in them courage to continue the "day's work.

47 You have withstood storms and tempests that have carried away your "garments" in shreds, but you have risen in prayer and your request was that My mercy prevent your lamp from going out and you have found the Master ready to come to your aid

48 The way is painful and in this world you do not reap the fruits of the seed; but truly, I tell you, in this time of trials and judgement, a little peace in Spirit and a piece of dry bread on your table is worth more than fine clothes or sumptuous food and even than the thrones of the Lords of the earth I, who enter into those hearts, tell you that they are like graves and that there is bitterness on their lips.

49 In this way of humility there are joys, satisfactions, and treasures of great value to the Spirit. Blessed are those who know how to appreciate them.

50 Among you are those who came here disgusted by the pleasures of the world, to whom they will not return. But some are still attracted by the false pleasures they provide. But when a bad friend invites them on the evil way, and at that moment a sick person turns to them and asks for a drop of "balm," Spirit and matter struggle inwardly with one another, the feelings of love and mercy for their brothers triumph, and they move away from him who tried them to step into the camp of him who, in his distress, has been the lifeboat for that "laborer. How great was the bliss and peace that this heart experienced when it saw the sick man healthy! Then it stood up in prayer and said to me, "Thank you, Master, for giving me the strength to triumph in the trial.

51 See how blessed you are those who have been made well by your mediation; see how much joy is in him who has left the bed by your help. Hear the words of gratitude of those who have gone astray, whom you have brought back to the way of good. How much your heart has been refreshed in the fulfillment of your task! But woe to those who do not understand these joys!

52 This word which I am giving you through human mediation is not a human theory. The core of this rallies is a divine revelation.

53 My Spirit has to cross the thresholds of your ignorance to reveal to you eternal life, since as long as you are incarnated, with all your inspiration and exaltation, you cannot grasp what is yours, but what is waiting for you as My My Mystery

54 This is the third revelation, the Third Testament; therefore you are Trinitarians Everyone who has received the spiritual sign on his forehead during this time has been with Me before in the two preceding periods.

55 I have sent you out to fight a great battle among mankind. That is why you often show Me your "garments "* torn apart in the battles of life. But you know well that your loving Master heals your sufferings and wounds, just as you heal in My name the pain of your sick brothers.

* This is a figurative expression for the "garment of the Spirit", the soul which is wounded, disappointed, saddened and depressed by the wickedness and ingratitude of men, because of the rejection and opposition to the teaching of Christ.

56 I bless your watched nights, the consolation and caress you have given to the suffering, the tears you have shed for him who suffers in the world; and all that you have brought in I receive. Do not forget that what you do to your neighbor, you do to your Father and for yourselves. Not a single seed is lost in my fields.

57 If the Word I bring to your ears and all that I teach you is perfect, it is because your Spirit is perfect inasmuch as it came forth from Me See how he - enlightened by conscience - approves the good deeds and does not accept imperfections.

58 Who among you can prove that he did not exist before this life? Which of those who are absolutely certain that they are going through a new incarnation can prove that their account with the Father is settled and that they still have merit on their "have" side?

59 No one knows the level of perfection on which he is. Therefore fight, love, and persevere to the end.

60 For some the "day's work" in the body will still be long, others will soon have to continue it in the Spirit. Verily, I say to you: It is very beautiful to work in the Spirit when one has fulfilled on earth. But do not believe - because you have fulfilled your task in the world - that you have reached the goal of perfection. The ladder of spiritual perfection is very high, and to reach its summit you must pass through seven stages.

61 Pray that you may be strong in the visitations. This year the pain will be extraordinarily palpable in the hearts of men, for once again the bitter fruit of science and human striving for power will poison and kill great masses of people.

62 All that is defiled will become clean, and every weed will be uprooted. I will know how to help myself to those who are going astray today to exercise My Divine Righteousness, and this "valley", which has been a valley of tears up to now, will be one of blood, for this will flow in rivers on earth.

63 I gave man free will; but if this man in his blindness should go so far as to reproach me for this, I will tell him that I also gave him willpower and understanding. At the same time I revealed to him my law, which is the way not to stumble or get lost, and kindled in him the light of conscience, which is the inner beacon that illuminates the way of the soul and leads it to eternal life.

64 Why does sin exist, and evil prevails, and wars break out? Because man does not listen to the voice of conscience and makes bad use of his free will.

65 Men will come to the end of their own way and return on the same, reaping the fruits of all that they sowed, the only way through which repentance arises in the hearts. For he who does not recognize his transgressions cannot do anything to right his wrongs.

66 A new world is in preparation, and new generations will soon come; but before that the hungry wolves must be eliminated, lest they take the sheep for prey.

67 You are sent out as soldiers of peace. Do not shrink from the fight, do not be impressed by the representatives of sects and denominations. In all your modesty you are no less than they are.

68 On the path of perfection, on this infinite stepladder, there have always been beings who walk in front and others who walk behind. But all will reach the same home, because in the sphere of my divinity there are no orders of rank, but only children, all of them very much loved by my Spirit. I am in all; I hide myself just as much in the heart of the mighty as in that of the beggar. Therefore I say to you: When you see a needy person coming to your doors, do not refuse him your loving help, for it will be your Father who knocks at your heart.

69 I thirst for your love, O beloved children.

70 My rallies at this time are a further proof that I am giving you my love. But prepare your hearts because this rallies will soon be over and I tell you once more that I will speak to you for the last time on the last day of 1950. Because after this day you are to seek me in a spiritual way in the infinite, and when you are prepared you will hear my voice in the form of inspiration - now without the imperfections of the human voice bearer.

71 Pray, people, for in the moments of your prayer the warfare calms down, hearts rest, mothers find comfort and children find refuge

72 Woe to those who did not know how to prepare themselves, for they will feel like orphans on earth!

73 Great spiritual events will be experienced in the world; prophets will appear in the nations, the contents of the Seven Seals will be known to all, the light of the Sixth Seal will be recognized as that which shines in this time; for in this revelation all men will unite and all creeds and sexes of the earth will merge.

My peace be with you!

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