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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - Volume I - Teaching 1 - 28
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Teaching 8:

1 The Light of My Holy Spirit is descending on you; but why are you presenting Me in the form of a dove? Those images and symbols must no longer be worshipped by My new disciples.

2 Understand My teaching, people: in that Second Age My Holy Spirit manifested in the baptism of Jesus in the form of a dove, because this bird in its flight resembles the blowing of the Spirit, its white speaks of purity and in its soft and gentle gaze there is a gleam of innocence - How could one make those uneducated people understand the divine, if one did not take the forms of beings known to them in the world?

3 Christ, who is speaking to you at this moment, was represented by a lamb, and even John saw Me like this in his prophetic vision. All this is due to the fact that if you seek Me in every one of My works, you will always find in all creation an image of the Author of life.

4 In My revelation through Jesus, I announced to you the coming of the Holy Spirit, and men believed that it was a Deity who, unrecognized by them, was in God, without being able to understand that when I spoke of the Holy Spirit, I was speaking to you of the only God who prepared the time when He would communicate Himself to men spiritually through the human mind.

5 With these teachings I entrust to you the Sword of Light and Truth so that you may fight with it in the battle I have so often announced to you; but I tell you once more that these weapons I entrust to you consist of love and justice, forgiveness and mercy towards your brothers

6 Only a few years remain to give you My teaching in this form keep My teachings because at the end of 1950 these rallies will end and it is necessary that you become strong in humility and obedience to overcome all trials

7 Do not believe that you will fight only in spiritual areas; no, My people: the coming battle will take place in all areas, so that what has gone off course may return to it, what has stopped, start again to develop, and what has been stained may be purified

8 Then you will see the human institutions themselves shaken to their foundations, the elements of nature being set in violent motion, wreaking havoc and testing the faith of mankind.

9 All this will happen after 1950, and if you will remain faithful to this law, you will survive all the changing fortunes; but if you disobey by turning away from what I have commanded you, I tell you already today: you will be abandoned to the trials and unleashed elements, and these will no longer obey your commands

10 I do not want this pain for My people whom I have been teaching for so long; I want their peace so that in the hours of trial they may bring a word of light and comfort to the tormented

11 Who in this time does not long to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit?

12 Verily, verily, I tell you, if you know how to prepare, the manifestations you will see after 1950 will be great

13 In the Second Time, when I made Myself visible for the last time to My disciples between clouds, there was sadness in them when I vanished from their sight because they felt left alone at that moment; but afterwards, they heard the voice of the Lord's Angel Messenger who said to them: "you men of Galilee, what are you looking for? This Jesus whom you have seen ascending into heaven today, you will see descending in the same manner.

14 Then they understood that if the Master would return to the people, He would do so spiritually.

15 A few days after My crucifixion, when My disciples were gathered around Mary, I made them feel My presence, symbolized in the spiritual vision of a dove. In that blessed hour, no one dared to move or speak a word. There was a real rapture in the contemplation of that spiritual image, and hearts beat with power and confidence because they knew that the Master, who had apparently gone from them, would always be present with them in Spirit.

16 Disciples, reflect carefully on these teachings and let My grace be effective in you as in those times

17 Today I come down to you in radiant light, just as I appeared to My disciples in the Second Age, when I was with them in Spirit before My Ascension, to strengthen them and relieve them from their dismay due to the events they had witnessed; I am coming down to you in the Spirit, and I am coming down to you in the light of My grace In the same glory I appear with you to tell you: Eternally My sacrifice is repeated, again and again I rise from the dead and pour out My light on you so that you begin the daily work and carry out all that I have taught you.

18 Work on yourselves so that you may see coming down from my kingdom the spiritual goods which I will grant you.

19 The banquet is prepared, the lamb has been sacrificed, and rich food is ready Gather around me, disciples, and feed yourselves. I open the book of wisdom so that you may read the lesson that corresponds to this day. Come to me and take the food I offer you, for the time of grace I grant you is short.

