BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 16

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 16:

1 Peace of spirit and of heart be in all who love one another. - On this day of grace you receive the inspiration of the Master, which is received by the brain of these creatures prepared and destined by Me to transmit My divine message to mankind.

2 Receive on this day My spiritual caress, O great multitude; I welcome you and fill you with grace

3 Listen, disciples: be aware that an atom of My Being is manifesting itself among you A vibration of Divine Power is teaching you. An emanation of His Universal Being enlightens you. There has never been a time in which there has not been a rallies of God. At all times, in all ages, this divine vibration has been, is and will be. In the passing of time, the Father has not ceased to give you the benefits of His love, for in His Spirit, as in creation, everything vibrates, everything is activity and life. And the events of this world are the echo and reflection of spiritual life.

4 Throughout the centuries, God has not left humanity, for one thing cannot be separated from another. Today it was the will of the Father to unite with man spiritually in the way you see and hear, because the time has come when you must prepare yourselves to receive me from Spirit to Spirit.

5 But you still do not possess spiritual sensitivity, and that is why you do not perceive the divine inspiration with clarity.

6 Before the Father in Jesus made himself known to mankind, He sent you His revelations, using material forms and events. Under the name "Christ" you have come to know Him who manifested the love of God among men; but when He came to earth, He had already revealed Himself as Father before, so you must not say that Christ was born in the world - it was Jesus who was born, the body in which Christ dwelt.

7 Think, and you will finally understand Me and will acknowledge that Christ was already before Jesus, for Christ is the love of God.

8 After this has been clarified, do not let yourselves be deceived any longer, stop sinking into the murky waters of old and erroneous interpretations, which you possess by tradition. You are covered with veils of ignorance, which I tear through the light of My Word so that wisdom may enter into you.

9 Do not forget, therefore, that Christ is the Love of God; this is why, when He revealed Himself through Jesus, you were bewildered and confused and even in the face of His miracles you did not believe Him because His Power is too infinite for your limited mind to comprehend

Thus it comes that some deny Me, others get into confusion, and still others study and investigate Me according to their way of thinking and their conceptual capacity. There are few, very few, who are able to understand Christ. I tell you this because I find only little love in the hearts, since you do not even love each other among brothers.

10 Love your neighbor as your own child, then you will begin to understand Jesus, will love Him, will feel Him, will have to reflect Christ in your works. Your Spirit, however, knows Me a little more; so it is that some of you seek the Messiah, others God the Almighty, so that He may give you a ray of light and hope to soothe your pain and enliven your longing to come ever closer to Him. This is so because your Spirit, through conscience, possesses the memory of its Creator, of Christ, who never ceased to seek and love you, O human beings, because I tell you once again that spiritual rallies have not ceased to exist, nor ever will cease to be.

11 The enlightened ones of times gone by always saw a shine of light, they always heard My Word the prophets, the inspired, the forerunners, the founders of teachings of high spirituality testified that they heard voices that seemed to come from the clouds, the mountains, from the wind or from some place they could not determine exactly; that they heard the voice of God as if it came out of tongues of fire and mysterious echoes Many heard, saw and felt by means of their senses, others by their spiritual qualities; the same thing is happening at this time.

12 Verily, I tell you: those who received My Messages with their physical senses interpreted Divine inspiration spiritually, and this they did according to their physical and spiritual armament, according to the time they were in the world, as it is now happening with the human instruments you call voice bearers or "gift bearers". But I must tell you that in past times as well as in the present, they have added to the purity of the divine revelations their own ideas or those that prevailed in their environment, and have knowingly or unknowingly changed the purity and unlimited nature of truth, which is in truth love in their highest revelations.

13 The Spirit's vibrations and inspirations were within them, and both the "first" and the "last" have given and will give witness to this inspiration that has come to their minds, almost always without knowing how, in the same way that it is happening to many today and will happen to others tomorrow.

14 The words, the interpretations and the manner of acting are due to men and the times in which they live, but above all there is the supreme truth.

15 For lack of spiritual armament, it is necessary for you that divine inspiration should materialize and wake you from your spiritual sleep. The advanced Spirits did not need this form of revelation.

16 Everything spiritual in the universe is a source of light, visible or invisible to you, and this light is power, is might, is inspiration. The ideas, words and works also give forth light, according to the purity and majesty they possess. The higher the idea or work is, the more delicate and subtle is its vibration and the inspiration that emanates from it, although it is more difficult for the slaves of materialism to perceive it. Nevertheless, the effect that the higher thoughts and works have on spirituality is great.

17 Materialization is the opponent of spiritualization; but understand that I am referring to the kind of materialization that leads you to aberrations, vices, degeneracy, and low passions.

