The inner Christ, the resurrection and life

Gospel of Perfect Life - Chapter 69
1. When Jesus was sitting with his disciples on the west side of the temple, behold, people carried a dead man on a stretcher to bury him, and one said to Jesus, "Master, when a man dies, will he live again? "
2. And he answered, saying, "I am the resurrection and the life, the good, the beautiful, the true, and the believer in me, who will never die, and all will be resurrected in Christ. Blessed are those who die in me and have become perfect in my image; because they rest from their work and their works follow them. They have overcome evil and been made pillars of the temple of God, and they are no longer going out; because they will rest in eternity.
3. But those who have done evil, for whom there is no rest; for they will have to go in and out, suffering through many ages for their betterment, until they become perfect. But those who have done good and attained perfection have eternal rest and enter eternal life. They rest in the eternal.
4. Death and birth in their repetition have no power over them, for them the wheel of the Eternal no longer revolves, for they have reached the center where eternal rest prevails, and the center of all things is God. "
5. And one of his disciples asked him, "How shall one go into the kingdom of God?" And he answered and said, "When you do not the lower as the upper and the left as the right, the back as the front is, if you are not centered and in the spirit, you will not enter into the kingdom of God. "
6. And he said, "Do not believe that any man is without error, for even among the prophets and the initiates of Christ the word of error is found. But there are many fallacies that love covers. "
7. And when it was evening, he went out to Bethany with the twelve; for there lived Lazarus and Mary and Martha, whom he loved.
8. And Salome came to him and asked him, "How long shall death have power?" And he answered and said, "As long as you impose burdens on men and give birth as their wives. That's why I came to end the works of the unconscious. "
9. And Salome said to him, "Then I have done well not to have born." And the Lord answered, "Eat of every willow that is good; but of the one who has the bitterness of death, do not eat. "
10. And when Salome asked when these things which she asked of him will be known, the Lord said, "If ye have worn off the garment of modesty, and lifted you above desire; when the two become one and the male and the female with the male and the female are neither male nor female. "
11. And he spoke again to another disciple, who asked him, "When will all be obedient to the law?" "When the Spirit of God will fill the whole earth and the heart of every man and woman.
12. I spread the law into the earth, and it took root, and at the right time bore twelve fruits as food for all. I threw the law into the water and it was cleansed of all evil. I threw the law into the fire and the gold has been cleansed of all the slags. I threw the law into the air and it got life through the spirit of the one living, who fulfills all things and dwells in everyone's heart. "
13. And many other similar parables he told those who had ears to hear and to understand. But it was incomprehensible to the crowd.

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