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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1 

Teaching 5:

1 This is a moment of joy for the Divine Spirit, because the people of Israel have gathered before the Ark of the New Covenant.

2 I have come anew to leave you My trace, and you have followed it. I have nourished you and adorned you with My grace.

3 This is a day which Elijah has prepared and longed for; the moment has come when his Spirit rejoices. Purely Elijah shows his sheep, because before he let them bathe in the fountain of grace, which is repentance, renewal and exaltation. The number of those whom the shepherd shows me today is small, it is hardly the beginning in the molding of My people, but I would like that "the first" be united, so that they may set a good example to "the last.

4 I do not want you to come to Me with your heads lowered and filled with shame like the prodigal son. I want you to consider your father's house as your own home.

5 The bell is ringing, the hour has come, the crowds are approaching. The sleeping sheep will awake because Elijah is approaching to prepare the Spirit of the children, the young men and adults to receive the light of My Word and prepare them for the union with My Spirit.

6 The crowds have listened to My calls and are coming in desire for My Word, which for them is like reaching the Promised Land eager to hear My voice which is peace and comfort, they come because afflictions, fears and pains make their way painful They are those who instead of making an offering bring petitions. Some put their diseases before Me, others their unemployment, and yet others poverty and tears. I will give them all additional gifts and make them understand that the Spirit comes before the body. Today they are still my little children, but as a result of these blessings they will follow me until they finally turn into my disciples.

7 I give you my power so that you will not be defeated by temptations, which will lie in wait for you very much in this way. I want love, helpfulness and harmony to reign among you. It is My will that mankind in this time of the Sixth Seal seek Me with their Spirit.

8 I want to lift you to Me. If for this I became man in the Second Time and gave My Life for you, I will give you My Divine Being now that I communicate Myself through the human mind. But I will not let you sleep in your fulfilment while I carry the Cross on your back. I will teach you to carry on your shoulders the part that comes to each one. The way will be recognized by you, it is marked with traces of blood and sacrifice. If you desire a flowery path full of pleasures, it will not lead you to the top of the mountain, where your journey of life shall find its crowning.

9 I have called you "the Marian people" because you know how to love and acknowledge the Divine Mother and come to her like the child who desires tenderness, or like the sinner who seeks intercession.

10 Mary's presence in the world is a proof of My love for men. Her purity is a heavenly wonder revealed to you. From Me she came down to earth to become a woman and so that in her womb the divine seed could germinate, the body of Jesus through which "The Word" would speak. In the present time she reveals herself anew.

11 Mary's love for you will be like a heavenly ark. You will gather around her as children gather around their mother. Listen to her loving word and do not let her find your hearts hardened; go within and feel remorse, so that her light may penetrate you and you may feel her tenderness. If you are so prepared, then praise before your God, before Mary and before Elijah, that you will form one body and one will; praise by the Ark of the New Covenant that you will tirelessly struggle to pluck out of your hearts selfishness, hatred and fanaticism. Verily, I tell you, if you fulfill your promise, the time of purification that you experience in pain will pass.

12 My people, if even the rocks feel the judgment of My Word, how could you not feel it? if already through My Voice the earth is shaking and the waters are moving, how could your Spirit not be shaken when it is the highest creature of creation?

13 The Master will come tirelessly to teach and communicate His goodness to you with the most beautiful teachings

14 Try to discern the meaning of the ark of the New Covenant, for the time of battle is drawing near. If Jesus said from the cross, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do," and was forgiven you for your ignorance, it is my will today that you look at my light so that you no longer violate the law.

15 The time is near when those you call foreigners will come in search of My Word, and in which the new generations will grow up with greater spiritualization Soon you will see among yourselves men of different skin colors and languages who will listen to me with love and will change into my disciples; because my word will have to find echo until the end of the earth. When they have then been taught, they will return to their homelands and take this message with them.

16 Disciples, you who rapturously listen to My words, because your spirit succeeded in rising: there where you have entered spiritually is the Sanctuary, the Temple of the Holy Spirit You have prepared yourselves in humility, you consider yourselves brothers and sisters, you love yourselves in My divinity and have attained this grace.

17 Be apostles of this cause, to work for the restoration of all that I have built and you have profaned Do not be weak, for everyone who has the divine sign will be invincible. If you want to keep this grace forever, do not stray into the ways of the mire. Do not penetrate the dark woods any more, because otherwise the Divine Shepherd will find you mourning like lost sheep.

