BTL - Volume I - Teaching 3

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teching 3:

1 Behold, here is the bread of eternal life; you have not eaten it for a long time.

2 For a long time you have waited for me, and when you hardly thought of it, a light shone in the firmament. When you asked where it came from and what it meant, you were told: "It is Elijah who comes to prepare mankind and make them worthy for union with the Master.

3 As the shepherd gathers and counts his sheep, and hastily seeks the stray to show his master the full number, so Elijah has loved you, guided you, and made you feel the warmth of the fold.

4 When I saw you so prepared, I offered you My Bread on which you will be nourished forever

5 Whoever in truth has eaten of this bread has enjoyed My peace and has been lavishing on it.

6 This food, which is My divine Word, comes from the mouth of a human being as another manifestation that God in truth dwells in the conscience of man.

7 Why should I deny you the bliss of feeling Me in yourselves?

8 He who has peace and purity in his heart feels Me in himself, although I am in all Spirits, however much they have sinned He who has been will never perish, and he who lives carries Me in himself, because I am life.

9 There are bonds between God and his creatures that can never be broken. But if men feel separated from their heavenly Father, it is because of their lack of spiritualization or their lack of faith.

10 Neither death nor lack of love can break the bond that binds you to me.

11 No one can escape my presence. There is no dwelling or any place where you could hide from me because I am with you wherever you go and you are in me wherever you stay.

12 Do not be content to know this. You must feel me so that I can make myself known in your works.

13 Consider: If I am in you, where have you brought Me when you sin?

14 I tell you this because I must remove the ashes that lie in your heart until I find in it a spark of light.

15 I give you strength to endure the trial.

16 I see your loved ones tearing your hearts apart and subjecting you to trials. For some it was their fathers and for others their sons who hindered them most from following Me.

17 Many came to this rallies weeping because they knew that they had to leave their homes in hostility to hear Me, and yet they insisted on hearing Me.

18 How many tears, how many prayers, how much patience in the hope that those will know this truth!

19 There are those who, in search of freedom to listen to My words, were forced to part from their home; those who had to leave their immediate home so as not to be branded by parents and friends; those who lost their jobs, were mocked and were called sorcerers; and there are some who were denied bread

20 How should I not receive you with tenderness, how should I not let My healing balm flow into your wounds, when you suffer so to follow Me!

But never complain about anyone, never accuse any of your brothers. Leave your cause to Me who tells you in truth: those who have hurt you most will be those who will come to Me most repentant and humble in their desire for healing and forgiveness. These will then say to Me, "Lord, forgive me, how much I have wounded the heart of my child. Another will say, "Lord, I was dismissive to my husband because he followed You. I punished him by separating myself from his camp and sleeping in another room; for I condemned him with a dark heart".

These will ask Me for forgiveness, confess their faults and realize that they have received benefits many times through those who had misjudged them. Then I will say to them: While you were thinking of how you could make life as difficult as possible for these my workers, they "watched" for you in silence and in solitude.

But truly, I say to you, disciples, you have obtained My forgiveness. But do you also forgive them from your heart?

21 Jesus taught you since those days the perfect forgiveness born of love. Today I come in Spirit, but My teaching is the same.

22 Rejoice that through the Master you have the perfect example. Truly I tell you, you have not had an example before or after Jesus like the one He gave you.

23 Would the Master be perfect if the disciple surpassed him in wisdom? - No.

24 Your Spirit will become very great, but never greater than that of your Lord. The greater your spiritual ascent is, the higher and greater you will see your God.

25 The proud man will always fall in the end, brought down by his own works, because he, in faith, fighting for himself, was in reality fighting against himself.

26 Arrogance is the cause of many evils and sufferings among the creatures of God.

27 How much misery and how much darkness did the first disobedient one leave behind in his footsteps since he rebelled against My law! Since then, evil exists as an invisible power. I allowed this power to continue only to subject you to trial, and through you I will eradicate it.

28 But therefore do not blame a certain being who personifies this power for your mistakes and falls. Remember that against every temptation there is a virtue in your Spirit to fight evil.

