BTL - Volume 1 - Teaching 11

The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Book of True Life - Volume 1  
Teaching 11:

1 Humanity, seek your bliss in the love of your heavenly Father; for truly, I tell you, the union with God will make you feel the bliss in your Spirit

2 When man enters the spiritual path, he will finally have found the way to happiness. Disciples, grasp the wonder of being able to have and feel the kingdom of heaven in your Spirit!

3 Again I am giving you instruction through the teaching of love, because although you are in the process of learning the teachings of life, which is a school for you, you have not fathom everything that it reveals to you on your way.

4 O My beloved children, you who lament like stray sheep, calling with a fearful voice for your shepherd! when you close your eyes to the reality that surrounds you, you finally think that I am the cause of all your misery on earth; others believe that I am indifferent to their good and bad

5 How ungrateful you are when you think so of your Father, and how unjust in judging My perfect righteousness!

6 Do you think I do not hear you when you say that you feed only on bitterness, that the world you inhabit is a world without happiness and that the life you lead has no right to exist?

7 You only feel Me when you believe that I chastise you, that I deny you every mercy, forgetting the tenderness and goodness of your Father; you complain about your life instead of blessing his benefits

8 This is because you close your eyes to the truth and see only sorrow and tears in your surroundings and get into despair because you believe that all will remain without reward

9 How different would your life be if, instead of this rebellion, this lack of understanding, your first thought every day was to bless your Father, and your first words were words of thanks for so many good things which His love gives you! But you can no longer feel these virtues because the flesh has disturbed your Spirit and you have forgotten my teaching; therefore I speak to you of these sensations which you have banished from your heart.

10 Destiny has the mercy that God has put into it The destiny of men is full of divine goodness.

11 You often do not find this goodness because you do not know how to seek it.

12 If you pave a hard and bitter way for yourselves within the fate which I have laid out for every Spirit, I seek to soften it, but never to increase its bitterness.

13 Men need one another in the world; no one is too much and no one is too little. All lives are necessary for the completion and harmony of their existence for one another.

14 The poor need the rich, and they need those who are rich. The wicked need the good and these need the former. The ignorant need the knowing, and the knowing the ignorant. The little ones need the elderly, and these in turn need the children.

15 Every one of you is put in his place in this world by the wisdom of God, and is near to the one with whom he is to be. Each person is assigned the circle in which he is to live and in which there are incarnated and desincarnated Spirits with whom he is to live together.

16 So, each in his own way, little by little you will meet all those whose task it is to teach you the love which lifts you up; from others you will suffer pain which purifies you. Some will bring you suffering because you need it, while others will give you their love to compensate for your bitterness; but all of them have a message for you, a teaching that you must understand and use.

17 I tell you once more that you have not known the message that every being has in store for you, although you are attending My teaching

18 Seek in each one of your brothers both the good side which he offers you to learn from him and the bad side to help him to rise up; in this way you will walk the way of life with mutual help.

19 Pause for a moment and think, for you have let many pass who were able to do you good. Do not let these opportunities pass, for they are lessons that you leave unused.

20 Every human being is a teaching, an expectation of love or of unkindness, which eventually gives you its sweet or bitter truth; and so you will go from lesson to lesson, sometimes learning and sometimes teaching, for you must also give your brethren the message which you have brought to earth.

21 In truth I tell you, if mankind understood these teachings, they would not cry so much on earth

22 Remember that every Spirit, incarnate and desincarnate,* who crosses your path in life in any form, helps you in your destiny.

* Spirit incarnate: still dwelling in his carnal body; spirit desincarnate: no longer dwelling in his material body.

23 How many Spirits of Light have I sent into the world for you, and you have not stopped to bless My Love for you!

24 Many spirits I have sent to you, you did not pay attention without realising that they were part of your destiny; but because you did not know how to receive them, you were left empty-handed and later on had to shed tears of repentance

25 Humanity, your destiny is to be in harmony with all that is created. This harmony of which I speak to you is the greatest of all laws, for in it you find perfect communion with God and His works.

26 Study the Spirits who surround you and those who cross your path of life, so that you may learn to appreciate their virtues, receive the message they bring you or give them what they are to receive from you.

