15. Pseudo-Christian, Misstaken teachings of the church

The Third Testament 
III. The Era of the Christian Church
Chapter 15 - Pseudo-Christian, Misstaken teachings of the church
Christians in Name

1 The greater part of this humanity calls itself Christian; but the Master tells you If she were truly Christian, she would already have overcome the rest of men with her love, humility, and peace. But mine, already left in the "Second Time" as a testament Teaching is not in the heart of mankind, it does not live and blossom in the works of men. It is kept in dusty books, and I have not come to speak to man about books.

2 Instead of a book I brought you my life, my word and my works, my suffering and my death as a man. The reason why the greater part of mankind who call themselves Christian does not have the peace nor the grace of Christ is this: because men do not make Him their model because they do not live according to his teaching. (316, 5)

3 Listen to me, disciples, so that you eradicate old beliefs from your mind Christianity is divided into groups of believers who do not love one another, who humiliate, despise, and threaten their brethren by false judgments. I tell you, they are Christians without love, therefore they are not Christians, because Christ is love.

4 Some portray Jehovah as an old man full of human faults, vindictive, cruel, and more terrible than the worst of your judges on earth.

5 This I tell you not to mock anyone, but to purify your idea of Divine Love. You do not know now in what way you have worshiped Me in your past. (22, 33 - 35)

6 How is it possible that the peoples who call themselves Christians destroy themselves by war and even pray before going to kill their brothers, asking Me to give them victory over their enemies? Can my seed exist where instead of love hatred and instead of forgiveness revenge prevails? (67, 28)

7 To all men of the different creeds and religions I say that they did not know how to put material riches in their place, only to put those of the Spirit in the place they deserve. If the people fulfilled my laws, they would already be able to see the reflection of the Promised Land from here and hear the sound of the voices of its inhabitants.

8 You claim to believe in my existence and to have faith in my divinity; you also say that my will be done. But verily, I say to you How little is your faith and your submission to what I decree! But I awaken in you the true faith so that you are strong on the way, which I have paved for you. (70, 12 - 13)

9 Today I do not demand your blood that you sacrifice your lives. What I demand of you is love, sincerity, truthfulness, selflessness.

10 So I teach you, and in this I instruct you, and by this I educate the disciples of my divinity in this Third Age; for I see you looking at the course of the world with indifference, and this is because you do not know how to put yourselves in the heart of men, where there is so much misery and so much pain.

11 There is great inequality; for I see masters who lack only the crown to be able to call themselves kings, and I see subordinates who are true slaves. Out of this a fight has broken out. Among those lords who have become rich in the world there are many who call themselves Christians, but I tell you that they hardly know my name.

12 Those who do not see their neighbor in their fellow men, who accumulate riches and take possession of what belongs to others, are not Christians, because they know no compassion.

13 The battle between the spiritual and the material will come; mankind will be drawn into this conflict. But how many sufferings will it have to endure so that the victory of justice may come! (222, 43 - 45)

Unbelievers and religious fanatics

14 I say unto you that it is better for you to be full of uncertainties and denials than full of false beliefs or lies which you take for truths. The honest negation, that springs from doubt or ignorance does you less harm than the insincere consent to something wrong. Honest doubt, which hungers for understanding, is better than a firm belief in some myth. The desperate uncertainty that cries out for light is better than fanatical or idolatrous security.

15 Today, everywhere the unbelievers, the disappointed and the bitter prevail. They are rebels, who often see more clearly than others, who do not feel the ritual behavior as such. Nor are they convinced by the assurances they have heard from those who guide people spiritually. For all those complicated theories do not fill their hearts, which thirst for pure water that soothes their fear.

16 Those who you consider rebellious often show more insight in their questions than those who answer them in the opinion of being taught and great. They feel, see, sense, hear, and comprehend more clearly than many who call themselves masters in the Divine Teachings. (248, 12)

17 How plain and simple is the truth! How clear and simple is spirituality! And yet - how difficult it is to understand for those who persistently remain in the darkness of their "fanaticism" and their traditions. His mind cannot comprehend that there is something more than what he understands; his heart is reluctant to reject what for him was his God and his law: tradition and rite.

18 Do you think, then, that I detest those who do not want to know my truth at all? No, my children, my mercy is infinitely great, and it is these very ones to whom I turn to help them to leave their prison, so that they may participate in the contemplation of light. The tests necessary for their awakening to faith are reserved for them. These will not be tests beyond their strength; they will be lessons wisely adapted to every Spirit, every life, every man.