18 Work together all in the building of this sanctuary, for no merit will remain unknown before me. My Word will teach you, your conscience will guide you, and your intuition will tell you at what moment and in what place you must give expression to My Word and do good.

19 Seek out the "fields" to sow and make them cultivable by removing the boulders. Make the barren fields fertile, for I expect great fruits from your work. So there will be joy both in him who gives and in him who receives. I call you My soldiers and bless you.

20 The trumpet which the angel of the sixth seal holds has been heard, and your vow, which you made before me spiritually, remains written in the book of life.

21 Work, for the reward awaits you when you have finished your work.

22 You are the workers who have received my seed in the Three Times. But you are also the ones who fell into lethargy when they saw their fields gilded with wheat, and who allow the worm to gnaw at the roots of the plants and thus make their fruits numb.

23 Remember your strife in the first times, your infidelities, your downfalls. That is why I find you scattered and weakened in these times. Remember that I have announced to you to come again to gather you together anew; and behold, there I am. As a master I have not come to look at your stains of shame or your insults. I have come to forgive you, to consecrate you, and to give you again My wisdom.

24 This is the new covenant you are making with My Divinity This revelation is the Ark of the New Covenant. If you want to go your way without ever straying again, go and comfort the sad, "anoint" the sick, save the lost, guide the blind and give food to the one who hungers for justice, understanding and peace. Clear the way for those who are sick in body or Spirit, let them come to Me, and I will give them the healing balm; but I will not tell them that their sin is the cause of their pain.

* Means not only application of a remedy, but first of all the laying on of hands in prayer.

25 When I have come to the tabernacle of the poor, I will also come to the abode of the mighty. Verily I say to you, in both of these I have encountered fratricidal enmity, and in these fields I will sow the seed of peace.

26 I am giving you this teaching, which includes law and justice, so that in following your Master you may bring peace where enmity is, and charity where selfishness reigns. Be in the lives of your brothers like stars illuminating their way.

27 Never falsify My teachings. Present My work as a book containing only purity, and when you have finished your way, I will receive you. I will not look at the stains in your Spirit and I will give you My divine kiss, which will be the greatest reward when you arrive in the Promised Land. For I have given you in this time a handful of seeds so that you should learn to sow in fertile fields and you should multiply it there.

28 I have taught you that you should not reap the fruit before its time, but leave it on the plant until it is ripe

29 You do not know how many centuries it took until you were again called by me and became workers in my fields. You wandered errantly through the streets of the world until My love sought you out from the great multitude.

30 today I have adorned you and made you know your heritage

31 Let no one desire to be like the Prodigal Son again, because every return will be more painful.

32 Do not allow selfishness to penetrate your heart anew and you keep this heritage only for yourselves.

33 Do not live separated spiritually and only seemingly united; for though you can deceive men, you cannot lie to me.

34 If you know how to pray, you will not go astray, because apart from Elijah, the Spiritual Shepherd, who cares for you and guides you, there are still your brothers, those whom I have put before you on earth to advise and correct you.

35 Strive for the union of all churches and that the same may form the banner of peace, unity and good will. Never let fratricidal weapons be in your hands. The weapons I have given you consist of love.

36 You are learning at present how to "anoint" the sick and to raise to new life him who is dead for the life of grace. Gradually you are also learning to fight and to spread my teaching; but there are those who even in this way still seek riches, outer splendor and honor, because they do not know with how much pain these stains will be cleaned.

37 How great is the gift which has been entrusted to the word teacher! What a stream of wisdom, love, and comfort flows through his mind and over his lips! He is the "mediator" between God and men so that they may hear me. Vanity or pride must not nest in them, for if this were the case they would fall into temptation. Their example must be that of gentleness, simplicity and helpfulness, so that they may enjoy the fullness of divine inspiration. However, there will be those among them who feel like kings, seek their servants and surround themselves with flatterers. But will people be able to believe them? Will they be able to raise "dead" to life of grace and give comfort to grieved hearts? - No, they will only provoke mockery, which will not apply to them, but to my teaching.

38 Your task is to teach. But if you do not learn from Me, what can you teach?

39 I love you all equally; both he who loves Me and diligently obeys My law, and he who distorts or violates it The latter I will afflict, mend them, and finally they will be My good workers.

40 I will help you to fulfil that vow which you made before the Ark of the New Covenant, and this will be when you have finished the task which you gave birth to with you

41 All the time I make myself felt in you, so that you live vigilantly and your mind and heart always remain receptive to the spiritual instructions

42 The crowds will come in accordance with the course of time, and the gaze of the "last" will become more and more penetrating to judge the nature of my word and your preparation.

