BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 9

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1 
Teaching 9:

1 On this day you remember My entry into Jerusalem; you call to mind the times when I lived among you as Jesus. today you feel strong again in the face of My new miracles and testify publicly that this Master is the same one who spoke to you in the Second Time; but I tell you not to forget what you have done with Jesus so that you do not repeat it in this time I knew that after your rejoicing you would weaken as a result of the words of the priests, and that your hosiannah chants would soon change to "Crucify him.

2 O My children, you who have not known My rallies through the ages nor have you remained awake awaiting the fulfillment of My prophecies!

3 I was the sacrificial Lamb at that Passover which My people celebrated. only later, when the time was over, did you recognise the nature of My teaching and the reason for My sacrifice, and then you wept and repented not having recognised Me

4 Today you are in a new time of teachings and great spiritual manifestations and the Master is seeking in your spirit the seed He has planted in you at another time You tell Me, "Why do we not feel Your presence when You are so close to us? And I answer you that you have materialized, that you are busy with the sciences and all that belongs to the world, forgetting your Spirit.

Fearfully you tell Me that you have strayed from the path, and I tell you that I have come to show you the way with the light of My teachings, which leads you to an existence in a world of peace. Listen to Me, then My word will awaken you to a new life; your doubts and fears will be dispelled. Your Spirit, who carries a heavy burden, will find rest when he feels My forgiveness.

5 Why do you not leave Me your business? why do you obtain justice by taking My place as judge? do you not know that you are living in a time of trials and guilt? Know that you are all violating My Law and that I have not judged you nor publicly accused you.

6 If I have granted you free will, it is not so that you judge one another, but that you perfect your Spirit in the exercise of goodness, supported by the light of conscience

7 I make you "workers" and give you My seed of love so that you sow it in the sick, in the afflicted, in the evildoers; and if anyone feels unworthy to receive it, cause him to come to Me, I will make him worthy so that he will not feel despised. Call on your heavenly mother, her divine love will stand by you in this struggle and lead you all to Me.

8 I want you, the people whom I have been teaching, to take it upon yourselves to lead the new crowds that will come after 1950 to multiply My people and to watch so that they may be nourished with the Bread of Eternal Life, as I did with you; I want you to take it upon yourselves to lead the new crowds that will come after 1950 to multiply My people and to watch so that they may be nourished with the Bread of Eternal Life, as I did with you

9 Do not allow My Word to be falsified; be vigilant so that its spiritual meaning is always preserved and make sure that your interpretation is correct Lay out my truth and it will bring life, health and faith to your brothers. If my word is light that breaks out of me, it must reveal itself like a torch in everyone who knows it. I offer you this light because I do not want you to live in darkness.

10 Perfect your Spirit with My wisdom, strengthen yourselves so that you may fight for your spiritual ascent. - You who are bereft of all emotions, feel My caress so that the selfishness of the beings surrounding you does not leave any harm in your hearts. - You ask me: "Why is there no true love among men? Why do you not practice true charity?" And I answer you: That is because you have dried up the spring of crystal-clear water which I have put in your heart because you have distanced yourselves from the fulfillment of My Law.

11 you have divided yourselves and do not want to know of your brothers' needs; you consider yourselves strangers even if you live under the same roof this is why you were surprised when hearing My Word because in it I manifest My love, My patience and My forgiveness for all My children

12 I do not favour anyone and I demand from you to unite, to love one another and to forgive one another I have already given you enough time to reflect and begin a new life. I have forgiven your past mistakes and give you the opportunity to transform yourselves into My good disciples.

13 The book of life is opening before you to enlighten every mind. Study each of its lessons, do not see secrets everywhere; today everything is clarity for the Spirit. Look into the secret chambers and get to know all that I grant you. I no longer want to be an incomprehensible father to you. There is no reason to see me in this way because all my revelations were within the range of your comprehension, and everything I have revealed to you at the right time.

14 Do not grieve unnecessarily; all that you think you need, you have with you. I have put My Light into your Spirit and entrusted you with what is necessary for the preservation of your body. All the elements serve you, everything I have created for your refreshment, and everything is useful if you use it with moderation. The reason for your sufferings and worries is another: the Spirit finds no peace in this empty existence that you have created on earth, and its restlessness is communicated to you. If you made resolutions for true improvement - how much good would you do to yourselves and how would you regain the lost peace.