27 Why have you despised your neighbor, whom fate has put in your way? You have closed the door of your heart to them, without learning the teaching they brought you.

28 Often you have kept away from you the very one who brought a message of peace and comfort to your Spirit, and then you complain when it is you who have filled their cup with bitterness.

29 Life brings unexpected changes and surprises, and what will you do if tomorrow you have to search longingly for the one whom you today arrogantly rejected?

30 Consider that it is possible that tomorrow you may have to seek the rejected and despised of today, but that it will often be too late.

31 If you are children, understand and appreciate the goodness of your parents. If you are parents, have understanding for your children. If you are spouses, get to know each other and love one another; but if you are not yet and are waiting for the one who will join your destiny, make yourselves ready to receive him, to understand him.

32 Cease to make yourselves even more bitter by aberrations and frivolities, and since you have not learned to read in the book of life, read at least in the spiritual nobility of those who directly surround you.

33 Humanity, understand My Word, learn from Me and see how I do not reject anyone of Me from those who approach Me, because I know that you are all My children, that you all need Me

34 Learn this teaching so that you may understand how to become masters; but first learn to be brothers.

35 You must all realize that it is your destiny to learn the great lessons of life; for only in this way will you reach the summit of your perfection, only in this way will you become great Otherwise you will always carry within you dissatisfaction, lamentations and incomprehension, blasphemy and reproaches against your Lord.

36 Let My teachings be your advisor on your way and you will feel a power within you that will never let you despair and will lead you step by step to the highest summit of understanding

37 Comfort those whom you see weeping. God has led you to them, for there is your task.

38 Comprehend My teaching so as not to make further mistakes in your life; for every offence you inflict on your brothers, be it in words or works, will be an indelible memory in your conscience which will reproach you irreconcilably

39 I tell you once more that you are all needed for the fulfillment of the divine plan and for the end of such great spiritual misery among men.

40 As long as selfishness exists, pain will also exist. Transform your indifference, your selfishness and your contempt into love, into compassion, and you will experience how soon peace will come to you.

41 Think carefully about all My teaching!

42 Know yourselves. I have looked at the existence of men of all times and know what was the cause of all their pain and misfortune.

43 Since the first times I have seen men taking their lives out of envy, out of materialism, out of a thirst for power; always they have neglected their spirit, believing that they were only matter, and when the hour has come to leave the human form on earth, all that remained was what they created in their material life, without reaping any happiness for the Spirit; for they did not seek it, did not think of it, did not care about the virtues of the Spirit, nor about knowledge. They were content to live without seeking the way that leads them to God.

44 As long as you, who do not love life because you call it cruel, do not recognize the meaning of conscience in man, nor allow yourselves to be led by it, you will find nothing of true value.

45 Conscience is what lifts the Spirit up to a higher life above matter and its passions. Spiritualization will make you feel the great love of God, if you succeed in making it a reality. Then you will understand the meaning of life, will see its beauty and discover its wisdom. Then you will know why I have called it life.

46 Who will dare to reject this teaching, saying that it is not true, after he has come to know and understand it?

47 When you understand that your true value is in conscience, you will live in harmony with everything created by your Father

48 Then will conscience beautify poor human life; but first man must turn away from all passions which separate him from God, to follow the path of righteousness and wisdom. Then will begin for you the true life, the life which today you look upon with indifference because you do not know what you despise and have no idea of its perfection.

49 Humanity, you have remained spiritually inert through the ages because you have believed that true happiness and true peace belong to human existence, without understanding that they are a part of the Spiritual Life, which is the true life.

50 Seek out those who love you and those who detest you; love the life which you have called cruel, not knowing that it is like an open book full of wisdom for you Let yourselves be moved by the joys as by the sufferings of others. See a Master in every human being and feel yourselves as a living symbol of good, not evil, for according to your works in life, the symbol you embody will be.

51 Men have imagined hell as a place of eternal torment, where they think all those who have violated My commandments will come to And just as they created this hell for the grave offences, so they imagined another place for the lesser offences, and likewise another place for those who have done neither good nor evil.