29 Understand and explore the very time in which you live. I announced to you in the Second Time that I would come again and told you what the signs of My coming would be. I want mankind to know that these signs have already appeared.

30 If I told you that I would come again, it is because I had much more to tell you and could not reveal it to you then because you would not have understood it.

31 Today I come in Spirit and truly I tell you: some think that I was closer to you in the early times than I am today. They are wrong, because with every coming I have drawn myself ever closer to you.

Remember that in the First Times I sat down on a mountain and from there I sent down to you My Law carved in stone. In the Second Time I left the mountain heights and descended into your valleys, becoming man to live among you. And in this day and age, to be even closer to you, I have made your heart My dwelling place to manifest Myself there and speak to men from within.

32 Some doubt, though they hear these teachings; and of these doubters some will come to faith and others will remain in their unbelief But the year 1950 will come, and what coldness they will feel in their Spirit, how will they see themselves swept away by hurricane-like storms, because then great sufferings and afflictions will rise among mankind!

33 After My departure in 1950, the earth will tremble and the wailing of men will rise to heaven; * all this will be similar to the darkness and the hurricane that darkened Jerusalem on the day the Son of God died.

* See note 3 in the appendix

34 For many this will be a time of resurrection. Spirits fallen into darkness will rise to a life in the light.

35 This time was prophesied. It was written that I would come again. But see, when hearing My teaching from the mouth of a man, many doubted and denied Me. Others did not attach the slightest importance to My rallies.

36 In the face of men's callousness and hardening towards My words, I had to do those works you call miracles to awaken some to faith and attract the attention of others.

37 Today one today and another tomorrow, they have gradually gathered around My Word; these I have symbolically drawn on their foreheads It is the divine sign they bear in their Spirit, and later I called them "laborers in my fields.

38 These will need neither the books of science, nor philosophies and doctrines of faith to teach. The light of My Holy Spirit will illuminate their minds and their only book will be My Word.

39 Blessed are those who trusted and remained with Me, for they have received great refreshment through the divine concert of My teachings.

40 Being children of God is what makes you worthy of this grace, because your merits are still sparse. I did not look at your stains of shame because there was a cloak that hid them. But to whom does this merciful cloak belong? - Mary, your loving mother, who tirelessly watches over each of her children.

41 You have been granted to live in this Third Age on earth, which will be that of perfection, and which Elijah opened up by manifesting his Spirit through the mediation of a human mind and indicating to you My rallies taking place in the same form.

42 But the time of preparation by human mediators is coming to an end. Soon My Word will no longer be heard in these meeting rooms and those who did not know how to keep it in their hearts will feel orphaned. Some, thinking that their Lord is far away, will later run after religions to find Me.

43 On the other hand, those who have made my divine principles their own will be the strong of the Third Age, because they will see their way clearly before them.

44 I have called this Age the Age of Light; now see, My children, how the nations are eager to make cruel and fratricidal wars; I have called this Age the Age of Light; now see, My children, how the nations are eager to make cruel and fratricidal wars

45 You who have been called children of light by Me - pray for your brothers "watch" over the nations for this light to reach their Spirit and tomorrow they will take the way of My Law

46 When will men be true disciples of Christ? I always taught you through Jesus obedience, humility and loving kindness. This is the way.

47 I have announced to you the coming of great crowds of people who will come from other countries of the earth. Apparently material reasons will bring them to your nation, but basically it will happen so that they will receive the Good News of the Word that I gave you at this time.

48 But think earnestly about this task: what will you pass on, teach, or testify, if you prepare neither yourselves nor your children for it?

49 Think of your responsibility so that you may increase your zeal to penetrate into My Word and that when the hour comes when they knock at your doors, you may be ready to offer the divine food through your thoughts, words and works

50 Have confidence by surrendering yourselves to Me, then I will speak through your mouth

51 You should also know that fathers of families, who know how to lift themselves up and spiritualize their lives, will give birth to such children who will bring health and strength in their bodies and a message of wisdom in their spirits

52 In this house of prayer, where you gather to hear Me, you will find comfort for your suffering and the courage to withstand the afflictions that must come But also your Spirit, in his exaltation, shows me the grain which he gradually brings in through his work.

