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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 7:

1 To those who do not yet understand My rallies, I say: this man through whom I am manifesting Myself is a man like you, and this chair you see in the corner of the meeting room, on which the voice bearer of My Word rests, is not the Lord's Throne

2 The throne I seek with you is your heart and in it I will settle down if it knows how to worship Me without idolatry or fanaticism

3 You are so weak and so inclined to idolatry that, without realizing it, you worship Me in the bodies through which I communicate myself, looking at these places as if they were holy. But when you no longer have Me in this form, you will understand that these mouthpieces were not the most sublime means of My rallies. When the Divine Ray, instead of descending upon the human mind, settles in your duly prepared Spirit, then will you really have attained the perfect union, for there will be no error or ambiguity intermingling with the light of your Master.

4 Man was destined from eternity to unite with My Spirit in many forms and this one you now have by means of the human mind is one of them

5 If you find imperfection in this word, attribute it to the mind through which I communicate myself, bearing in mind that I have chosen these voices from the simple, the ignorant and the uneducated, so that My rallies through them should astonish you But when you penetrate into the deeper meaning of my teaching, do not become judges of my voice-bearers, for I alone am responsible to judge them, who speaks to them at every moment through conscience. Therefore do not measure with your ulna, for you will be measured with just this one.

6 Who has been called to be my worker feels that his heart moves him to listen to Me and to continue to enter these places of prayer and active charity

7 To those who suspect that they are among the chosen ones of this Third Age and to those who are already in the ranks of My workers, I say: keep My Commandments, reflect on My exhortations and get clarity on My Words so that you may be strong soldiers who will not be defeated by trials

8 You must all know that I will stop speaking to you in this form at the end of 1950 and that it is necessary that this happens so that when you offer Me perfect worship from Spirit to Spirit, you may feel Me fully among you

9 With these teachings I am giving you, I am bringing you closer to the time I am announcing to you so that you may gradually understand the change that will take place in you after 1950

10 At that time you must be strong and prepared if you are to submit to My Will and progress in your spiritual development

11 You must be vigilant because every moment the temptation will overtake you to tempt some to continue indefinitely a stage of development whose end has been indicated by me and others to say, for lack of preparation and as a result of excessive vanity, that they hear my divine word in the spiritual. But already today I warn you, and I want you to know that I then do not speak with human words, but with inspirations, with ideas and thoughts.

12 To give you My teachings in human words, I have communicated myself through the human mind; but in the Spirit to Spirit communion neither you will speak to Me nor your Father will speak to you in material words

13 If you do not prepare yourselves, faint voices will come to your ears, confusing you, and later on you will confuse your brethren with them. I make you watchful that, once these rallies are finished, you do not try to take them up again, for it will not be Spirits of Light who will make themselves known, but confused beings who will seek to destroy what you have built up before.

14 On the other hand, he who knows how to prepare himself, he who instead of wanting to excel seeks to make himself useful, he who instead of hastening events, waits with patience to hear clearly my teaching, which will reach his spirit through the gifts that are in him, which are those of inspiration, intuition, foreshadowing, by means of prayer, spiritual vision and prophetic dreams.

15 I am preparing you, My people, so that you do not profane My Law out of ignorance I open your eyes to the light of truth so that you may understand the immense responsibility that weighs on you and at the same time you may understand how infinitely delicate is the task I have entrusted you with within this Work.

16 I want your obedience to make you worthy of My protection and not to expose yourselves with your errors, your incomprehension and disobedience to the danger that it is the justice of men that stops your steps on earth.

17 Verily, I tell you, he who does not fulfil My Law that exists in his conscience will not come to Me; but I also tell you that it would be sad if you had made great efforts to sow and when the time of harvest comes, you are disappointed with your harvest because you realise that all your actions were done for your body and nothing was aimed at perfecting your Spirit

18 My people, do not weep when you hear Me speak in this way; do not believe that I am unjust when I make demands on you, and do not attribute these words to the hard-heartedness of the person who is the voice bearer I know that I have reason to warn you and keep you alert.

19 I will leave you among mankind to save many who walk in darkness because they are unable to see the light of truth. But do you believe that a blind man can guide other blind men if you do not obtain the armament you must have to be worthy to call yourselves my disciples?

20 In truth I tell you that only he may speak of virtue who has exercised it in his way and is able to feel it

21 Watch and pray, My people, so that the sense of responsibility may awaken in you and you may hear the voice of conscience at every step; so that you may feel that you have entered the Time of Light where your Spirit must awaken and be attentive to My Commandments The coming generations will consider you happy when they learn that you have been chosen to form the foundations of a new humanity, to be the harbingers of My teaching of the Third Age.