19 From there, among those darkened brains, among those hearts sick with religious fanaticism and ignorance, you will see the great and passionate soldiers of truth appear. For on the day when they will free themselves from their chains, from their darkness, and when they see the light, they will not be able to hold back their rejoicing and will shout out with full throats that I have come back to save the world, raising it up on the ladder of spiritualization to the true kingdom. (318, 48 - 50)

Falsifications of the teaching of Jesus and their consequences

20 I give you my word with the same spiritual content with which I spoke to you in the "Second Age" and have reminded you of many of my teachings which you had forgotten or from which you turned away because of mistaken interpretations of your ancestors.

21 You have so much violated my teaching that I can tell you You have created a way which is completely different from mine, but to which you have given the same name. No one but I could free you from your error - with words of life, love and truth.

22  Therefore, fathom and understand my word now that you listen to me, then there will be light in you. This is the time in which I tell you with full clarity that the reincarnation of the Spirit is a fact, that it exists as light of Divine Justice and Love since the beginning of mankind, without which you could not progress on the long way of perfection of the Spirit. (66, 63 - 65)

23 Little is it that the churches have revealed to men about the Spirit. But now they will awaken from their lethargy, and those will be blessed who overcome concerns and fears and reveal to mankind the truth they have concealed. I will illuminate them with the light of my forgiveness, my grace and my wisdom.

24 When mankind then realizes that the churches are not only there to ensure that people on earth live morally, but that they have the task of leading the Spirit into his eternal home, mankind will have taken a step forward in its spiritual path of development. (109, 15 - 16)

25 After my existence as Jesus among men, I have always sent those who came as "soldiers" or apostles to confirm my teaching through their works and to prevent mankind from twisting my teachings. But many "deaf" and "blind", who interpreted my word imperfectly, were divided and thus created the diversity of sects. But if men are then spiritually divided - how could they love one another according to the highest commandment of my law?

26  Therefore I tell you that this civilization is only appearance because men themselves are destroying it. As long as mankind does not build a world on the foundations of my law of justice and love, it will not be able to have the peace and light of the Spirit, on whose virtues it would create and shape a true world of upward development-in the spiritual as well as in science and morality. (192, 17)

27 Only renewal and the ideal of perfection will make you return to the way of truth.

28 Those who feel themselves to be interpreters of the Divine Law tell you that hell awaits you for your depravity and stubbornness and that only if you repent, chastening and wounding your flesh and offering material sacrifices to God, He will forgive you and bring you into His Kingdom - verily I tell you, they are in error.

29 Where will you go, men, led by those whom you admire as great masters of holy revelations and whom I consider to be erring? this is why I come to save you with the light of this teaching which will make you advance in the path of My Love (24,46 - 47)

30 People have hidden the real meaning of my teaching to show you instead a Christ who is not even a reflection of him who died to give you life.

31 Today you experience the consequences of your turning away from the Master who taught you. You are surrounded by pain, depressed by your misery, tormented by ignorance. But the time has come when the abilities and gifts slumbering in man awaken and, like heralds, announce that a new time has dawned.

32 The churches, science and the judiciary of men will seek to prevent the penetration of what is for them a foreign and harmful influence. But there will be no power that can stop the awakening and progress of the Spirit.The day of liberation is near.  (114, 5 - 8)

33 Badly those have represented me on earth who claim to know me, and that is the reason why many have turned their backs on me.

34 Those who call themselves atheists I will not call to account because they have banished me from their hearts, but those who - falsifying the truth - have brought before their eyes a God whom many could not accept.

35 Everything that is just, healthy and good contains truth, which I have proclaimed at all times.

36 The hour has come in which you are to love the truth again, that is, in which you shall know again what is just and good. Since you are born of me, you must come to seek the high, the eternal and the pure. (125, 22 - 25)

37 Yea, Israel, the heart of man hath always sought to worship material things, the ear hath refreshed itself on the pleasing word. Therefore man has changed what I brought as Christian teaching in the "Second Age" when he changed it into "religion.

38 Egoism, greed, and vanity have always awakened in the human heart, and they have made themselves kings and masters, so that the people may bow down before them, and make them my vassal, slaves, chained to sin, and lead them into darkness, disorientation, and confusion. (363, 36)

39 The theologians of that time shall study my word and the new scriptures, and shall ask, "Who art thou that hast spoken in this manner? Just as the scribes and Pharisees of old rebelled and said to Me, "Who are you that you disobey and replace the law of Moses? then I will make them understand that the three revelations are the only law that I have always taught and followed.