20 Why is it that My Word astonishes you, which I am giving you by means of a human mouthpiece, since I have at all times used men to speak to you and guide you? when I came to you in the Second Time, I became man so that you would follow My steps at the sight of My Works You have seen Me being born, growing, struggling and suffering. It was necessary for mankind to know My love and My power so that My example would be indelible in all My children. That is why you weep when you remember these events and feel remorse because I was neither fully recognized nor loved by mankind. Also still now, in the Third Time, I give you a further teaching, which is to explain to you my earlier work and prepare you for the new time, in which you will live.

21 I want that tomorrow, when you no longer hear Me in this form, you will follow My example and remain as masters of mankind. Who will be those who set out to save men when they are in the midst of chaos? Who will represent me in the Third Age and bear witness to me? Who will be those who will stop the advance of the elements of destruction when they break loose in the world? Who will emulate My apostles and spread My teaching? - It is you whom I prepare with My Word, with gifts of healing and strength, so that you may be doctors, messengers and comforters, for mankind will weep much before and after My going away. The coming times will offer the bitterest yeasts of the cup, and in those days My Spirit will cause vibrations in every mind that will enlighten all creatures to remove the prevailing confusion. In that time suffering will unite all spirits, and these will seek the light and the way that leads to me.

22 Will you obey my will to guide those who come to me in search of me? - You tell me that this is your intention and ask me for help to overcome all obstacles that stand in your way. Yes, My children, I have told you that I am ready to assist you because without this power you could do nothing. You are weak, poor and ignorant, but I make you heirs to a kingdom of true greatness, and nothing will I keep in My secret treasury; all that belongs to you as My children I will give you, and I commission you to distribute this wealth among your brothers and sisters.

23 I am speaking to you of union, of harmony and understanding because I want the House of Israel to be an Ark of Salvation, a source of peace and comfort for all exhausted wanderers I have called you the strong, and this you shall be through the power of the virtues I have put in you. Remember that I go before you in all your struggles and leave you my mark. Understand that there can be neither peace nor joy in your Spirit until you are united. I want to see you free from all suffering, because already you are nearing the end of your atonement, you are standing at the gates of the Promised Land, into which you will enter victoriously and safely, because this is My will.

24 I do not want you to become fanatical through My Word or to give shape to a new idolatry. I do not demand the sacrifice of your lives, nor that you offer the flowers and fruits of your gardens, for they are My work and you have no merit in giving them to Me. It is not My will that you make images with your own hands and worship them afterwards, nor that you build a second tower of Babel full of vanity and pride. What I longingly desire from you as a gift is a sanctuary that reaches up to me, formed from your works of love, from prayers and words that spring from your hearts and which you grant in my name to the spirits hungry for truth. This is the "divine service" that I demand of you.

25 You are subject to the law of development, this is the reason for your reincarnations. Only my Spirit need not develop: I am unchangeable.

26 From the beginning I have shown you the ladder on which the Spirits must ascend to reach Me. Today you do not know on which plane of being you are; but when you cast off your shell, you will know your degree of development. Do not stop, for you would be an obstacle for those who come after you.

27 Be united in Spirit, even though you inhabit different levels, and one day you will be united on the seventh level, the highest, and enjoy My love.

28 You men, who are formed in My image and likeness, listen to Me. do not set out tomorrow to speak of this teaching if you do not have good seed with you, if you do not know what humble submission is and do the opposite of what My Law commands I counsel you today so that you may not stumble on the way tomorrow.

29 You are to take care of the woman whom I give you to be your wife, keep her in honour, and in her your seed will bear fruit. I do not want you to speak of truth and righteousness, unleafing the roses and leaving them afterwards, because you will defile My law with it. Have respect both for what is yours and for what belongs to others. Be just and promote peace on earth. The time will come when you will be prepared to speak of unconditional obedience, love and forgiveness.

30 Blessed is he who humbles himself on earth, for I will forgive him. Blessed is he who is slandered, for I will testify to his innocence. Blessed is he who bears witness to Me, for I will bless him. And whoever is misjudged because of the practice of my teaching, him will I acknowledge.

