BTL - Volume II - Teaching 29

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume II - Teaching 29 - 55
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Teaching 29:
1. Disciples, I am among you once again, but since the form through which I communicate with you is new, you doubt, not understanding that you should not be held back by forms. If you do, you shall not find the truth.
2. Man is the means through which I manifest myself in this time. This is why you doubt my communication. My message is in the essence of the word which the spokesman reveals through his lips.
3. You doubt again today. Would you have me come to you as in past times? Remember that you also doubted then.
4. I do not speak to you through the scholar or the philosopher, for then you would not have attributed the word to me but to him; but rather, I have come to manifest myself through the humble,
through the ignorant and dull, so that by comparing the insignificance and smallness of his material body with the greatness and wisdom of the word which springs from his mouth, you might come to understand that only the Lord can speak with you thus.
5. Also there are those who in their doubt ask themselves, Could this really be the Master? Am I on the right path? Is this not the work of temptation? When you ask yourselves these things you will
hear my sweet word speaking to you saying, Have you felt peace on this path? Have you been comforted and cured of your illnesses? Have you been regenerated? Then you will confess before your conscience and say, Yes, all this have I beheld and received.
6. The time has not yet come for all of you to believe. The times, the tests, and the events shall awaken men, and tomorrow they will say, Truly, He who was with us and spoke to us was the
Divine Master.
7. I come to reveal to you many mysteries of the spirit so that you might know yourselves and thus better know your Father.
8. Men who study God do not agree. Who walks in truth? Men of science contradict each other. Who is right? Religion and science have always been at odds. Men have not understood that the spiritual and the material live in perfect harmony, and that in this harmony they form the true work of the Creator. Each person has a different mission among humanity, but each should imitate the divine work, living in harmony with one another as do all beings of creation.
9. How many times has religion denounced science, and how many times has science denied to religion the existence of the spiritual life: religion basing its premise on the evils which science
has transmitted to humanity, and science taking as its weapon the fanaticism and superstitions which religious leaders have instilled upon humanity.
10. Truly I say to you that one needs to know the truth contained in nature, and the other needs to correctly interpret my law.
11. I am the King of Peace; I take my sword and come prepared for battle to destroy all sin and darkness. Let those who follow me not fear if they are disowned by their parents or by their children, for my love will compensate them in their battle.
12. Even during the Second Time people rejected one another. For while some went to hear Jesus, others denied him.
13. My new soldiers shall arise and with their deeds and examples preach these good news among humanity which has forgotten my truth. Today, I only find my word in dusty books. Humanity has strayed from the true path and befriended sin, vice, and immoral behavior. No longer does it loathe sin; crime does not horrify it nor adultery surprise it.
14. Here you have my word, humanity. It is limited so that you might understand it. But if you want proof of my presence, I have given you proof already and will give you more; however, do not weep nor tear your hair when it presents itself.
15. During the Second Time, Jesus was walking one day followed by his disciples. They had climbed a mountain, and while the Master astonished those men with his words, they suddenly beheld the transfigured body of their Lord, which floated in space, having the spirit of Moses to its right and that of Elijah to its left.
16. The disciples, blinded by the divine light, fell to the ground before that supernatural vision, but calming themselves quickly, they proposed that their Master place upon his shoulders the royal purple
mantle, the same as upon Moses and Elijah. Then they heard a voice which descended from the infinite and said. This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to him.
17. Great fear invaded the disciples when they heard that voice. Lifting their eyes, they saw only their Master who said to them: Do not fear nor tell anyone about this vision until I have resurrected from among the dead. Then they asked the Lord, Why do the scribes say that it is necessary for Elijah to come first? And Jesus answered, Truly, Elijah shall come first and restore all things. But I say to you
that Elijah has already come and they knew him not. Rather they did with him as they pleased. Then the disciples understood that he spoke to them of John the Baptist.
18. In this era, how many times have I made the spokesman through whom I communicate disappear before your eyes so that you might behold me in the human form of Jesus, the form in which humanity knew me; yet, you have not knelt before the new transfiguration.
19. My work represents the spiritual mountain which I invite you to climb through paths of love, charity, and humility. It is the new Mount Tabor where the past, present, and the future are united
into one, and where law, love, and wisdom are united into one essence.
20. The Lord used Moses, Jesus, and Elijah outline the path that man needs to follow in order to elevate himself to the kingdom of peace, light and perfection.
21. Experience in your life the presence of the Lord's messengers. None of them are dead. They all live to light the way of men who have become lost, helping them to rise when they have fallen, strengthening them so that when tested they might devote themselves with love to the fulfillment of their restitution.