53 Verily, I say to you, the Spirit will never feel tired in the work in my fields; therefore there will be no rest for him in the grave. Even after the decay of his matter he will continue to work for his higher development and his perfection.

54 When my word has illuminated the way of your spiritual fight on earth, you will find an even brighter light in the hereafter as you continue your journey towards your Creator.

55 My divine light shines in the whole universe.

56 Obey My law, but your obedience shall spring from the understanding of the Father's boundless love for you. Listen to Me and pray, but do not go out into the world until you feel strong, otherwise you cannot withstand the hurricanes and tornados.

57 I show you and pave the way for you, so that you never leave it. Verily, I say to you: He who sows good in My name, which is mercy, love and peace, walks in My way and will find salvation.

58 The only repentance I demand of you is to overcome selfishness so that you may serve your neighbor with sincerity and good will.

59 Study with attention this word which I am giving you through the mediation of many voice-bearers, since every one of them has his own gift. Do not despise him who seems to you clumsy; for how many, after the end of this rallies at the end of 1950, will have the desire to hear me again, even through him who did not satisfy them.

60 But I grant you the grace that my word is preserved in writing through those whom I have appointed and prepared for this task, so that tomorrow you will not feel like the orphan who has lost his inheritance.

When then the crowds and "the last" come to you, you are to present to them the book of My teachings as the most faithful and true testimony of what I have spoken to you. For you still lack much to be like a true book and example in your life and in your words.

61 This book will awaken many sleeping spirits, and their hidden gifts will unfold. Reading it will inspire and equip the coming generations by leading them step by step to spiritual union with My divinity.

62 My workers, refresh yourselves in the thought that I have chosen you sinners to transform you into My instruments and save others lost.

Can you ever become tired or weary of bringing peace, relief or joy to those who suffer from the lack of these goods?

Never seek out the desolation or loneliness of your chamber to prevent the lamentations from reaching you. Realize that this is a crucial time for each Spirit and that you must face the pain.

Soon you will plant "trees" in different areas according to my will - this is what I have called in my words the meeting places and prayer houses. Prepare yourselves for this and allow the spiritual world to manifest itself among you in a comprehensive way so that you have the right interpretation of my teachings.

63 Short is the time left for you to listen to these messengers of My Divinity The year 1950 is no longer far off, and what progress in My Work do you have to show Me? recognise that I have shaken you out of deepest lethargy so that you may not be like the virgins in the parable who put out their lamps; I have not given you the time to listen to these messengers of My Divinity If you sleep while hearing the last word of your Lord, there will be a rude awakening for you.

64 Take heed to those of you who come in weary from wandering. Some come with a quiet conscience, while others come with a remorse.

65 All of you come here because the rumour has attracted you that I am presently speaking to mankind; and when you listen to this word, you hear the Father say to you: here I am among men, to make My teachings heard and a promise fulfilled

66 Here is a new opportunity to hear the Master and receive His teachings I remind each one of his gifts and let him recognize his task. Whoever shows himself steadfast and strong in my way will soon get to know my kingdom.

67 No one will be able to snatch the light from him who watches over it with zeal and makes it shine through his virtue.

68 You are travellers through in this earthly existence and as disciples of this spiritual teaching you must understand this. I receive you all with perfect love, and with this love I judge you. How different is the judgment of your Lord from that of men!

69 Of the one hundred and forty-four thousand who are marked by Me, a part will hear My word through these voice-bearers for the fulfilment of a spiritual task, another part will receive My commands spiritually, supported by the gift of intuition, and another who is in the hereafter will fulfil his mission to mankind in a spiritual way

70 My light must shine everywhere on earth.

71 Some ask the Master when these events will be. Verily, I tell you that much also depends on your will and persistence.