43 Purify yourselves! Without renewal you cannot bear good fruit. The light of My Holy Spirit is in your conscience so that your works are the testimony of My Truth.

44 Make use of the years, centuries, ages, to come closer to Me.

45 I tell you this because I see you indifferent to My Teaching; on the other hand, when you feel death approaching, you weep because you want to fulfil and make up for lost time.

46 Do not be afraid to climb the mountain For you know that I await you on its height.

47 I climbed Calvary in Jesus, knowing that on its summit the cross awaited me, and remained brave; do not forget this My teaching.

48 I make use of you to reveal Myself to mankind; through your mouth I speak My heavenly Word. But if men should doubt it when hearing it, it will not be because of its content but because of your imperfections.

49 I teach you, by means of prayer and thoughts, to put yourselves in the Spirit in any place where you want to send help. Physically, too, you have to go to take My teaching to the various places.

50 I must make use of your whole being.

51 To form this people, I had to soften the hearts of stone behind which you hid your Spirit and it is My Word of Love that has conquered you later on I gave you weapons - these are My Teachings - so that you should overcome the obstacles in your struggle and made you understand that it is necessary to practice My Teaching in purity and teach My Law unchanged so that you may call yourselves children of Israel

52 What you ask Me and what you answer Me is done in silence, in the innermost part of your heart the years have passed when I allowed each one of My disciples to stand up physically before his brothers to discuss My Word and answer My questions

53 How can you allow time to erase the memories and take away My Word from your memory

54 My teaching smoothes you like a fine chisel while life with its vicissitudes and trials prepares you.

55 Console yourselves in the bitter and difficult moments of your life with the thought that My wise and perfect Law judges everything

56 I have been in your pain so that you seek Me through it. I have afflicted you with poverty so that you may learn to ask, to be humble and to understand others.

57 I have even withheld from you the daily bread to show you that he who remains faithful is like the birds who do not worry about tomorrow; they see the dawn rising as a symbol of My Presence and when they awaken, the first thing they do is to send up their trills as a prayer of thanksgiving and as a proof of their trust

58 I have made Myself felt in the dearest members of you to test you so that the Spirit may become strong and with this strength he may support his body in the great trials of this life

59 Great is the stubbornness of mankind, and every man carries a rock in his heart; but to all I shall come with the spiritual caress of My Word

60 Among the immeasurable multitudes there are more than enough of those whom it would not shake to see Jesus nailed to the wood anew and bleeding to death They are even less touched by the cries of pain and the rivers of blood that burst forth from their neighbors in these hours of testing for mankind.

61 Nothing touches people any more. They see everything superficially and think about nothing.

62 It is necessary that the light of my word reaches the spirits so that they awaken to truth, love and mercy. Then they will understand the cause of so great suffering.

63 You must all understand that I have prepared a place for each one of you in eternity, and that this place is not in this world

64 There is one commandment of the Father which you fulfill in your life's journey, that is, "Grow and multiply". But now it is time for your Spirit to prepare his return to me.

65 Many teachings I will give you and leave them written in this time, because soon you will no longer hear Me in this form After that you will prepare yourselves and my light will go directly to your Spirit. This will be the time when you shall set out as the true disciples of the Holy Spirit.

66 You believed that the gift of prophecy, word and inspiration was the prerogative of the righteous and the saints; in this time I took away this error from you by saying to the pariahs: you too can be My prophets, My messengers and My disciples

67 If mankind despises you because of your material poverty, I invite you to My table so that you may feel loved by Me - with what will you repay the love I have for you, My people? With your faithfulness or with ingratitude?

68 Do not be satisfied with the first success, seek for more and more, for I am waiting for those who are ready to go to send them with this Good News in the far country

69 Are you afraid to leave father, wife, or children behind? Are you afraid to leave what belongs to you on earth? Whoever wants to be My disciple must remember My apostles of the Second Age to then take them as an example.

70 Blessed is he whom bodily death surprises in the proclamation of My teaching, for the light in his Spirit will be very great

71 Be always prepared, because not even the angels know this hour

72 This divine book, which is my word, will perfect the spirits. Before it there will be neither old man, nor adult, nor child, but only disciples.

73 Read in this book and understand it, for great teachings will be given to you. You are those who have not tired of hearing My word, which I have given you through the mediation of those whom I called "nightingales.