22. Know the work which Moses completed on earth through Jehovah's inspiration. Analyze the teaching of Jesus through whom the Divine Word spoke and seek the spiritual meaning of my new
revelation, the era of which is represented by Elijah.
23. When you have reached a complete understanding of those divine revelations, compile a book which is divided into three parts, and you will find that the first part speaks of law, the second of love,
and the third of wisdom. Then you will understand that law is that which guides, that love elevates, and that wisdom perfects. Finally, you will understand that these revelations have been delivered to
you in perfect order, enlightening human life, and that the lesson of love was given to you when you already had ample knowledge of justice. In the same way wisdom will come to you when you live in
harmony with the teachings encompassed by love.
24. It is through man that the Lord has always spoken to humanity, for between the Divine Being and the human being is your spirit which interprets the celestial message, which perceives and senses the eternal.
25. Moses, Jesus, and Elijah represent the three phases in which I have manifested myself to you: the arm of Moses which held the tablet of the law and pointed out the path to the promised land; the lips of Jesus which pronounced the divine word; and Elijah who, with his spiritual manifestations, opened the doors that lead to infinity and to the knowledge of that which you call a mystery.
26. I am conversing with you, speaking to your hearts. While you must hear me through the human spokesman, I hear you when you speak to me in the most intimate part of your beings.
27. I am Christ, the one who has been persecuted, insulted and converted into a common criminal in this world. I come to you, after what you did to me in the Second Time through Jesus, to give you
proof once more that I have forgiven you and that I love you.
28. Naked you took me to the cross, and thus I return among you, for I do not hide my Spirit and my truth from your eyes behind the garment of hypocrisy or falsehood. But in order for you to see
me, you must first cleanse your hearts.
29. You would wish to behold me in all of my greatness, and the Master would so wish to manifest himself to his disciples; but I always find you taking your first steps and must limit myself until I
can be understood by you.
30. What would happen if suddenly you were to see my light in all of its splendor? You would be blinded. What if you were to hear my voice in all of its power? You would lose your reason. And if I
were to unleash all of my power on the spokesman through whom I communicate, what would become of him? His material body would disappear.
31. For that reason, accept that the Father would limit himself in order to be understood, felt, and beheld by men. But even within that limitation, he is perfect, wise, and infinite. Many of you would
like for me to perform material miracles in order to believe that it is I who manifest myself. You did so during the First Era when Moses called the people to take them through the desert to the promised
land. Many of you demanded that he perform powerful works in order to believe that he was God's messenger so that you could follow him.
32. Moses had offered sufficient proof that the true God was with him, but the people wanted more evidence. The messenger, taking the multitudes to the slopes of Mount Sinai called upon the
power of Jehovah; and the Lord, hearing him, granted him great proofs and miraculous things.
33. If the people had thirst, I manifested my power through the faith of Moses by having water spring from the rock. In the people's hunger I gave evidence of my presence, sending them manna because of the prayer of him who led Israel.
34. The people wanted to hear and to see the One to whom Moses listened and the One whom he perceived through his faith. I manifested myself to those people in a cloud and had them listen to
my voice for hours and hours, but it was so potent that men felt themselves dying of fear; their bodies shook and their spirits trembled before that voice of justice. Then the people begged Moses to plead to Jehovah not to speak any longer to his people, for they could no longer listen to him. They recognized that they were still too small to communicate directly with the Eternal One.
35. During the time in which Christ lived in Jesus among humanity, men would say on beholding him, how can the son of the carpenter and of Mary be the promised Messiah, the one whom the
prophets announced and for whom the patriarchs waited? How can this humble man be the Son of God, the liberator? But the Master spoke and his word made those, who came to him in good faith,
tremble. Even the unbelievers trembled. At every step the crowds demanded a miracle of Jesus, and he would perform it. The blind man came, and to the astonishment of the Pharisees, the Master
gave him vision by simply touching him. And in the same way, he gave movement to the lame one; the leper was cleansed of his disease; the one possessed was liberated; the adulteress was converted with one word; and the dead rose at his command.
36. Whatever men asked in order to believe and recognize me, I gave them, for in me was the power to give them whatever they asked since the Divine Spirit was hidden in Jesus in order to manifest itself and to fulfill the law.
37. When Jesus was on the cross, there was not a spirit which did not feel shaken before the voice of love and of justice of that one who was dying naked, similar to what they felt when he delivered the truth in his word. Whoever has analyzed the life of Jesus has recognized that neither before nor after him has anyone existed who could accomplish a work like his, for it was a divine work which with his example will save humanity.