72 Those who do not wake up while in the body will be taken from the earth so that their Spirit will get rid of everything that binds them or hinders them to recognize My work

73 Many times have I told you: do not wait for better times to work, because you do not know if the coming ones are not even harder

74 Fulfill your task so that I do not have to call you to account later on for many mistakes which mankind commits.

75 Some say to me, "Father, wait for me a while longer.

Pay attention to what I say to you on this: I can still wait a long time for the return of the Son, for I am eternity; but remember that I have sent you out to win them for you.

76 Others say to Me, "Lord, take me rather away from this world, for I cannot go on!

77 When will you live in accordance with your destiny, when will you realize that many of your sufferings are an expiation by which you will rid yourselves of a heavy burden of imperfections? Only understanding and surrender can bring you peace.

78 How slowly you have wandered in the way of the knowledge of the Spirit!

79 Many centuries of revelations and experiences you have gone through, and still I meet you as fragile infants when I see you unable to answer a question or when you show yourselves unable to advance in the trials that lie in your life's path

80 I want you all to become My disciples, that you all manage to give up what has prevented you from facing the truth.

81 Always think in a spiritual way so that it does not make it difficult for you to understand My Word Forget that it was you who could not imagine that God is invisible, and that when you thought of me you immediately formed in your mind the figure of a human being of gigantic proportions, a being that had a form but could not be seen and was always hidden behind a thick veil of mystery.

82 When I became man in Jesus, it was not to make you understand that God has human form, but to make Me visible and audible to those who were blind and deaf to everything divine.

Verily, I tell you, if the body of Jesus had been the form of Jehovah, he would not have bled or died. It was a perfect body, yet human and delicate, that mankind might see it and hear the voice of their heavenly Father through it.

83 Whenever your conception of the divine was far from reality, I have come to your aid to destroy fantasies and unreality and to make you take the true path.

84 I am the way, the truth and the life. My teaching is not about death. If I speak to you often of the existence of the spiritual kingdom, it is because life and eternal happiness are there as a promise to your Spirit, and not so that you long for death and abhor this life.

85 My word at this time speaks to you about the spiritual life, and this is because in your development you have already arrived at that chapter of the Book of Life which shows the Spirit the unrevealed secrets.

86 Since man possesses Spirit, it is natural that it reveals to him some features of his being; but I have already told you: as long as the influence of matter does not submit to the dominion and inspirations of the Spirit, man will be able to penetrate very little within himself to see his inner light and hear his spiritual voice

87 If you succeed in having a moment of gathering and reflection, you unconsciously enter into communion with the spiritual and have a sense of the eternal and of something of this eternity living and stirring in your being. This is how it was in the early days when man discovered that he carried a being within himself, a being that was not of this world, but belonged to another plane. This did not frighten him at all, but on the contrary filled him with hope, because he saw that his life was not limited to the short existence on this earth. He sensed that when he was released from his body, his Spirit would rise to a world where he would experience a bliss that he had not found in this world, a just satisfaction for his high ideal.

88 I came to earth to affirm with My teaching all those inspirations; and to those dreamers of a world of wisdom, love and justice, where there are no tears, misery or discord, I have dedicated My Sermon on the Mount so that they may persevere in their hope

89 With what kindness and love the first masters of Christianity taught mankind. The power of their word was founded in the truthfulness of their works, through which they converted and invited to spiritualization.

90 I call them masters because they taught according to My example. If anyone later wanted to teach under compulsion of faith, without understanding the meaning of My teaching, he was not a master. If he used power to deprive his brothers of the freedom of thought, faith, and judgment, he did not have me as an example, but in so doing virtually prevented the striving of the Spirits to penetrate the meaning of my revelations.

91 I tell you: Whenever one has used my name and my teaching to subjugate nations or to instill fear, and one has forced men to believe through this fear, the goal that one has pursued with it was not spiritual, but one was after earthly power. How different was the intention of the master when he gave you his word and example, which you can summarize in that sentence: "My kingdom is not of this world.

92 Come into my barge, for it will never capsize. But doubt not as Peter did when he thought the Master was asleep; for otherwise it would no longer be My voice but the pain that speaks to you: O you of little faith!

My peace be with you!

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