18 Even if the greater part of mankind will doubt the truth of My rallies to men - verily, I tell you once more, this rallies are uninterrupted in the incarnated and desincarnated Spirits, from the first moment of their creation

19 If you have succeeded in transmitting your messages over distances, making use of your ingenuity and science, which is one of the many spiritual faculties you possess, how could you suppose that God cannot transmit a message to man by means of a sensitive and intelligent human "apparatus"?

20 For this is the human body: an apparatus equipped with such great perfection as man will not be able to give to his most complicated and greatest scientific works. Pay close attention to my word; I speak of man's matter, not of his spirit; for the Spirit, though he cannot attain the power of his Father, will undoubtedly be able to do greater works than those which his limited human body is able to produce.

21 If your limited intelligence has been able to acquire knowledge and has made inventions which you think are wonderful - what will you not be able to accomplish with your Spirit, and what works will not your Lord be able to do?

22 A poor idea of his God is given to him who thinks him to be smaller than human beings.

23 Why do you wonder that God sends you His light, which is wisdom and shines on you all, and that He has created a form of communication to His children? Why do you think that something is impossible for your God, when you yourselves say that He knows everything and is able to do everything? If you believe such things of me - why then do you contradict yourselves so frivolously? Do you demand of me that I send Jesus every time I want to speak to you, so that you then nail Him to the wood?

24 Truly, I tell you, you are not clear to yourselves how you think I should make myself felt in you.

25 To meet you, I tell you: if you do not want me to use sinful bodies to give you My love, show Me a righteous one, a pure one, show Me one among you who knows how to love, and I assure you that I will use him Understand that I make use of sinners to bring the sinners to salvation, for I do not come to save the righteous; they are already in the kingdom of light.

26 It is true that you are sinners; but God despises or forgets no one, although you think the contrary. Why have you become so blind that you want to judge everything by a moment of your material life? It is you who despise yourselves and forget yourselves; therefore you feel weak and tired.

27 Do you think that I forget My beloved creatures, even if they disobey, when they always need Me and call Me?

28 You sin much and break the laws and have often forgotten Me; but infinitely greater than all the faults of your existence is the love of the Heavenly Father for all His children

29 But I must continue to speak to you about My rallies so that you may clear yourselves of all your doubts many of you affirm what My enlightened ones have told you, for example that God spoke to them through the clouds, the fire, the water, the wind; but I ask you What seems more right to you to speak to man by means of these elements or by himself?

30 Where is your logical thinking if it does not help you to understand the simplest teachings?

31 Men and women of the world, you who have forgotten in your sciences the only thing that can make you wise and happy: you have forgotten the love that inspires everything, the love that can do everything and transform everything! You live in the midst of the

of pain and darkness; because since you do not practice the love that I teach you, you cause your physical or spiritual suffering.

32 To discover and understand My Messages, you must first be kind and gentle from your heart, virtues that are present in every Spirit from the moment of its creation; but to know the true, high feeling of love, you must spiritualize by cultivating your good feelings; but you have wanted everything in life except spiritual love

33 At every moment mental or spiritual vibrations emanate from you, but in most cases you radiate selfishness, hatred, violence, vanity, and base passions. You hurt and feel when you are hurt, but you do not love, and therefore you do not feel when you are loved, and with your pathological thoughts you saturate the environment in which you live more and more with pain and fill your existence with discomfort. But I tell you: Saturate everything with peace, with harmony, with love, then you will be happy.

34 Love has always existed in the Spirit of the Creator, so you must understand that with it all Spirits have also been endowed.

35 Today, in spite of the progress of your civilization, you have moved further and further away from the material nature, as well as from the spiritual, from the pure, from that which is of God. Therefore, with every stage of your life you fall into ever greater weakness, into ever greater suffering, despite your desire to become stronger and happier with every day you spend on earth. But you will now take a step forward in the fulfillment of my law, O inhabitants of the earth!

36 The Master who has spoken to you at all times is coming now to explain to you His Teachings through these teachings, manifesting Himself in word, intuition and inspiration, thus awakening your Spirit to the light of the times to come; I am with you all, and I am with you all the time Then you will have divine inspiration in various forms, for you more and more amazing, higher and higher and more perfect.

37 Today I have come to remind you to love one another as Jesus taught you. I remind you of Jesus, because in Him was the incarnation of Universal Love.

38 In the days of Moses, a law of righteousness was given to the people, which was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". This law, which would appear to you today to be abominable and vengeful, was nevertheless righteous for the people of those times.

39 Later, when I became man in Jesus, you heard Me say, and so it was written down that "by the cubit by which you measure, you will be measured". With this word, some have asked whether the love, mercy and forgiveness that Jesus preached are present in this sentence.