31 Which of you has not felt My Presence and has not nourished himself through My Word? "ask and it will be given to you." - If in former times you sought Me in the stars and in material things, seek Me today with your Spirit in the Infinite. Approach Me through love, through obedience, and you will have peace.

32 Love Me and do not idolize these voices through which I make myself known. Love My word and My works, they are beyond the human. These mouthpieces are only My instruments and are not superior to you, but are like you.

33 Quench your thirst in My inexhaustible fountain so that you are no longer thirsty I do not want My children to continue to suffer hunger or thirst. This is why I approach you and bring you the Bread of Eternal Life so that you may not feel for a moment a lack of spiritual goods. I, however, am thirsty for your love, for your peace, and you have denied Me the water of your understanding. Until this day, you have not satisfied the burning thirst for recognition of My law, which you owe Me as children. But I will continue to wait for you, for my patience is inexhaustible. Come to Me and I promise you that you will not lack My protection; for if you know how to love Me today, you will one day come to Me and finally understand Me.

34 Live and take from all that I have created for your well-being on earth, so that peace may not depart from you Do not let up in the struggle so that you may reach your spiritual salvation.

35 When the Spirit is prepared, there is no night, no tiredness nor sleep for him; in activity he gains his strength, and every trial is a precious opportunity for him to prove his strength and endurance. Other spirits, although weak, know how to seek me in the hour of trial; their faith and trust let them get through. - I want you to be humble and obedient so that you let yourselves be guided by your conscience, which is the divine spark that guides your Spirit.

36 For what will you ask me and for whom do you weep? You tell me that I alone can give you what you need. Blessed are you who therefore seek me and humbly ask me for your beloved relatives and for those whom you love tenderly and for whose spiritual progress you are concerned, without being related to you by blood. You ask me for those who live in prison and serve a punishment, and for those who, as innocents, are likewise imprisoned. You pray for the sick who suffer far from their homes. This desire arises in you because you begin to love and find in this feeling more and more the highest bliss. Let yourselves be inspired by love to realize all your works, then they will have spiritual content.

37 When you pray, seek Me in the infinite beyond all earthly things. Get in touch with Me, and when you return to your world, every doubt will be dispelled, there will be no obstacles on the way, and you will feel full of My wisdom.

38 I have given you this time to use it to study My teaching, so that you may immerse yourselves in My Word, turning away from the pleasures of the world. today you have Me very close to you; My Light has shone on your Spirit; My Being nourishes you and you have My example ever present Do not think that I gave you proofs of love only in the Second Time; My Presence is with you eternally. I only ask you to prepare yourselves to feel Me in all My works. In the trials which today bend mankind, you can recognize the straightness of My righteousness.

39 You will all reach the goal by fulfilling your task; this is why I have come to give you My inexhaustible teachings so that you may ascend the ladder of your development It is not My blood that saves you, but My light in your Spirit will redeem you.

40 In the Second Time, after My departures, I gave you My teaching through My apostles; now I am giving it to you through the mediation of My voices and in it I am offering you divine Wisdom which nourishes and consoles your Spirit

41 I am asking you to transform your heart into a spiritual flower to offer it to Mary whom you seek as Mother and whom you love because from her womb sprouted the blessed fruit which brought you the Bread of Eternal Life: Jesus.

42 Mary is the flower of My Heavenly Garden, whose being has always been in My Spirit.

43 Do you see these flowers here, hiding their beauty in humility? Likewise Mary was and is: an inexhaustible fountain of beauty for those who can see her in purity and reverence, and a treasure of goodness and tenderness for all beings.

44 I gave her to Jesus as a mother; she was the divine tenderness incarnated in a woman. It is she whom you seek as an intercessor, whom you call upon as consolation in your sufferings, and this divine love spreads over humanity like a mantle.

45 She is the one whom the angel of the Lord called "blessed among all women. She is the same one whom Christ left on the cross as the spiritual mother of all men.

46 Mary went through the world and hid her divine being; she knew who she was and who her Son was, and instead of boasting of that grace, she declared herself only a servant of the Most High, an instrument of the Lord's counsel.