74 How often have you felt weak on your way, and by merely remembering some of My words you have regained strength!

75 Today, when you are faced with a trial, you seek direct contact with My Divinity through spiritual prayer and struggle within yourselves to clear your mind so that you may receive the grace you implore from the Father

76 What you confess to me, only I know. And the confidant whom you possess in me will never confess your offenses and accuse you still much less. I am teaching you anew to forgive.

77 Take the visitations as lessons and make use of My teachings. Time passes quickly. Those who came here as children are now youths; those who began this course in their youth have come to maturity, and those who began it in middle age have turned into old men.

78 He who was able to gather himself inwardly to hear my word has taken it in himself. But whoever, while listening, let his thoughts drift away to things that do not belong to my work, his Spirit was without instruction when he left and his heart was empty.

79 Recognize that I have called you not only to pardon you, but that you should in this way take on the obligation with your Master and your brothers and sisters to pass on something of the many that you have received.

80 I will not let you make My work known to you while you are defiled. What could you thus give to your brothers?

81 Prepare yourselves because together you will have to protect what I have entrusted to you Do you not feel gratitude to your Father, who as supreme judge gives you the opportunity to wash away your stains through the exercise of love, instead of doing it through pain?

82 If you call this repentance, I tell you that it is the only repentance I accept from you The day will come for you when the rejection of uselessness and evil to do what is good and permitted will be a true pleasure for you instead of a sacrifice, not only spiritual but also human.

83 I am in the process of paving the ways so that My messengers on them may reach the various provinces and nations.

84 My word in this time has borne fruit in recent years, for the places of assembly have multiplied and the crowds have grown.

85 You feel too clumsy to approach the execution of such a delicate mission. But in truth I tell you, My innumerable teachings and inspirations will put on your lips the gift of the Word. But for you to obtain the fulfillment of this promise, it is necessary that you have confidence in Me and in yourselves. The one who possesses this trust and fulfills My law does not boast of his gifts, for otherwise his word will lack the essential.

86 Why has My Word gone to the hearts of people of all kinds? - Because of its humility, purity and simplicity.

87 My people, teach children to pray for mankind; their innocent and pure prayer will soar towards Me like the scent of flowers and will also find the way to such hearts that suffer; My Word is not only for My sake, but also for the sake of My people

88 Prepare the children, show them the way to overcome the ambushes, then tomorrow they will be one step ahead of you. Because you would not be so shy to speak of this work when you would understand my word, when you would already recognize the core of every single one of the thoughts, which take shape through the different word mediators, through whom I make myself known, and when you would know what one single one of my teachings is worth. You would feel able to penetrate as far as a battlefield so that those men could hear the content of one of my teachings.

89 Verily, I tell you, you would see them weeping, some out of remorse and others full of hope. Why do you sometimes remain so untouched? - O hard hearts, you who have become accustomed to the caress of My Word! You have fallen asleep, satisfied to have obtained peace and consolation, without thinking that there are many who do not have even a crumb of this bread that you waste.

90 You would not rejoice at the sight of the effect which the Master's word of comfort would have in many hearts.

91 O you little children! When will you finally grow in Spirit? When will you be ready to master the weaknesses of your body? I am He who crosses the desert, proclaiming My divine Word and seeking the strayed wanderers. But I want that men learn to pass on what they receive from me. That is why I tell you, My people, that you are to prepare yourself to spread out charity and to cause these teachings to reach to the end of the world. Make sure that they reach all nations by seeking people in the different ways.

92 This is the best water you can offer to those who thirst for love and truth.

93 You have not yet set to work because you are hiding the spiritual treasures which I have entrusted to you while people in other nations are perishing because they could not receive this message They are crowds of people who go without direction, wanderers who lack water and light.

94 If you do not set out, My people, what is the purpose of your knowledge? What do you intend to do for your future life, that which awaits you in the spiritual world, in useful and good things?

95 Have mercy on yourselves! No one knows when the moment will come when his Spirit will separate from matter. No one knows whether the following day his eyes will still open to the light. You all belong to the one owner of all created things and do not know when you will be called away.

96 Consider that not even the hairs on your head belong to you, nor the dust on which you tread; that you yourselves do not belong to you, that you have no need of perishable possessions, since your kingdom is not of this world either.

97 Spiritualize yourselves, and all things you will possess with righteousness and with moderation as long as you need them. Then, when the moment of renunciation of this life has come, you will ascend filled with light to take possession of what is coming to you in the other world.

98 All my spiritual work through the ages had as its goal to establish in eternity a kingdom of happiness and light for all My children.

My peace be with you.

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