38. I came meekly to the sacrifice, for I knew that my blood would convert you and save you. I spoke with love and forgave you to the last instant because I came to bring you a sublime teaching and to trace for you the path toward eternity with perfect examples.
39. Humanity wanted to make me give up my mission with the fragility of the flesh, but I did not give up. Men wanted to make me blaspheme, but I did not blaspheme. The more the crowds offended me the more pity and love I had for them. The more they hurt my body, the more blood flowed from it to give life to those whose faith had died.
40. That blood is the symbol of the love with which I traced the path for the human spirit. I left my word of faith and hope to those who were hungry for justice, and the treasure of my revelations to
the spiritually enlightened ones.
41. After time passed, humanity became aware of the one who had been in the world; then the work of Jesus was considered to be perfect and divine and recognized as superhuman. There were many who shed tears of repentance! There were many spirits who experienced great remorse!
42. In this time, I appear before you spiritually on the mount of perfection, having, as in the vision of those disciples, Moses and Elijah at my side, the three messengers who have traced for men the
way of the spirit through the fulfillment of the law.
43. Moses presented to humanity the law engraved on stone; Jesus culminated his law of love on the cross; Elijah in this time came as a divine ray to enlighten every spirit with wisdom. Each
messenger has had his time to have humanity understand the divine message, the revelations, and the prophecies.
44. Moses was saved from the waters so that he might become a man, liberate his people, and deliver to them the law of God.
45. The Word became man in order to say to humanity with his example: "1 am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Mary, the Virgin Mother, was the blessed ladder by which Christ descended unto
men. Mary, the holy and sweet mother of Jesus, nourished with her breast the one who later would nourish every spirit with the divine bread of his word.
46. Everything that Christ said to you and taught you with his
deeds was a law which came to confirm the one which you had received through Moses, but not everything was said nor was everything revealed. It was still necessary for Elijah to come to prepare my arrival once again, thus fulfilling the prophecies and my word. For that reason he manifested himself through human spokesmen to enlighten spirits, hearts, and minds. He came to help
men understand that which had already been revealed, and to prepare men for the new revelations and explanations which I would entrust to you in this word.
47. Those who listened to the first manifestations in 1866 heard those words which said, I am Elijah, the prophet of the First Era, the one who appeared at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor. Prepare
yourselves, for the Seven Seals are being revealed to you and the mysteries will be explained so that you might behold the path of your salvation.
48. Also, in this instant I am being contemplated united with Moses and Elijah by those who have developed the precious gift of spiritual vision. Some of you will find yourselves astounded and
others repentant before this transfiguration, but this light and this grace will be shed on all the earth.
49. Moses: Behold your people. They are the same ones that you led through the desert in search of the promised land. Disseminated and errant they wander throughout the world. While some have understood that the promised land is in my bosom, and that one comes to it through the love which my word teaches, others have possessed the world as if it were their last dwelling and their only possession. These did not believe in the Messiah nor have they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Return to them in spirit and once again indicate to them the path to the promised land, to the celestial
homeland. Should they not believe you, let the sun darken, the moon lose its light, and the earth tremble, for these people will awaken and never again will they become lost!
50. My charity is with humanity. At every dawn I propose peace to men, but they have not wanted my love. They have created war, and they pronounce justice among themselves. For that reason the
bad weed will be cut down and every impurity cleansed in the waters of love and regeneration.
51. After death, the resurrection to the true life will come. After war, peace will be made, and after the chaos, light will shine in consciences, for I am the light of the world.
52. The year of 1950 will arrive and until then many spokesmen will transmit my word. They will hear me in other nations, but on the last day of my manifestation the spiritual valley will have its
eyes upon you; the spirits of the inhabitants of the earth, those of your fathers, the patriarchs, and the just will be present. Blessed are those who are obedient to my law, for they shall be judged as sheep
of the Divine Shepherd, but woe unto the disobedient for they shall be judged as he-goats!
53. Elijah, you are the light. In this time, which is yours, it has been revealed to humanity that there are not three laws which have been delivered to it, but only one, delivered in three times, and
which is condensed into two precepts: to love God above everything created, and to love one another! Today, I manifest myself in order to remind my people of past teachings and also to announce my new revelations to them.
54. On this day in which you have recalled the moment that Elijah opened the Third Time to humanity when he communicated through a human spokesman, feel the love of your Master; cast away your bitterness, and take firm steps in the path of salvation.
55. Live in harmony with my revelations of the Three Times and eternally convert your existence into an inexhaustible source of justice, love and wisdom.
My Peace be with you!