22 All of you have felt the pain during this time and your heart, touched by its most sensitive strings, has returned to Me after the pain has subsided and has resolved to follow Me A single one of My words has been enough to make you realize that it is I who am speaking to you in this form. The hunger for tenderness and love, which you brought before my eyes, has diminished, and you only desire to keep my grace. But many will not know how to interpret my rallies, which I am currently giving to mankind in various forms, nor will they understand my word, and this ignorance will be like a bandage before their eyes, which hinders them to see my truth.

23 If you want to find Me, seek Me in the silence, in the humility of your inner temple, and there you will be in communion with My Spirit and I will feel loved and honoured by you

24 Do not make an image of me, nor seek to look at me in any object. Do not build the meeting place you dedicate to My worship with pomp; wherever you are, you can raise your Spirit. If you wish to come together, a simple room will be enough to gather you together, and when you have established the true sanctuary to Me in your heart, teach your brethren to establish it also.

25 You show Me your poverty and tell Me that you have no goods on earth; but remember that I have given you peace, love, spiritual uplift, which are a greater treasure Be the strong, the wise Israel, and if you feel inspired by My Spirit, speak to your brothers of Me, heal the sick, strengthen the weak, protect the defenceless; in these activities you will experience the wealth that rests in your spirit and you will feel happy.

26 The "last" will take great steps forward on this way, and you must prepare the way for them already today. When this time comes, thank Me and testify to your brothers that My word has been fulfilled. Do not stop anyone in his spiritual progress, because it is my will that this mankind develops in a short time.

27 I receive your great or small fulfillment. I give you My power and console you in your sufferings; your tears are the best watering you give to your seeds. Just as a mother eats herself up in sorrow and sheds her tears in silence because of the foolishness of her children, so you are to watch and suffer for those whom I have left to your care so that I may tell you Blessed are My servants. Blessed are the sowers of the perfect seed.

28 I receive you, wanderers. I receive you, sowers. You are gradually moving away from the useless practices to follow your Lord, knowing that the reward of your struggle is not on earth. You surrender yourselves to the vicissitudes of life. Be blessed. - You have not asked Me for tasty food; you have been content with a hard piece of dry bread. Be blessed, for you have shown proof that you are not after an earthly cause, but you have shown that you are following more and more the trail of Jesus of Nazareth.

29 The trials have not frightened you, and in truth I tell you: I have put a cross on each one of you; all your pains, everything that men have snatched from you, your lack, the suffering that you all and every one of you carry in your heart, this is your cross. With patience you have borne it, and your meekness is worthy of a reward.

30 He who seeks only that which belongs to the world does not keep it with Me. The goods of the earth you obtain with your material work, but the goods of the Spirit you obtain only through armament and spiritual fulfillment.

31 I am your Master and say to you Since you already bear your cross with patience, do not leave it halfway. Whoever wants to be saved will carry his cross to the end of his life. The one who does not fit in will make his cross even heavier, and it will seem unbearable to him.

32 If you want your fulfillment in My teaching to be meritorious, bear your sufferings with patience; and with him who says to Me, "Master, I bear no cross with Me," I see that he bears only a burden of lack of surrender; but this is not My will.

33 What have you to show Me? What is the seed you have nurtured? What are the fields you have tilled and made fertile by your fulfillment? The time in which the seeds are perfect has not yet come, but I will not discourage you. I teach you so that you may attain the greatest upliftment. Do not forget that according to your sowing there will also be the harvest. If the wheat you sow is deaf, you will reap nothing. If you sow little, you will reap little. Dedicate yourselves therefore to your sowing, and you will earn a reward for the future. The ripe fruit will be in my granary. I leave the "seven ears of corn" to you to cultivate them. I will demand the fruit of the first, the fruit of the second, and so to the last, and when all are of good taste, the harvest will be perfect. But what are these ears of corn of which I speak to you, beloved disciples? - They are the seven virtues of the Spirit.

34 Strengthen yourselves. The balm has been with you and I have given My Light to your Spirit. Men will come to investigate you, but I will give them proofs through your mediation. Woe to him who is not prepared, for they will doubt him and the Master. I make you strong for the moment of trial; but why are you surprised when it comes? Was not My word prophetic? this is why I tell you: get ready, My people, for you will meet on your way the hungry wolf who wants to take you by surprise in sheep's clothing But if you are alert, you will unmask him and defeat him with your weapons of love.

35 Men will seek your errors to destroy you. Just as they searched out the Master in the Second Age, they will also deal with you. But I wake you up, prepare you and give you intuition.

36 In near and far regions you will pass on my word. I will equip new workers so that the tree will not remain alone after 1950.

37 Have no fear of men; for truly, I say to you I will speak through your mouth, testify My word through you, and the echo of it will reach to the ends of the earth, to the great, to the small, to the rulers, to the scientists and the theologians.

38 Mankind will see in you the messengers of the Holy Spirit. You shall change imperfection into perfection. Let your word be loving, full of tenderness, then the sick will receive health through it, and the one who strayed from the path will repent of his faults and return to Me.