52 He who says that in the hereafter there is neither joy nor suffering, does not speak the truth; no one is without suffering, nor without joy. Sufferings and joys will always be mixed as long as the Spirit does not reach the highest peace.

53 Listen, My children: hell is in the incarnate and the desincarnate, in inhabitants of this world and of the "spiritual valley"; hell is the symbol of the severe sufferings, of the terrible pangs of conscience, of despair, of pain, and of the bitterness of those who have sinned greatly. But they will be freed from these consequences by the development of their Spirit towards love.

54 Heaven, on the other hand, which symbolizes true happiness and true peace, is for those who have turned away from the passions of the world to live in communion with God.

55 Ask your conscience, and you will know whether you live in hell, whether you atone for your crimes, or whether you are permeated by the peace of heaven.

56 What men call heaven or hell are not certain places; it is the essence of your works, which your Spirit reaps when he reaches the "spiritual valley. Everyone experiences his hell, inhabits his world of atonement, or enjoys the bliss that comes from elevation and harmony with the divine Spirit.

57 I am your Father, and you are My very beloved children. Come, rise above all created things and come to Me.

58 Beloved disciples, these times are times of judgment for mankind. The period has expired for you to begin to pay your debts. You are now collecting the harvest of the past sowings, the result or the consequences of your works.

59 Man has one time to do his work and another to answer for what he has done; the latter is the time in which you are living. Therefore you all suffer and weep. Just as you have one time to sow and another to reap, God also has one which He granted you to fulfill His law and another to make His righteousness known.

60 You now live in the time of divine judgment. Pain makes you weep, humanity purifies itself in its own tears, for no one is spared from atonement (his guilt).

61 These are times of righteousness, in which you are to reflect on your fate, so that by immersion and spiritualization you may hear the voice of conscience, which does not deceive nor deceive, but leads you on the path of peace.

62 The most difficult thing for the Spirit is to attain spiritualization through matter; the most difficult thing for man is to recognize himself in essence. Do not leave your life unused; learn all its lessons. Your task is to attain wisdom, to teach those who surround you, and to perfect yourselves in the Spirit.

63 My people, if you know that your spiritual destiny is great, take the way of love and light your light of faith in the divine flame of My wisdom.

64 Come to Me, humanity, I am the Hope, I am the promised Comforter who brought you His Message of Peace in this time of chaos because you have cried and suffered much, My Consolation and My Love pour out in you as a fountain of Mercy

65 Verily I tell you, you have violated My Law many times; but it is equally true that you will purify yourselves in My Love what would you do if in this time, instead of comforting you, I would come to you only as a judge?

66 I am the Master of Love who comes to help you with your cross I am your travelling companion who guides your steps and stands by you in your loneliness and bitterness. I am the good friend you have been expecting. I am the sustenance that your Spirit demands, for My love is the food that gives you life.

67 At all times you have needed Me, but most of all in these where mankind empties the cup of pain to the end This is why I am with you, for I am your Saviour. - you weep and I bless your weeping, for the tears of sinners are the blessed dew with which hearts are fertilised

68 Your Spirit has departed from matter to hear My word in the spiritual world and has spoken to Me without words

69 The more highly developed Spirit knows that the human word makes poor and diminishes the expression of spiritual thought; that is why he lets the material lips remain silent to rise and speak out in the language that God alone knows, the mystery that he carries hidden in the innermost part of his being.

70 Overcoming your pain, rise above your tears and continue listening to Me Realize that the Third Time has come for mankind and feel the responsibility to prepare yourselves. You confess to Me and lift up your Spirit. I hear your prayer and grant you My grace and My forgiveness.

71 You glorify Me with spiritual songs when you see Me descending from the "mountain heights" to your house, and when you hear My Word your spirit trembles and you tell Me: "Lord, we know that You are with us;" I am with you and I am with you; I am with you and I am with you - But not all of you have felt my coming, and it is necessary that my words and my proofs are constantly repeated to make you aware that I have once again come to men. I have sought in the human being a home, a temple to dwell in, and I do not yet find it; but I will not stop polishing the rocks until I have transformed them into hearts that feel My presence and with it My justice and My love.