15 Disciples, prepare yourselves that you may speak to mankind of love, forgiveness, and justice. Forget everything that belongs to the world, so that you may rise to the regions of peace and perfect love.

16 You have listened to My call and seek Me to learn My lesson; some ask for daily bread, others seek Me as a doctor and adviser But some come only to investigate My Word and want to discover in it some defect; but I tell them: You will not find this weak point that you seek in My teaching. If, on the other hand, you stop in your innermost being, you will find there the imperfection. - Those who have acted in this way have not recognized my presence, because they are only able to interpret human works, but are not yet able to understand the messages of God. I enlighten all and forgive their unbelief.

17 I will not allow a single one of My children to go astray or even be lost. I will turn the parasitic plants into fruitful ones, because all creatures were called into existence to achieve a goal of perfection.

18 I want you to rejoice with Me in My work. Already before, I have let you share in my qualities because you are a part of me. Since everything belongs to Me, I make you also owners of My work.

19 You Spirits all have in Me a divine Father, and if I have given you human parents in material life, it was so that they might give life to your body and represent your heavenly Father among you. I told you, "You shall love God above all created things," and added "You shall honour your father and mother". So do not neglect your duties. If you have not gratefully acknowledged your parents' love, and you still have it in the world, bless it and acknowledge its merits.

20 I want you to be believers, to believe in the spiritual life. When you have seen your brethren depart for the hereafter, do not think that they are far from you, nor that you have lost them forever. If you want to reunite with them, work, earn merit, and when you then go into the hereafter, you will find them there waiting for you to teach you to live in the Spiritual Valley.

21 My people, do you think that it is your God who gives this word? - then why did you doubt Me when you called on Me in the bed of pain, and the healing balm did not immediately cure your illness? Remember that I test you in many ways because I want you to be strong: for if you are My disciples, you must pass many tests to be believed.

22 You are the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who gave you great examples of faith and obedience; although you have the same Spirit, you do not manage to be like them; at all times I have tested My disciples How many times have I put Peter to the test, and only in one of these did he falter. But judge whether this deed was not bad on him, for when his faith was inflamed, he was like a torch among mankind, preaching and bearing witness to the truth.

23 Do not condemn Thomas; consider how often you were able to grasp my works with your hands, and even then you still doubted. Do not look with contempt on Judas Iscariot, that beloved disciple who sold his Master for thirty coins; for never has there been a greater repentance than his own. I used each one of them to leave you teachings which would serve as an example to you and which would remain forever in the memory of mankind. After their faint-heartedness they repented, changed, and gave themselves unreservedly to the fulfillment of their mission. They were true apostles and left an example for all generations.

24 Come to the spiritual valley so that you may understand My word. When you listen to My teaching, take distance from the worries of the world and let My light illuminate your Spirit. I encourage your faith and guide you forever so that you prepare yourselves to enjoy eternal life.

25 "Watch and pray," I tell you again and again; but I do not want you to become accustomed to this kind advice, but to think about it and act accordingly.

26 I call you to pray, because he who does not pray gives himself over to superfluous, material and sometimes insane thoughts, whereby, without being aware of it, he favors and nourishes fratricidal wars. But when you pray, your thinking, as if it were a sword of light, tears apart the veils of darkness and the snares of temptation that imprison many beings today; it saturates your surroundings with spiritual power and counteracts the forces of evil.

27 Do not despair in the face of battle, nor despair when you have not yet seen success. Know that it is your task to fight to the end; but you must consider that only a very small part of this work of renewing and spiritualizing humanity will fall to you.

28 Tomorrow you will leave your post, and others will come to continue your work. They will take the Work one step further, and so My word will be fulfilled from generation to generation.

29 In the end, all branches will unite with the tree, all nations will unite as one people, and peace will reign on earth.

30 Pray, disciples, and perfect yourselves in your exaltation, so that your words of teaching and love may find an echo in the hearts of your brothers

31 In truth I say to you: If this people, besides understanding their destiny, would already fulfil their task, mankind would obtain grace through their prayers. But you still lack charity, that you may feel your neighbors as true brothers, that you may in truth forget the differences of races, languages and creeds, and furthermore, that you erase from your hearts every trace of resentment against those who have hurt you.