39 Today you are My disciples, tomorrow you will transform yourselves into masters to set a good example to mankind I will see you coming to the fountain of love and wisdom with a heart full of joy and I will tell you: come and quench your thirst; and then, when you have drunk and lifted yourselves up to Me, you will see Me pointing you to the ways of the world where the thirsty crowds waiting for your coming are.

40 Children of light and peace the Father calls you, but you must justify this name by your works. Only then will you be able to speak of me. Woe to him who is filled with vanity because he feels he is showered with gifts, or who allows selfishness to take possession of his heart; for his fall will not be delayed and would be very painful.

41 The fruit which I have given you to share with your brothers and sisters has a taste which you cannot mistake, nor may you change it unless you want your work to be fruitless It is not my will that you announce that you love me. I want you to gradually leave a trace of love, mercy and faith with your works.

42 Whenever you go out and proclaim that you are My chosen ones, those who are nearer to Me and serve Me better, I will put you to the test, as I did with My apostles in the Sea of Galilee. Then you will know whether you love me in truth and whether your faith is firm. Whoever wants to follow me must be humble.

43 Obedience to My Law means humility in your Spirit; he who is obedient is wrapped in My grace, while he who walks according to his own will, thinking he is carrying his inheritance with him, in truth has been robbed of his gifts.

44 Day by day I am teaching you, equipping you for the fight, because soon I will no longer speak to you in this form and it is necessary that you be strong to pass the tests Stay with Me, learn to carry Me in your hearts, and in the hours of trial you will see Me doing wonders through your mediation.

45 Understand all that I have wanted to tell you so that you may not think that it is impossible to carry My teaching in you

46 Interpret My words correctly so that you may take another step on the way of your spiritual perfection

47 Would you be able to leave everything to follow Me, like those who followed Me in the Second Time at close quarters? or will you try to imitate the prodigal son of My parable who left his father's home to go to other lands and squander the inheritance given to him?

48 You remain pensive and do not dare to answer Me; but do not fear, for if I have called you, it is because I know that you love Me and will follow Me until the end of the way

49 If what you fear is the loss of your life or the suffering of blood sacrifices, I tell you already today that you will not face these trials in your spiritual struggle The earth has been made fertile with the blood of the Master and His disciples since the Second Age.

50 Your merit will be to fulfill the spiritual law without neglecting your duties to material life.

51 I do not require the same renunciation of all, nor are all capable of the same sacrifice. In those days My disciples had to devote themselves completely to the work I entrusted to them, and for this it was necessary for them to leave parents, children, wife, and everything they possessed in the world. On the other hand, when I was teaching the crowd, I showed them that it is indispensable "to give to God what is God's and to the Emperor what is the Emperor's" to fulfill the life given by the Creator.

52 That humanity was materialized and at the same time little developed; therefore I said to the crowds, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from God.

53 You are likewise a materialistic humanity, but at the same time developed, more able to give your Spirit what it needs and your human life what it requires.

54 You are not newcomers to My teaching; for if you were, I would have had to hand over the Law to you engraved in stone, as I did in the First Times. But since I am speaking to you about spiritualization and revealing to you the mysteries which were not shown to men in those times, it is a sign that you were already My disciples in the past times. Behold, this is the reason why I sometimes tell you that those and you are the same.

55 A Parable

In a faraway country a father lived with one of his sons, whom he loved dearly.

56 The son became ill, and when the father saw that his life was in danger, he took him to a hill, where there was an old man who was in charge of the destiny of that land; and when he came to his feet, he said to the old man, "My son is ill, and my greatest desire is that he may find improvement; for if he died, I too would die of grief.

57 "Your son will recover and return home full of life and strength," replied the old man; and while he was saying these words, he touched the sick man, and he recovered.

58 After returning home, the father saw his son fit and healthy. Time passed, and that son felt strong and became arrogant; he went astray and took poisonous fruit, which made his body and spirit sick. He misjudged his father and his heart had only feelings of hatred and destruction.

59 When his father saw him lost in this abyss of wickedness, he went up to the high place and said to the old man, "Venerable old man, my son has gone astray, and has fallen into the crooked path that led him into the abyss.

60 "Why are you weeping?" said the old man to him.

61 "I weep at the sight of my son's corruption. I hoped that his Spirit would be taken from this world, but this moment does not come, and I can no longer bear his wickedness."

The old man answered him, "You asked that he should live, and he lived. It was about time that his life's journey on earth would have come to an end. But now recognize that you must learn to ask properly and to submit to my will.

(End of the parable)

62 Beloved Israel: I am always just in my decisions. Why do you sometimes want to interfere in My high counsel? Do you not know that those who depart into the spiritual world enter into true life? Do not resist, on the contrary, help them, so that they depart with your consent and their step from this world into the other is full of composure and spiritual understanding.

63 Seek Me as Father, know My love, My wisdom and My righteousness; come to Me on the steps of prayer, faith and good works.

My peace be with you.

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