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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 29:

1 Disciples, again I am among you; but because the form in which I make myself known is new, you doubt without realizing that you must not be with the forms; for in this way you will not find out where the truth is

2 The means by which I make myself known in this time is man; this is the reason why you doubt my rallies My message lies in the essence of the word that comes over the lips of the voice bearer.

* Designation of the persons through whose intellect the Lord makes himself known as an instrument. In Spanish the word is "portavoz", meaning: voice bearer, word mediator or mouthpiece.

3 Today you doubt anew. Do you want me to come as in the past? Remember that you also doubted then!

4 I do not speak to you through a scholar or philosopher, for then you would have attributed the word not to me but to him. Instead, I reveal Myself through the humble, the ignorant and clumsy one, so that when you compare the insignificance and wretchedness of his human appearance with the greatness and wisdom of the Word that comes out of his mouth, you should come to the realization that only the Lord can speak to you in this way.

5 There are also those who, in their doubt, ask themselves: Is it in truth the Master? Am I on a good way? Is this not a work of temptation? - but when you ask yourselves in this way, you hear My loving Word telling you: have you felt peace on this way? Have you found comfort and have you recovered from your diseases? - Then you confess before your conscience and say, "Yes, I have experienced and received all this.

6 There is not yet the time when you all have faith. The times, the trials, and the events will shake men awake, and tomorrow they will say: Verily, He who was here and spoke to us was the Divine Master.

7 I reveal to you many secrets of the Spirit, that you may know yourselves, and in this way know your Father better.

8 The men who study God are not in agreement. Which are in the truth? The scientists disagree. Which are in the right? Religion and science have always been in contradiction, without men realizing that the spiritual and the material live together in perfect harmony, forming with it the true work of the Creator. The one has a different mission among men than the other; but they should do it like the divine work, being in harmony with one another like all the beings of creation.

9 How many curses has religion hurled against science, and how many times has science denied the existence of spiritual life to religion! Religion relies on the evils science has inflicted upon mankind, and science uses as a weapon the fanaticism and superstition taught to mankind by the servants of religion.

10 Verily I tell you, some lack knowledge of the Truth that Nature holds and others lack due interpretation of My Law

11 I am the King of Peace. I have drawn My sword and come with the intention to fight to destroy every sin and darkness. Those who follow Me must not fear if they are misjudged by their parents or their children, for My love will compensate them in their struggle.

12 Already in the Second Age some misunderstood the others; for while some listened to Jesus, others rejected Him.

13 My new soldiers will have to set out to proclaim this message among the people who have forgotten My Truth, through their works and example Today I find My Word only in dusty books. Humanity has moved away from the true way and has become accustomed to sin, vice and licentiousness. Sin no longer repels them, crime no longer fills them with horror, and adultery no longer affects them.

14 Humanity, here you have my word in limited form so that you can understand it. But if you want proofs of my presence - proofs I have already given you and I will give you even more; but do not weep and do not pull your hair when they arise.

15 In the Second Time Jesus once made a wandering, followed by some of His disciples. They had climbed a mountain, and while the Master filled those men with admiration through His words, they suddenly saw the body of their Lord transfigured, floating in space, with the Spirit of Moses on his right and Elijah on his left.

16 At that supernatural sight the disciples threw themselves to the earth, blinded by the divine light. But they immediately calmed themselves down and suggested to their Master to put the purple robe of kings over His shoulders, as well as over Moses and Elijah. Then they heard a voice coming down from infinity, which said, "This is My dear Son, in whom I am well pleased; listen to Him!

17 Great fear seized the disciples when they heard that voice, and when they looked up, they saw only the Master, who said to them, "Fear not, and tell this vision to no one until I am risen from the dead. Then they asked their Lord, "Why do the scribes say that Elijah must come before? And Jesus answered them, "Truly, Elijah will come first and set all things right. But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him; rather, they did to him what they wished. Then the disciples understood that He spoke to them of John the Baptist.

18 How many times during this time I made disappear before your eyes the body through which I communicated Myself*, to enable you to see Me in the human form in which mankind knew Jesus, and yet you did not prostrate yourselves in the face of the new transfiguration

* The Lord refers to the many testimonies of the spiritual visionaries among the audience, who testified that the body of the voice bearer disappeared and they saw in its place the figure of Jesus.

19 My work is the Spiritual Mountain to which I invite you to climb it on paths of love, mercy and humility. It is the new Mount Tabor, where the past, the present and the future merge into one, and where the law, love and wisdom are united into one single essence.

20 Moses, Jesus and Elijah - this is the way the Lord has marked out for man to help him rise to the kingdom of peace, light and perfection.