32 If you succeed in raising your feelings above such great human misery, the most profound and sincere petition for your brethren will rise within you, and this vibration of love, this purity of your feelings, will be the most powerful swords which will destroy the darknesses which wars and passions of men have created.

33 Pain has prepared you, Israel, in bondage you have purified yourselves; therefore you are the fit to care for the suffering.

34 Watch, My people, be like the birds that announce the new day and wake up the sleeping so that they may be the first to receive the light and I then say to them: he who truly loves you salutes you in this moment

35 All who draw near to listen to Me will feel the caress of My Word, they will feel anointed by My Love and showered with spiritual goods

36 I am happy because I have seen that you have left everything to be at My table, and this because you know that My Word is your bread and your happiness on earth.

37 This teaching reaches your heart where resolutions for betterment and noble feelings were born.

38 If you have suffered much and wept until you were ready to open the doors of your heart to Me, verily I say to you, he who has suffered much has atoned for his transgressions and shall be forgiven

39 Grieved hearts, quench your pain and come to Me. Enlighten yourselves with the light of your conscience and joyfully walk the way of My teachings.

40 Get well in Me, forget your sorrow and love. He who has love has everything; he who says "love" says everything.

41 But when you understand that everything that has come out of Me is perfect, harmonious and beautiful, you ask yourselves, "Why then do the children of God live destructively and destructive in the world? What power moves them to misjudge and destroy, even though they sprang from the pure source of the Father? What are these powers, and why has God with His unlimited power not stopped the advance of men who destroy peace? Why does He allow evil to enter among men?"

42 Listen, disciples: Man possesses free will and conscience as spiritual gifts; all come into the world endowed with virtues and can make use of them. In their Spirit is the light of conscience; but simultaneously with the development of the body, passions, evil inclinations, develop with it, and these lie in the struggle with virtues. God lets this happen in this way, for without struggle there is no merit, and this is therefore necessary for you to ascend on the spiritual path. What would be the merit of the children of God if they would not fight? What would you do if you were to live full of happiness, as you long for in the world? Can you, surrounded by comforts and riches, expect spiritual progress? - You would stop; for where there is no struggle there is no merit.

43 But do not misunderstand; for when I speak of struggle, I mean the one you develop to overcome your weaknesses and passions. These struggles are the only ones I allow men to do, so that they may control their selfishness and material aspirations, so that the Spirit, enlightened by conscience, may take its true place.

44 This inner struggle I approve of, but not that which men wage in the desire for self-exaltation, blinded by ambition and malice.

45 The roar and outrages of fratricidal wars have erased the sensitivity of the human heart, have prevented the manifestation of every higher emotion, such as charity and compassion.

46 I do not mean to say to you by this that all are so constituted, no, for there are still men in whom tenderness, compassion, and love for their neighbor are present, who go as far as sacrifice to spare them evil or to deliver them from any trial. If some people give you this help - what will not all your heavenly Father do for you, who are His children? How then could you think that He would send you pain and desolation?

47 I am the same Master who in the Second Time spoke to you of the way to the Heavenly Kingdom; I am the same Christ who proclaims the Truth through the centuries, the eternal teachings that are unchanging because they are revelations that spring from My Spirit

48 Recognize in me the Father; for truly, I tell you, Christ is one with the Father from eternity, even before the worlds were. In the Second Time, this Christ, who is one with God, became man on earth in the blessed body of Jesus and thus became the Son of God, but only in relation to His humanity; for I tell you once more that only one God exists.

49 At times you think that I speak too much of the Spirit to you and forget your human needs and worries. Then I say: "Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and the rest will be given to you on top of it. Then peace, serenity, understanding, forgiveness and love will come to you, and in the material realm you will have all in abundance.

50 I know and understand all your needs and undertake to relieve all your cares according to My will, and if you have occasionally felt disappointed because I did not immediately grant you what you asked for, you are not therefore less loved by the Father; it was because it is so beneficial to you.

51 Many of My little children attribute their suffering to the injustices of fate and believe themselves forgotten by their Father. Now I ask you: for what has My Word served you? Do you think that the Lord, the Author of life, does not have the power to remedy your ills, or that He cannot will drive you in anything material that does not help you in your spiritual ascent?