47 Mary walked silently through the world, but she filled hearts with peace, interceded for the needy, prayed for all, and finally shed her tears of forgiveness and compassion for the ignorance and wickedness of men. Why should you not turn to Mary if you want to come to the Lord, since you have received Jesus through her? Were not mother and son united in the sublime hour of the Savior's death? Was not the blood of the Son mixed with the tears of the Mother at that moment?

48 So it is not strange that at this time you seek her, that she may guide you and bring you nearer to the Master.

49 Blessed are those who know how to discover this flower of humility and purity in the heavenly garden; but I tell you again that only the pure gaze will be able to find it

50 Today you are presenting your sufferings to Me so that I alleviate them, and in truth I tell you that this is My task, that I have come for this because I am the Divine Physician But before My Healing Balsam takes effect in your wounds, before My Caress comes to you, concentrate on yourself and test your pain, explore it, think about it thoroughly all the time it takes to do so, so that from this contemplation you may draw the teaching which contains this test, as well as the knowledge which is hidden in it and which you must know. This knowledge will be experience, will be faith, will be a look into the face of truth, will be the explanation for many of you misunderstood trials and lessons.

51 Explore pain as if it were something tangible, and you will discover in it the beautiful seed of experience, the great teaching of your existence, for pain has become the teacher in your life.

52 Whoever regards pain as a teacher and follows with gentleness his exhortations, which he makes for renewal, repentance, and improvement, will later come to know happiness, peace, and health.

53 Examine yourselves carefully, and you will see how much benefit you will get from it. You will recognize your shortcomings and imperfections, correct them and therefore cease to be judges of others.

54 You ask Me to heal you; but verily, I tell you that no one can be your doctor better than yourselves

55 What is the use of my healing you and removing your pain if you do not put away your errors, sins, vices and imperfections? Not pain is the origin of your evils, but your sins. See, this is the origin of pain! So fight sin, remove it from you, and you will be healthy. But to do this is your task; I am only teaching you and helping you.

56 If you discover through your conscience the cause of your troubles and do everything to fight them, you would feel the divine power in fullness, which helps you to win in the fight and win your spiritual freedom.

57 How great your satisfaction will be when you feel that through your own merits you have achieved to free yourselves from pain and have won peace. Then you will say, "My Father, Your word was my healing, Your teaching was my salvation.

58 Stop living in a world of assumptions now. You must not be in ignorance of the truth, neither as men nor, even less, as Spirits. How can you be victorious in material warfare without knowing the spiritual life? How do you want to be great, healthy, wise, and strong if you stubbornly close your eyes to the eternal light?

59 Live no longer in the twilight! Wake up and come into full daylight! Be no longer little children and grow spiritually.

60 Nor can you say that you live in peace when you compare yourselves with other nations; but if you feel despondent, draw strength from My Work; if the teachings of materialism want to dominate you, draw light from My Word verily, I tell you, if you do not prepare yourselves as I teach you, many of you will get into confusion, many will turn their backs on Me, and many believers of today will be My enemies tomorrow and will rise to deny this truth Already in advance I forgive you, but I also call your attention to it in advance and keep you awake.

61 Again I tell you to examine yourselves carefully; in this way you will begin to feel a little more brotherly with others, more compassionate and understanding with your neighbour Today still many actions of others repulse you because you forget your own faults. But if you know your spots and your faults, you will understand the love with which I forgive you and await you. Then you can only say, "If my Father has forgiven me after I have hurt Him so much, it is my duty to forgive my brothers.

62 Man does not know how to look into his inner being, to examine his actions and thoughts.

63 Spiritual armament is what you need; but if you act according to my words, you will cause agitation in the lives of your brethren because the Spirit will manifest itself in you with all its gifts and powers.

64 Verily, I tell you, the history of spiritualism will be written in the history of mankind with luminous letters.

65 Did not Israel make itself immortal through the liberation from the Egyptian yoke? Did not Christians in their triumphal procession make themselves immortal through love? Likewise, spiritualists will make themselves immortal in their struggle for freedom of the Spirit.

My peace be with you!

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