40 Many of those who condemn Me in this epoch are among those who doubted in the "Second Age"; but I have received them and sent them again to earth, that they may witness the victory of My law and open their eyes to the light. (234, 46 - 47)

Wrong developments and grievances in Christianity

41 "Christian" is what a large part of this humanity calls itself, without even knowing what the word "Christ" means, nor knowing his teaching.

42 What have you done with my words, my example, my teaching which I once gave you?

43 Are you indeed more developed men than those of that time epoch? Why do you not prove it by the works of your Spirit? Do you think that this life is eternal, or do you perhaps think that you are to develop only through human science?

44 I taught you the true fulfillment of the law, that you might turn this world into a great temple where the true God would be worshipped, where man's life would be a constant gift of love to the Father, whom he should love in each of his neighbors, thus paying tribute to his Creator and Master.

45 But today, when I have come back to men - what do I find there? Lies and selfishness have replaced truth and charity; pride and vanity have replaced meekness and humility; idolatry, fanaticism, and ignorance have replaced light, exaltation, and spiritualization; acquisitiveness and profanation reign where only devotion to duty and righteousness should prevail; hatred and unleashed strife among brothers and sisters have replaced fraternity, peace and love.

46 But I will come to my temple to drive out the merchants from there, as I did in the "second time" in the temple of Jerusalem, and will tell them once more, "Do not make a grocer's store out of the house of prayer. I will teach men that each one may serve before the true altar, so that they may no longer be caught in error nor go astray out of ignorance because of the bad interpretations they give to my law. (154, 15 -20)

47 My example and that of my apostles was not taken as an example by all who tried to follow Me. Many have transformed themselves into lords instead of being servants; have filled their hearts with a sense of superiority and pride, and have been only after riches, pomp, and honors. They forgot the needs of the poor and became indifferent and insensitive to the misery and suffering of others. Therefore men go from one denomination to another in search of truth, hence their spiritual need to create new sects to seek me freely.

48 Those who were once regarded as saints and demigods are today rejected by a disappointed humanity.

49 Men no longer seek confessors so that he will absolve them of their missteps because they find it unworthy. And the threat of eternal hellfire impresses and no longer frightens the heart of the sinner.

50 Taking advantage of this spiritual disorientation, the wolf lurks behind the hedge.

51 Every servant of my divinity and every representative has the task of creating peace among men, but this is the opposite of what they do at this time. Everyone thinks himself to be the first, everyone wants to be the strongest, forgetting that the only strong I am is in everyone.

52  Now you can explain to yourselves why I promised to come back to you in the "second time"; now you understand why I am teaching you anew. For only my word can remove the dark bandage of the Spirit; my love alone is able to save you from your sins to redeem. (230, 23 - 28)

53 Concerning the grave offences and transgressions that have been committed against my law, my judgment shall come. There will not be a single transgression that will not be corrected by the perfect master. You must not be confused: correct your mistakes and do not judge. Understand that I never punish you - you yourselves punish you.

54 I make light in him who has sinned out of ignorance, and move to repentance him who has knowingly sinned, so that both of them may, trusting in my forgiveness, make amends for the error they have made. This is the only way to come to me.

55 Consider all these things, ye clergymen, who lead men in the various denominational paths. Pray and bring yours to spiritualization. It is now time for you to repent of your aberrations and begin a struggle against human materialism, which is death and darkness for the Spirit. For this you shall use my truth, take my word as a weapon and live in my teaching.

56 I have no preference for one denomination or another. Not I will be on your side, but you must be on my side. For when you do this, you will have achieved to unite all of you spiritually. (162, 27 - 30)

57  My teaching full of spirituality will germinate in the heart of this people, so that in the future they may give their fruits of truth and life. My word will spread over the earth and will leave no place where it does not purify, enlighten and judge.

- of the Mexican people if people are not of good will and do not love one another?

58 Then the peoples will begin to awaken to spiritual life, true and eternal, and will eliminate the external and materialistic part of their various forms of worship, limiting themselves to turning to the essence of my law.

59 Humanity will realize the power that spirituality confers and will turn its gaze away from all that has held it back for so many centuries

60 What use is it that the symbol of Christianity, i.e. the cross, is on earth a million times over if people are not of good will and do not love one another?

61 The external no longer has power over men, there is no longer respect, nor good faith, nor regret for having hurt. Therefore I tell you that the symbols and cult forms will disappear because their time is over and it will be the inner worship that carries man up to the light, lifts him up and leads him to me. (280, 63 - 67)

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