52 I grant you only that which is for your own good. How many petitions do you make that would cause you only disadvantages or misfortunes if they were granted to you?

53 Man who trusts in God and blesses his destiny before Him never curses it, nor demands what is not granted him.

54 When he is poor or ill and his heart suffers, he trustfully hopes in the will of his Lord.

55 Sometimes you tell me, "Lord, if I had everything, if I lacked nothing, I would cooperate in your spiritual work and do charity. But know that as men you are fickle and that all the resolutions of today, when you possess nothing, would change if I would grant you everything you desire.

56 Only the love of God for His children is unchanging.

57 I know in advance that you would perish if I gave you abundant gifts, for I know your choices and weaknesses.

58 I know that man distances himself from God in abundance of material goods because he is not yet able nor prepared to understand his Lord.

59 Know how much I love you and do not forget you at all; I just do not want you to perish.

60 Turn away from the vanities of the world, come to me by conviction, by love, not by pain.

61 Do not fall away from faith when you are in need; for if it were conducive to your spiritual development to free yourselves from poverty, I would give you everything in abundance.

62 Remember that the Father directs the destiny of His children with supreme righteousness and perfection.

63 These are times of trials, pains, and bitterness, times when mankind is suffering the consequences of so much mutual hatred and evil-will.

64 Look at the battlefields, where one hears only the roar of weapons and the cries of fear from the wounded, the mountains of mutilated corpses that were previously strong bodies of young people. Can you imagine them as they embraced their mother, wife, or son for the last time? Who can measure the pain of these goodbyes, who has not drunk this cup himself?

65 Thousands and thousands upon thousands of fearful parents, wives and children saw their beloved relatives leave for the fields of war, hatred, revenge, forced by the greed and arrogance of a few people without light and without love for their neighbors.

66 These legions of young and strong men have not been able to return to their homes because they were left torn to pieces in the fields; but see, the earth, Mother Earth, more merciful than men who rule the nations and believe to be masters of the lives of their fellow men, has opened her womb to receive them and cover them lovingly.

67 See the caravans of men of every age, of women and children, fleeing from destruction and tiredly seeking a place of protection and peace. Their feet are already bruised and bleeding, their hearts no longer resist the pain; but there is still a spark of hope in their innermost being.

68 Pray, people, pray for them, and My Tenderness, united with your thoughts, will descend on them to protect them and cover them with My Mantle of Love

69 Reflect on the cause of the fratricidal wars and the destruction they cause, and you will know that you are not as wretched as you believe Then your lamentations will cease and you will no longer say to Me, "Lord, I am the most wretched on earth; is it because You have forgotten Me?

70 See how war destroys everything!

71 See these old parents waiting for the return of their beloved relatives; hunger is knocking at their gates, and loneliness is their companion

72 Those who had enough strength to go fled; the invalids had to stay and accept what happened to them. Their gloomy thoughts were illuminated only when they begged Me in their prayer: "Lord, do not leave me.

73 Only I know the pain that the mothers abandoned by the wickedness of men conceal.

74 I am the only one who tells them in the silence and solitude of their lives that they are not forsaken in my kingdom.

75 Pray, My people, and consider the arrogance and ambition that germinate in the brains of men, which have brought ruin, despair and death to other men who have no fault.

76 After having reflected on My words, do you still think, My people, that you are the most unfortunate on earth? you answer Me: "no, Master, we were caught in error because we had forgotten the others and thought only of ourselves, thinking that the struggle for daily bread was the bitterest cup to drink".

77 Then I tell you that you must feel rich because you hear the divine Word which nourishes and strengthens you and you still enjoy a little peace

78 You can still count on a few days of rest, but this corner of the earth will also be shaken by pain; so no place will be left in this world that has not been purified

79 Everything that my apostle John told you is now being fulfilled word for word and event after event.

80 All these signs, trials, and troubles that mankind is suffering are the most tangible proof that an age is now coming to an end to open the way for a new age. It is not the first time that such events occur with you; but if you would understand me and were prepared, you would take this step of transition with composure without being dismayed.

81 You are now approaching the middle of a century and have experienced much. What surprises, events, and trials await you in the half century that lies ahead?

82 I only tell you what I said many times to My apostles of the Second Age: "Watch and pray, lest you fall into temptation!

My Peace be with you!

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