72 If you feel that you are wandering in a desert of incomprehension, be brave and go forward but if I should, according to My Will, make you cross deserts and mountains to bring the Good News to other countries, go to work; for when you run out of water I will make it gush out of the rock to quench your thirst and when you lack the strength for the long journey, I will revive you

73 The work I am entrusting you with is delicate do not allow nefarious hands to rob this treasure to say later that it is the fruit of their inspiration and they will increase with it and humiliate the unsuspecting; I am the one who will be able to help you to make the work of the Work a success

74 When you come to Me, I will ask you and demand an account of all that I have given you; but many of you will say to Me: "Lord, I have lost my inheritance;" I will give you a reward for your loyalty Then I will instruct you to seek it, and you will not come back to Me until you have recovered it and fulfilled all My commandments. - If I would not speak to you in this way, you would fall asleep and not be able to save yourselves.

75 The essence of My Word, which you keep today, will flow from your lips tomorrow for the benefit of mankind in words of wisdom If you persevere in this way, you will find on it healthy and salutary pleasures that will feed your Spirit.

76 Have faith in the greatness of the mustard seed, and you will see great miracles come true. Today I say to you as in the Second Time: command a "mountain" to change its situation and you will be obeyed; put a stop to the raging of the elements and you will see it realized; in My Name tell a sick person to get well and he will see himself freed from sickness. But when a miracle is granted to you, do not be indifferent, perceive and appreciate the divine work in your Spirit.

77 Much disaster will come upon mankind; there will be upheavals in nature; the elements will break their fetters: The fire will devastate whole regions, the waters of the rivers will overflow their banks, the seas will undergo changes; there will be areas buried under the waters, and new lands will appear. Many creatures will lose their lives, and even the beings lower than man will perish. Everything will be upheaval and confusion, and if you do not prepare yourselves already now, you will be weak in the trials and will not be able to give strength to the others, and so you will not be able to leave a good example to the coming generations, which are to unite with me from Spirit to Spirit. If you do not pave their way, they will seek Me on the path of science and not on the path of spiritualization, and this is not My will.

78 After the year 1950 you will experience the beginning of these great trials. Watch and pray; recognize Me, people. Act according to My Word, which encompasses all virtues, and save yourself. Truly I say to you: whoever hears My word and acts according to it will be saved and enter into eternal life. That temple of which I told My disciples that I would raise it in three days is the one I am building today in your Spirit. This temple is indestructible; the foundations I entrusted to your fathers, and its completion your children will experience.

79 No one must desecrate this temple, nor allow idolatry, greed, selfishness, or hypocrisy to enter it; for darkness and remorse will be the only reward they will obtain with it. But if you jealously guard this inner sanctuary, which you carry in your Spirit and which is the dwelling where your Father wants to dwell, you will see caravans of men, women, and children coming from far and near, who will knock at the gates of this dwelling in their desire for spiritual help.

80 Many will come as wolves and will try to outwit you; but in view of the sincerity and truthfulness of your worship of God and also of your works, they will turn into gentle sheep.

81 Think and let Me question you in the silence of your sleeping chamber; these questions will be the same ones that men will ask you and I want you to prepare yourselves from now on to give them the answer they owe

82 At the same time that I gave you My teaching and My commandments, I have filled you with strength to fight without slackening beloved children, it is not possible for you to reach the top of the mountain with the weight of your cross without first crossing the road of suffering

* A reference to the end of Jesus' life: before He reached the height of Calvary, where He was crucified, He had to carry His Cross through the streets of Jerusalem.

83 When will appear on earth the man who fulfills all My teachings, as My Law requires: man of great and luminous Spirit, of high sentiments and bright intelligence?

84 If you believe that the word "man" means a creature - weak, small and condemned to be eternally torn away by evil - you are in a great error. Man had his material and spiritual melting pot of suffering so that the fruit of his struggle, experience and development might be to become a true man. Do you think that your seed is incapable of producing such a fruit? Israel, do not doubt My word. Remember that I promised Abraham and Jacob that their seed would be a blessing and comfort to all the nations of the earth.

My peace be with you!

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