Peace Ark - Flood

Magnitude 6,7 hit Iran/Iraq
The earthquake in Iraq / Iran was predicted to me by Jesus. He showed me the image of a muddy river with people in it struggling to survive as they swallow the filthy broth. He mentioned Popocatepetl and he is different now. Twice he has been very upset and I thought he does not like me anz more. Twice, I just mentally hugged and comforted him. Now he does not say anything anymore and I can not handle that. He challenges me to react. I have the feeling that as God, he can no longer bear the huge misery in the world, but this is only the beginning of sorrows. I can only say thank you for my warm jacket and that I have a warm room and that I have something to eat.
To regret!! Forgive!! To thank!!
Video (song): Passion of Christ
When Anna Maria, for example, was dismissive to her husband and put Jesus first, she was chastised and when she was tender to her husband, Jesus came and was angry, so she said to him, "Come here to me" and she huged him mentally and he rested in her spirit. Now she repents and forgives herself and those involved and intends to be neither partisan nor bossy, but she knows that will only succeed if she is given the grace to asking for it.He said:"Now, you're over it."
Peace Ark, Spiritual Flood & The Spirit of Dominion
Heavenly Gifts - Jakob Lorber - November 17, 1848
1.  But do not look and trust anyone except Me. This speaks to you, who created, redeemed and sanctified you through His Word and through His Spirit! –
2. A spiritual flood is now going on over the earth, as a material one had gone four thousand years ago at the time of Noah. That killed the flesh, and this kills both, that is soul and body. The soul kills this flood by the spirit of domination, which now, like the waves of the water, partly from the interior of the earth and partly from the air, that is, from whose evil spirits it pours and the souls, which it easily flooded, with spoiling the domination.
3. And this flood is like a fire - and is the very same fire by which it is written that the world will be judged by the same for the second time in general. But if you do not want to be seized by this terrible flood of fire, stay firmly with Me and do not judge so soon, and do not say either: this or that - or this or that party - or the big ones or the little ones are right; for I say unto you, no one is right now but only he who does not bow down nor rest, but remains with all candlestickness and steadfastness with Me, leaving everything to Me alone - what is above, I say it openly to you Sin.
4. All this therefore had to come because of the Word of God, which is My Word, which I myself spoke before Jerusalem about Jerusalem, and likewise, as you know it, about the whole world.
5. Great things are yet to happen, and much more evil will you see, and you will hear about it, and one people will condemn the other. One party will build the other gallows; who recently greeted each other as friends, will betray each other, the son the father and the father the son.
6. But if you do not judge anyone, but leave everything to Me alone, then you will find yourself in My Peace Ark, where nothing evil of this time will reach you.
7. Who of you has a power to work in the world and to align in it? - If he decides against the one party - but if he wins, will she not come and seize him and give an account of him? And if he keeps it with the other, and conquers the former, will not this also do as the other does with the one who was against her? Therefore, since I have not predetermined the victory of any party yet, but only the one who keeps with Me, every praise, as well as every blame, abstains, for you do not know whom to praise or blame. I alone know this and will give it to everyone according to his works.
8. But when a power conquers, then obey the very power that has conquered; because it would not be power, if it were not from Me, because I alone give power and powerlessness. The power wins, and the powerlessness is subject. Or was I, when Pilate judged Me, not as now and forever the sole Lord of infinity? - If I accepted the judgment of Pilate and did not oppose Me, since it was My own skin, so do not grumble in your safety about what is happening now. For if no sparrow falls from the roof without my will, and even all the hair of your head is numbered, how can these things be done without my will? But if this is therefore my will, and that's why it wanted and still wants the world itself, then it is also my concern to preserve it, to hold it firmly to me and leave everything to me. Do you not know that My counsels are unfathomable and My ways unfathomable?
9. Behold, I send cloudbursts, thunderbolts, thunder and hailstorms over the mostly peaceful inhabitants of the Alps, and the floods rob oxen, cows, sheep, and goats, and their huts tear them away into the abysses, and their laborious works are devastated, while the rich townspeople no hair is curved. If you want to judge according to your legal concepts, how would my actions be before your eyes? But I judge and act as it is right in the truth.
10. If any of the purer mountains seeks to stalk a spirit-plague, I will wash them away by the proper means, and the Alp will be clean again. The wealthy city dweller, however, as no child of height, has in his undisturbed well-being but also, most of all, his reward. But the better is already washed, if not by a downpour, but by all sorts of other waters, for unwashed no one comes into My kingdom. -
11. I do not need to tell you again what will happen in a special way; because a lot can happen, but also very little more - after that people will turn to Me or from Me.
12. The sword has already had much to do and has lived badly; but so
People will continue to wallow in the flood of tides, so I will send another angel, namely the hunger and the pestilence. These teachers will certainly teach people quite different legal concepts than those of which they are now animated.
13. But your motto is: Pray to the emperor what is his and above all, but above all to Me, which is mine, you will best come to terms with the world and with Me Himself. The publican also had no right to demand from Me and Peter a toll, because we were not strangers, but native children. But what I did as the Lord and all of you Father, you do, too, so you will truly be My children in all things.
14. I say this as your Father full of wisdom and love amen, amen, amen

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