40 It is time that I Myself explained to you the reason for the Law of the First Times and the reason for that saying of Jesus, because many of My teachings I had to give you little by little over the times.

41 In the beginning, when the strings of the human heart were still insensitive to the feeling of forgiveness, and that of charity and forbearance still slumbered in his Spirit, it was necessary for man to protect himself as well as his goods, covered by a law that gave him the right to use his power for self-defence As you see, these were primitive commandments and customs in a people that, like all peoples, was destined to develop.

42 The law which sprang from the word of Jesus later enlightened the lives of men, telling you: "Love one another", and also revealing to you that you would be "measured with the cubit with which you would be measured", by which the Master made you understand that that justice which man had procured for himself by his own hand now became the exclusive right of Divine Justice. Henceforth man knew that as he would judge, he would be judged by God, and as he would sow on earth, so would be the harvest he would reap in the hereafter.

43 Man thereupon held back his fratricidal hand, the wicked man often refrained from his reprehensible intentions, and those who intended to steal knew and felt that a gaze from infinity was watching him and from that moment on a judgment awaited him.

44 Centuries have passed, and although men know a little more about divine justice, they have not yet grasped the truth and have erred many times, even believing that if they had sinned gravely on earth, they would have to face God's judgment relentlessly to receive eternal punishment. - For this I ask you: What intention of repentance and fulfillment of My law will be able to arise in him who considers himself lost from the beginning? What hope will be able the one who separates from this world with the knowledge that the faults of his Spirit will be eternal?

45 It was necessary that I Myself came to take the darkness of your erroneous interpretations from you, and here I am

46 In Jehovah you believed to know a cruel, terrible, and vengeful God. Then the Lord sent you, Christ, His Divine Love, to take you out of your error, so that you "should know the Son, know the Father"; and yet ignorant humanity, entangled in its sin anew, believes to see an angry and offended Jesus, waiting only for the coming of those in the Spiritual Valley who hurt Him to tell them "Depart from me, I do not know you"; and to let them immediately suffer the cruelest tortures in eternity.

47 It is time that you understand the meaning of my teachings so that you do not fall into error. Divine love will not prevent you from coming to me; but if you do not make amends for your errors, it will be the inexorable judge of your conscience who tells you that you are not worthy to enter the kingdom of light.

48 But here you have me anew, mankind, in Spirit, as I have promised you.

49 See the light of the Spirit of Truth as it enlightens and awakens those who dwell in darkness.

50 But to those who attend this rallies, I say: listen to My Word with attention, for it will open ways of light for you and enlighten you the truth you must know

51 Though in life every debt to God must be paid, but the payment, tribute or sacrifice you give Him is in reality not for Him but for the one who offers it

52 If you offer purity to Him, it will be for your good; if you present meritorious works to Him, they will be the adornments that lift up your Spirit in the presence of God. If you sin and later repent and make amends for your faults, the peace of the Spirit and the happiness that lives in him who does good will be your reward.

53 If I often allow you to drink the same cup you gave to your brothers, it is because only in this way will some understand the evil they caused; and by going through the same trial they put others through, they will know the pain they made them feel This will enlighten their Spirit and will result in understanding, repentance, and consequently the fulfillment of My Law.

54 But if you want to avoid going through suffering or emptying the cup of bitterness, you can achieve this by paying your debt through repentance, through good works, through all that your conscience tells you to do. In this way you will pay a debt of love, you will give back an honor, a life, or peace, health, joy, or bread that you have at one time robbed from your brothers.

55 See how different the reality of My righteousness is from the idea you had of your Father!

56 do not forget: if I have told you that none of you will perish, it is also certain that I have told you that every debt must be paid and every transgression must be cancelled from the book of life It is up to you to choose the way to come to Me.

57 You still possess free will.

58 If you prefer the law to the retaliation of old times, as the people of the proud nations still do, see its results!

59 If you want that the cubit with which you measure your brethren should also measure you, you need not even wait for your entrance into the other life to receive My righteousness; for here (on earth), when you least expect it, you will find yourselves in the same critical situation into which you have brought your brethren. But if you want a higher law to come to your aid, not only to free you from the pain you fear the most, but also to give you noble thoughts and good feelings, pray, call on me, and then go your way of struggle to become better and better, to be strong in the trials, in a word, to pay with love the debt you have towards your Father and your neighbor.

60 The call of love that you now hear from the mouth of these voice bearers is the harbinger of great events for humanity. These messages are sparks of wisdom that will be revealed to men in the future. It is the beginning of the awakening of all spirits. It is the preparation for the age of spiritualization, the time when you will redeem yourselves in the love of your Heavenly Father.

My peace be with you!

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