21 Feel in your lives the presence of the Lord's messengers. None of them has died, they all live to illuminate the way of men who have gone astray and to help them to rise from their falls and to strengthen them, so that in the trials of their debt they may devote themselves to them with love.

22 Know the work which Moses fulfilled on earth through the inspiration of Jehovah. Study in depth the teaching of Jesus through whom the Divine Word spoke, and seek the spiritual meaning of My new revelation, whose age is represented by Elijah.

23 When you have acquired full knowledge of these divine revelations, make of them a book to be divided into three parts, and you will find that the first speaks of the Law, the second of Love, and the third of Wisdom. Then you will understand that it is the law that leads, that lifts up love and perfects wisdom. Finally, you will understand that these revelations were given to you in perfect order, illuminating human life: that the teaching of love was given to you when you already had an extensive knowledge of justice, and that likewise wisdom will come to you when you live in accordance with the teachings that love holds.

24 The Lord has always spoken to mankind through men, for between the Divine Being and the human being stands your Spirit, who gives the heavenly message, who perceives and forebodes the eternal.

25 Moses, Jesus and Elijah represent the three stages of development in which I made Myself known to you: the arm of Moses, who held the tablet of the Law and showed the way to the Promised Land; the lips of Jesus, who proclaimed the divine Word; and Elijah, who with his spiritual rallies opened the gates that lead you to the Infinite and to the knowledge of what you call mystery.

26 I am conversing with you, speaking to your heart; while to hear Me you must do this through the human mouthpiece, I hear you when you speak to Me in the depths of your being

27 I am Christ, whom people have persecuted, blasphemed and made accused in this world. After all that you have done to Me in Jesus in the Second Time, I come to you to prove to you once more that I have forgiven you and love you.

28 Naked you have crucified Me and in the same way I am coming back to you, for I do not hide My Spirit and My Truth from your eyes behind the garment of hypocrisy or lies. But to recognize Me you must first cleanse your heart.

29 You would like to see Me in all My greatness and so the Master wants to show Himself to His disciples; but still I meet you as you take the first steps and I must limit Myself until I can be understood by you

30 What would happen if you suddenly saw My Light in all its glory? you would go blind And if you heard my voice in all its power? you would lose your mind. - If in the voice bearer, through whom I make myself known, my whole power would be discharged - what would happen to him?: His body would be destroyed.

31 Therefore agree that the Father limits himself so that he may be understood, felt and seen spiritually by men, for even in this limitation He is perfect, wise and infinite. Many of you would like me to perform material miracles to believe that it is I who manifests. This is what you did in the First Time when Moses called upon the people to lead them through the desert to the Promised Land. Many of you demanded that he do mighty works to believe that he was the messenger of God, and therefore to follow him.

32 Moses had given enough proof that the true God was with him; but the people wanted more testimonies, and when the messenger had brought the crowds to the foot of Mount Sinai, he called on the power of Jehovah, and the Lord heard him and granted him great proofs and wonders.

33 When the people were thirsty, I took this as an occasion, and by the faith of Moses revealed my power by making water spring up from the rock. When the people hungered, I gave proofs of My presence in the prayer of him who led Israel by sending him manna.

34 The people wanted to hear and see him whom Moses heard and saw by his faith, and I revealed myself to the people in the cloud and made them hear My voice for hours. But it was so mighty that the people thought they would die of fear; their body trembled and their Spirit shuddered at that voice of righteousness. Then the people begged Moses to ask Jehovah to stop speaking to His people because they could not hear Him. They realized that they were still far too immature to communicate directly with the Eternal.

35 In the days when Christ dwelt among the people in Jesus, people said that when they saw Him How can the son of the carpenter and Mary be the promised Messiah, the one whom the prophets announced and the patriarchs awaited? How can this insignificant man be the Son of God, the Deliverer? - But the Master spoke, and His Word made those tremble who came to Him in good faith, and even the unbelievers. At every turn, people demanded a miracle from Jesus, and He did it. The blind man came, and to the amazement of the Pharisees, the Master gave him sight by just touching him. In the same way, He restored mobility to the paralytic, the leper was cleansed of his evil, the possessed was freed, the adulteress was transformed with a word, and the dead rose at His voice.

36 All that men asked to believe and to know Me I granted them; for in Me was the power to give them all they asked for, since in Jesus the Divine Spirit was hidden to make Himself known and fulfil the Law

37 When Jesus hung on the cross, there was no Spirit who would not have felt shaken at the voice of the love and justice of Him who died, naked as the Truth itself, which He brought in His Word. Those who studied the life of Jesus realized that there was no one before or after Him who did a work like His, for it was a divine work that will save mankind by His example.

38 Meekly I came for sacrifice because I knew that my blood was to transform and save you. Until the last moment I spoke with love and I forgave you because I came to bring you sublime teaching and to show you with perfect examples the way to eternity.

39 Mankind wanted to dissuade Me from My project by seeking the weakness of the flesh; but I did not desist. Men wanted to tempt Me to blaspheme; but I did not blaspheme. The more the crowd insulted me, the more pity and love I had for them, and the more they hurt my body, the more blood poured out of it to give life to those who were dead for faith.

40 That blood is the symbol of love with which I have shown the human Spirit the way. I left My word of faith and hope to those hungry for justice, and the treasure of My revelations to the spiritual poor.

41 Only after this time did mankind become aware of who had been in the world. Thereupon the work of Jesus was understood as perfect and divine, recognized as superhuman. - How many tears of repentance! How many pangs of conscience in souls!

42 In this day and age I appear with you spiritually on the mountain of perfection, having as in the vision of those disciples Moses and Elijah at My side - they are the three messengers who have marked out to men the way of the Spirit through the fulfillment of the Law.

43 Moses handed over the Law to mankind carved in stone, Jesus brought His Law of Love to its highest development on the Cross, and Elijah illuminated every Spirit with Wisdom as a divine ray during this time. Every messenger had his time to make the divine message, revelations and prophecies understandable to mankind.

44 Moses was saved from the water, so that as an adult he might free his people and hand over to them the law of God.

45 "The Word" became man to tell mankind with His example: "I am the way, the truth and the life. Mary, the virgin mother, was the blessed ladder on which Christ descended to mankind. Mary, the holy and lovely mother of Jesus, nourished in her bosom the One who would later nourish all Spirits with the divine bread of His Word.

46 All that Christ told you and taught you with His works was a law, which confirmed that which you had received through Moses. But not everything was said, not everything was revealed, it was still pending that Elijah should come in fulfillment of the prophecies and My Word to prepare again My coming. For this purpose he made himself known through the human mind as a mediator by means of his ray of light to enlighten the spirits, the hearts and the senses, to bring about an understanding of what had already been revealed and to prepare men for the new revelations and enlightenments which I would have to entrust to you in this word.

47 Those who listened to the first rallies in 1866 heard those words which read: "I am Elijah, the prophet of the First Days, that of the transfiguration on Mount Tabor; prepare yourselves, for the Seven Seals will be revealed to you and the gates of the mystery will be opened to you, so that you may see the way to your salvation.

48 Also at this moment I am seen, together with Moses and Elijah, through the spiritual face of those who have developed this precious gift. - You are before this transfiguration, frightening some and repenting others, but this light and grace will be poured out on the whole world.

49 "Moses "* look at your people. It is the same that you led through the desert in search of the Promised Land. Scattered and wandering through the world. While some have understood that the Promised Land is in My bosom and is reached by the love My Word teaches, others have taken possession of the world as if it were their last home and their only possession. These did not believe in the Messiah, nor did they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Return to them in the Spirit and show them anew the way to the promised land, the heavenly homeland. But if they do not believe you - the sun will be darkened, the moon will lose its light, and the earth will tremble, for this people will awaken and never again lose their way.

* The Lord speaks here to Moses who is present in Spirit.

50 My helping love is with mankind. At every dawn I bring peace to men, but they have not wanted My love. They have created war, and they obtain their own right. Therefore the weeds will be pulled up, and all unclean things will be washed away in the waters of love and renewal.

51 After death the resurrection will come to true life; after war there will be peace, and as soon as the chaos is over, the light will shine in the consciences; for I am the light of the world.

52 The year 1950 will come, and until then many voice-bearers will carry my word. Also in other nations I will be heard. But on the last day of my rallies the "spiritual valley" will have its eyes fixed on you: the souls of the inhabitants of the earth, those of your parents, and the patriarchs and the righteous will be present. Blessed are those who obey My law, for they will be classified as sheep of the Divine Shepherd; but woe to the disobedient, for they will be judged as goats.

53 "Elijah, you are the light*. In this time, which is thine, it was revealed to mankind that there are not three laws given to it, but only one, explained in three times, which is summarized in two commandments: To love God more than all created things, and to love one another. - Today I make My manifestation to remind My people of past teachings and also to proclaim My new revelations to them.

* Here the Lord speaks to Elijah present in the Spirit.

54 On this day when you remember the moment when Elijah opened the Third Age for mankind*, when he manifested himself through the mind of man - feel the love of your Master, free yourselves from bitterness and consolidate your steps on the way to salvation!

* On September 1, 1866

55 Live in accordance with My revelations of the three times and make your existence forever an inexhaustible well of justice, love and wisdom

My peace be with you!

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